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It had not been a mission from her father that had sent her away this time—no permissions or wishes of good will had trailed after her escape. Only abandonment had been left in her wake, a hollowness that lacked any explanations or promises of return. Far, far away she had traveled (ran), the frightened erratic trembling of her heart negating any fight of fire that might’ve burned in her voltaic eyes. Is that what she has become now? A stray vagabond, tethered beneath the shadows of legends, reduced to little more than a mouse beneath their vast, vast prominence?

Trapped in its shallow grave, she can feel the lion roar, fighting against the chains that hold it back (a caged bird)—the beast that has reared its head on too few occasions. And it is hungry, anxious and ready to be released. Why does she keep it caged? (Why must it remain bound, even when she tries to allow teeth and claws to rip forth like the war maiden she was born to be?)

It is only when she had fled, when she had again succumbed to the very same fear and frustration that had haunted her, that she had found herself able to breathe again. Released from beneath her parents’ mighty stature and trailing away from the powerful footprints they have left behind (a path she had been expected, had told herself she had to follow, had to mirror), that she was able to just be again. Simply Zenobia. No obligations to excellence, no shoes to fill, no expectations of worth or grandeur. Given the opportunity to be on her own and yield to the wills of her own heart, she had thrivedblossomed beneath her very own triumphs, even beneath her own mistakes (if only because they had been hers).

Perhaps, for too long she has taken the weight of others’ burdens and placed them upon her own shoulders (and held them there of her own will, with no requirement of anyone else, because she, alone, had to hold everything and everyone together). It is a lesson she is still grasping to understand, to accept, to let go. With a plethora of siblings looking up to her, it is difficult (nearly impossible) to accept any mistakes or flaws of one’s self, to release the gauntlet of eldest and just simply live.

It is this reason, among others, that deters the white mare from gliding like an arrow straight to her desert homeland. When the familiar mountain ranges and forest lands had begun to pass beneath airborne hooves, she had already decided that, at least for now, she would make her own way in Helovia—forge her own path, build herself up, and discover the Amazonian warrior that lies readily behind her electric gaze. That isn’t to say she is forsaking her family. Both Mama and Papa are loved, adored, along with her siblings—family is so ingrained into her soul, she couldn’t possibly remove them. But it is time, at last, for her to discover what she is capable of outside of her family’s great distinction.

With a sweeping whisper of wind and the scuff of hooves against stone, she alights among the many rivulets of hot, glowing lava—their voltaic blue not unlike that of her own gaze. The cold warmth is brilliant in the hazy light of dusk, framing every delicate, angular curve of the mare’s body with a halation of blue and sharp shadows. Electric eyes dance involuntarily to the horizon—to the dark shadow of the island, visible in the distance like an echoing admonition. She must be strong. Pressing her wings to her sides, she turns away, swinging her head around to face the four, crumbling altars instead.

notes; Open to all! Figuring her out for myself, so I apologize for any choppiness/jumping around. So excited :D
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The cogs of her mind clunked against each other as Dacianna mused over different ways she could complete her quest. Either way, she was probably going to get in trouble for eavesdropping, not being where she should be or stealing something. All things Dacianna herself condemned as bad behaviour, although she had been guilty of eavesdropping in the past, her need to know gossip was also one of her array of random vices; like talking too much to strangers and her stubbornness. She lingered in the Veins plotting out her master plan of stealthy, but not so stealthy, attacks on the unknowing. It wasn't like she was particularly good at being convert in the first place, with that reason being one of why she asked for the magic from the Moon, but the Goddess still requested the almost impossible of her. The scholar wondered if she would somehow get a name like the Riftian they should never have saved or the girl with no self-respect. That thief. That intruder. In order to get what she wanted she would have to be someone she would hate herself, throw away her dignity, but maybe that was also the purpose of the task. 

Light faded as the sun began to set and Dacianna thought about making her way northwards, wanting to go home, but other things were still to be done. She had yet to visit the Hidden Falls and the Dragons Throat. Tembovu had asked her to learn, but everything was so far away and took so long to travel to. Was she meant to complete this in a season? Perhaps this was just an ongoing task or so she hoped. It was in the midst of her brooding that she noticed a flicker of movement from out the corner of her eye. The gold of her eyes snapped to the stranger who had interrupted her thoughts and she gave a disgruntled grunt before her gaze lit up with thought. Perhaps this could be her first ring on her quest to filling herself with the Moons magic, and she spied the two items on the girl's being, eyeing her first target; a horse of pale colour and feathered wings.

Silently she apologised to the mare, feeling a surge of hesitation as everything she had learnt screamed against stealing, but she had to. This would be test number one, quickly, before night fell and her coat started glowing, but she could nothing about the sound of her hooves that were louder than usual. The roan positioned herself to approach as quietly as she could manage, there weren't many advantages she could draw from, even approaching from downwind would be difficult due to the flowing lava carving rivulets into the earth. Each step she took was carefully placed, as she tried to minimise the sound of both her ridiculously loud hooves and the clinking of her bracelet against her dark, curved antlers as well as avoid falling into a fire pit.

Once she thought she was close enough, she extended her neck and tried to reach for the girls feather, her amber gaze frozen in concentration as she pushed aside her reservations— the girl who stole from strangers. 

[Quest thread #1 - D: if there's anything wrong with this please let me know Reli! :3 Dacianna is attempting to steal Zenobia's feather, but she isn't exactly very stealth like. Her hooves are louder than normal due to the effects of the Moon's potion. Feel free to react in whatever way ^^ <3 ]

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He wasn't sure how his brother would take him leaving the Throat without him, but he didn't really care; now anyway. Tiny hooves pounded at the ground as he ran through the main land. Laughter bubbled from his young throat as he kicked up his heels twisting his rear. Bright blue and scarlet eyes flashed brightly as he ran. It was great to be out on his own exploring whatever he wanted without his prankster brother. Admittedly he enjoyed everything Tyrath did, even if he did end up wet. He smiled at the memory and slowed his pace not wanting to be to tired so soon.

He stuck to the coast heading to the west searching for something interesting. It didn't take all that long to find something that fit his wants. He stood on the edge of a land bridge looking down at the swirling lava. heat assaulted his little body as he watched the odd stuff. Instinct screaming to never ever get any closer than he currently was. His gaze slowly moved over the bridge checking how sturdy it really was. To his surprise there were already two horses at the end of the bridge. He stood still watching them curiously. One seemed to be glance towards his home, and he wonders if she is from there, before the form turns back to something else.

It's the other horned figure that really catches his attention. He has seen snakes in his desert home, slithering slowly swaying as it approached it's prey. His ears pricked curiously eyes glued on the unicorn. The figure was trying to move quietly, he could tell by the slower movements and the way it never said a word. Trying to be quite himself, the light colt moved forward. He wanted to watch what was going to happen, from up close. Astarot wondered why the horned one was creeping up on the winged one. What did the taller have to gain by sneaking up?

His question was answered as the taller reached out with it's mouth ivory teeth extended for the smaller's wings. His heart jumped, was the rear one attacking the front one? His hooves quickened into a canter, still trying to be quite as he rushed up to them. He made sure to get out of their way in case the attacker turned to leave. he did not want to go flying down into that hot blue stuff below. He chose to go to the right and backed up against some rock thing covered in ash and charcoal. He didn't know it, but the stuff on the alter left a large black streak across his right side and butt. He stood silently in the back watching whatever was about to unfold in front of him.
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