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The Clovenheart


The night brought with it the sound of chirping bugs. Overhead, heat-lightning flashed. The smattering of canopy that surrounded the grove was illumined in sharp whites and pale greens. Perhaps, if nature were not careful, a tree or two would catch on fire.

Though Ashamin the Clovenheart was rarely alone, that night he had sent his companions back to guard his things and felt better for it. Solitude was a useful thing, and the stag needed to remind himself of that sometimes. Night had finally come and delivered him from a now recurring nightmare, and the stallion simply did not have the energy to sort through his companions' thoughts on it.

Ashamin was tired of dying every day in his dreams. He remembered the first dream, and he remembered the way death had felt like a tender, warm cradle to carry his head. But since speaking with Tiamat and promising her he would not leave, promising her an immortal loyalty he could not possibly deliver, Ashamin had found the dream returning to him in bits in pieces.

For so long it had been nothing but a memory of silk's touch that was so vague it could be forgotten. But the recent clarification of his dreams had returned the scene to him exactly, and he was tired of it indeed. Not because he did not want to die, but rather because in some very urgent way he did. There was a pleasure to the end of life that could not be achieved by living, and a large but selfish part of him wished for it.

But no, the Clovenheart had promised Tiamat otherwise. With the renewed strength of the dreams came more frequent thoughts of the blue mare, and perhaps that was why he had chosen to sleep in the secret grove. Maybe he had thought that there the dream would leave him, or maybe he'd thought that when he woke he would find her there and remember why it was the dream that was bad, not the waking.

However, he was wrong. Ashamin the Clovenheart woke only to white splitting open the sky and a thick, steady absence of rain. There was nothing in the silence to persuade him it was better to be alive.


Given All I've Been Through

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The ocean mare lay tucked in the middle of a small copse of trees, legs folded beneath her and the stiff summer grasses bending beneath her body like a swaddling of bed sheets. She is comfortable, despite the heavy humid air, charged with the electricity that flashes above—swollen clouds teasing them with promises of moisture. “Are you happy for me, Mama?” The blue mare smiles, whiskers from her muzzle brushing against the polished, marbled surface of the egg, “Are you as excited as I am?” Glancing up between the canopy of leaves, laughter trills breathlessly from her lips, soon mingled with the low rolling of thunder.

“I can hardly believe it myself,” Tiamat murmurs, lowering her head to wrap her neck around the precious, glittering orb. It is warm against her skin, and if she is quiet enough, she imagines that she can feel it pulse—as if the life source within is already entwined with her own, beating as her own heart does. My companion. The words seem so foreign, so impossible, even in her mind, and yet somehow so right. The ocean mare does not know what she has done to deserve such an incredible and sacred blessing. Without a doubt, it had been more than chance that had put her on the Steppe that day—more than good luck—

—perhaps, more than destiny, even.

Sighing blissfully, the young Mender curls tighter around the egg (her egg). For now, it matters little as to how she had been so fortunate to receive this dearest creature—only that she has, and she will do everything in her power to honor this gift. The moose’s good blessing will not be forgotten.

With the warmth of the smooth egg pressing against her chest, the ocean mare drifts into a light but restful sleep, her lips softened with the shadows of a smile. Minutes pass into the night, maybe even hours. Her dreams are nebulous images of bright colors and beautiful lights, filling every bone with a swell of peace and happiness in her slumber. When she is roused into consciousness, it is by no burst of thunder, but rather a vague sense of movement—something recognized initially by her mind, only noticeable by her eyes once she blinks the bleariness of sleep away.

Is that—?

“Ashamin?” Tiamat whispers to the shadowy figure on the other side of the trees, lifting her head from the ground. It has been too long since she has seen her dearest friend. Far too long. Could it be? Brushing her muzzle across the speckled egg as she rises, she steps forward, squinting through the darkness. When a bolt of lightning cracks through the sky, it illuminates the figure, highlighting his features for but a moment—but long enough. “ASHAMIN!” Tiamat squeals, any inhibitions or bitterness at his leaving thrown aside, and she rushes to him. “Oh, my dear friend, my dear friend,” she breathes against his skin, pressing to his chest and wrapping her neck around his, “I am so happy to see you again.”

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