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[OPEN] Basin Day Camp!

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I don’t know if anyone’s been counting… but there’s been a heck of a lot of foals born recently in the Basin. I know, I know, that winter was long and cold for everyone - and I’m not going to get up on a soapbox or anything because one of those foals is mine. Which is still pretty crazy for me and I’m totally not used to the idea that Larue used to be a little cell that came from my body and then slow cooked within Aisling for a while before POPPING OUT.

Actually there was no popping noise but that’s still what I tell everyone.

Anyway, now that Larue was here and literally a sour little filly I thought I should help her make some friends! I’ve sort of become the unofficial official babysitter of the Basin anyway so it was really easy to find the moms and dads of the foals that I usually look after and ask them if they were interested in a little day camp thing! And then Tia - beautiful, sweet princess Tiamat - volunteered to help out too!

Now that spring has come around, hanging out in the open is a little more tolerable - there’s barely any snow left at all and there are even some wildflowers starting slowly to bloom! With just a slight chill in the breeze, it’s a perfect day for this! Jellybean and I are waiting in a clearing as discussed, a little bit of crafting materials in my bag and Jellybean is sprawled out on my back. Her tail hits my side with each wag and her excitement is mounting as the sun continues to rise. SOON!!

I honestly have no idea what I’m going to do but I’ve got some ideas and we’ll see how it goes! I’m not exactly someone that needs to plan everything way out in advance.

Although if I did, I might have remembered to bring my own daughter already instead of waiting for Aisling to... Whoops.

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Welcome to Johnny and @Tiamat's day camp!!

tagging everyone that showed interest on the secret board, if there are other adults that want to lurk or join in they are more than welcome :D We're going to say that Johnny talked to all the parents beforehand and set things up for this day!

no post order, whenever it slows a bit I'll toss Johnny in again to stir things up - other than that, interact with each other and CAUSE TROUBLE <33

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She had watched her dad leave Aisling and herself— curiosity got the best of her (as always), and she had prowled after her peppermint pops with all of her youthful stealth (read: not much). Regardless, her small hooves pranced after Johnny and Jellybean, bright eyes only occasionally being distraction by a potential hole to deepen or branch to hide for others to trip on.

But these distractions did not last long, bright gaze finding the raspberry tip of Jellybean’s ever-wagging tail to prowl after. Finally, after following for what seemed like years, her father finally stopped in the middle of a field and just waited.

Her small head cocked, tiny ears flickering around. All of that slinking for this? Teal eyes narrowed, and her sly gait became purposeful as she strode towards her father, “Whatcha doin’, dad?” her pert, high voice called abruptly across the meadow. Her tail twitched with irritation at the lack of excitement, but it was well-hidden as her sugar-sweet smile crossed her face when she aimed to bump her small muzzle against Johnny’s likewise pink knee.

“Heya, Beans,” her smile grew as she greeted dad’s enthusiastic companion, balancing on her hind legs and seeking to brace her knobby knees against dad’s side so that her muzzle might reach out and gently (or not-so-gently) tug the griffin’s wagging tail with her teeth in greeting. Dropping to her hooves, her tiny head swiveled around, wondering if those blobs she saw approaching were actually other horses or just figments of her imagination— like those her mind played on her when she was braving the Deep Forest.

Suddenly overcome with energy, as foals are wont to do, she bounded away from her father, butt and tail wiggling as she play bowed towards him on long, spindly legs. A playful snort and high pitched whinny escaped her as she waited to see what her dad would do.

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The morning sun rises lazily over the mountain tops, crisp rays of shimmering gold filtering through the cold air, eventually falling through the small cavern’s entrance. The soft light finds the slumbering mare within, haloing her dainty features and tickling her eyelids. With a breathy, bleary exhale from sapphire nostrils, she opens her eyes, blinking against the gentle morning and rolling from her side onto her back. “Good morning, Mama,” Tiamat croons sleepily, looking up to the de-saturated blue of early morning and stretching her slender legs upwards. Arching her back, she stretches, wagging her lion tail against the cool stone floor before deciding that it is time for her to welcome a new day.

Once she has risen to her hooves, the ocean mare saunters to her cavern’s edge. White eyes sweep over the Basin’s valley, enjoying the view of her beloved home and its beautiful sights, her heart swelling as it does every morning—ever grateful of this herd and all that it has blessed her with. Before long, her gaze fixes on a familiar white-and-rosy-colored stallion, short in stature but as big as ever in heart and spirit. She adores him for it—his charisma is infectious. “Johnny!” She gasps happily, suddenly remembering their plans to babysit (play with!) the foals of the Basin—it must be the day!

Forsaking the short step of rocks in her brimming enthusiasm, Tiamat instead leaps straight to the ground, only stumbling a little bit before propelling herself forward in a whirlwind of dancing hair and chiming shells. Giggling lightly all the way, she runs towards her sweet knight, tossing her head playfully when she finally reaches his side (fortunately she’s able to stop herself before colliding into him altogether). “Hello, my sugary friend,” Tiamat smiles, laughter in her voice and excitement in her eyes.

“And this must be your little one! Oh Johnny she’s adorable!” White eyes hug the pale yellow girl, casting a proud glance to the candied stallion. She is every bit as adorable as her father—more so, even!—and the ocean mare is ecstatic to finally be meeting the little bundle that Johnny has been doting about. “My name is Tiamat,” she greets the little filly, extending a velvet muzzle in a gesture of warmth and friendship. However, a sparkle of mischief soon flashes in her eye, and she smirks playfully. “Let’s see what your dad’s got in him, shall we?” Tiamat eyes Johnny before tugging gently at his mane, twisting on dainty ankles to kick her heels gleefully. All the while she laughs, eyes dancing.

notes; Ah so sorry I'm late! I just saw this D:

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This is stupid, the colt thinks.

