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[OPEN] Create Your Own Sunshine

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THE day had gotten hotter since she'd met with Deimos but the sun had gone away. It had, quickly turned into one of those sticky, muggy, and dull type of days. Most horses would have traveled elsewhere. Maybe they'd have even gone out to the Thistle Meadow and found a nice cool creek. But not this horse. This small, hazelnut mare was out roaming about, sweat beginning to bead on her chest and about her ears.

She went along happily though, humming softly, occasionally stopping to paw up some grass in search of her green treasure. There were no existential thoughts running through her mind. The air was not clinging to her like her past. The clear blue sky did not represent her future. No, there was simply a horse rooting around for moss and she was happy. Eldala had no thoughts of lovers or babies while she was working. She had no thoughts of loneliness or fear or wondering why she'd been plunked here, in this strange land, without knowledge why. None of that.

She was working and she was happy. Deimos had gifted her the greatest freedom and she was going to work to prove him right. She would give her last breath for him, for that freedom...just hoping that it might stay a big longer(She seems to always be chasing something, hoping it'll stay. A fatal flaw she might never recognize) Her maw nuzzled the ground, almost lovingly, as she moved. A small exclamation passes her lips when she finally finds what she's looking for: the moss. The little patch was swiftly uprooted and taken into her maw.

The sunshine might be absent from the sky but it was not absent from her face. The little filly had a spring in her step as she made her way off to see her master and tell him the good news of her promotion (presuming he didn't already know of this, of course).

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