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The Reaper was aware of many things. He knew of the strength, the diligence, the tenacity, and the determination fostered within the icy, cavern walls. He knew of the layers of legends built into its terrain, into its frost, into its reign. He knew of the potential stored and lacquered, finessed and coiled, curled and manifested, deep into its ravenous shields and predacious munitions. He knew the Basin, blunt and keen, curt and brash, audacious and splendid, treachery lined in edges and fringes of beauty, a carnivorous essence. He knew they were all capable of greatness, of grandeur, of glory – but only if they combined together, became a union of endurance and fortitude, a composed mass of power, devastation, and puissance; precision tipped and dipped into frozen fervor.
He was tired of watching them falter. He was tired of watching them disappear. He was tired of watching them fade away into nothing and no one, like wisps of embers, smoke, and ghosts, fumes of nameless faces and forgotten bravado.
None of it should have happened – not when they were a brutal force, an inferno, a blaze of damnation and color, spitting against the horizon, toiling amidst the cold clamor, the chilling wind. No one should’ve strayed from their emboldened grasp, their heightened wares, their illustrious, beckoning songs (some of war, some of alliances, some of armistice, some of violence and mutiny) – but they did all the same. He’d asked why, how, when, and where for long enough.
Change was upon them again, thick and encroaching, choking and smoldering, seething and grasping, but necessary. He wouldn’t them stumble again. The King wouldn’t stand for it. He’d whittle away until he was nothing but bone and marrow, blood and sinew, fire and death, damnation and oblivion, before the Basin crumbled again. We are better than this, his skull echoed, his mind churned, his vision burned. The monster, the beast, the eldritch titan, had to put a ceasefire on their weakening tethers, on their decaying, withering, lines. Their time to thrive, to awaken, to rise from ash and soot, was now.
The bestial cry, the commanding crescendo, echoed across the land – a summons, a call for assembly, for masses, for those who still remained to gather as one, so they may be marked as something other than a herd (an empire, a kingdom, a sovereignty of might, of force, of vigor). “Brethren of the Basin,” he thundered to them from his perch, from his knoll, into the heart of the morning, standing by the unfreezing lake, stoic and nonchalant while his heart beat and bled for their lives, for their souls, for their entities – no matter how he was rendered or cast. “Show yourselves. There is much to discuss.”
Here his gaze narrowed, glancing and looking over the growing mass, over the flock of children Birdsong had wrought, over the fewer and fewer soldiers, over the healers and crafters, the scholars and phantoms, all combining together and seemingly still not being enough. He forged ahead, eyes glancing swiftly to Hotaru, to Rexanna (his fellow conspirator), trying to forget how much he loathed these meetings, attempting to forgo the feelings of no control, of watching them all spit upon one another over meaningless topics – his presence a warning in and of itself. “Our numbers have been faltering. We need a thriving herd to become strong again.” The King paused, taking a moment to breathe, to process, to hope they were enticed by the idea he’d managed to conjure, instead of dismayed, scoffing, ignoring it entirely as some had always done. “For the season of Tallsun, we will be holding a recruiting competition. Any and all may participate.” Another pause, another breath, another hesitation, weak at discourse, flawed and imperfect at speeches, of carrying his gravelly tones further than necessary – the shadows were far more tempting, silence far more glorious, actions better than any other eloquence he could provide. But they needed to know, needed to hear, and he soldiered on, always a warrior, extending his voice again. “Any species may join, as long as they are useful. You may recruit in various ways, though stealing should only be done to Outcasts. Whoever has brought the most newcomers to the Basin will be celebrated and given rewards.” Would that spur them on? A sense of greed, avariciousness, accomplishment? Or was it already a lost cause? They needed more inhabitants, more, more, and more so they could take on the world – so they could be successful in things already mustered and waiting (the wolves, he remembered, he recalled). “The winners will be announced at the end of Tallsun, when we have our Aurora Viewing Festival. Rexanna will provide more details.” His words stopped their infernal spewing, nod bestowed towards the gilded mare, the one who’d concocted the scheme and notion, then sliding away, back towards the crowd, the throng, the citizens he strived so hard to protect. “Please inform us of any other questions or concerns.”
Lord, he rarely implored or paid reverence, but he prayed for success now.
A notice, a foreshadowing, bit and hinted through his brow as he thought more of their collected forces, stare riveting on Albrecht and a few others who squabbled, whined, and complained on regular intervals. “I warn those who cannot voice a respectful opinion to hold their tongue. I will not have another meeting like before.” We are strong and stalwart, he thought, but you need to show me.

[IC Herd Meeting! Info to be included will be the recruiting contest, Aurora Viewing Festival, Haruspex assignments, and whatever topics you would like to discuss. If you don't show up, your character will not be aware of these events occurring in the herd!
Please allow Hotaru and Rexanna to post first! Thank you!]
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Her children are growing steadily into their abnormal skins, a prince and princess to her silver throne. Their father is not present in the way she'd always imagined, foolish childish dreams that she had lingered on and held hope in. But Ashamin was not lost to her. He came from the frost and snow like a shadow, awaiting her call. Sometimes he would appear without her seeking him out, as if knowing she needed him before her own consciousness took hold of her desires. Romina and Ru'in were...strange. Hotaru was not blind to their physical differences. But she did not hide them away in shame. They would learn of the darkness that lurked in the hearts of others soon enough. Their skin needed to be tough to deal with the criticism of their peers and fate's wicked blade. Hotaru would shower them in love and build up their egos. She would sharpen and temper them like raw metals until someday they would gleam like the daggers they were capable of being. She prayed they would have her wiles and strength, but that they would not lose sight of the undeniable love and heart that Ashamin had passed down to them. So long as they loved, Hotaru didn't care what else they did. She didn't want them to end up as she had, bitter and hateful, out of touch with emotion. And she feared their separation. She and Raeden had not been close in the normal fashion when they were children, but she regretted it now that she was older. Hotaru encouraged them to always look out for one another, trying to foster an unbreakable bond. So when Deimos called out across the ice and tundra, she beckoned her children with a tilt of her brow and took her crown back into her hands. 

