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[OPEN] Farewell, Solitude

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The journey north was exhausting. Not only because many miles lay between the Secret Grove and the Aurora Basin, but also because little legs moved with short steps, and every curious thing needed to be investigated. Patience had never been a strong point of the Aurora Basin's General, but something about motherhood increased her tolerance for frivolous behavior. Even more so, she had fallen in love with the behavior, and found herself frolicking in the deepening snow the further north they travelled. Something had awakened within her as she participated in the pilgrimage to the mountainous valley the twins would call home, and whatever it was chased from her any lingering sadness or loneliness.

They still had a short way to go, and as the mountains grew before them, excitement blossomed in her heart. They would be loved by her herd mates, and anyone with any aversion to them or their wings would not escape her punishment. She knew of several among her herd who held both horn and wings, so certainly the children were not going to be an unusual sight. "Well, darlings, we're almost there," she crooned, proud of the tiny beings and their strength and perseverance. "You've both done wonderfully. It was a long trip, but we've finally made it."

Despite the unusually long Frostfall that had settled upon Helovia, this day was relatively mild. Snow had still accumulated, soft and downy atop the permafrost, and through the deepest drifts she had attempted to dredge paths for the colt and filly to follow her through. It was a dangerous season to birth foals, but luckily, so far they seemed to be doing well.  

She spoke to them, though most of the time she didn't expect an answer. Virga had yet to say anything, and Vesper's broken babbling, though adorable, wasn't quite developed enough to converse with yet. Still, Ki'irha found herself talking to the children as if they were going to respond. "Your little legs are sure to feel like they're made of jellyfish by the time we get home."

Her eyes sparkled and a smile brightened her expression as she looked upon them. Since their birth, they had become no less perfect than when they had entered the world. She had taken care to preen ice from their down and keep them from becoming too cold, and her constant fussing made protected them for the most part from the terrible bite of the frozen north. As the looming mountain pass grew closer with every step, she would be happy to usher them to her cave to shelter them further. She considered seeking out Johnny to fashion them blankets to keep them warm for the times she couldn't hover. It could have been the nerves of new motherly worries that caused her to attempt to shield them, or it could have been the way she remembered shivering beside her mother when her father encouraged her to plough through snow and ice to spar. She never wanted her children to know pain or suffering, and if she could kiss away the bite of winter she would. But her current obsession over them would have to suffice.

As they finally entered the Basin's sanctuary, the smile on her blue lips widened. There was so many people she wanted to present her glorious children to. She was certainly bringing them into a family that would protect and nurture them as they grew. Despite the bitterness the valley held, in it's heart it held warmth and love, and she would be sure her children knew how much they belonged to their new family.  

"We've finally made it," she whispered to them, before allowing her sterling gaze to sweep across the horizon in search for the welcoming party that was sure to arrive.

"Welcome home."

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You kinda hate north.

I mean, you liked it well enough at first. The clearing of your birth, once an entire mystifying universe, shrunk and shrunk the longer it held you. Soon enough you knew it like a king knows his country, only instead of love you just wanted to leave. Probably something really good past those trees, right? Past that pond? Way too big a coward to go looking on your own, you just thought about it and gamboled closer to Mama, leaping over grasses and testing your new legs. Turned out they're pretty good as far as legs go, fragile as glass matchsticks on the outside but long, springy, possibly fast. Between nursing and napping you never had a whole ton of time to test them, but hey, here it sure comes: a whole big test.

Those trees you like - they're far behind you now. The pond - bye bye! You've seen so many things in the past few days you feel like your brain might explode. Actually, it's a bit overwhelming. Your exuberance fades the farther the three of you go; first you cling more to Vesper. Then you cling to the most certain safety of Mama's side, lingering in her shadow and reshuffling, reshuffling your fluffy wings. The feeling of them tight against your sides offers a little comfort against the vastness of the world, but really you miss the clearing. You miss the grass and the first scent of sunlight and even that weird flashy thing that made noises at Mama while you learned to walk.

Mama makes noises, too. You don't understand them yet, but you like the sound of her voice. It draws you the same way sunlight draws the sapling, water the creeping root. For these last several miles you stick near her side and listen, internalizing the sound of the notes, the welcome singsong of her tone. You don't try to mimic yet the way your sister does, but you are learning - in your own way. By the time the world's crown of bare mountains parts to grant you entrance home, you're just a shadow on the tail of the starry mare, quiet and tired, ready to nap. But you're much wiser than the babe you were.

You stop when Mama stops, your delicately shaped head turning to face her. Blinking, you take in her voice and turn to stare at the valley spreading out ahead of you all. It's big, too. And you don't know it, but soon enough you'll probably find your way around here as well as you did the clearing. A little spark of something burns its way into your chest, a bubble of renewed energy, and making a playful rear, you bound out of Mama's shadow to meet the world.

Your family.

