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:: [Magic: Fire (P) | Flames burn along her back and wings when she flies.]
:: [Restrictions: Of no use in battle.]

:: [Magic: FirexEarth | Is able to draw up magma, bringing it to the surface and causing solid ground to turn into a molten pool.]
:: [Restrictions: 25ft radius, towards the edge of the pool the heat and intensity lessens.]
:: [Magic: FirexEarth (U) | Can now make the magma explode up from the ground, similar to a volcanic eruption.]
:: [Restrictions: Explosions only reach around 8ft in height.]

:: [Magic: Fire | Is able to manipulate lava/magma, shaping, moving and controlling it.]
:: [Restrictions: Lava must already be on the surface in order to control it.]
:: [Magic: FirexEarth (U) | Able to cool the magma, making it become solid, walkable ground.]
:: [Restrictions: 15ft radius, if cooled magma is surrounded by lava it can collapse into the molten pool.]

:: [Companion: Royal Kitsune | Fire]

Possible Third Magic:

:: [ Magic: Fire | Able to create firestorms, conflagrations of intense temperature. Capable of incinerating anything in it’s path.]
:: [ Restrictions | 20ft radius, requires immense concentration to summon and control.]
:: [ Magic: Light (U) | Firestorms now have a 30ft radius.]
:: [ Restrictions | 30ft radius, requires immense concentration to summon and control.]

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