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The feeling of anger is distinct.  Disappointment, sharp, like knives of ice, or cold, gray stone, diminutive and numbered by the thousands, a slow drizzle within my heart.  I wish it would rain, to better suit my mood, to match the setting without to the sensations inside; rain as it had on the night she had walked away and I’d chased her.  Rain as it had when I’d returned home, an utter fool, after following her the second time.
Instead, the blistering touch of the Sun lingers, even in the silver shadow of the Moon.  It’s into her wood that I’m looking, the twinkling of her celestial courtiers high over head.  Not a cloud obscures their webbed blanket of light, or the bright radiance of the Goddess herself, half full.  All that ethereal white makes the tops of the forest glow, the mist within illuminated with haunting serenity.
I don’t know why I’m here, on this ridge, the willows to my back, other than that I'm nursing my minor wounds from the battle with Deimos, and the much more profound emotional ones; I'm also trying not to think of these things all the while.  I think of possibly asking at the borders about my father, or d'Arcy.  Anyone.

Instead, I watch the rippling of the fog, and let the loneliness bite into me with a ferocity it hasn’t managed since I’d met Duir.  

Nearby, as he always is, the buck keeps to himself in the willows, wary of my foul mood.
This was my realm now, I think to myself bitterly, this no man’s land in no where, where the heat is like a horrible, damp blanket that clings to you through the night, into the morning.  To the west, the mountains tower, encircle a land that is mine no longer.  I think of Erebos, within those natural walls, and feel the loneliness gain depth.  It hadn’t been that long ago that I’d tried to warn him, that I’d told him of how, sometimes, the walls we must smash down beneath our hooves are made of our flesh, and our love.  Sometimes, we cannot help but weep as we crush them into rubble.
I’m tired of weeping.  Besides, I have Duir to care for now, and strength to gain.  There is little room left for a boy’s tears.  
[ OOC: Open to anyone!  Let us slay my muse block together comrades. Along the outskirts of the willow grove, on a hill overlooking the Edge. Just after midnight, clear weather. ]
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It has been a long day for the oceanic pair. It hadn’t been more than two or three days after Nimue’s hatching that they had ventured from the Basin’s borders and descended into the wilds of Helovia—Tiamat ever eager to share this beautiful world with the newborn babe, and the small orca entertains her bonded with only an initial bout of hesitation. Miles and miles of rolling hills and summer meadows had passed beneath them. Perhaps the mare’s subconscious destination is the Endless Blue, where she might show Nimue to her great father and share in their joy.

Whatever the reasoning, the pair ultimately finds themselves within the trees of the Secret Grove. While undoubtedly strained from their travels, stumbling upon the crystal waters of the lake had renewed their energy, and now they explore it together. Laughing a breathless sort of sound, Tiamat dances through the shallow waters, gasping when she suddenly stumbles as the pond’s floor abruptly drops to lower depths. It is a humorous sight—the mare graceless, almost clumsy, as the water rises over her head and she practically belly flops forward. The loud splash draws the little orca’s attention, a high-pitched whistle of worry emitted before she darts to where the ocean mare had disappeared.

With only a few bubbles of warning, Tiamat erupts to the surface in a spray of mist, her doe-eyes wide before she laughs more freely (and all the while, water is snorting from her nose). “I’m all right,” she coos to the young Leviathan, assuring her that all is well. Nimue’s crystal-ice eyes are still wide with concern, her fledgling mind too sensitive to fear. Sensing her companion’s distress, the blue mare presses her nose to Nimue’s slick forehead, blowing out a comforting, warmth breath. “I think that’s enough of the water for tonight. We have tomorrow, and the next day—and all the days after that,” she smiles softly before she turns, wading to the banks while Nimue takes a final chance to leap in and out of the water.

Once cloven hooves are on grounded soil, Tiamat shakes vigorously, her hair a mass of tinkling shells and water droplets. Watching her bonded, Nimue chirps before attempting to follow suit. Having no hair of her own, the blue whale looks—quite literally—like a fish out of water. Tiamat giggles when the movement catches her eye, shaking her head before reaching out to the writhing whale in mid-air, wrapping her neck around the creature (no larger than her own head) and pulling her into an embrace.

Thereupon, it is the pair’s intention to find a place to rest. However, when a shadow catches her attention a few paces from the pond, the ocean mare hesitates in her stride, inspecting the figure. “Rikyn?” She questions softly, turning her body and threading through the trees to better see the dark stranger, with Nimue trailing at her opposite flank. Beneath the glow of the moonlight, she catches gold—markings she remembers from one particular individual. “Rikyn! Hello, my friend,” Tiamat smiles widely, breaking through the forest line to join him upon his little hillock. Reaching his shoulder, she extends her muzzle to him like the first time they had met, a gesture of familiarity and friendship.

