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...But Now I See [Return- Goddess of the Moon]

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Blind colt treads carefully through thin layers of ice and snow. He focuses on keeping his footing as he ascends the trail to the shrines of the Gods, following the barks and whines of his companion. Manhattan's upset is visible in the shadows of the air and the fog that falls from their mouths. Nature's bile floats around the pair in clouds, showing her visions of her master's demise, tricking her mind into forgetting what is real. There are no blessings, only curses- Knox has grown to understand this, would recognize his companion's new power as something to be treated with patient care, but Manhattan is too young and the power is too raw.

The two reach the top with heaving breaths and ribs that poke at thin, black hides; the fear rises. Manhattan sees danger everywhere and watches the shrine with nervous anticipation. An image of the Moon Goddess, with fangs protruding from beneath her lips, appears before the pup. Brief flashes of an attack short out her brain, fool the filter of reality, and force her to the ground in a fit of nervous whining. Knox stands tall, blind to the horror that haunts his charge. Bitter frostfall wind swipes across and through them- he cannot stand for long, and lowers himself on shaking knees to rest beside her. His eyes, once a brilliant blue, have grown hazier with time. The vision of them is one of helpless timidity. A colt and a pup, wrapped around each other, huddled in the cold, longing for an escape from their ails.

Into the darkness, Blind Colt whispered the Moon Goddess' name.

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The Goddess watched as the blind colt returned, and she watched curiously as he whispered her name. He was a pathetic creature, but who could blame him? With a sigh of fog and obscurity, she pushed the darkness from his eyes, allowing the young colt to see once more. Then, she flashed her tail and rested one of her hind legs.

"You have done as I asked and now possess the ability to blind others. Use it wisely. She added the final phrase in a pointed warning. Such a power was nothing to play with. Sight was a beautiful gift.

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