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Brother was missing, still - like the others were - and Vastra was living in a constant state of unease. Her family was huge, or so she had been told, and yet little by little they were being chipped away and that left her on her own. She “should” have stayed in the Throat, where she knew it was safe and where she could patiently wait for her family to eventually come back for her, but that had not sat well with her. What if her family needed saving? What if she was the one that could save them? Hiding out in the Throat was the last thing she should do. So she had convinced an adult to help her across - thrilled as always by the short flight with those fiery wings - and then set out on her own.

She travelled westward, following the coast and skirting around the strange marsh and the dead lands so until she ended on the expanse of beach that lined the western edge of Helovia.

The sea was familiar - the sea surrounded her home - and despite the rising panic in the red girl over her family she felt comforted by its presence. Shuffling her down wings, she walked slowly on the edge of the beach - just where the waves moved up the sand so that they would touch her hooves if they were in the right spot for the tide. Overhead, the sun was scorching but still softer than it had been in the Throat and the harsh winds carried promise of a storm later in the afternoon.

Not that Vastra understood those signs, however. The filly had not yet learned them - not yet realized that when the horizon was as dark as it was with the looming clouds she should definitely not leave the safety of the Throat.

Vastra had a mission, a purpose, and her mind was entirely focused on scanning every single patch of sand for signs that her family had been here. She felt as though half of her was missing every time Castor wasn’t around, and she didn’t know how to act or exist without his louder presence there to ground her. Vastra needed to find him again, there was no doubt about that.

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The two had spent quite some time away from their Mother and the rocky confines of their icy homeland. Kiada was vibrant with excitement at experiencing as much as possible in her young age, far before responsibility and emotions would inevitably get in the way. So she tried to explore as much as she could. She had a large amount of wanderlust, part of it her companion Khairi helped with. The two couldn’t stay in one place, they’d fidget and complain nonstop. They were eager to see new experiences, to stretch out their growing legs and feel the Tallsun wind against their skin. Kiada had gotten a chance to speak with her twin, to get over the grievances that caused the anger that sparked between them. Kia felt as though she understood her other half better, and she hoped that he understood her better in turn as well.

She danced along the sands as they experienced the Endless Blue. Khairi could fly on his own now, still a bit shakily but far more confident, and the bearded vulture slid through the air that promised storms and havoc as though it were what he was born to do. A small coo escaped his throat to the filly, and she simply smiled to her bonded before shooting a glance over at Kianzo and his cub companion. They walked together, in such a union that it was almost unnatural but captivating. Just like it had been when they were born, just as it was now. No amount of anger or arguing would be able to take them away from one another. For in the end, they always ended up the same – different ideas, same results.

As the twins wandered, Khairi spotted another being out among the sands. He swooped in return to the filly, landing sharply along her back. His claws dug in slightly to her pelt, and a shiver ran down her spine as he did so. She wasn’t used to the vulture’s talons quite yet – but one day she would. As Khairi stood witchingly along her back, the flames danced and molded around him – illuminating him in a strange dance as the flames portrayed griffons flying and prowling across her spine. Her oceanic gaze, set among a sea of ivory and onyx, were set on the caramel body unknown to her. As they approached, she didn’t even have to look to Kianzo, to acknowledge the words that were sure to slip his lips laced in arrogance. Instead, she nodded her head to the other filly (as it appeared to be between the trio’s gangly features and growing limbs). “What’re you doing?” She asked, cocking her head and studying the filly.

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The wanderlust that vibrated in sister did not reside in his own, darker chest. But, seeing as a deep and inherent attached love of his sister did dwell within him, so he quietly followed after the vibrant dancing of sister she she set out on adventure. And her frolicking was contagious, causing is own dark limbs to lift in a livelier fashion than his usual, long and lanky strides. His ears pricked, his blue eyes began to glitter with something brighter than the dark urges that so often glimmered there.

Keusi, now finally named by their father (the thought caused his vibrancy to falter), slinked along, blocky head close to the sand. There were so many dead things hidden here; so many bones to crunch and carcasses to unearth. She glanced at Khairi that shakily flew above them. Together, the scavenging pair would feast along the darker parts of the shore. The feathered creature was turning out to be far more useful than the hyena cub had initially thought.

But such thoughts were not yet to be entertained, as sudden the white vulture was returning to Kiada just as Keusi returned to Kianzo. The dark prince noticed the direction of Kia’s attention (as he always noticed all things about her), finding the winged filly that roved the shore. She looked to be about their same age, perhaps younger? He wasn’t sure.

His long legs (foretelling of his future height) lengthened to bring him alongside Kiada, perked ears hearing her question she asked the strange filly. “And who are you?” His question followed closely on the heels of sister’s.

And Keusi, entirely uninterested now that the cause for commotion was simply another, non-threatening foal, slipped away from the grouping of equids. Instead, her attention followed her sensitive nose, which twitched as she snuffled through the sand. There, her strong nose had led her to a rotting albatross carcass half-buried in the sand. She yipped in glee, sharp teeth and powerful jaws latching onto an exposed, askew wing to drag it free of its sandy grave. Delicious.
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It wasn’t long before Vastra realized she was no longer alone on the beach. But instead of the dark, winged form of her brother, it was two golden figures. Neither of them had wings which startled her - she wasn’t yet used to seeing so many flightless creatures. And not just flightless creatures, but the filly was a flightless magician as well. Those flames that danced upon her spine, illuminating the strange bird that perched there, commanded all of young Vastra’s attention as she came to a stop - waiting for the two to approach her.

While the filly drew her attention, dark brown eyes flickered over the colt as well - noting the small creature that tagged along beside him. How were they able to befriend animals in such a manner? Did they raise them? Dozens of questions flashed around her mind and she didn’t even realize just how strongly she was staring at the two of them, absolutely rapt in her curiosity.

There was a hazy memory of a bird, an eagle, that hung around her mother in much the same fashion but Vastra couldn’t remember completely.

“I’m Vastra.” She said, distractedly, watching the hyena as it hunted across the sand and discovered a carcass and she idly wondered what it was. But, regrettably, her attention was pulled back to those of her own kind - or similar to herself at least. “I’m looking for my brother.” It was a statement she had a feeling they would understand - this pair before her looked awfully alike. Much more alike than she was to Castor.

But whether or not she looked like her twin hardly erased their bond, hardly erased the pull on her heart when they were apart. “Have you seen him?” It didn’t occur to her to offer up what her brother looked like, or any other helpful information. The world, as far as she knew, was relatively small - there couldn’t really be that many foals roaming around.

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