He wasn't a baby anymore (at least, in his mind he wasn't), and he didn't need to be babysat. He could understand if his parents were concerned about him considering his latest venturings and skills, but a day camp for babies wasn't adequate for him. He didn't rely on his mother for food, therefore he wasn't a baby, and considered this whole thing stupid.

He showed up anyway, though.

His mom and Johnny and Tiamat were kinda tight. He wasn't sure about the specifics of their relationship, but he knew that if he didn't show up, his mom would hear about, and she would probably angry. Well, maybe not angry, but disappointed. He didn't know which was worse. So, the blood-stained boy didn't take his chances and reluctantly showed up to day camp.

Rein stayed quiet as he approached, mentally groaning when he realized the only familiar faces he saw thus far were the adults. There was one other child present, a small, yellow filly. He didn't know her, but was on the fence about whether or not he wanted to interact with her.

He considered his options, the crafter and the healer, and decided that talking to the little girl was probably the best way to go.

He smiled meekly as he approached the trio, looking up to the peppermint stallion and sea washed mare with his somber, navy gaze. "Hi, Johnny," He said to the crafter, his eyes flicking to his companion, but only offering a dip of his little golden head to the creature. He didn't know what it was and wasn't too eager to find out. He turned his attention to Tiamat, who seemed to be munching on Johnny's hair or something. He smiled again. He wouldn't blame her if she was trying to eat him. "Hi, Tiamat," He piped to the healer.

The adults didn't hold his attention for long. He turned to the little yellow filly (she was hues of blush and pale saffron, as if her body was painted with watered down palettes of his crimson and dark golden frame), and furrowed his brow at her. "Who're you?" He asked bluntly, realizing his atrocious manners only after the words had left his mouth. "Wait, I'm sorry, um, I'm Rein," The blood-stained boy stated hurriedly, his eyes flicking to his hooves. "It's nice to meet you. So, uh, what's your name?" He added, his words less rushed and more purposeful. His gaze flicked back to the filly with a meek smile on his lips.

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A hulking figure lurked.

Well, Ru'in wasn't really capable of lurking yet. He was born far too large, but even so, he was still clearly a foal despite his mammoth proportions. Still .. he looked like he was giving lurking a solid try. Hulking too.

He had left Romina to sleep, deciding to wander away on his own and do some discovering before she woke up. Then they would have breakfast together and do...well, whatever it was she wanted, really. But the sound of voices caught his attention, and he was draw more out of curiosity for what this strange icy palace he had been born into held, rather than the desire to play or make friends, or any of the other day-camp related activites.

And so, Ru'in just lurked.

His tusks and bi-coloured gaze were pointed towards the slowly assembling group, but he made no move to join them. Instead, his observant and intelligent eyes surveyed them as if trying to study and understand just what it was they were all doing.

And why they were doing it so loudly.

They were calling to one another, and he vaguely thought he heard snippets of introductions. While these were mostly meaningless to him (despite the fact that unbeknownst to him his half-brother was part of the assembled group), he filed away what little he did hear for future reference. He doubted he would need it, but you never knew. Besides, Ru'in's newly-born mind was exactly filled up with things yet. His mind had room to spare.

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A woman approached, and the lemony filly straightened out of her play-bow, small head swiveling to watch her approach. She is full of smiles and happiness, much like her mother. But, unlike mother, she is blue with an ornately carved horn sprouting from between her eyes. Her greeting was dipped in the sugar that her father was spun from, and the filly just stopped her eyes from rolling as the other’s muzzle dipped warmly to brush her own, “I’m Larue.” She quickly broadened her saccharine grin, reaching up to bump the woman’s own (perhaps a little harder than necessary for a greeting), before she danced away on sender pink legs.

But the woman quickly redeemed herself, much to the tart filly’s delight, as a mischievous smirk covered her face accompanied with playful words. Perhaps this mare was more fun than the filly had initially given her credit for. Large grinned, about throw her own heels up to mimic Tiamat— but is interrupted by yet another. This was a colt.

Her head rose and her fuzzy ears perked. He was obviously older than her youthful self, and he was covered in gleaming gold. He addressed her dad and the newly met, still-on-the-fence-about Tiamat, and then he turned his dark blue eyes on her.

“Who’re you?” Immediately, her pale yellow face grew pinker as a blush spread. Gone was her pomp and cheekiness, abandoned in the face of such a handsome young colt. Teal eyes widen as her fluffy tail ticked anxiously—and the golden boy is speaking again, saying sorry and introducing himself.

The moment his eyes leave her and glance towards his hooves, she felt the breath she was holding leave her tiny nostrils. “Larue,” she is relived that her voice had returned to her even if she had only managed to blurt out her name. A pause and breath, then she is saved as her bright, sharp teal eyes catch sight of—of something not-quite-but-almost-lurking just off from the gathering of foals and adults.

What was it? The curious thought darted through her mischievous brain just as she darted towards the spotted, large foal. But she quickly drew up short, lemony body abruptly halting as she got a good look at the beastly colt, “What're you and what’s coming out of your mouth?” Pertness colored with disgust throws her questions out at the silently stalking Ru’in, not even asking for his name.
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