Motherhood slipped from her shoulders like a gossamer veil, the Lady taking its place. Beautiful, serene face betrayed nothing as she calmly and purposefully stepped into her mantle. From the corner of her eye she noted Romina continuing down into the masses, though her daughter was still firmly removed from the others, a show of familial ties to Hotaru. No doubt Ru'in was beside her. 

Deimos' radiating warmth beckoned to her, but she listened attentively to his words nonetheless. Change was upon them, the Plague a forgotten memory that somehow still stained their banners. Hotaru's head tilted higher as she gazed down upon those gathered, sharp eyes daring objection from her gathered family. She loved them deeply, as a matriarch should. But they did not have the freedom to pick and choose any longer. New blood was a dire necessity. They could not turn away faithful warriors any longer. 

Deimos' discomfort was not inherently apparent, but Hotaru knew the ways of her fellow lead after so long beneath and beside him. His tongue was not gilded, his discourse rusty. Not that he lacked words to say or did not hold sincerity regarding what he was saying, but out of some kind of discomfort she wondered if he had simply been born with. Though some of this was news to her, the Lady did not falter as her own smooth vocals picked up where Deimos left off. 

"Our Haruspex Ashamin has respectfully stepped down from his position, and is no longer a member of the Aurora Basin. In light of his absence, we are in need of a new Haruspex." She and Deimos had spoken at length about the candidates, but they shared many of the same opinions when it came to the values they sought in such a position. Bi-colored optics landed upon the young painted woman in the crowd, her father's words murmuring quietly in her head. "Frost Fyre, you have faithfully served the Basin for many seasons. You are a devoted student. We ask that you come forth as our new Haruspex." A subtle choice of words, the inclusive we. But unity always seemed to be lacking at herd meetings, and she would not have her herd fall apart simply because they were all vipers with venom at their disposal. 

A serene smile creased pale lips as she awaited Frost Fyre's answer before she moved on. Eyes alighting on one of the few hornless faces in the crowd. If there was a twinkle of playfulness in her eyes, it was surely from amusement. Aisling had successfully kept Hotaru away from her leg bands, once upon a time. She had the Lady's respect for that. "Also, as a show of good faith and in hopes that these changes will be well received, we extend a promotion to Aisling." 

Did the lass anticipate such a turn of events? And how would their herd react to a newcomer (and an equine at that) being promoted to a strong rank? "Usefulness is vital to this transition. Aisling, you are a skilled and perceptive mare. We ask that you become our Sneak, and help defend your new home and brethren." Hotaru knew loyalty could not be bought or falsely produced. It would come in time for Aisling. This was her first step to proving that their new open door policy held merit, that she could assimilate into such a tough crowd and hold herself as proudly as those with crowns did. With the sass Hotaru knew Aisling possessed, the Lady held quiet faith that she would succeed. 

"Birdsong has blessed us with many new foals. Care for and educate them as if they were your own, they are the future of the Basin. If you hold a rank, consider taking one as an apprentice. It is time to rebuild." A tedious and daunting task, but she spoke the words with a solid, unshakable pride. The Basin would not falter. It had carved mountains into herdlands through sheer will, persevered through harsh climates and invasions alike. They were strong. They would push on. 

Congratulations to @Frost Fyre as Haruspex and @Aisling as Sneak! Please wait for Rexanna to do last announcements before posting.
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Because you, like Rome were built on ashes,
Rexanna had much to think about since her private meeting with Deimos. She had been preparing, pulling her brain apart at everything they could do for a Festival as well as trying to raise two hellions of children. The mirrored babes, both devilish and sweet all the same - together as one and as opposites. She was surprised when Remy herded them home with two more. Of course, the children hadn’t known much on how to care for a companion (she didn’t even know much when she found her own to be honest) which caused many sleepless nights, seeking out something to feed both Kiada’s chick and Kianzo’s cub. She was proud of them, of course. Finding another being to bond to so early in life, despite the fact they had one another. And so she practiced trying to teach them that they’d need to care for their companions from the beginning, and perhaps that was why they had been in such tense moods lately.

But when the call came across the caverns and hills of the mountains, she was ready. Heaving herself up, she urged her twins and their companions to come with her. She wasn’t late, but more ahead of the game than others. As they approached, Rexanna offered Deimos and Hotaru a dip of her gilded skull each. Before this moment, she would have been content standing to the side and watching her leaders speak. But part of this whole meeting was her idea, and so she sought comfort in standing beside her leaders, urging her children to mingle with the group that was sure to appear. Her polecat sat along her withers, sleep evident in his eyes as he relaxed along her back. She turned to face the group that was sure to come as the Reaper’s voice began to loom over the land before them, washing her with the information she thought she had imagined as truth. Yet, the Thief stayed silent as she watched the faces of her fellow herdmates waiting to see how the information would be received. Her breath coming in soft rasps as she waited for her turn, ears twitching with the dark voice of her Lord as he spoke of not having a meeting like before. Rexanna nodded slightly, entirely hopeful at the fact that her herd could hold their tongues against the decisions of the leaders, to refrain from the major complaints that seemed rooted beneath the caves they called home.

