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Big Ideas Have Small Beginnings [Herd Meeting]

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How was she always late to these damned things?

Oh, right, she was a beaten and bloodied mess. Made sense.

The scrapes along her kneecaps and lower leg bones were bleeding freely as she hobbled closer to the herd meeting, the sound of Tembovu's commanding baritone and the voices of others filtering through the trees and mists. Each breath was agony shooting through her sides and spine; Volterra had broken a few of her ribs, to that there was no doubt. Even now, only hours later, a vicious and dark stain had spread across the musculature of her chest and underside, blood flowing freely beneath her skin where the stallion's dinner plate-sized hooves had broken blood vessels and damaged muscle.

At last, the pale woman found herself amidst the denizens of the World's Edge, entering just in time to hear Tembovu declare the healer woman, Alysanne, as Queen. Pastel eyes sliding over the gathered crowd, Orithia couldn't quite find the onyx splashed woman and made the decision to congratulate her later - possibly while she was being healed. Limping toward a small break in the bodies so that she could see better, the winged lass tried to hide her grimace of pain as well as she could, her every breath wheezing slightly from the effort and agony.

Yet, as her pregnant general stepped forward and flung resentment at the hooves of both Tembovu's decision and Alysanne's newfound rank, the injured mare found that she could not hold her tongue.

Voice raspy from exhaustion, Orithia turned her attention wholly to the retreating figure of Nyx, the general nearing the exit through which Ori had entered. "Disgraceful of you, general." Her words dripped venom, "To disrespect our King's decision, to disrespect Alysanne and all of the work she has done to keep each and every one of this herd healthy, no doubt yourself included." White tail was lashed against her flanks only to return to the earth with a resounding thump, "You have disgraced each and every member of the warrior ranks with your flagrant disregard for the good of this herd. I am ashamed to be under your command."

She had intended to apologize upon entering the meeting, to bow her head and beg forgiveness, to plea that her injuries had impeded her progress, but the injuries were all but forgotten, the blood that ran steadily down her legs was nothing in the face of her outrage. To silently disagree and consider the cons of a decision was one thing, but to disrespect Tembovu's rule and shame Alysanne's contribution to the herd outright? Before the eyes of nearly every herd member? Orithia was incapable of quelling her disgust. As far as she was concerned, the horned general wasn't worthy of her rank or title, and she was seconds from saying so.

If only, she thought vehemently, If only the wretch wasn't pregnant.

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but what is love without lust

Her soft pale gold ears perked up to hear her queen speak. She was giving up her throne... Raedens teal eyes looked in shock as the woman stepped back to her place and their king stepped up. He addressed the situation right then and there. He asked the moon doctor to step forward and be his queen. Her silver gaze fell to the mare next to Iona and she dipped her head softly and congratulated. She listened to the king speak, but could not help but think he had to have been planning Elsa leaving her position. The Elephant king sure had a quick plan for replacements. What did she know though she was just a simple specter...

Her pointed skull turned sharply to her the sound of a husky voice. It sent shivers down her pale gold spine.  It was the beautiful creature named Ron. His words were so well versed and dripped from his maw like sweet sweet caramel. Silver flecked orbs brightened and she smiled brightly to the man. "You are Mr. Smooth talker aren't you Ron? It is fine atleast you made it here so you do not have to hear it from Tembovu later. Better late then never. " Her angelic voice chimed in the wind as she giggled slightly. Her maw touched his ear returning the sweet sounds of a whisper.  Her attention drew to the Frozen Light he spoke of an outcast Band and her pale gold head shook slightly. Great....

Her cream hooves took a step forward so her body was in front of Ron. Her voice roared from her honey coated maw to the crowed around her. "The Unbound has been very secretive with all their meetings. They keep away from wondering ears and watching eyes. I will try my best to get more information on them. There has been an increasing rise of Outcast Bands. Our dear friend Calor has started one himself. The black and gold stallion has many false names and his real Name is Rikyn. He has come up with a group called the Order. I would say do not worry too much about him. I have a feeling something bad is about to happen, we need to be on our toes. Any intruders need to be reported and taken in for questioning. Just be ready to fight if something happens..." Her attention looked to her King and Queen, then to the warriors. 

"talk talk talk"

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But what had he expected, in this land constantly rocked by turmoil and strife? When sometimes the earth itself seemed to turn against them, corrupt their flesh, their minds, and blanket them in darkness absolute and unending? What had he expected, in a herd where strong wills came together? Ambition blended with care and love, greed and envy with a sense of entitlement, and as he listened with a lazy ear to Nyx's tirade he wondered what fueled her rant; true concern for the herd's well-being, or something else? Some ulterior motive?

His gaze did a cursory sweep over the rest of the herd. What drove them? Were they content in their lives here, at the bottom of the pyramid upon which all kingdoms were built? Or did they strive to escape the shackles that bound them to the floor? Did they want to rise above, to one day be at the top?

But why?

The top was lonely, the air so thin and the fall so high.

Words capered on his tongue, but he didn't have the time to spit them out before anyone else spoke—Elsa snapped a reprimand at the ironheart General, followed quickly by Glasgow blocking the path of Nyx's lion. One of Mauja's 'brows rose at that. Glasgow? Had he been all wrong when he'd pegged her as timid? Because there sure was fire in her now.

Things were moving too fast. Elsa was leaving (no, wait, don't go—) but he couldn't follow her now, and—Nyx was trying to leave, too, a path clearing through the throng and there was a Pegasus mare he knew belonged to the herd but she was all banged up, and shooting more criticism at the pregnant General. His plea of information had seemed to fall on deaf ears until Raeden spoke up, offering him some of what he wanted to know; his ears flicked, blue eyes swept back to her. An unknown stallion lurked next to her.

And surely, he wouldn't need to yell 'healer'? Surely the three healers present weren't blind, and would see that the Pegasus mare was bleeding? "Thank you, Raeden," he said instead, voice half-loud, before he raised it further to speak to no one and everyone. "And once, a warrior of this herd stepped down to pursue her call as a mother. She meant to bear children for the herd, and knew she could never meet the expectations as a warrior if she was always pregnant. It is something for all warriors to consider—my parents refrained from starting a family until they were past their fighting prime. For what will your children's lives be if you, or anyone else, cannot defend them when your enemies come to tear your world apart?"

Sometimes he wondered if anyone ever thought about that. And the question was only half rhetorical.

"Brief," he said after a second, giving the answer, perhaps a tad more irritated than he had suspected as the word fell over the gathered herd. He was in no position to make threats, but Nyx had been a General in the herd for how many years now? One? And before that, hadn't she been second in command to Elsa? She should know better, and while he had voiced it as more of a general anecdote, and perhaps as an addendum to Raeden's appeal for being battle ready, he doubted anyone would miss his point.

He tried to quell his anger, but Nyx's display had bothered him more than he had wanted to admit—and apparently gone so far as to dredge up his irritation with warrior mares getting pregnant willy-nilly.

[ as a FYI Mauja has no idea Oizys "isn't" Nyx's. Filly sticking close to a mare and being familiar with her, logical conclusion is that it's their offspring, right? xD ]

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All too soon the herd whips itself into a frenzy, Alune remains quiet at the start, content to hear everyone's piece until he can feel his ears slide back against his poll in irritation, annoyance, anger. If anyone assumed that he was following suit in the scorn and annoyance now being directed at the pregnant General, they were horribly, terribly mistaken. For the first time in awhile, since he had sparred with Tembovu, he can feel the silvery whispers of anger and darkness obscure his strikingly pale, ever seeing eyes.

