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[OPEN] is it a bird? [hatching!]

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That issue of biosecurity had the moon doctor at his witts end; He had spent all afternoon clearing the greenhouse, then scrubbing it clean with pales of water he'd carried from the creek before beginning the quarantine on some potentially infected plants. Those that were quite obviously infected by the dreaded, mysterious fungi he took to to the cliffs and tossed them off one by one. 
The sun was downing and as he carried his last pale of pots to the sea cliffs. "Aiya" he whispered, his lanterns light complimenting the silver glow of mother moon. One by one Tilney grasped a pot between his teeth and spilled the contents over the edge; he couldn't help but watch as the dirt and infected flora hit the rocks and disappeared on its way to the swirling sea below. 

The last pot however; it was moving. Instead of Tossing it over the edge, Tilney tossed it with fright behind him and onto a tree. Dirt was sent flying, tree roots tumbling, and a squeal sounded. "Oh! so sorry"  Tilney spoke to whatever it was inhabiting the glass pot.
Nervous cloven feet took him over towards the moving pile of dirt and glass shards that was all that remained of the infected waste. Clearing away the dirt, Tilney uncovered a small mint-coloured speckled egg. It was cracked at the top, with two minuscule ears poking out. On further inspection, Tilney saw two marvellous eyes staring back at him from inside the egg.

What was this small creature? So far he had seen the top of a round skull, pointy ears, round black eyes and mousy brown fur. Was it some sort of possum? Rodent? A grin crossed the gronze stallions face as the creature wriggled and squirmed until more cracks appeared, then sugglednly the structure around it shattered. Out came two magnificent wings, equipped with claws and feet. "Hello little bat!" Tilney uttered to the small creature, looking into its wide eyes. "you are safe" was his next whisper, assuring the babe that it would be safe with him. Tilney could recall the bats from his homeland were very similar to this; there were stories told to young ones of a bat named Peatree who gave summer fruits to good foals.
Peatree. Tilney would name him Peatree.

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Anzanie had remained in the World's Edge for her duties, steadying her mind of the whirlwind it had occurred in the past few moons. It had been hard, but the troubled Glazier could feel big things coming. The uncertainty, however, gave her the sensation of her bodice shaking like a flower. She had thoroughly loved being in the Edge, being inside Helovia at a time of peace and tranquility, using her crafting gifts for the good of the herd. But she had not played or felt the duty wear off. It was time to explore.

The afternoon was deeply hot at this point in time but she felt its heat only giving her a relaxing warmth ebb into her bones as her pillars carried her over to the border. She felt her way through the tall trees until she felt the presence of another. A male voice sounded through the distance, an elation of some sorts in the tone. Anzanie brushed off her tassles from her bodice and trotted into the direction of the noise, feeling her way through to where the brute was. And there he stood, a beautiful example of a stag, adorned with antlers over a soft red-brown coat with an ivory tree-like marking spreading over his shoulder. Underneath was a cracked egg shell, a tiny creature with huge pools looking at him. It melted Anzanie's heart.

She stepped closer to the stranger, feeling pleasant and happy that he had been there to witness such a beautiful moment, and silently wished that she could have done the same. With a soft voice she spoke,
"What a sweet little thing you have there!" She hesitated, smiling with her pale pools at him, "It's nice to meet you, I am Anzanie, one of the Glaziers."

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After all his wandering, Sacre had come to the conclusion that, no matter how much he pushed it aside, there was always something claustrophobic about living in the Worlds Edge. He turned a corner and stopped; if he closed his eyes, shut out the world and listened to only the sounds of rustling trees, it wasn’t so bad. It was like hitting a pause button on life and, his once motionless body, now swung to the sweet serenade of nature and her gentle ambience. Everything that stressed him (captivity, death… loneliness) disappeared in the sweep of his eyelids, like pulling down the shutters, to drown out the devilish world that haunted his step. He couldn’t stay like that forever, unfortunately, and when his eyes opened again they were tinged with a mild regret that he couldn’t just live in the peacefulness of trees. A stifled sigh caught in his throat and he gurgled out a laugh instead, this was no good, he was losing to his painful past and Sacre—hated losing.