As Hotaru began to speak, a soft frown found her features at the mention of Ashamin. Regardless of how the Thief felt of the ex Haruspex, she still loved him in a way. He was the father of her first living child. She’d never forget that, even if she didn’t know where the child even was anymore. She hoped he found solace and care - perhaps out and about with his father, or perhaps exploring what lied beyond Helovia. Her thoughts vanished as her Lady began to speak of promotions. Her soft blue gaze seeking out the familiar face of Frost Fyre with a congratulatory nod her way. Then, she continued and promoted a face that Rexanna had only seen once before, and what a joyous day that had been. Smiling softly, she waited patiently as words of foals left her fellow mother’s lips. Eyes glanced around to see the abundance of new life - two were of her own, and pride blossomed in her chest.

And then, it was the Thief’s turn. She turned her gaze to scan the crowd before she began. “Congratulations Aisling. I look forward to working with you.” Her voice was gentle, but strong as her eyes sought the equine out. Then, she turned her attention back to scanning the faces. “In addition to the recruitment contest, we will be hosting the Aurora Viewing Festival that Deimos had mentioned earlier. We will open our borders to everyone, other herd lands, outcasts, and the like. We will have a variety of activities that you all can attend. Though, I do ask that some of you take charge in each activity, to make sure everything flows smoothly. As of right now, there will be stories told at the tent we painted last Orangemoon, a firework display in addition to viewing the Aurora, a gathering at the hot springs and perhaps the lake as well, and a place for the foals to get together and play with one another. I will be able to be in charge of the firework and viewing sector. But we are looking for more to take over for the storytelling, the hot springs, and the foal games.” She paused, waiting to see how it would be taken among her peers. “Our goal with this is to show all those others that didn’t step our way, to see that it’s beautiful here, that we are wonderful people with strength and pride that we aren’t afraid to show. Everyone seems to have this idea that the Basin is cold and full of ghosts. I want to show them differently. I know we can show them differently. Let us prove them wrong.” She called out over the crowd with a smile, prideful in her ideas. “It will be held at the beginning of Orangemoon. So let us try and gather as many people as we can. Tell everyone you meet of the event. I will be going to each herd and invite them” Her soft blue gaze then sought out Lena. “Lena, if you have the time I would love it if you could accompany me?” She questioned curiously. After waiting for a response, she looked across the crowd once again. “If anyone has questions or ideas, let me know. I’m still figuring out the details. Also, if anyone wants to be in charge of each event, please do come and see me as well.” With that, she stepped back from the front of her leads and became one with them, awaiting the questions or remarks that were sure to come.

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I'll be posting up the official event with sign ups soon! So far for the Viewing Festival, we have FOUR events. It'll be held at the beginning of Orangemoon, so we have a while before that happens to get everything in order!
The Viewing/Fireworks, Hot Spring Hangout, Storytelling, and foal games! If you think your character wants to participate in each one, please let me know. :D

Mentions: @Kianzo @Lena @Aisling
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Another meeting, another opportunity to be humiliated and discriminated against, another opportunity for the Reaper to heckle him, startle him, stare at him with that fucking condescending glare of his, as if a mouthy old man is the worst of his personal troubles.

Albrecht obeys the call, as he always does – oh, of course no one ever takes notice of that though - but today he’s slow to approach, slower than usual even, bobbing and mincing along in his pained way, injuries courtesy of the black and gold asshat still fresh and exclaiming their need for attention every second of every day. He listens to the various speakers, but after Deimos’ pointed comment his emerald eyes stay resolutely pointed at the ground in front of him, resentment, anger, and even a little sadness hidden in their unmet gaze.

He has no intention of speaking out today or of interacting in any way, shape, or form if he can help it. He just wants to stand here and be left alone, put in his ceremonial appearance and then go back to being ignored and hated not-so-silently from a distance. That’s what they want isn’t it? For him to go away, to stop annoying them with his inconvenient need to continue existing. Fucking assholes.

The speeches are of unity, of strength, of the beauty of the Basin. They proclaim desires to expand the herd and improve relations with an open festival, but he doesn’t believe a word of it. Excluding a special few, they can’t even be nice to the tattered souls who do live here, so what makes them think they’re capable of being nice to complete strangers, let alone complete strangers who might - gasp - turn down their gracious offers for membership or disagree with something they say. He scoffs quietly at the thought.

Apparently the limp horned Haruspex has vacated, which is mildly surprising with his and Rexanna’s having parented a foal together not so long ago, and a few others he doesn’t know receive promotions, but he’s too busy feeling sorry for himself to look up and match names to faces. Instead, he waits just long enough for the Lord and Lady and even the wanna-be-Thief to finish their monologues, then turns away without looking up and begins the long, slow motion undertaking that is his manner of locomotion these days, pain and frustration forcing little grunts from his throat when a hillock of grass, slick of mud, or sprinkle of loose stones jars his careful step.

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Brethren of the Basin...

Sleepily, Zya shakes the fog from her head, the thundering voice calling out to her from the depths of her dreams. An eerie sound, a powerful sound, something that clutched her soul and made her nervous.

If she had insight into Thranduil's thoughts, she may have known who the voice belonged to before her arrival. However, she did not, and instead stood rather stupified in a cave while the booming voice echoes off the walls. Show yourselves.

Rearing into action, Zyanya trots easily toward the glassy surface of the lake where she sees him, the Reaper, for the first time. Despite never having seen or met Deimos before, the chatter amid the herd spoke of their leader. Just looking at the blue tinted shadow atop the knoll, the little mare knew this must be him. For, despite the calm disposition of his figure, there was something menacing in the air about his body. As if swathed in a dark mist, the aura of the stallion left the breath within her lungs thin and worried, until she saw a familiar face.

Gold chains glimmer in the sunlight, Rexanna walking confidently up toward the shadow stallion, and, for the first time, bringing to attention the mare next to him. She's beautiful, Zyanya thinks to herself, the blush of the mare's coat decorated with white spots. The green of her eyes are bright and vibrant in the sun, and she looks like a flower in a land of dusted snow.