He prided himself in remaining calm and content, but how can he be content to stand by and hear them all out? That they all turn like squabbling buzzards on a carcass when one dares to speak out, honest to their own emotions, in a place where speaking your mind should be welcomed and accepted.

A plate sized hoof strikes a nearby stone with enough power to send an audible rumble rippling through the tense air, as his nostrils flared with a disgruntled snort.

"And I am ashamed at the attitude of what I see before me." Came his sharp, cutting response as his crowned head ripped to each and every one of them. "This is suppose to be a space for all to say their piece, is it not? This is where the herd comes together to be honest and discuss their issues. Without fear of backlash, without concern that all will turn upon them in a tide of negativity." His voice lifts higher, carrying above the throng. "If there is one, or two who call to question the King's decision in his new Queen, then they are justified to call upon it here. Would you rather the disillusion festers like a serpents den and goes unsaid, more than ever, you have all proven here to day that you do not welcome voices that do not match your own."

An angered sigh slips past his twilight toned lips, head shaking in his disappointment. "It is up to Alysanne to take the criticism and skepticism some may share of her sudden ascension, whether it is by one equine, or by many. Prove that she is worthy to bear the crown in her own right. No King or Queen has ever sat upon their throne with perfect harmony within their ranks, there has never been a monarch in power that has had all beneath them find them perfect for their job. I'd wager some of you here today were not so keen on Tembovu's ascension, or the King and Queen that came before him."

"I will call upon my Philosopher's and Sages at the moons end for a meeting, there I will discuss the tasks I have for you." He surges forward after that, the leviathan Seer's features clearly displaying his displeasure for staying as he heads towards where Nyx had been leaving. He does not address Tembovu or Alysanne, as he makes his exit, or any that he might've known. Alune's anger is clear, thunderous as it lines his features, there will be no more pleasantries for those present today. His eyes casting a pointed stare at the grey Mare that had blocked Nyx's path, before turning back towards the pregnant General. "Please allow me to escort you and your companion from this place, the stress will be no good for you or the precious cargo you carry."

"talk talk talk"

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Alune is peacing out, and going to escort Nyx out of there if she wishes.

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Her eyes narrow at her mother's response. "Ugh, no. Get rid of it, I don't want any siblings." Alas, that is not an option, but Oizys always puts her own needs first. Like hell does she want a sibling stealing all her milk. Is her mother incapable of keeping it in her pants?! The gargoyle wrinkles her nose and shudders with disgust, but turns her attention to the king when he begins to speak.

Boring, boring, rank, boring. The filly stifles a yawn - there's so many more interesting things she could be doing right now. But then there's mention of the word queen, and that's something even Oizys' young mind knows is a Good Word. Queen means power. Power is good. She stares around, looking for the mare lucky enough to be given the position, thinking that naturally it should be Mother....but she does not expect Mother to react as she does when the crown goes to another. Well, shit.

Her dam explodes. Even the gargoyle is taken aback, gawking at the silver soldier as she rants and raves This brings a smirk to her face as she remembers her and Kid's conversation about the potential joys of flowers up the asses of their foes. Yet she hadn't thought Nyx capable of such an outburst - the mare is fierce, yes, but contained. She is like the storm; controlled power, savage and devastating but never seeming to run the risk of getting out of hand. A part of her thinks it's not the best idea to say what Nyx is saying, but fuck it, it's entertaining. The gargoyle just wishes she had some popcorn. Ker, on the other hand, thrusts her head beneath her wing with a resigned trill of misery.

And then it all goes to shit.

Oh, Ma, what have you done? How the Edge residents turn upon their General! How loyal of them! Oizys' ears slam backwards and she paws one large hoof against the dead, dry soil - she doesn't agree with what Nyx said (because doesn't the mare know you're meant to just accept things you don't like, and then get your revenge?) but dammit, the silver is her mother, and family loyalty comes first.

She rounds on Elsa, the winged fallen queen, first. "And I'd advise you to take a nice dose of shut the fuck up. If you hadn't been so shit at your job, we wouldn't need another queen." This is a wild shot in the dark; the gargoyle has no idea what kind of queen Elsa is or was, but it's the most hurtful thing she can possibly think of. She likes to hurt. Words are her weapons as much as her hooves, teeth and electric creatures; she is not like her mother, who uses violence as the cure-all for everything. Oizys has just a hint of manipulation behind those cold grey eyes, just the tiniest fleck of the devil. A well-placed insult can be just as damaging as a well-placed kick - perhaps even moreso when coming from the mouth of a child. Aren't kids meant to be innocent? Not Oizys, harpy-scarred demoness, twisted gargoyle, daughter of monsters, daughter of hate.

Another mare speaks, this one with a clown's smile and dual horns. She says healers are just as deadly as warriors with blades, and the filly furrows her brow. "Oh, really? Alright then, how about you stab me with a flower and I'll stab you with a blade, and we'll see who comes off worse?" Speaking of, there's some tasty-looking blades hovering near to Mrs Bullshit, and she wonders if she made them - a shame to give somebody so thick such an important job. Healing as important as fighting - well, really. She nudges Ker to grab one of the knives for her, which the eagle obligingly does; she nurses the weapon in her beak as she lands back on the gargoyle's hindquarters.

Then there's another mare. Really, why is it that women seem to love to turn on their superiors far faster than men? For all their flaws, at least men have some sense in their heads. It strikes Oizys that she's probably not helping, that she's only making things worse with her acid tongue, but she has no fucks to give. Nobody insults her mother. This one....oh, this one tops the lot. She's a walking wound, all bruises and broken bones, and Oizys sends a mental high-five to her assailant. "I dare you to speak to her like that when she's not pregnant." What she wouldn't give to be summon a spark-horse and set this defeated 'warrior' on fire with it. But alas, Oizys herself knows she isn't yet strong enough to survive a fight against an adult, no matter their injury status. Self-preservation prevents her from striking, but she wants to, she wants to.

A spotted stallion speaks, then. Mother has talked of him with great respect; Mauja, a man she considers a friend. His argument is put fairer than that of his female herdmates, more of an observation than a Nyx-bashing, but it makes Oizys' inner feminist roar with disgust. "Are you shitting me? So male warriors can go around squirting children anywhere they want, but a female warrior should keep her tail clamped down until she's so old and wrinkly she probably couldn't get pregnant anyway? Yeah, that sounds fair." She huffs crossly. "And how do you know she wouldn't give the life of her child for the sake of her herd if we were attacked? I don't know about you, but I'd be hiding right behind that fat ass of hers in a fight, she's like a walking shield with that belly." No offense, Ma.

Finally, finally, there is an ally. He is an oddly-coloured man with curved horns, but he speaks sense; more sense than the rest of the herd put together, and that includes Nyx herself. "See, this one? This one has a brain." She looks approvingly at Alune, then glances around at the others with narrowed eyes and a heaving chest. Ooh, the excitement is intense! Unlike Nyx, who has morals, Oizys has none - she cares not for any wounded feelings in her herdmates. Unlike Nyx, the gargoyle does not apologise. And unlike Nyx, she has no ties at all to this place. If these people get on her tits too much...she'll just up and leave.