Not ready to do it alone yet, you quest for Vesper and try to get alongside her. She's been with you from the start, and you're sure as hell not gonna lose her now! Lipping playfully for her mane, you try to give her a nudge of let's go! before you turn back to whatever awaits, ready to meet it head on. Maybe north's not so bad, after all.

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The ground here was strange.  Strange and cold.  I thought I had finally mastered my legs, and now it seemed like the ground beneath my hooves gave way with each and every step.  Was this another test that I had to master?  Mother made it seem so easy! How I envied her! How I wanted to be more like her!  But it wasn’t all bad.  There was so much to see.  It seemed around every corner there was something new and fascinating to be explored.  Too much, it seemed, to pack into one lifetime.  How would it be possible to see everything?

But every time I found myself starting to worry, Virga would brush my side and it evaporated as soon as it had come.  Virga and Mother could make anything better. My silver eyes were fixed on the mountains before us.  Maybe to an older equine it would have been daunting.  To me the mountains just spoke of adventures yet to be had. I knew mother would never take us anywhere unsafe.  Not ever.  

I was amazed how it seemed that the whole world had turned white as we followed mother further.  However, it did make walking difficult.  Even though mother had created a path, I had become fascinated in how tracks appeared in the snow behind us with each and every step.  I wanted to see my own footprints! It was physical proof that I had become the master of my own, spindly legs.  Quite a feat, considering how wobbly they had been not so long ago.  It didn’t matter how quickly I moved – the prints still followed.  The snow grew deeper, the game more difficult, but that didn’t stop me.  Not until I found myself buried up to my belly.  I let out a soft grunt in a mixture of surprise, fear, and embarrassment and quickly scrambled backwards – using my downy wings to help gain purchase on the soft snow.  The result was the most amazing snow print I could have imagined and a giggle left my lips.  Before we moved on I nudged Virga so he could see, before shaking the snow off my wings and bounding along after mother. 

Virga is quieter than I am, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I understand, even though I don’t know what he thinks or what he knows.  He’s half of me, after all. We’re the same even though we’re different. And the longer we walk the closer I walk to brother, bumping my nose against his hip or his shoulder as we follow mother into the unknown. 

It seems like we’ve walked all the way to heaven because here earth seems closer to the sky than before.  Do the stars touch the earth here?  Has anyone caught one before?  Would mother teach me how to catch one of my own?

Mother was speaking again in her beautiful sing-song voice, words I wasn’t sure I understood now, but would come to in time. "’ome!” I mimicked, happily, returning to mothers side and bumping along next to Virga.   I don’t know what it means, but I’m pleased with myself all the same. 

the evening star
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The Thief had found solace for the first time in a few days now. Her encounter with the Elephant King had left her with an understanding that despite the distance, that he would always be there for her, regardless of where Calstron’s reach was. And being home in the Basin, Rexanna felt the most protection, seeing as Cal wasn’t blessed with horns, she highly doubted the Bloody Prince would find his way to land a home in the Basin of all places. It helped her sleep at night, as well as the push and pull of emotions from her newly found companion. Marembo, a marbled polecat often found his home wrapped either around her withers or up settling himself between her ears and her golden horn, sitting on her face in a display of letting her know that he was always there. She had nicknamed him Remy, understanding that with the native tongue of her homeland, she had issues trying to say the full names of many of the words that Tembovu had often shared – and since he named the polecat, she found herself searching for a nickname fitting for his personality. Remy seemed fitting enough, and so it stuck.

Rexanna and Remy had decided to try and find other members of the herd, wondering just where Rein could have gone. He was older now, more capable, but since their encounter she hadn’t seen him around much. Perhaps he was coming home to sleep and waking before she did, but she missed him. She felt as though she was missing out on him growing up. It hurt her in a way she couldn’t explain, but it wasn’t anyone’s fault but her own. Her sense of wanderlust didn’t make her a great mother, and seeing as her and Ashamin were always busy trying to do something either for the herd or for themselves, it made it difficult to even have a full family time. It ended up making things awkward, the idea of it all. With her heart yearning for her child, she wandered the Basin toward the rusting Sentinels to spot a gathering at the top of the entrance. An eyebrow raised as Remy clutched a piece of her forelock, his beady eyes looking toward them with curiosity, regardless if he could even see. He sensed more with his nose and ears rather than his sight. Still, his eyes were beautiful in a tiny awe inspired way.

She could barely make out the General, Ki’irha; but there were a couple of smaller bodies by her side. Did she need help? Was something wrong? Why was she just standing there instead of moving forward? The Thief couldn’t tell from this distance, so she picked up her pace and trotted over toward the stargazed mare. Upon approaching, the vision grew clearer and beside Ki’irha, there were two star spotted children. A smile broke across Rexanna’s face as she closed in, Remy watching ever so dutifully as the Thief dipped her head to the General. “Ki’irha!” She spoke with a chime of happiness, noticing the star pattern on what appeared to be a colt and a filly now – was it wrong to assume they were hers? Regardless, she was sure that the General would put her in her place if they indeed weren't hers. “Congratulations! They’re beautiful. What are their names?” She grinned, a smile brimming ever so brightly as she lowered her head to the colt and filly as they grouped next to one another. Remy, becoming influenced by the sheer joy that Rexanna had felt, squeaked to the two children leaning out from Rexanna’s forehead to sniff them – hoping to put the scent to a name for future reference.