Settling in by a stallion she doesn't know, who looked old and slightly frail, Zya offers him a shy smile before tilting her eyes and ears forward, listening intently to the words that spill out from those on the hill. Her heart soars when she hears that Frost Fyre, the chocolate and snow dappled mare who greeted her in the Threshold, had been promoted. So proud of her friends that she had made, thinking herself important for having graced their presence once or twice. Foolish, but Zyanya is ever the fool.

Rexanna speaks of the festival, and tangible excitement lurks in Zya's lavender eyes. "I want to help," she says quietly, low enough that only those around her could likely hear - not wanting to interrupt the speakers.


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The young warrior had always heeded his father’s call. There’d never been temptation to disobey his sire, he knew better than to stir a hornet’s nest, so he relished the thoughts of why they were all being summoned again. Were there more monsters on the horizon (and the notion for destruction? For mayhem? For prowess and prestige?)? Were there allegiances broken and unwinding? Were there more talks of peace and armistice? The last meeting had been a disaster in many ways, foolish, stupid, and childish, everyone jibbing and poking swords over the Sentinels, wolves, and the list seemed to go on, spiraling out of control.
What could they all be if they simply…tried? What could they become if they weren’t consumed by petty arguments and trivial games?
The query consumed him (as did so many things: hate, vengeance, a persistence in acquiring power), as he and Orsino wandered from the midst of the hot springs, occupying the grounds in his regal, princely form. They went to stand along the knoll, nestled in the crowd, another piece of the puzzle, another fragment of the contorted, rippling mass (of distinction or delusion, he was never quite sure), listening intently as his father spoke of recruiting contests (he instinctively looked for Enna to give her a wink, a silent laugh, an open gesture of humor and devilishness for their latest faults in the Threshold), aurora viewing festivals (oh, the amount of foolishness and ebullience that sentiment seemed to entail), and recent promotions. The youth’s eyes might have widened for a few seconds at the mention of Ashamin’s disappearance – he was one of the last beings Erebos expected to simply meander off. He’d always appeared dedicated to his task, to his rank (and a sliver of him wondered if this would grant him opportunity to fight the ex-Haruspex again, if he even had a chance at unraveling the bear and his deer). His gaze settled on those named, but he didn’t know them well, so he proffered friendly congratulations in the form of a nod and a grin.
When Rexanna had finished on the celebration details, the lad’s face lit up (Orsino’s did not – he seemed inclined to be lost amongst the throng), voice brimming on confidence, assurance, and good faith, a devilish luminescence polishing his Cheshire features as he extended his vocals amidst the din. “I can help patrol during the festival.”

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MEETINGS! They were usually chaotic but man were they interesting little things. Like, I wish I had time to grab some snacks for this one because if it followed the same thing it was going to be a doosey! And, you know, it’s super exciting because this is the first herd meeting that my family will get to attend! I practically dance around Aisling and Larue on our way - making it unclear which one of us was the foal of the group.

Larue was probably going to cause some shit but oh well, maybe it’ll liven up the group. There were a whole bunch of other foals around anyway so they could like… play and stuff. I don’t know, it’s been a while since I was a foal so I’ve kinda forgotten what they do. I spent a lot of my time trying not to be eaten by flies and other animals and maybe Larue has that problem but at least our northern location limits the flies. And Aisling will beat the snot out of anything that tries to eat us.

Anyway, our perfect family group arrives at the meeting and I smile warmly at those already gathered - friends and acquaintances and whatever Deimos is.

I’m like SUPER pumped about this recruiting thing, even though I don’t have much luck at it, but I adore the idea of having other species here in the Basin. I mean, Aisling is here but I kind of snuck her in and then I think everyone just got used to her presence because we’ve never been told to leave. Little did I know I had Hotaru and Rexanna on my side - but I find out pretty quick because LOOK my girlfriend is now a big shot thief!!!!!!! I whinny a quick, shout of delight at this news, and I know my expression is absolutely shining as I look at her and then look around.  Yeah that’s right, I’m with her!!

Unfortunately for me there’s not enough scheduled time for me to brag about her so I’ll have to do it later. Rexanna chirps up with this beautiful idea of an event to hold and I’m delighted! Look at all these wonderful things happening in the Basin, I’m so proud!! “What a wonderful idea! I’d love to help out with the festival in any way that I can. Perhaps I could tell a story?”

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His call leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, a bubbling annoyance within the pit of your stomach, the memories of his attempts that ended in chaos as fresh in your mind as ever. How many times would he try, and how many times would we fail him?  “Come,” you call gently, tossing a quick glance to the pale, too-tall boy that had spent his morning trying to catch the little minnows that he swore he saw within the shallows of the lake. What little protest he makes in his mutterings is ignored as you start along the shore, able to make out flickers of movement in the near distance, a growing swarm that somehow seems smaller than it ever has before. It would taste a lie to say that it does not concern you, despite your efforts to swallow your unease, convince yourself that it is normal for not everyone to remain loyal.

As Deimos begins, the two of you settle on the fringe of the group quietly, eyes searching the familiar (and not so familiar) faces until you spy Erebos, all smiles and boyish charm. You cannot help but to grin, to fall too easily into the childish whims of mischief as you make your way to his side, bumping your shoulder against his, Etziel filling the space on his far side. How many times would the two of you try only to come back empty-handed, save for the scorn of a stranger? Your grin only deepens, amusement snuffing out a sudden pang of guilt, of concern for the consequences of being the first faces, first impressions, of the Basin some strangers see. He speaks out in response to Rexanna, and you nod, looking to the golden and ivory girl, your thoughts of mockery momentarily forgotten.

“I will be wherever you need me.”