Nowhere is home unless Enyo is there, anyway.

Addresses Elsa, Glasgow, Orithia, Mauja and Alune directly. SORRY FOR THE INSULTS GUYS omg she is such a brat please don't be too offended D:

[ the gargoyle queen ]

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Feel lucky for what you have, when you have it. Happily ever after doesn’t mean happy forever.

Of course, why would getting away be simple? It was far too easy that way. And did Elsa do easy? Nope.

She lingered as the rest spoke on. Especially in particular to Mauja’s story to pregnant warriors. It was a fact that could not be ignored. But as fate would have it, a little brat, probably barely old enough to even know what the actual hell she was saying, decided to throw her attempt of comeback. That coupled with Alune’s apparent stupidity to the situation, Elsa could hardly hold back her rage.

Stepping forward again, she moved slightly closer to the child who dared speak like she knew what the hell was going on. All of her points invalid, stupid, and in a sense, innocent despite all the harsh words she hid behind. “Oh darling. I think I need to speak to you, but I can’t wait.” Edgar shied back on her head slightly at the slew of things running through the Icebound’s mind. Because the Icebound was certainly about to break free.

“If I had done my job, I wouldn’t get the absolute pleasure of speaking to you like this. As a queen, I was restricted. I was doing the job of a diplomat when my job was best served elsewhere. A mistake on my part, but I hardly did a shit job. I mean, look around you. You’re barely even old enough to open your damn eyes to observe. And you wish to speak like an adult. So I will treat you as such.” A harsh stamp of her foot was a way to silence the others who dared question her treatment of this child. She was old and strong enough to take what she dished out. “If it were not safe, if I had not done my job in the Edge, my child you would have never been born. You were birthed into one of the strongest herds, and I’m smart enough to realize when I’ve done my job and my strengths are best suited elsewhere.” Her words were venomous, cold and whipped but still barely under control. By now she expected Tembovu to approach her later to speak- but from here on out Elsa was no longer forced to quell her anger in the name of being a “nice leader”. That’s what Alysanne was for now.

”And if you had learned your Helovian history you would know I served in your mothers position before I was elevated to queen by the goddess of the moon. Tell me, child, do you question the patron goddess’s motive?” She paused for a moment but the question was rhetorical. Although, for the sake of making things even worse she almost dared the child to speak against the moon. ”The whole point of being a warrior is being available. Carrying a child constantly is not only unsafe for the herd, but for the child. Don’t go get yourself fucked if you can’t carry the life within you. And let’s say the general did sacrifice her child, it does not make her any more agile or fit to have a dead child in her as it was to have a live child. Point is, being pregnant is a responsibility in and of itself. You can’t expect a warrior to be agile and ready to fight if her stomach is twice the size it is normally.” That was nearing an exaggeration, but it got the point across. Being fat, in any way, mutes the skills you need to be a perfect fighter. ”You can be pregnant and fuck all you want but the moment you spend more time knocked up than in a healthy, lithe state, your job is best suited elsewhere.” She hissed, stamping her foot and then turning to Alune.

”And you- I would have never expected such insolence from a priest who serves the goddess. There is nothing wrong with criticizing, or bringing up problems but there is certainly a problem with treating those who are ruling you with disrespect. You would have not been so kind to her if that was directed at the goddess now, would you?” She paused this time to take a couple steps towards the Seer. ”Respect and criticism are two things and should never go hand in hand. There is a difference between yelling a ranting about choosing a queen, and asking questions to try and figure out why she was chosen and maybe ways it could be fixed if you have problems. It’s all in the words Alune. And sure it is up to Alysanne how to take criticism- you said it yourself. So learn your own words before you reprimand others and become a hypocrite yourself. She can take criticism, but it is unfair for her to be put on a roasting spit when she doesn’t deserve such a thing.” Elsa was practically shaking with rage and anger. Sure she may have been demoted but the fight within her still raged just as strong. She would not stand down just because she could now be seen as lesser. She was sworn to protect her king and her queen, and she was doing just that.

Edgar had returned to his confident stance on her head, supporting his bonded. ”So let this be a lesson to all, I have no problem listening to complaints and worries. But the moment you try and disrespect or hurt anyone physically or emotionally in this herd. I will personally be paying you a visit. No one here deserves to be treated like shit. So if you’re going to dish it out, expect me to be the one returning the package.” She fell silent then, looking up to Tembovu and Alysanne for a reaction. She was quite sure no one here was going to be friends with her now- but it was worth it. So much weight had been lifted off her chest because now she could act like the warrior she was meant to be.

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Elsa is also assuming she is Nyx's child from the standings before hand. So its just her assuming she's her daughter.
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We were LATE. I absolutely hate being late to meetings, specially when it is my first one. But my newborn daughter insisted on nursing before the meeting. Relax. I'm sure others be okay. I glance at my kitsune brother and smile. Leave it to him to be the calm to my storm at the moment. I am not only a new mother, but a first time mother. I hope, they will be cutting me some slack. If not, well I would handle why we are late at another time.

We arrive at the King is speaking his peace about the change of ranks. We slip in near Alysanne and the group around her, and I reach out and try to touch her hip to let her know that we are there. What happens next, makes me wish I had left Sansa behind with Miles to watch her. All hell seems to break loose. Alysanne is named the new Queen, but before I can congratulate her, another speaks up chastising the choice. More speak back and forth and I can feel my anger rising by the minute. Miles is reacting to my anger by pacing back and forth. This is no way for a herd to act, let alone toward both the former and now current leads. WHO THE HELL DO THESE IDIOTS THINK THEY ARE?!

I nose Sansa to stay with Alysanne, and suddenly find my frame moving forward past Aly and several others. Miles is of course with me almost daring anyone to stop me. I come where Elsa faces the main few who seem to be speaking ill of her. That is ENOUGH. I speak in almost a growl. I don't care if they are my height or bigger for the most part. I've had enough of this. Do you even hear what you are all saying? My green eyes look to the pregnant general, the filly who I assume is her daughter and the seer. Are you three done making spectacles of yourselves? Because that is exactly what you are doing along with disrespecting those who are your leaders. What a nice example you are setting for the little ones. My last sentence drips with sarcasm.

I don't care who you are, or your opinion. Elsa was your Queen. From the little time I have been here, she has done a damn good job. If the Goddess picked her, she was picked for a reason. The same with Alysanne. Hell she saved my life not to long ago. If she's that good as a Moon Doctor imagine the potential as a Queen? So you all can take you shitty ass opinions and stuff them up your pretentious asses and shut the fuck up.

Oh man, how good this feels. To really defend a leadership that I did not have my own second guesses about. It feels right. I had defended my father anytime someone had done this to him, but ninety nine percent of the time he had also deserved it. Elsa, Alysanne and Tembouv did not.

 Typi non habent claritatem insitam; est usus legentis in iis qui facit eorum claritatem.