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen you; even around the Basin, I’m surprised our paths haven’t crossed,” a giggle breezes from her tongue, her white eyes dancing like her damp skin, glittering beneath the rays of moonlight. Of course, the Mender knows nothing of the stallion’s current dwelling—with as much love she has for the mountain valley, she is unable to consider the idea that anyone would want to leave it. “How have you been?” She turns to look to him, her hair falling over one side of her face as she tilts her head, dainty ears slanting forward attentively.

notes; Hope you don't mind! Also, I figured Tia didn't notice Duir, hence not mentioning him :3
Nimue reference <3
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Someone is coming, of which I receive two warnings.

One, perhaps the most obvious, is the change within the strands that bind my buck and I. His uneasiness, almost always immediately born in the presence of others, rattles up and down that invisible thread, drawing my morose gaze from the misty swirl of the Edge, and into the wood. I don’t see anything, but I hear someone moving around nearby. It could just be a family of rabbits, or a flock of crows alighting; even if it was a person, they would likely go out of their way to avoid me, taking a long arc where a straight line might have sufficed.

“Rikyn?” asks the trees behind me. I sigh, forfeiting all thoughts of rabbits, and strangers going out of their way to remain that way, and look over my shoulder at her as she comes to stand alongside me.

"Tiamat," I try to answer with some warmth. My lips even meekly curl upwards, one side, anyway…

Familiar and recognizable as all get out, Tiamat of the North is as blue and pretty as she’d been when we’d met last. Though the trees here are much smaller, the hot radiance of the blue magma is perhaps relatable to the sweltering heat of this summer. I glance alongside her at the floating whale with some measure of curious surprise, which fleetingly overrides my need to be grumpy.

What the fuck is that?

Her nose is presented to me; her sweet, mountain grass kiss waits, almost drowns out the last embers with the promise of sharing breath. With more hesitation than I had displayed last time we’d greeted one another, my ears tilt back ever so slightly as I grab hold of my anger and tell it to behave (it wouldn’t do to impulsively bite her nose, would it?). She hadn’t done anything to me but call me her friend.

As it often does, that word attempts to latch itself into the inside of my chest, and not let go. It’s a weird sort of warmth to rise alongside annoyance and aggression, just as the smell of her weaving through my senses does not coincide well with the desire to make things bleed. When I pull away from our fleeting, primal embrace, a snort sounds on the air, all my feelings wadded up into a gust of air and expelled, lions tail irritably curling up against my opposite side. Her words don’t help.

Her easy laughter is so unlike the tight knots bound inside me. They tighten when she casually assumes it is my home still, her question about how I’ve been making them groan with the pressure they apply to their twisting.

"I don’t live there any longer," I tell her. I don’t. Even if my heart is still lying on the floor of some cavern somewhere within, I dramatically think to myself. Duir, still hiding somewhere in the woods, gains an air of concern for the woman beside me as my emotions continue to rush up and down wildly. I might shout at him that I’m not a barbarian, just emotional, if I wasn’t sure he’d ignore me for another two weeks to remind me of how I’d kicked an old man to oblivion and back, or if I also was sure Tiamat wouldn’t think I was insanely yelling at trees. The realization I’m frowning is covered up with a meager smile, not really wanting to reveal to the cheerful woman that my heart is ravaged and, quite possibly, on fire. "I haven’t for almost a year now."

"I’ve been okay though," I lie, for the first time in my life not taking the extra reach to brag about battling legendary warriors, or having become stronger than the young boy on patrol she’d met all those whiles ago. That’s too much for today, mostly because I lost every fight worth winning, and I now patrolled, well, nothing, because my life was aimless. So, instead, I redirect the conversation to her, to her sunlight soul, and what she must think of with joy, floating oddly in the air alongside her (I’ve only seen part of one whale, and it was much bigger, and in the ocean, swimming). It’s likely that curiosity and lack of understanding is obvious in both my tone and on my face, even before I ask her about it directly. "You have bonded, I see, though I can’t say I’ve ever seen a flying whale before."

I almost ask for his, her, its name until I discover that conundrum. The air about the thing smells like lake and fish, the gender indiscernible under all that smell by nose alone. Not being a nautical scientist, I haven’t a single clue how to know whether this is a dude whale or a lady whale, and I definitely know better than to assume those things… even if Tiamat seems far less likely to stab me than most.

[ OOC: Of course not! I love Tia <3 plus he needs some of her easy going happy in his life as you can see. ;D ]
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