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They came on the wind, on the rain, on the sun, on the clouds and mist, on the ice and slivers, making their way down the hill, cool, calm, and serene. There was nothing else to be at a herd meeting other than a poetic moniker of what composure could look like – not when there’d been so many hostile oaths, angry assurances, grumpy factions winding their way through everything and everyone who’d tried so hard to do something, anything for their herd. A hope, a spark, a buoyancy that still rested in her heart prayed this one could go well, this one could refrain from the nasty remarks and the callous disregard for one another – and her ears turned, twisted, listened to the darkened chords of the Reaper, the bright, illustrious whims of Hotaru, and the incensed tones of Rexanna. Her mind churned for the notions delivered within each speech (a recruiting contest, all species welcomed, Ashamin gone, despite his dedication, despite his loyalty, and goodness, how she wanted to know why, Frost Fyre’s ascension and Aisling’s promotion, and then the festival). It all seemed a great, grand whirlwind, but so much more peaceful, so much more right than before, feuding over wolves and metal, protecting a realm from itself. The Songbird’s first words were a prose-written enchantment for the newly ranked and garbed, the sketch of her smile worn along her lips. “Congratulations to both of you!” Then, back to Rexanna, who had graciously extended an invitation to go with her, to spread the news of their upcoming festival (she ignored the pang in her mind as memories swept of another time, another place, up in the clouds where the gods could watch, teaching Roland to dance until monsters swelled and ghosts swirled); she hoped it wouldn’t be like before, when Midas had burned the leaves of a child’s card. Times were different now, made by armistices, alliances, prosperity, peace, and repose (what a sweet word, the nymph thought, that she could rarely credit to the kingdom she belonged to). “Of course. It would be my pleasure.” The femme responded, nodding her head in respect, in accordance, to the dreams they’d made and the assurances they’d made. 

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It was her loyalty that drew her from the deep recesses of the Basin when the summons were sent out, molten-gold and frozen-silver eyes locked upon the two leads of the Basin, and their Thief as she prowled among the crowd, finding herself a spot next to Albrecht simply because he was familiar. Known. She stands close, but not too close, relishing her distance and not allowing anything more. Her eyes danced across the familiar form of Deimos the Reaper, of her Lordship, recalling their conversation and her vows, before skimming over the delicious coral contours of Hotaru, then settling upon the gilded lady Rexanna. What a trio they were.

They spoke, the others listened. Rhiannon had been to enough of these herd meetings to know how they worked, but the ones nowadays were nothing like the ones that she clung to in her memories. No... Change was upon them, and they had to embrace it if they had any hope to survive.

Promotions were made, and Rhiannon watched with faux interest, lips drawn back in a straight line of stoicism. Frost Fyre the new Haruspex, Aisling a new Sneak. Congratulations and all that happy bullshit. The brindled devil gave a flick of her frosted tail, averting her eyes, searching for anymore familiar faces...

Lena stuck out, even though they had never formally been introduced to one another. She was simply a familiar face. Rhiannon continued her survey, unable to find anyone else who looked even remotely familiar. It caused a scoff to escape her lips.

At least that little hair-eating hybrid shit wasn't among them... Yet.

The thought was enough to draw a rueful grin to the brindled mare's lips, drawn taught over yellowed teeth. Hadn't Hotaru just said to care for the foals as though they were their own? Well, Rhiannon had no experience being a mother, and she had no desire to be a mother, either. Let someone who was far more capable handle the little heathens that scoured their mountainous home. It sure as hell wasn't her job.

Other announcements were made, and Rhiannon tilted an ear forward in mild attention, letting a rear hoof cock at half-mast in a lazy display of a posture. An Aurora Viewing Festival? Now, that sounded positively interesting... If beasts from all over would be in attendance, perhaps it would be the perfect opportunity to try to find a pretty little thing to take home. What a delightful thought.

"... I'll be available to assist in the festival in anyway that is needed." Short, simple, and to the point. That was how Rhiannon liked things anymore. Her two-toned gaze once more surveyed the three, dipped her horned head in a formal bow to her superiors, and took a step back, idly noticing that Albrecht had clearly had enough and was already on his way out.

Well, there went her familiar face...

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Times had changed rapidly since the stag's arrival here in the so called Basin. He had come seeking knowledge and information about this strange place only to be greeted by Hotaru and the one called Ki'irha. Both had promised much of this land yet so far nothing had come of his request to join the warriors ranks. Was he truly wanted as they said when he had arrived here or was this just another huge waste of his time? Thus far he had been to two of these so called herd meetings only to have them turn into a massive argument where nothing was accomplished or rectified. Was this one going to be the same old drama that had unfolded at the previous one?

Arriving to the meeting the golden stallion took a place beside a rather odd looking stallion who he had come to know as Johnny with the help of other residents who seemed to know him. With his brightly coloured mane and tail the warrior wasn't sure what to make of him but as long as he seemed pleasant enough he would keep his tongue and distance. Having grown up alone and having lived alone for almost his entire life this whole herd thing was still growing upon him. His reactions, his feelings none of it made sense to the stallion so he chose to mostly keep to himself unless he was called upon or there was a meeting to attend such as this one here.

Deimos and his ladies started off by promoting various members to take the places of those who had chosen to go their separate ways. Sounded great and all but to him he could really care less for none of the names even rang a bell in his short list of those he knew here in the Basin. Flicking his ear to listen to Rexanna speak of some festival he tried to become at least a little more attentive to the news. Others here? In their home? The idea was alright he guessed but with the state of their warriors it could easily turn into a full out invasion if they were not careful, but then again how did this involve him? He was still just another face in the crowd that no body knew all that much about and that was exactly the way he was used to things being.

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By the time Tiamat reaches the place of gathering, there is already a handful of members massed together. Most of them she remembers from previous herd meetings, but there is a face here and there that she doesn’t recognize; with white eyes resting on one such stranger, she settles loosely at his side. “Hello,” she murmurs happily to the golden man, noting his eyes of bright blue, before her attention is redirected and soon swallowed by their leaders.

