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[Battle] Sparring Hotline!

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In an effort to spread knowledge of sparring and help people who are both new and old to the battlefield, I decided to start a skype specifically for questions about battling. If you would like to be added then you can ask me on skype or below, just post your skype or add me on mine with a message saying that you're from helovia. My skype is:

j.s.n.y. (including the period at the end) and I'll show up as Jen S (TheArtlex)

If you don't have a skype then feel free to post here too perhaps???

EDIT: To clarify, I am by no means an expert! This is not just an invitation for those who need advice but for those who can offer it! So if you think you don't need help but could help others, please consider joining!

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Everyone come in and join the fun to learn more about horses and how they fight and how you can, too! Whether you have advice to give or get, the more people in this the more useful it can be. I'll be keeping a list of diagrams and the like that we've collected in the chat too here for easy access!

Cloven Hoof Diagrams
  • The general consensus was that cloven hooves might be better protected than horse hooves, since the "frog" or soft fleshy part is better covered. That said, your character might get something caught between the clefts, which could also hurt. They would also be sharper, so they could do more damage like cuts!

  • See Ashamin's profile for more information about Lochan, Rakt, and his various items.
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