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Navy eyes swing to the spotted man, his trusted friend (and quashed his mild perturbation at the stoic acceptance of his promotion) speaking that Ovidius was apart of an outcast group— the Unbound? He knew of no such things. Though his ignorance was assuaged by the fact that Raeden spoke up and did know of such things. So the Edge was not entirely ignorant of the occurring outside of Helovia. Though he was not left long in his relief, for suddenly Nyx was speaking.

And her words were angry, scorned even. His head, growing heavier with the crown, swung to his General, a woman whose opinion he valued and whose character he esteemed. But her words—they put a chink in what was a previously untarnished relationship between King and General. Wrinkles spread from his lips and eyes as she threw insults at her old Queen and questioned his judgement. His stare, growing colder and more distant by the syllable, bored into her raging eyes.

But he was not along in his thoughts on her outburst, for the Icebound, toes still on the cusp of her vacated throne, reprimanded the General. And, as always, the King was impressed by Elsa’s strength of character (again, a painful shard of ice struck through his heart as he watched her descend from her crown). His ears splay sideways, gaze immediately softening as he looked at her and heard her quiet apology. ”You have nothing to apologize for,” he wanted to say one last time, but his opportunity is stolen as another speaks out.

His newest Glazier speaks to the strengths of healers, while Orithia appears (drenched in blood) to rip apart her General for her outburst. His eyes linger on his lovely dove—she was injured. But wounds were apart of being a warrior, and there were plentiful healers at the meeting to tend to her.

But he was not left long to watch the valiant dove, instead his attention shifted to Mauja once again.The Frozen was berating the General for her pregnancy, alluding to her foal at her side. And the King’s navy eyes sweep to her, narrowing slightly. The Frozen assumed Oizys to be hers (and she was, via adoption). But in actuality?

…He, again, is not left long to linger on such thoughts for Alune speaks a sole voice of reason. A thankful glance was given to his Seer, forever a voice of wisdom for the herd as much as he was an outlet to the gods.

But then, the grey child speaks out. Her words are vicious, tenfold what Nyx’s had been. And his brows raise, surprised by such barbaric insults that spewed from the filly’s lips. But, before he can speak to the child, Elsa again speaks. And, again, the king is proud to have led beside her during her time as Queen. Though, again, she assumed that Oiszys was Nyx’s by blood, and he could not stop his gaze from flickering between the two. And though he agreed with most all the Elsa said, her words to Alune caused yet another crease in the many lines of his muzzle. But, out of respect (and no small amount of guilt), he let the renounced monarch finish her words.

And he let silence fall for a few moments, gaze sweeping those present, seeing some disintriest, some boredom, much discord, and even more anger. And then his deep voice spoke. “I would hope the Edge to be a place open to the opinions of any in the herd. But opinions may be tempered with reason; they may be said without destruction. Ideas and thoughts may be shared without causing pain and misery,” his deep rumble pauses, navy eyes pinning the grey filly of lighting beasts with a quiet, disappointed stare, thick lips pressed slightly together. Thoughts rumble through his skull on a backdrop of disgruntled murmurings this meeting had devoted into. His gaze sweeps over all those present, or at least those who had remained thus far.

And then his eyes sharpen and rest on the filly who had been saved from vultures by their General, and welcomed into the herd and safety despite her unfortunate start to life. And, again, his voice began to rumble, “So opinionated for one so young,” his first observation was simple, yet somehow retained the shadow of disappointment, “And with opinions so set in stone, despite living only alongside a General and not among the Healers. Some time with the Moon Doctors will teach you more of their value and threat,” he paused, his eyes swung to the healers in turn before continuing, “Spending a season as their apprentice will give you such perspective, Oizys,” his gaze pinned on the filly, “Come Orangemoon, I will ask your teachers their opinion of you. And I will ask you what you have learned. Should you decline such lessons, you may leave the glass blade you clutch, and you may leave the Edge, your mother, and sister.”

And then his eyes turned to the pregnant, foul-tempered woman, “Nyx,” he began, and then paused, his mind working, “I value your opinion and would not ask you to agree with my judgement before the herd if you did not truly support my decisions. And while warriors are not required to be diplomatic, some respect and tact towards those who lead you would be wise.” He sighed, looking over the herd.

“If any others should wish to speak their opinions on my judgement or what others have spoken here today, I invite you you to speak now. For, after today, Alysanne will be your rightful Queen and all this will be laid to rest.”
the elephant king

A few people mentioned.

Oizys will be required to shadow a Moon Doctor for the remainder of Tallsun.

Please tag Tembovu.

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The only doubts that Alysanne truly expected there to be were her own but perhaps that was naive of her. She had lived peacefully in this herd for years but it would seem that wasn’t enough. No, she wasn’t enough. Nyx, one of the warriors and someone Alysanne remembered from before the wraiths took over Helovia, verbally latching onto her throat to drag her down. Mere minutes after the announcement. The words bite into her and her anger swells - the idea that she wouldn’t give her very life for this herd and do everything she could to protect it was an insult she could not stand. From someone who barely even knew her.

There was no time for Aly to defend herself - others shout back, both in defense of her and in defense of Nyx. Her green eyes flash to all those who speak - confused by the anger and soothed by the support.

She doesn’t miss Alune’s words and they annoy her. The objections raised here weren’t about Alysanne specifically - they were about healers in general how they were weak. And they had not been raised politely or calmly. She wouldn’t mind hearing constructive criticism of the choice but they had all been digesting it for a mere five seconds when Nyx had exploded.

These thoughts were surprisingly echoed by Elsa, who changed her mind about retreating and returned - fresh with anger to defend Alysanne. She felt a rush of love for the ice mare, even more resolved to find her after this meeting than she had been moments ago. Merida spoke up as well, a rush of passion and anger from the golden girl that she did not expect.

Unsurprisingly, the words from the king get under her skin as well. Oh how nice of him to be so open to judgement and criticism in front of the herd now! Pleasantly telling Nyx that he would not ask her to agree with his judgement if she did not support it? It wasn’t too long ago that he had told her precisely the opposite. How dare she even think about disagreeing with his judgement in front of the herd! Well, it would seem that it was only Alysanne that he liked to muzzle. Better keep the painted mare from rolling her eyes but furious words thrown around the meeting concerning her were quite alright.

It was just wonderful to feel so supported by her fellow lead so soon into her new career. Her own doubts began to rage in her mind - why would Tembovu even support her as queen? He didn't even like her!

But she bit back her bitterness - a conversation between her and Tembovu was needed, considering the circumstances, but it was not one that she wanted to have with an audience.

The mess rather settled the debate about whether she should go stand with the Elephant King. After politely asking Hemlock to help Tallis remove the dead rabbit from her back, Alysanne dislodged herself from the comforting presence of her friends and moved toward Tembovu, speaking as she took her new place by his side. She didn’t really care what he thought about her being up there, whether it was proper or whether he wanted there or not. As she moved, she tapped into something that she never had before - a new magic. It spread from her in a calming wave, reaching out to those around her.  

Clear Mind.

Hopefully, the effects of the magic give her enough of a chance to speak up on the tails of Tembovu’s words.