Deimos is the first to address them, and his words produce a variety of emotions that bloom within the ocean mare’s breast. The idea of a Basin Festival is nothing short of exciting—how wonderful it will be to have all of Helovia in their borders! The north’s frosted mountains are precious within Tiamat’s heart. For her, the Basin is home—in every meaningful, beloved sense of the word—and it excites her to be able to share such a beautiful blessing with the world. “I would love to help, however you need me,” she speaks to Rexanna with eager generosity, casting a warm smile to her herd mate and friend.

However, there is the other half of her Lord’s words, those which are not as pleasant. “Any species may join, as long as they are useful”—Tiamat does not understand what this means (having been sheltered of her home’s selectivity for years), and it causes her brow to knit together in confusion. Unable to even fathom the possibility that her revered Lord would hold any sort of prejudiced opinions, she writes it off as concern for their difficult times (everyone needs to work together in a herd, after all). To hear him say that they are faltering at all is enough to distract her. The Basin is her haven, her home—how could it be anything but strong?

Sapphire lips press together in concerned speculation, the length of her leonine tail flicking around her fetlocks. The blue mare is willing to do almost anything—all that she can—in order to ensure the safety of her home, and those who share it with her. She intends to visit the Threshold, her mind already spinning plans for travel, when something else (something darker) abruptly cuts through her concentration.

“Our Haruspex Ashamin has respectfully stepped down from his position, and is no longer a member of the Aurora Basin.”

“What?” Tiamat gasps, louder than intended and likely catching the attention of more than a few. If anyone stares, she doesn’t notice it—suddenly, her mind is whirling, her heart pounding, hurting as it races against her ribcage. How—why—when did this happen? Why would Ashamin leave them? (Leave her?) While their bond isn’t as intimate as others, their friendship is like an iron around her heart, the terrible feeling of losing him forever burned into her soul.

(Why would he leave without saying goodbye?)

Hollowly, she listens as they replace the painted stallion, appointing a mare named Frost Fyre in his place. Glancing around, Tiamat searches for the unfamiliar face that now belongs to the title, fitting a gracious smile onto her lips. “Congratulations on your promotion,” she musters all of the sincerity she can offer, nodding a gesture of kindness. It is not this strange mare’s fault—and Tiamat doesn’t hold it against her (perhaps she wouldn’t know how even if she wanted to). Shifting her weight uneasily, the ocean mare returns her eyes to those gathered as they press forward with plans for the festival—and tries to lose herself in the excitement that had gripped her so shortly before.

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Something's happening. You hear the call, of course. Those ears work fine. But you don't answer immediately; it means nothing except noise to the space between your ears. So what if some adult wants attention? Not everyone gets what they want, do they? Not everyone —

Shit, Virga, you're not going to start crying, are you?

I mean, of course you're not! Bold is like your middle name. You don't care if you haven't seen your sister in a while, or your mom, because you've been exploring and making all kinds of friends! The more you pretend to be independent, though, the more painfully obvious it becomes you're not. The heart quivering in your chest remembers how young it is, how fragile, and you want dearly to curl up beside Mama and just sleep. Looking for her isn't working today. Maybe she's busy. Maybe she's talking to the adults again. That seemed like a fun game, before. Now it opens up a hollow in your guts, and with your head hanging, you march off toward the sound of the call anyway.

And you're late.

You don't know it, of course, and if you did know, you wouldn't care. The shy animal living between your ribs pounds its hooves on your sternum, yells not here, and for a long time — too long — you stand at the fringes of the meeting and stare. They're all bigger than you. They all know what they're doing, and you don't, and a part of you just wants to sit down and scream, but you dare not draw attention to yourself. You're not so desperate yet. Adventuring has matured you in odd ways, and so silently you drift to the edges of the crowd, your dark eyes picking out parts and pieces of adults, studiously clinging to those you recognize.

And you do know a few. That big, scary one.... One of the smaller, nicer-voiced ones... That striped woman! You edge away from her. And because she seems in charge, because you have a vague memory of seeing her very, very long ago, you inch up toward the warm-colored lady. Not too close — not anywhere near close enough to get everyone looking at you. But you stare at her. She looks nice. She isn't Mama, but she looks nice. Maybe you can ask her where Mama is, later. Maybe Mama's on her way, after all...

Because your body feels heavy now, you do plop your rump onto the ground. And you wait. There's not much else to do, anyway.

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Idk, wanted to throw Vir in. If his fam shows up, feel free to just pretend he was off being a brat and got lost or something to explain why he's alone :p He's staring at Rexanna, but not really interacting with her.

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He heard the deep ghostly demonic call from the shadows of his dark cave. His heavy scared body moved past the small burning fire and out to the cold world. Cracked hooves carried his body towards the sound of commotion and other bodies lines up around the reaper. Cold gray eyes looked around and his scared pelt moved to sand next to the sweet ocean mare. His large demonic crown looked to the deadly stallion and the lady of the basin. The lord started and his ears almost pinned in shock by allowing others to join the Basin. He would not let the look of hate read on his face. He sat and listened quietly to what other words he had to say.

Next promotion... Ashamin leaving was no surprise to the demonic beast. The paint was troubled with demons far larger than his own. He dipped his head to the mare that took his place. Maybe she would have better luck. He then dipped his head to the next name called out to be a sneak with the golden mare. His eyes watched as they talked about a festival and he looked to all the others stepping in. Quietly the black demon did not say a word. Then he looked to the gold mare"I am willing to help if needed Rexanna" Latin tones spilled from his black silk maw as he smiled softly to the blue mare standing next to him.

