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[OPEN] kings and queens of the wild frontier

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Ever since I finally managed to get the whole walking thing mostly down, I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to explore, to learn, to see everything that existed in this place that was my world. The concept that there was something beyond the Throat, even something beyond the few corners of the Throat I had seen, was far beyond my comprehension. For now, this was all I needed.

I still hated the sand though. I hated to fall in it even though it was softer than the rocks, because it went everywhere. I had eaten sand already more times than anyone ever should and the grit hung around my mouth so that I could hear it whenever my teeth ground against each other.

On this day, our mother took us to the coast and there were shallow little pools that we could play in, that we could explore. There was still some of that nasty sand here but not enough to distract me, and not enough that I needed to be worried about eating it while we played. Mostly there was rocks and plants and water but it was all new so I was fascinated by every single thing. I wanted to look at it all but I also didn’t want to stray too far. Our mother was keeping watch nearby so I wasn’t worried about that - it was just that even the space of several feet was too much separating me from my brother.

I just didn’t know how to be without him there - didn't know what I was without my twin. I liked him to be close enough to touch - to feel him chewing on my ear or to press my head into his neck when I felt nervous. Ever since our mother had first nuzzled us both I assumed all contact was reassuring and although I appreciated mother’s comfort, I found that I felt cold without my twin within easy grasp.

Across the water there was a storm brewing but where we were, only a few clouds marred the late morning sky - the sun reflecting brightly into the pools that I cautiously splashed into.

In one such pool, a ball of bright red caught my eye and had me fumbling to a stop. “Cas! Fini hazi?!” The words come out in hushed awe as I lowered my muzzle close to the surface of the water to inspect the prickly ball - assuming that he, elder by a few short minutes, would have the answer when I did not.

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Fini hazi? =  what is that?

baby exploring time!!
@Amalrik, @Castor, @Tyrath <3

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You know who's the absolute coolest? I mean, besides me, obviously... Vasa, that's flippin who. From the get-go she had life basically all figured out, from the standing, to the walking; I mean, I'm no slouch in the mobility department I suppose, but I'll admit, I trip kind of a lot really, but only because I can't see where I'm going when I sneeze, which I also do rather a lot. When it's not the sneezing it's the trying to go too fast, Mai says it's called 'exuberant enthusiasm' but really sometimes I just get too pumped up and my kickass wings get to flapping and my body goes faster than my dumb baby feet. In any case, I'd learned to embrace the art of falling with style!

The little pools of water along the coast were helping me really step up my falling game and soon enough I was even doing it on purpose, the bigger the splash the better! Exploring with my sister was the BEST and I think we made a really good discovery team, she appreciating the minutia of each new landscape and me really taking charge of the general enjoyment and fun detection. If we had a little more freedom to wander (though I wonder how much room is really out there...) we could do some seriously epic shit, like, you don't even know! But Mai was honestly kind of a big ol' stick in the mud. Like, I love her, but now matter how hard I try to cheer her up she always seems at least a little bit sad? Or mad? Weirdly kind of both, for basically no reason.

Puddle jumping paused momentarily, I was caught up in staring at the dark clouds along what I knew to be the edge of everything. I didn't really know what a 'storm' was yet but there was something terribly exciting about them. (Just wait until I learn about lightning, booooooy howdy!) I didn't see that Mai was looking at them too, I didn't see that they were making her a bit tense (more than usual, I mean) because Vastra called my attention away on a very pressing investigatory matter.

I turned eagerly at her voice, thoughts on clouds forgotten and flopped pranced my dripping wet self over to stand next to her. "Hmm..." I pondered, peering down at the spiky red ball. It looked a bit like a cactus, in that it had pokey things, but that was about as far as the resemblance went."Virzeth havazh vindelat." I proclaimed confidently. I leaned down to sniff curiously, but apparently too far and my already sensitive nostrils were suddenly filled with water. I pulled back, a mighty sputtering sneeze disturbing the calm tidal pool and unbalancing my wobbly self enough to fall quite spectacularly on my rump.

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"Virzeth havazh vindelat" = (roughly) "Red sea-stabby thing."
I mean, basically:

Vastra Posts: 58
Dragon's Throat Filly
Filly :: Pegasus :: 16.3 wfg :: 1 year

Our mother’s subdued manner had a similar effect on me - I didn’t want to be too loud, too disruptive, and risk upsetting her even more when it was clear something was already wrong. I didn’t know what it was exactly that was troubling her. Our father and part of the family weren’t around at the moment but the connection between that knowledge and her sadness was not one I was capable of making just yet. I didn’t know a life with that father or sister and could not miss their absence.

So I tried to stay quiet, tried to stay good, so she might have one less thing to be sad about. Castor took a different approach but I honestly didn’t know which one of us was doing a better job. Still, she seemed to be okay with Cas and I exploring so I tried to stop looking back to where she was and focus on all the amazing things that I was finding.

Castor, with his superior knowledge, came at my call and proclaimed the discovery a ‘red sea-stabby thing’. Which, as his younger sister, was an answer I happily accepted as fact and stored for use later on. He leant in to check it out but got a nose full of sea water instead. With a powerful sneeze my twin went falling backward onto his rump in the shallow pool. My small, downy wings spread from my side in alarm, a precursor to instincts that would bid me fly from danger (or use them to strike it down) “Cas! Hash azisi?” Our mother would not be happy if he was!

This red sea-stabby thing was dangerous!

But still, I wonder whether it would have the same effect on me if I were to try. Filled with the combination of curiosity, bravery, and foolishness of my age I turn from my fallen brother and look to the sea creature again.

My red nose dipped into the water and closer to it.

Instead of a nose full of sea water, I was rewarded with a sting. I yelped in pain and shock and quickly scramble backward - two long red spines protruding from my muzzle, right on the white of the snip. I shake my head violently, trying to get them out. Although it doesn’t work, I keep trying all the same - alarmed at discovering the sensation of pain.

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"Hash azisi?" = Are you hurt?

everyone else is still very welcome to join in! Just going to have some twin times in the meantime <333

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the weaker you get the more I feel strong

Life was fantastic, vibrant and full of life. His sister was more of a stick in the mud, and his father hovered in darkness like his own shadow, but not even that could bring him down. Walking was learned in a few hours. Running didn't take much longer. The way his toes curled like dad's made it easier, and he was shown how to use that to his advantage, never slipping up or tripping like the others on the water-slick rocks he danced upon. He moved out into the sea - a great breeze billowing around his furry foal's mane and lightly tufted lion's tail.

Every day was spent exploring his environment, though he was more excited to meet everyone. Luckily for his parents, he was stuck on this island until someone crossed the magical bridge; he had seen it from a distance. That was the only way on and off, and one day, he would cross it into the rest of the world. Until then, this patch of land was big enough to satisfy his curiosity. He would be the bane of his parents' existence, surely.

As he wandered along the rocks, jumping from one to the other and squinting his golden green eyes from the sun, he heard a yell in a strange language and another yelp of pain. Immediately, his gold tipped ears perked forward and he tumbled from rock to rock until he made it back to the shore. The colt ran through the sand toward two winged children roughly around his age (based on appearance), and they were sticking their noses in the water.

He furrowed his brows, striped face looking down when he approached and seeing a little red thing. His father, man of few words, hadn't exactly expanded his vocabulary, so he stood and hummed. "What's that?" he asked curiously, poking at it with a dark, deer-like hoof. A pincer reached out to snap at him, and he snorted. "Rude."

Then, he focused on the two other children, because they were what he was truly interested in. The boy flashed a bright, wide expression of charm. "I am Amalrik. Who are you?"

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