It certainly worked on her, the passionate pleas that had been raging in her mind replaced by a calm but resolute tone. “If anyone has an issue with me as your Queen,” The word almost choked in her throat. How was this even happening right now? “I also welcome such doubts to be raised with me privately. Perhaps with more information and time I will be able to alleviate any fears and doubts.” Her green gaze shifted to Nyx, a sad smile on her face. “Whether I was a healer or not, you’d be unwise to think I wouldn’t give my body and soul to this herd to see it safe. I think it’d only be fair to ask for a chance to prove that to you all.”


art by duskbeguile

so there's like a million things going on and I'm sorry if I missed any of it D: but I didn't want this post to be a novel

Aly uses her new rank magic (clear mind: Able to calm the tensions around a situation in any given thread, except in battle) to try to defuse the situation

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The General, disgraced.

She is ashamed, mortified, crushed beneath the weight of her own stupidity. What has she done? Her mouth, her uncontrollable, runaway mouth, has landed her in a pit of shit deeper than anything she could have thought. There is no going back from this. Once, she commanded their respect; now, she has earnt their ridicule. There is no hope for her after this.

If only they knew what else she'd done in the past couple of years. If only they knew the extent of her shame.

They round on her. One by one, they turn on her; from her loyal soldiers to her former queen to her friend, even. Out of everybody who speaks, Mauja's words hurt the most. She looks to him with pain in her eyes and a dagger of ice in her heart that stings far more than the one he'd wielded during their battle - you as well, you follow the crowd so easily? - but it's not just the fact it's him saying the words that aches so much. It's because they're true, and because they're precisely why she put herself through hell on earth to cover up Oizys and Enyo's birth. She did not want the herd to think she couldn't do her job because of her seemingly eternal state of pregnancy, so that's why she lied. That's why she made the biggest mistake of her life.

And now he's saying it, and it's true, and her heart wants to beat out of her stupid, stupid chest. She wants to blurt that Oizys isn't hers, but what kind of mother would that make her? Even if her story was true and the girl was adopted, Nyx would never dream of announcing it in front of the whole herd. It would not be in her nature to shun the child - she would pretend that she was hers, to save the girl's blushes.

One of her soldiers, beaten up and bleeding, addresses her with disgust; the silver fixes the pegasus with her contemptous glare. Insubordination amongst warriors will not be tolerated. She files away Orithia's appearance and her insults, ready for revenge to be liberally handed out as soon as she is no longer pregnant. And revenge will be sweet.

But she has a defender; her daughter. This is not a good thing. The moment Oizys begins to speak, Nyx knows she's only going to make things worse. "Oizys, no....Oizys, shut up!" But it's no use. The scar-faced girl has inherited her mother's acid tongue, and her tirade holds far more venom than Nyx's herself. Shit. Shit. There is another who defends her; this one sensible, this one with a brain in his head, and the General looks to Alune with appreciation and thanks in her gaze. Oizys, however, still isn't done; her insults spew, and the silver soldier cringes. "Oizys, that's enough!" she commands, utilising the full power of her Stern Mother Voice to draw the girl's attention and shut her the hell up before she makes things ten times worse.

But it's too late. Elsa turns back to retort back to Oizys, and Nyx's instincts seize her as she places herself firmly in front of her daughter. A walking shield, as the girl had so aptly put it.

Elsa's tirade is....embarassing. To answer like that to a child? It baffles Nyx how the Moon Goddess thought this woman suitable to lead them, especially given how scarce she'd been just prior to her ascension. That decision still rankles with the General, and undoubtedly fuelled her earlier outburst. "If you feel the need to inform us all of your strengths, Elsa, then perhaps that's a clear sign that you did not show us them during your reign." This time, the grey's voice is absent of temper; it is quiet, cold, calm, deadly. She is shaking with suppressed rage, her sides quivering (there's a mild pain inside, but she assumes that's just the foal turning over, probably to have a nice long listen at what his mother's saying). She wishes more than anything that she wasn't pregnant, so she could put this loudmouthed ice-bitch to the sword.

With a final contemptous gaze to the fallen queen (who, if Nyx remembers correctly, spent a large portion of her own reign pregnant, so she can stick that piece of hypocrisy right up her pipe-hole) the grey looks to Merida, another one who spews insults. "You know nothing, girl. Hush, and do not interfere in things that do not concern you." Still she exudes calm, contained power, the oncoming storm; oh, she's seen a whole different side of her herdmates today. She once held a grudging respect for Elsa, but that's now faded away into something akin to pity. And Mauja? She's always liked him, got along well with him, and yet he turned on her as quickly as the rest of them.

And it's all your fault, comes the creeping little voice in the depths of her mind. If you'd only kept quiet... She smothers the voice and looks accusingly at Dominus with his mouth still full of glass equipment, but it's not him who has spoken. It's her own conscience.

Her sides throb again, more forcefully this time. She bats an ear as though she's been bitten by a fly, wishing the annoying pain would cease.

She looks to Tembovu as he begins to speak. Crippled with shame, the General looks anywhere but at his eyes; she's let him down, questioned him in front of his whole herd, doubted his authority. He deserved better. As she thought Mauja would defend her because of their friendship, she should have stood by Tembovu in any decision he made, because of their friendship. First, he punishes Oizys by condemning her to spend a season tutoring under a healer - she steps aside so she's no longer in front of her daughter, and presses a supportive muzzle to the girl's withers. I'm sorry, my love, I know you were only trying to help. "She will serve her punishment, my King. But please, do not hold her words against her. She has had a difficult start in life, as you well know." This is the first time she has hinted at Oizys' alternative heritage; the lie aches in her throat, but leaves her mouth with all of the assertion as though it were true. She can feel her daughter's disgusted gaze on her, but ignores it for now.

Then, the Elephant looks to her. She's never felt so small in her whole life; for all her herdmates' angry words and insults, nothing comes close to this in making her want to fall to her knees and apologise. How could she do this? Her hurt, her pain, her pregnancy hormones all conspired to make her doubt him, but she should have held her tongue...What has she done? "Tembovu, I....OUCH!" This time, the pain in her sides assaults her like a sledgehammer. It spreads through her whole body, wracking every muscle; she turns and nips at her sides, but she's experienced enough to know what this feeling is. Her child is coming.

Well, it gets a 10/10 for timing.

Amidst the ringing in her ears, she's aware of the new queen speaking - she needs to apologise, needs to take the woman aside and speak with her one-on-one, but not now, not when the contraction is rippling through her like a knife through her belly. Balls! She has half of Helovia to cross if she's to get to the Throat in time...she need to get moving, now. "Need to go...child later...Oizys, stay here and don't insult anybody else." She turns, more insistent this time, her belly wobbling and heaving and hurting. Dominus circles her protectively, baring his teeth at anybody who comes close (those teeth still hold menace, even when they're wrapped around a glass shield) and scampering after his bonded as she heads towards the herd's outskirts.


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Addresses Elsa and Merida directly, mentions Alune and Mauja, half-addresses Temb before going into labour and scooting away.

Other characters have permission to use magic/violence against Nyx at any time.

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The entire display, from nyx's outburst, to Elsa's retalliation, to Mauja's comments, to Ozzy's tirade, to Merida telling everyone that their opinions didn't matter was disgusting. It took away from the happiness that she should be feeling over Alysanne's promotion to queen. Tembovu, for all of his faults, tried to calm the rising tempers and even handed out punishment to Ozzy for her outburst. Having the filly as an apprentice to any of the healers seemed ... potentially destructive. She couldn't see the girl who had developed the opinions she had of healers at such an early age changing them.