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Some call rocked the Basin’s ground, and dad immediately jumped to excited attention. The little filly had to try her hardest to not roll her eyes as he danced and frolicked around her. Why couldn’t he just be cool? But she hid these annoyed thoughts beneath bright, aquamarine eyes that followed mother’s dainty steps. At least mom, though forever filled with smiles and songs, was slightly less embarrassing than dad.

Lemon-flavored ears perk forward to listen to the dark man, and (subtly, she didn’t want it showing that she was intimidated) she drifted closer to her father’s candied legs, pressing her lemony body against the safety of sugared limbs. Her foal whiskered muzzle twitched as he spoke of a festival—that was certainly someplace she could cause some mischief. Just think of it: everyone’s focus up in the skies, on the lights, at night; she could easily sneak around—

But her thoughts were interrupted as mom is promoted! Her eyes widen, sweeping to her dam, whose stocks instantly rose in her infant mind. The Lady of the Basin just called her by name and promoted her in front of the entire herd. Her foal-fuzz tail twitched in excitement, though it was much better hidden than dad’s embarrassing (again) public display of affection.

She snorted softly, moving away from her parents, drifting closer to the other foal who was present. He was a little ways off, dark as night with a horn and wings sprouting from his withers. Her slender face brightens in curosity, sharp eyes glancing at the bright white spots on before looking back at his dark eyes. “I’m Larue. Who’re you? Where’re your parents?” Her pert questions were hushed, not wanting to draw the attention of the adults. She sent a surreptitious glance over her shoulder, before asking, “Do you wanna get away from all this boring stuff? I can think of something fun to do.”
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He followed on mother’s heels.

Not that he was happy to do so. He followed only because Kiada followed (and, likely, the reverse was true; so why they were following, he wasn’t entirely certain). The darkling prince’s ears were tilted back, and his hyena cub gave loud and high-pitched yelps to convey both of their displeasures. She was a tired and hungry little cub, which (along with Khairi) had kept the golden family awake for most of the night.

And so Kianzo was grouchy. His ill-tempered, bright blue stare was fixed straight ahead, occasionally glancing at his twin. He halted behind his mother, still surly and quietly molding his body against sister’s warmth. Though slowly his ears began to sweep forward, the scowl leaving his face as he watched everyone heed Lord Deimos’s call.

Horses just appeared when he hailed for them? Simple as that? Eyes now glittering with interest sweep to watch the dark, ominous Lord. He had been told his father was a King, but hearing of some absent figure was entirely different than seeing the power a Lord wielded. His sharp gaze stares at the long, blue tipped horn and grey skin. And then he looked around, seeing everyone listen, though he didn’t entirely listen to his words. He was too busy watching the effect power had on all gathered.

And then the Lady spoke, and again everyone heeded her with respect. Dark masked eyes sweep to his sister beside him; she deserved that power, that respect. And then mother spoke. His eyes rounded as he looked at her. She, too, commanded the attention and respect of those present (save for a duo-horned, bony old man that stared at the ground with an expression reminiscent of the surliness the colt at arrived with).

Anger flares in his small chest; this red-tinted old stallion treating his mother with disrespect (never mind that the colt did so often). And his gaze narrows, remaining silent, watching all.
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They arrived on the wind, answering their beckons with attentive gazes. Star swathed and snow ladened, the duo settled into place among foreign and familiar faces. Her days of feeling anxious in this crowd were, thankfully, over. She felt at ease with her companion by her side and the faces of her leaders lighting her way. Her leonine tail brushed the ground behind her, swirling and curling its way to her bonded's hind legs mindlessly as her emeralds watched the Lord and Lady.

She listened with intrigue, tilting her diadem to one side as her leaders spoke of contests and festivals. Her heart fluttered, her ears pricked, and a smile flickered across her dark lips. It sounded a jovial affair, and one she would be happy to partake in. She wasn't the fondest of foals and she knew little of games, but she could tell a story or two. The moons she had fared brought the unsteadiest of tides, however few they may be.

With her thoughts preoccupied by the of twinkling lights and laughter around the Basin, she almost missed the announcement of the Haruspex's absence. Altair nudged her sharply with his antlers, snorting at the tangents of her mind. She didn't miss the news, though. Her ears swiveled backwards, her heart fluttering with uncertainty rather than excitement. What would happen to the scholars? Who was to lead her?

Then her name, oh the melody it played as it delicately left the blush hued lips of her lady. Her name, as she was asked to rise, to become the new Haruspex. She inhaled sharply, suppressing a gasp. She wasn't dreaming, was she? The prodding of her companion to respond assured that this was reality.

"It would be my honor to accept, my Lady," She spoke softly, trying to hide her disbelief behind the dip of her head to each of her leaders. She, the mottled maiden, star cradled dove, and now, the Haruspex. She felt a comforting sense of wholeness in that moment.

She offered smiles and thanks to those who congratulated her, but she felt little joy. The loss of Ashamin's presence in the Basin wasn't easy for her to accept either. She had none to guide her now, and guiding was something she needed now more than ever. Her mind stayed wandering as the meeting spun on. She listened to Rexanna, smiling and focusing her attention long enough to offer herself to the festival as well. "I can help with the festival as needed," she chimed softly amongst those who had already spoken their allegiance.


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ELDALA was feeling emotional. Yup, yup indeed. She'd gotten the greatest gift in the world from Diemos and had been unable to find a single soul! She'd waiting in front of Johnny's cave for what seemed like ages and never saw him. She'd gone to the hot springs, the lake, everywhere: no one. So she'd dropped her head in defeat, accepting her isolation, and had gone back to working. Initially, she was overjoyed at her new title and all the possibilities it entailed. But, a few days later and still having not caught a single soul, she began to flounder in her resolve. She couldn't even find someone to tell her how to use it...much less what she should be doing for her herd!