“Come on” he whispered to his two fox friends and together they began again, weaving through the mists of their new home and listening to nothing but the comforting sound of nature’s serenading band.

It was night by the time he reached the cliffs and a squeal of the antlered stallion caught his attention.

”Lantern!” ”Egg!” a Kitsune marvelled and a red fox jumped.

Sacre knew what would come next and his young voice called them before they ran off on excited paws, ready to greet the poor stallion who surely wouldn’t have asked for two nosy foxes intruding on his business. He knelt down on his knees and ushered the two disgruntled vulpine to climb up onto his back. Chaos averted; Sacre began to make his way towards the antlered fellow.

”A girl!” ”A girl!” this time his bonded duo chimed in perfect harmony and Sacre stopped a moment to watch the painted mare go over first.

She too looked interested in the marvel at the feet of the lantern lit fellow and the fox boy smiled as he remembered the first time he had seen Helovia’s miracle in an egg. In a dank, dark cave Sacre found his own egg, a gift that he had so possessively guarded from the many within and the wraiths outside. In that bleak time it had seemed like a blessing, when the egg had rolled and cracked, revealing two black beady eyes stuck to a bundle of red fluff. The fox boy was always overjoyed when he saw another hatching.

“Whoa” he cooed when he had resumed walking over, stopping a few steps away from them and stretching his neck to see what the guy was doing. A bat! Sacre had never seen one up close, though he’d seen many flitter about, he’d never known how cute the dancing shadows were. “Congratulations Sir” the fox boy offered to the lantern man, a smile beaming from one end of his face to the other “I’ve never seen a bat so close” he marvelled as two pairs of beady eyes watched curiously from his sooty back.

“What you gunna call it?” he brightly asked after Anzanie had introduced herself, he logged her title (she must be head crafter?) and her pretty face, his arab like head hitched to to one side curiously whilst waves of unruly black forelock tangled on his red horn.

awww a fruit bat! <3
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"oh, careful!" was the young mans coo as the tiny ashen mammal began to claw through the grass in Tilneys general direction, huge beady eyes agape towards him. What a curious creature? Did it think Tilney was its mother perhaps? Surely it might of picked something a little more similar in size. Next to startle the golden lad was the voice of a pretty painted creature. She was the owner of quite a glorious horn and a wonderful scarf that Tilney couldn't help but be envious of. 
"What a sweet little thing you have there!"
"Lovely isn't he!" was Tilneys chime in response, a dorkish smike framing his own face.

Tilneys nares turned to come across an alarming black stag who was covered in blood? No, it was just a beautifully stained pelt. What magnificent colouring he had. The gentleman offered congratulations (though Tilney did not know what on earth for) and then mentioned he'd never seen a bat up close. "Oh, niether have I to be truthful!" the golden stag replied, his lantern crooning over the subject of their discussion. Anzanie was the painted lass's name, and she was a Glazier "It's a pleasure to meet you Anzanie. I am Tilney - a Moon Doctor!"
"Unfortunately caring for bat newborns aren't my speciality" Tilney jested, that same childlike grin plastered on his countenance. In all seriousness though, would it be hard to care for this babe? It would need food and water and warmth. Those things wouldn't be too hard to find. If it got sick however, then he would be at a loss. The dark winged creature began his ascent up tilneys leg, using the claws on his wings and his ties to scale Tilneys socked leg. When the little creature was settled in his mane, Tilney straightened his neck and looked to the two other equids present with a gleaming grin; He had already decided on the name.
"Where I am from we were told stories as foals of a bat named Peatree who gave tasty summer berries to good foals while they slept."
"I will name him Peatree!"

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awww peatreee 
@Anzanie @Sacre

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