"Congratulations, Aly." The orange mare said, for the moment ignoring the continued outburst that errupted around her in favor of giving her friend the recognition she deserved. Then her attention was turned to Oizys. "Just because someone holds the title of 'Moon Doctor' or 'Nurse' does not mean that individual is weak. As doctors and nurses we have knowledge of herbs that would twist your insides into knots and leave you in so much pain that you'd be unable to move and leave you wishing that we'd drive a blad through your heart." After she addressed the filly she turned her attention back to Tembovu. "I will take her on as my apprentice." She volunteered because she was not scared of a child. She'd raised her own children and knew how to handle them.

But there was so much going on and she just wanted to yell at all of them to shut up, than none of them were helping with anything, but it was Merida who drew her attention next. "Everyone else's opinion is just as valid and important as yours is." She said to the younger mare. "Telling them to shove their opinions up their pretintious asses and shut up only serves to diminish you and your stance on setting a good example for the children, sarcastic as it may have been."

She was hoping that the whole meeting would dissipate and everyone would go about their own business, but it wasn't and they were arguing over pregnant warriors. It left a bitter taste in Eva's mouth and a sour look on her face. She wanted to tell them that a pregnant queen was just as useless as a pregnant warrior and that the stallion who got the mare pregnant was just as responsible as the mare herself, but what was the use? Everyone wanted to blame everyone for something and they all wanted to fight and it was disgusting

Her head turned as Nyx said that her child was coming and hurriedly left the herd meeting and she sighed.  "This lack of respect is disgusting." She said, and it wasn't just Nyx, and Ozzy, and Merida who she was referring to. She looked toward Elsa, whos outburst had also been disrespectful before she turned and walked away.. "This is how herds fall apart." And with that she left the gathering because she was done. If that was how herd meetings were going to be she wanted no part of it. And if that was how members of the Edge were going to treat on another she wanted no part of them, either. She'd keep Ozzy as her apprentice for one season, and if nothing had changed she would leave.


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-56373536/10 in timing.

What had he even been thinking? The answer was easy: he hadn't been thinking. Or, rather, he hadn't been thinking about what he was saying in the context of the situation. It didn't take a genius to figure out that his not-so-subtle criticism of the General's current state would be like throwing lit torches on oil, because, in the way of this "Frozen Light" Mauja (should've called me the Melted Brain) it had been an incredibly ill-timed comment. In a dirty, underhanded way he had more or less thrown it at her retreating back, mingled with the reprimands coming from the throats of the others.

Like trying to catch smoke—like trying to hold water in a sieve. That was what his world, what he, had become. Gone were the pristine, frozen vistas of his mind, gone was his ability to process what was going on in an instant. He couldn't keep his clarity and cool anymore. Nyx's little outburst had bothered him because it was what it was: an outburst, an uncontrolled discharge of emotion. The words themselves hadn't mattered, but like a stone setting off a landslide the display had dislodged something in his mind.

It was like playing the blame game, or you-hurt-me-so-I-hurt-you, though far less sincere than any intentional harm—at least, on his part.

His teeth ground together with a dry, gnashing noise. When had he fallen so low? When had he allowed himself to become blinded by his own irritation, to the point that he joined in to cause hurt to another? And besides, he had himself to blame—hadn't he meant to talk to her about this? When he was still Queen, when she was pregnant with d'Arcy and Libertad, when Lace died...

So who was he to cast judgment, without having even attempted to fix the problem first? When he had willfully chosen not to, to previously spare her feelings?

Thus, when Alune's voice started to scour the air, he laid his soul bare and accepted it for the lash it was; he accepted the shame that it was the voice of another who said what he should've said. He filtered out the mild hypocrisy in favor for the kernel of truth nestled at the core of his words. For, truly, one could claim that Orithia was as justified to chew Nyx out as Nyx had been to chew Tembovu out, and that Alune's words were as much a backlash as Orithia's had been—but Mauja chose to look aside from that, chose to take it as a spin on his compass, an attempt to get it back to North and freeze it there.

"Are you shitting me? So male warriors can go around squirting children anywhere..." Black-rimmed ears flicked, blue eyes honed in on the little spitfire who had been returning the 'backlash' tenfold upon those who had criticized and reprimanded Nyx. And—ugh. She clearly hadn't heard a word he had said, for he didn't know about her, but he certainly didn't have two mares for parents, and parents was the term he had used. "Do not berate me for something I never said," he snapped at her, cold and swift, before Elsa saw it as her duty to chew the girl out.

The Icebound said a lot, and she said what Mauja had implied—that no matter if she gave the life of her foal for the herd's safety, she would be rusty, simply not on par with someone who had honed their skills through sparring.

It was like an unending tide, suddenly a battle for who was in the right, who was the most noble, the hero of today: the next contestant being a mare he didn't recognize, trying in vain to replicate Alune's feat of appealing to order, but falling short of the mark as she quickly chose a side and declared that everyone should like and respect Elsa because she did. Mauja felt a small twinge of despair. He wasn't the 'bigger man' here, either—he couldn't be, not here, not like this, not when everyone was clawing out their own eyes trying to figure out how to act. And Tembovu.. Tembovu did what good Kings do. To him fell the thankless task of appeasing the masses, of ignoring whatever true emotion he felt, and just trying to do the most right thing with the least destructive fallout.

He couldn't wrap his head around it, though. He couldn't quite understand what he was saying to Nyx—so at some point, he just gave up trying, and looked aside at the silver mare standing defiantly in front of her bad-mouthed child. Waiting. Waiting, for a break in the voices, waiting for something to happen, or for the dust to settle, when Alysanne directly countered Tembovu's last statement by saying she didn't want anything in public.

Cue Nyx going into labor and running off. Mauja seized the moment, his voice rising, light and clear. "While I hold what I said as a valid concern, I understand my timing to have been disastrous and my approach less than constructive. Forgive me."

He said it, again, to no one, and everyone, and perhaps, to the retreating General. His gaze swept once more over those gathered, before he flicked his white tail again, turned, and walked to the lake's edge. He was done with this confusing shit, but his role as Emissary bound him to Tembovu's—and Alysanne's—side, so he did not leave entirely. Merely lingered there, on the outskirts, hoping it would save him from being drawn into this stupid display of emotions—brittle, explosive things, like ugly piss in his pristine snow.

Someone should paint his fucking spots yellow until he got a grip on himself again.

I received some pretty bad news two paragraphs in, I'm sorry if the rest of the post is fucked.
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The entire meeting was a seething cauldron of unorganised chaos. It had started right at the moment that Elsa stepped down, much to Anzanie's horror. The ivory fae had always seemed so strong, even if she did at times let her emotions open to see. She had been sad, but the moment she stepped down from being Queen was the moment that she looked broken and miniscule, the entire world crashing down on her. And that was pretty much what was happening to the rest of the meeting members. There were so many that stood in the crowd, most of whom were spouting shit. Anzanie's lobes were pinned right back as Nyx dared to question Tembovu's judgement on Alysanne becoming the new Queen. Alysanne was not a fae that Anzanie had been acquainted with before, but the authority and almost nobility with which the fellow splashed lady held herself it was clear to her that she was the right choice - for now. A healer had as much right to be part of the ruling set as any battle-hardened creature.