So, today, two days later, she was laying in the grass, watching the night's fog burn off the blades one by one. It wasn't that it was hot, not really, but it was already somewhat warm by Basin standards(though, truthfully, that could always be wishful thinking). Ugh, she'd been unable to make friends with Tangere. Johnny was nice but he didn't enjoy her company like he did the others. Her two leads probably thought her a mindless twat, which she supposed she was half the damn time anyways...and the only one she'd met and seemed to have a tinsy bit of a connection with had been Rexanna. Lets not mention the fact that she never saw her two friends from the Throat anymore. With a agonized groan she flopped over in the grass to stare at the sky. How was she going to stop being so dreadfully crappy at making friends? Seriously? The struggle was too real.

Then a quite rabid call cut it's way through the singing summer birds to assault her ears. Well, she had to give it to Diemos, at least he was giving her something to do today. Or, she could just sit here and lay at the stars. Shit, would he even notice she was gone. Her mind fell into adolescent-esque musings and it was several minutes before she realized that she still hadn't gotten up. Well, fuck.

Small hooves scratched surprisingly deep cuts in the grass as she scrambled up to finally heed the call. A fast pace brings her to where they're all, well a good number, are already assembled at attention. She decides not to trot in but instead slowly pick her way to stand beside Johnny. At least she would be able to ask him about all the new crafter stuff! Her voice came out in a whisper while Rexanna was speaking, "Heya Johnny. I don't know it Diemos told you, but he gave me the second Weaver position! I've been trying to catch you because I really need your help getting started with it all. " She gave him a bright smile, happy and hopeful, before returning her attention to the group. After a moment it felt as if it were her turn to say something. Show Diemos her investment in the herd! Her voice floats out dutifully and true, no waver or childishness present. "I'd be willing to help out in any way I can as well! I could maybe craft something for the event or help with the little ones?" There that was pretty solid. She dipped her head towards Rexanna when she was done, if the mare were going to see her that is, she wanted her to know that she'd not forgotten her friend.

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The universe was surely a big place, but in all its vast reaches there could be none as happy or content as Aisling, according to the little faerie's own estimation. Each day she spent in the safe cradle of the Aurora Basin was better than the last; she had Johnny, who had since banished all fears or rejection or despair. The Weaver, so easy and enthusiastic in his affections, had taken her already hopeful heart and sealed himself away inside of it. Perhaps she still had lessons to learn, perhaps her kind of love was childish, but it was sweet, and it was warm, and she would ask for nothing more. Still more she was given, in her little lemon, Larue. The little filly was often more spice than sugar but even Aisling's affection for Johnny was dwarfed by her devotion to their daughter.

When the summons echoed across the Basin, Aisling went readily with her little family to answer it. Since coming to the Basin just before Larue's birth, the little mare had kept herself fairly secluded, but now that her daughter was not quite so fragile she was eager to meet more of the inhabitants of her new home. She was all smiles as they walked, Johnny bouncing around them in his usual fashion, but as they approached the gathering the mare felt a small knot of nerves settle in her stomach.

The dark stallion that commanded the herd's attention was intimidating-based on Johnny's description Aisling knew this must be the Lord of the Basin and seeing him, vital and menacing in the flesh left little doubt in her mind that the beast could shift to terrifying in a heartbeat. There was a jolt of surprise, at the sight of the stunning pink-dusted mare that had tried to abscond with her cuffs back when she had first arrived in Helovia. These two, equal parts beautiful and terrible, flanked by a sea of strangers (some on first glance appearing surly and scowling far too tall) left Aisling almost wishing again for the safety of seclusion but she steeled herself against the instinct to take her daughter and flee.

You're fine, lass. Look Johnny's not afraid... she told herself, bolstered by the candyman's apparent ease, and too by the sight of Rexanna, who had been so kind, standing next to the leaders. As the long seconds passed, and the meeting was called to order Aisling's wary look gave way to an optimistic smile again. The daunting Diemos spoke sternly but he spoke of welcoming new members. Aisling wondered why he had to specify that any species may join, and in scanning the faces of the gathered realized that she was the only one that seemed to be without a proud set of horns upon her head; even the foals at least had rounded nubs at various stages of growth. Was her appearance here so wholly unprecedented? She would have been eager to make herself useful to her new herd in any case, but this discovery (highlighted by the Lord's words) was more than enough motivation to find herself a productive place in the herd that had welcomed her. No sooner did the thought pass through Aisling's mind than fate--and the mysterious Hotaru--gave her a chance to do just that.

Shock crossed the little mare's face, surprised to be addressed at all, let alone to be called out by the Lady in order to be given a promotion. Wide eyes and a little whispered gasp of "Oh!" must have looked a little less than reassuring even as at that moment Hotaru continued to describe her as "skilled and perceptive" but such was her surprise in that moment. Their brief brush in the past might have made Aisling unsure of the blush-colored unicorn upon first sight but the shimmer in the seafoam eyes had a cheeky smile tugging at the faerie's mouth. The offer was too perfect, and perhaps she'd have to ask Hotaru one day how that decision came about but Aisling had already discovered and smidgen of skill and a liking for such work. Determination rose in her now, a drive to prove worthy of this acceptance and the challenge set before her. 

She dipped her white head to the leaders, in thanks, in assurance and then addressed the Lady with grey eyes sparkling. "Grateful, I am, for you welcome and your trust. I hope I can give the Basin as much as it has already given me." Her beaming gaze shifted to Johnny and Larue, and the former's whinny pulled a delighted laugh from her throat. This could be home. she thought, and what a precious thought that was, something she hadn't felt so strongly since her youthful wanderlust had taken her from the green hills where she was born. Rexanna and another mare congratulated her; Aisling offered them both a smile of thanks and a wink to Larue. "Your Ma's not so boring after all, eh lass?" she whispered and watched withe a careful eye and her little lemon wandered off to make friends.

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