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Deimos the Reaper

on this long and lonely road to hell

Death wandered, from cave to cavern, from catacomb to crypt, from mountain to summit. He stopped nowhere in particular, sought no one, and admonished nothing. He simply existed on the parallels of ice and wind, surveying his kingdom with diligence because it was the only thing he could do from dawn to dusk, breathing in duty while everyone kept themselves at bay. A King who didn’t want to sit on his throne, he gave bestowals of savagery and brutality, anointing the wailing winds and the howling peaks with desecration and ruin; a living, breathing sword, a tangible weapon. Like the cliffs, he bore naught and no one, crossing over lines of rime and desolation, carving out more depths of isolation for his soul. He was the perfect depiction, sculpture, essence, image, and entity of starkness, where the bleak, deserted fiends were laid across channels and panels of naught. The Reaper simply didn’t want to see anyone, listen to anyone, or call to anyone – he was disgusted with the realm, disgusted with his brethren, and disgusted with himself.
His attention was only severed from mutinous calculations by a stirring near the border; comprehending the broken, whittling layers of the Sentinels and their inability to conquer threats, he edged closer, severe and treacherous, looming and diabolical. For the merest of moments, the beast, the heathen, the despicable, molten cretin, was set on annihilation (and how brilliant it would have been, to set his rapier into the belly of an enemy again).
Instead, as his piercing, puncturing gaze settled upon the gathering, he only noted those of his own land. Immediately, he thought to draw away, haunt the shadows again, trace the foundations of his realm one more time and see if he could manage a thought, a nuance, that didn’t set him off into contempt or wrath. Curiosity plagued him further, however, as two bright specks hastened against the ivory backdrop (like stars he thought, then sneered at himself for such a ridiculous notion – because not once had he ever glanced at the constellations, at the heavens, since his father’s death), unknown, foreign, tiny, small, infantile. He watched as the golden Thief grew closer to what could only be their General, and the children, with wings and feathers (his daggers had advanced, unknowingly tracing him further into the midst), danced along the realm as if they owned it, as if it were theirs.
The fiend, the devil, the Reaper didn’t invoke destruction in their wake. He merely watched, surveyed, from yards away, a figment of darkness and ferocity. Machinations ran through his skull (the hows, the whys, the whens), but nothing more came from their circling, scavenging, or haunting presence. It was just a bare bones of acceptance, curling and coiling its way through his chest, of worlds so far gone, so lost, and plagues no longer plucking out the stained strands of empires. The poison simply seemed gone. The Lord nodded his head briefly to each, and uttered a single vocal to the General, more than he’d spoke to anyone in his herd in ages (besides Johnny – and even that had been a pathetic attempt). “Congratulations,” he spoke into the wilderness, then shifted, intending to be gone from their sight again; a ghost, a wraith, a phantom of the abyss.

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I was probably up to no good - or maybe I was on my way to go travelling to pick up some materials or… I don’t know. I had clearly been planning on doing something with my day because I had my bag slung across my shoulder and I was heading toward the entrance of the Basin. But, all other thoughts were put on hold as soon as I noticed the crowd near that entrance.

“CHILDREN!” The gasping shout was, unfortunately, followed up by me scrambling away. Because there was something I needed to get for the children before I went any closer and actually met them. As fast as my little pink legs could carry me - which wasn’t very fast so who knows what I was missing - over toward my cave where I was storing the blankets I had made for the herd. They were free for everyone to use, of course, at the small price at having a conversation with me to ask for them.

Some of our members think that that’s too heavy a price to pay but they’re rude little poops and don’t really deserve the blankets to keep them warm anyway.

Fortunately, no one had made off with them and after encouraging/shoving Jellybean out of the way (she had adopted the blankets as her own when they weren’t being used by another herd member) I had them slung across my back and was trotting/bouncing my way back to the border.

“Hello friends!!” I call out cheerfully to the group as I approached - rounding up because Rex and I were friends, Ki and Deimos and I were friendly, and I’m sure the kids and I will get along alright.

Aw, it seems like just yesterday we were saying congratulations to Rexanna as we worked in the prison clearing!

My green eyes were bright as I focus my attention on the star mare. “Ki’irha! Congratulations!! They’re so shiny!!” Well they were and they had wings! I really don’t know Ki’irha very well but it looks like she’s got a beau outside of the herd! “Here’s some blankets for them, it’ll help keep out the cold!” I angle my body just a little bit, inviting her to take them if she wanted. They were a soft, un-coloured wool but woven together in a cool knit pattern that I was pretty proud of.

idk if it's too late but wanted to get something up <33

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