In the melee of it all, the princess felt Glasgow speaking back to her with friendliness but amongst it all the Glazier was finding it difficult to hold any conversation, she nodded over to her and smiled, hoping that her apologetic stance and facial expression was enough to silence their conversation for another time. This was all too much. This creature spoke, that creature shouted, and another came in looking like a broken twig with blood and scratches all over her body. What was going on?

Anzanie never meant to be so oblivious and hardened from it all even though her beautiful cranium had the look of sheer horror on it. With her daggers smacking the sun-hardened ground in frustration, she could feel herself losing it.

With a huff she moved herself further into the crowd, much where Mauja had stood whilst he asked for forgiveness as he moved over. Her facial expression now ablaze, she spoke with such a loud voice to the rest, her old days as an authoritative creature showing through,
"Those who question their King's decision would do well to hold their tongue. Your quarrel is with yourself for questioning his authority. I welcome our Queen with utmost respect and hope that I can serve you as Glazier of this herd, Alysanne," she paused, hoping that someone was listening. To be quite honest, however, with such a loud volume in her voice and her skull etched like thunder it was hard not to sit up and take notice. She was Head Glazier of the Edge, and she would be listened to. Her's and Glasgow's work that the warriors took so freely was to be appreciated... "I believe it is time to make it known what us Glaziers have been doing recently. Tembovu has mentioned the battle equipment and spikes, something that will protect us from bordering herds and outsiders. But we have also been incredibly busy elsewhere," she paused once more, gazing around at the creatures and tried to look at Tembovu directly into the pools, her face softening as she did so, "Glasgow and I are currently in the process of creating the greenhouse at the border of the Edge, along with jars to accompany it. We hope that this serves as a hub for various ranks of the herd, including the healers who will be able to cultivate the herbs and nurture them in a safe environment," and with that Anzanie stood down. Her tassles were blowing in the wind but her splashed bodice felt nothing of its breeze, only the heat coming from the sun and eminating from within her. Her rage had caused her to have a hot flush.

" . "

image | [u0

[I hope that this suffices, it has been quite a lot to try and mention!

Anzanie here is announcing the crafting of the glass jars and the greenhouse.]
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She doesn’t know what she expected this meeting, but it certainly wasn’t whatever just happened. In a whirlwind, Elsa steps down and Tembovu asks Alysanne to step up. Lyanna can’t help the grin that spreads across her face, and she slides just a little further up so she can flick Alysanne with her tail and give her a rather giant smile that pretty much screams “CONGRAULATIONS”. She’d have opted for a more friendly, shoulder bump than the tail flick, but there were plenty of people around and at least she could pretend that she was just swatting away a fly. Not that she was being subtle, really. But she was going to pretend she was, anyway.

And then, having almost missed it in her excitement for Aly, she hears her name and flicks a black ear forward in time to catch her own promotion to Moon Doctor. Oh. It’s not the overwhelming excitement that she felt for Alysanne that finds her now. It’s that familiar weight of responsibility that settles on her shoulders. Something, in truth, she had never entirely expected to feel again. Once, her job had been to keep the peace with her allies through pretty words and pretty eyes and pretty dances. Now, her job was to keep everyone healthy. Somehow, it seemed endlessly more weighty than being a princess.

“Of course,” she says, only just loud enough for Tembovu to hear from where she stands, offering him a nod. Aly offers her own congratulations (far more appropriately than Lyanna had), and Lyanna returns to her slight disbelief. Was she really ready for so much responsibility, when there was still so much for her to learn? But of course, it’s Corbin’s voice in her head that answers the question, his voice that reminds her she can do anything when she tries. Practice makes perfect, little sister.

Mauja ask for information about the The Unbound.  She hasn’t run in to the little mare that he speaks of, but she’s run into Ashamin so many times. Others are talking still, so she moves closer to Mauja, figuring she can give him the little information she knows without interrupting everything else going on. “I see one of their ranks in the field quite often. Ashamin. He says they are seekers are knowledge, and I know he serves as a warrior. He’s there a lot, and those in the field often go with him, so I suspect their numbers are rising. If I learn anything more, I’ll let you know.” Not that Ashamin has ever given anything of real interest away in those short meetings, but she’d offer what little, inconsequential information she gleaned. Perhaps one day it would prove useful.

And then, thinking that all the excitement might actually be done, there’s an outburst from a mare she can’t name. Someone freaking out about a healer as Queen. Since when are all monarchs required to be battle hardened? Since when is it not good to have both peace and war represented? Ying and yang. That had always been  how Morham operated, and most of their allies. To her, it is strange to have monarchs so heavily leaning toward one side alone. One side is never enough.

She’s nearly tempted to say as much, but the mare is already trying to flee, Elsa is already offering her congratulations and stepping away.  Glasglow calls out the mare throwing the trantrum anyway, and Lyanna figures that’s enough. In truth, there’s no real need to add fuel to the fire at this point. So she keeps her mouth shut and an eye on Alysanne.

And then another mare speaks up. Orithia, if Lyanna recalls correctly. Lyanna searches the crowd for the pale Pegasus, before finally finding her, eyes drawn almost immediately to the blood that stains her coat. That was her job now. Only she didn’t know how. So, like the near child she is in this world, she nudges Alysanne slightly and nods in Orithia’s direction, the silent question obvious enough. Perhaps Evangeline or Tilney would get to her sooner, but still, Lyanna would at least make sure someone did.

More keep talking, throwing out their own two cents and Lyanna is quite certain that keeping her mouth shut was the best option. She mostly doesn’t listen, in truth, because all the words accomplish nothing. Instead, she stays near her friend, ear flicked toward their King and Queen, waiting for them to take control. Waiting to let the rest of it pan out, eyes kept on the mare who seemed so uncomfortable at the beginning of the meeting, and Orithia. That’s her job now, after all, and she’d like to make sure they survive the meeting and get the help they need. Whatever it might be.

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Sorry, she's endlessly late to the party, but had things to add to Majua's earlier request. So let's just pretend she said it went it made sense, lol.

Directly addresses @Alysanne @Mauja
References @Orithia

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Ah, she gets just the reaction she'd hoped for. A cold smirk settles onto her lips at the queen's tirade - it pleases her, to see the fallen monarch make such an idiot of herself in front of the whole herd. All because of the sharpened words of a filly! "Hate to break it to you, Frosty Tits, but I wasn't born in your precious Edge, or even in Helovia. You think somebody like me could be spawned of good Edge stock? You think I got these scars from tripping over a beautiful Edge rock during a safe Edge birth on a sunny Edge day?" She twists her head, exposes the ruined right side; although the scars are no longer bright pink and livid, they are still raised, hideous welts that twist and disfigure the whole side of her face. They show that she's suffered, that she's not a spoilt little brat born with a silver spoon hanging from a jewel-laden mouth.

She looks to Mother, who will no doubt approve of this little addition to her lie - although the gargoyle will freely admit that she occasionally wonders whether her dam's truth is the truth. After all, she remembers little of her birth except pain. Who is to say she wasn't born outside Helovia, her mother killed shortly afterwards, her living body pecked by carrion birds, rescued by a grey-coated stranger? She sometimes wonders how Nyx can possibly be her mother; dutiful, warm-hearted Nyx, owner of a razor tongue but solid morals, when Oizys herself is nothing but living darkness. Perhaps her dam's lie is not a lie. She does not know.

