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:: SWP BANNER CONTEST! :: ends 9/12/16

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A new layout banner/layout will be made to celebrate an upcoming SWP! It should exemplify the beach, beauty, ocean, sea, sand, etc.

:: Your entry should display a peaceful mood!
:: Image must be at least 2500px wide, but wider is preferred!
:: All images used must be stock approved for outside of DA use
:: Image should not characterize only one specific Helovian character (but you can include multiple Helovian characters, the gods, or make up your own character to feature)
:: Image must be equine related >_>
:: You should not put any text on your image (credits will be added later, but you can add your own signature)
:: You may enter more than once

<b>OOC name</b> ::
<b>Name of the Entry</b>::
<b>Summary or explanation of your entry</b>::

<b>Entry</b>:: <img src="URL HERE" width="700px">
<b>Stock providers</b>:: (as links please)
<b>Full image size</b>:: widthpx by heightpx

Winners are decided by vote!

:: A mythical companion or a special prize from your wishlist
:: Feature in the new SWP

END 9/12/16

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OOC name :: Chan
Name of the Entry:: Tell her to find me an acre of land
Summary or explanation of your entry:: These horses finally found a place to call their own. But for one of them, it isn't so easy to settle down. Hearing the call of passing birds he gazes after them, quietly yearning to follow them and chase after all the unseen possibilities that awaits out there across the ocean.

Stock providers::

(  - links to specific images can be found here)

Full image size:: 5000px by 2572px (current size 3500px x 1800px)

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Name of the Entry:: Intertwining your soul <3
Summary or explanation of your entry:: This young maiden has come to find the perfect place to begin anew, and what a better place to begin then Helovia. I imagined this to be set in the Riptide Isles or somewhere out west.
She is frolicking in the new place she will call her home and relishing in the ocean of possibilities!!!

(please view on DA!!!!!)
Stock providers::
Foreground - LINK
Background - LINK
Horse - LINK  (Proof of permission for use off of DA - link)
Wings - LINK
Full image size:: Original size is 6800px x 3280px

Wander or Leave
turn in to winter lights

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OOC name :: Snow
Name of the Entry:: Poseidon
Summary or explanation of your entry:: He is the king of the ocean; he talks to the dolphins and fish, and swims amongst their watery kingdom. With his trident he controls the tides, yet he keeps the seas peaceful and the beaches calm with his serene influence.

Stock providers::
Background: ONE and TWO
Horse: Here
Dolphin: ONE and TWO
Fish: Here
Seahorse: Here
Trident: Here

Full image size:: 3300px x 3653px (although I could probably make it a bit less tall by removing some sky)

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OOC name :: Odd
Name of the Entry:: LIMITLESS ENDINGS
Summary or explanation of your entry::
I think one of the reasons why people find the ocean so magical and intriguing is because you never really know what could be hiding! The reason I did this half under-water, was to show just that! Our heroine (or hero. who knows. boys can wear pearls and starfish too, I don't judge), has just found a small island made of pure gold! But it appears to be guarded by a greedy dragon. Oh no! There are also floating balls of magic (idk, I always picture magic as like .. glowy things until you touch them??) which linger in and under the water. Jackpot!

view this fullsize yo

Stock providers::
Pon, BG, tail base, bg stuffs1, bg stuffs2, dragon.
Full image size:: 4500 x 3554

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OOC name :: Locks
Name of the Entry:: A Casual Collector
Summary or explanation of your entry:: The sea offer many trinkets and unusual things, it is difficult not to admire them and all their forms. This beachgoer has found themselves among some of the toss aways but they are hardly worth less for it.

Entry::[Image: SIte%20Banner%20Contest%20Entry%20-%20Oc...3pghkd.jpg]
Stock providers:: Horse
Hermit crab
Spiral shell
WHite shell
Clam shells

Full image size:: widthpx by heightpx

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OOC name :: Shady
Name of the Entry:: Daughters of Triton
Summary or explanation of your entry:: Early each morning, the daughters of Triton comb the beach, smoothing the sands with their trailing hair. As the sun rises, they disappear back into the waves...but sometimes, a pearl slips from their braids and is left behind in the sand for a lucky traveler to find.

View full size
View on DeviantArt

Stock providers:: horse 1, horse 2, horse 3, & beach
Full image size:: 3000px by 1835px

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OOC name :: Skylark
Name of the Entry:: She is water
Summary or explanation of your entry:: A creature born of the union of sand and surf, she was destined to be a guardian. Forever wandering the beaches, eyes ever watchful. Yet after eons of defending and preserving the beautiful landscape, the guardian began to grow bored and restless. And it was then that something changed. The sun illuminated the mouth of a cave the guardian did not recognize, seeming to beckon her inward. Her heart thundered in her chest as she followed the light, venturing into the cavern to discover whatever the gods had left for her to find.

Entry:: dA link

Stock providers:: Neverrmind's private stock, background
Full image size:: 5078px by 3167px
[Image: lovelyskylark.gif?8]
Permission given for moderate power play.
Feel free to use magic/force on Rexanna, without killing her.
Please tag in every post!

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Golly these entries all look so spectacular, well done guys!
Just commenting to confirm that Skylark can use my image offsite - its private stock so technically I have no rules listed - thought i'd clarify to make sure there's no kerfuffle with her entry! <3

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OOC name :: Reli
Name of the Entry:: for those who listen,
Summary or explanation of your entry :: The Earth God stands at the beach of the Endless Blue, looking out across the ocean, feeling at peace and enjoying the sunset. Probably taking a moment to relax after all the drama since the Rift God battles xD also, I noticed that there's been a banner featuring every god except the Earth God, and how did that happen =O

DA link
full view
Stock providers:: horse, beach, horn, wing one, wing two, birds, & moon
Full image size:: 3872px by 2592px

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OOC name :: Sarah
Name of the Entry:: Night Magic
Summary or explanation of your entry:: In the very very small hours of the morning, a young foal is lost on the beach when they happen across a magical sight - a hippocampus! The foal approaches but is super weirded out by this beautiful fish-horse and isn't quite sure what to do with this new information. I'm sure the two are bound to be best friends, though :D

Full View
deviantart version

Stock providers:: foal  - horse head - horse legs/body - background 1 - background 2
Full image size:: 4540px by 2870px

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First place: Shady ! Shady you have won a newborn SS companion!
Second Place: Odd! Odd you have won your choice of any of the genetic mutations!
Third Place: Sarah! Sarah you have won a custom item (with 2 enchantments).


For all those who submitted an entry, keep your eyes peeled during the SWP for a special gift coming your way! :D

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Congrats to everyone!! They were all such beautiful entries and it was so hard to choose!!
Please tag Sohalia in all replies.
Use of force and/or magic (with the exception of death) is allowed at all times.

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Congrats everyone!! :D

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Congrats everyone!!! Theses were all beautiful pieces! <3

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Congrats all! These were all STUNNING <3

-- Orlando Strong --

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