The bitch's eyes roll as Elsa continues, raging like a child against the demands of its mother. Oizys is hardpressed to remember who actually is the child here - at least her own rant had been witty. She soon tunes out the rest of the mare's nonsense ramblings, focusing instead on the cacophony of people who continue to abuse Mother. She looks to her dam, expecting to see praise and thanks for her staunch defence of her...but she sees only shame. Nyx commands her daughter to stop, and the stern tone bids Oizys' ears to bat backwards. All the same, she bites her tongue; her flesh quivers with delight, savouring each and every moment of this conflict. Ker remains shuddering on her back, head beneath her wing, hoping it'll all go away.

Then, their king speaks. The youth glances up to him, and when he addresses her directly, she can't smother the little bubble of pride that wells up inside her chest. Look who got Kingy's attention, she mentally purrs to Ker, who studiously ignores her and resumes her idiotic quivering. When he speaks, her pinned ears dip even further and an apopletic gargle splurges from her mouth. "You what?" He wants her to waste her valuable time learning about flowers and pretty shit, time that could be spent learning to fight? Time that could be spent carrying out Father's missions? Fuck that.

She's about to leave. She has no attachment to the Edge, not like Nyx does - without Enyo here, there's nothing she wants to remain for. The glass blade clutched in Ker's beak is easily replaceable, and Mother certainly won't miss her with another child on the way. She has no reason to stay. She wants to get the hell out of dodge, tell Elephant Balls to shove his discipline up his arse, and start her new life somewhere else, away from these dickheads.

But she doesn't. Father wants her here; he needs her here. Only the thought of Father's wrath makes her reconsider her decision to leave, because she will not fail him. She cannot leave, not until he bids it. Her harpy-scars tingle, not daring to contemplate what he would do to her if she let him down.

Her mother informs Tembovu that Oizys will serve her punishment, and she glares at the ironheart in disgust. All the same, she forces her head to dip in something close to submission, hatred bubbling in her chest for the lot of them. "Fine," she spits, loathing imbued into every syllable. At that moment, Nyx enters labour and dashes off, ordering Oizys to behave herself. The filly almost snorts.

She turns to leave, looking to the mare who'd offered to take her on - Evangeline. "Let me know when you're ready for our first torture session...err, I mean, lesson. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to go and piss myself with excitement." With that, she makes to exit, ears still rammed backwards and tail coiling like an agitated snake behind her.

Still, her annoyance can't curb her delight at the events that have transpired. She can't wait to tell Father.

Addresses Elsa, Tembovu and Evangeline.

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Iona isn’t completely surprised by Elsa’s announcement, but is surprised by how bold the Icebound is in speaking to the group.  Clearly something had changed for the woman, no longer did she stand proudly next to her king as she had all those months ago. The pegasus, however, wasn’t nosey enough to ask the woman what had changed.  She knew, more than anyone, how quickly circumstances could change. She and her sister were evidence of that.  Her attention then flicks to the Elephant King, she watches the exchange between the monarch and the former monarch quietly.  It’s Tembovu’s next statement that catches her attention immediately. Dark ears prick and green eyes flick over to her twin. 


Tembovu’s words bring a small, satisfied smile to the specter’s face as she looks over at her shocked sister. (How’s that for alliteration?) 

“He sure did, your highness,” she whispered to Alysanne, with a wink. Iona was more than content to bask in Alysanne’s joy for a few moments.  The moment, however, appeared to be short lived. Another familiar voice - and this one inspired no warmth, instead it poured over her like ice cold water - was enough to flatten her ears against her skull and draw the painted mare up to her full height. Every muscle was tense and she clenched her jaw as she struggled to contain herself. 

Iona, for her part, stayed perfectly still as tempers boiled over. Well. As one temper boiled over. She struggled to suppress the urge to roll her eyes and launch into a tirade about pregnancy hormones and reason but it was very clear that rationality had no place in this discussion.  So she stood like a statue next to her sister - a picture of poorly controled anger in the form of a quivering mass of pegasus.  She drew herself up to her full height and trained her green eyed gaze on Nyx, but said nothing. This wasn’t her battle to fight. And she would only go in for the kill if that’s what her sister - her queen - wanted of her. 

She shifted her weight uncomfortably and pulled her wings tighter against her lean body.  She knew that Alysanne could likely feel the rage rolling off her in waves.  In the midst of the shouting she makes notes of the information regarding the Unbound and the Order, knowing that Ovidius has become a personal thorn in her side and she can only imagine the company the little pest keeps.  Calmed, somewhat (undoubtedly with the aid of Aly’s new magic),  she then turns to speak to her sister, but speaks loud enough for any listening to hear. 

“Too bad they never asked about the time that you fought off a demon. They should know by now that you’d do anything for those you love, be it healing or fighting. Don’t let any of this go to your head, Alysanne. Some people are just bitter and irrational when they don’t get what they think they’re entitled to. You’ve lead me well my whole life, I know you’ll lead all of us well.” She offers a smile to her sister before looking back to the group. 

Before leaving, Iona eyes the glass items on the ground. Considering the situation with the Unbound, Iona picks up a small glass shiv off the ground and tucks it beneath two large feathers beneath her right wing. “Just in case,” she says, knowingly.

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Mentions Alysanne, Tembovu, Elsa, Nyx, etc. 

Takes a small shiv. Gets ready to peace.

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Alysanne, his newly crowned Queen, slowly approached and stood alongside him. His navy gaze— a mixture of saddened concern, disappointment at the rash lash-outs, and a strange gratification that they were in such a free and uncorrupted place that those who wanted to could lash out— watched the winged woman who was so devoted to the Edge settle herself alongside him.

It was a remarkably graceful action, despite the unease and unrest that had somehow threaded and planted itself in the meeting (how had that happened?). And it was a remarkably… natural action, as if the time she had to devoted to the Edge had steadily shaped her for such a role.

And, so close to her, he felt the sudden wave of clam that overtook him. Clearing the mild irritation, anger, disappointment, unease, confusion—hushing all of that and letting him look clearly over those gathered, realizing those that had left, and those that lingered near the edges. His ears swiveled to listen to his co-monarch as his navy eyes watched the herd respond to her clear, calm words that fell serenely over those gathered.

He watched Nyx leave, seeing her shamed gaze and feeling a pang of guilt for how quickly those had turned on her; but how quickly she had turned on Alysanne. He sighed softly, weighing thoughts and the actions of those who had spoken rashly, those that has spoken reasonably, and those that had remained silent.

And then, finally, after a meaningful glance at the Alysanne, his low rumble began to speak with a finality, “It is inspiring and uplifting to see how quickly so many of you rush to defend your newly and rightfully crowned Queen. Yet, it is equally unsettling to see how quickly some turn against a General who, while having spoken rashly, has spent years with her life promised to protect the very ones who renounced her,” his low boom paused, looking over all present as a deep breath filled his great lungs, “Perhaps many might consider apologies, or at least conversations, after this meeting. Thank you for attending.”

His massive head dipped once, dismissing the Edge despite some having already left, and then he swung his eyes towards his spotted friend who stood at the lake’s edge.
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