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Art Theft and Copy Right Infringment.

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Important things to note:
Copyright infringement is financial gain, making a commercial work accessible to members of the public, concealing intent of infringement, providing false copyright, distributing or importing for distribution false copyright information, or removing or altering copyrights. ... Not only is it another form of plagiarism, it's a civil violation in the US, where one can be sued for if "Fair Use" cannot be proven, and posting someone else's work, manipulated/edited or not, in your gallery does not qualify as "Fair Use."

However, if someone files a suit against you and infringement is proven, then it is a violation in U.S. law and the following penalties may apply: ("Shrewmania")
~5 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $500,000.
~Second offenses (or more) can range up to to a fine of US $1,000,000 and up to 10 years of imprisonment. ("Digital Millennium Copyright Act." )

Because HELOVIA used a U.S. based website, we MUST obey U.S. Copyright laws.

So, if you didn't make it, don't post it. You are taking away the original artist's talent and stealing their credit as your own.

-> If you want to use someone's work:
1. Find a way to contact them. Email, dA page, IM, etc.
2. Ask politely if you can use their work, linking them to exactly what you want to use and WHAT you plan to use it for.
3. Ask for their written permission, to prove you could use it.
4. Provide proof of the original artist's permission, and give them credit for the work, even link back to the original work.

Written permission needs to be sent to Tamme's deviant art account :"

1. Use images from a google search
2. Use professional photographs from a designer or photographer
3. Use manipulations or drawings that you did not commission, get permission for or make yourself
4. Use uncredited images
5. Disobey the rules of the stock provider
6. Put oversized images on your profile

1. request in the "Art Nook" board for resizes, credits to be put on the image, or html help
2. Use Tamme's free templates to design your character if you have no other medium to use
3. Make your own art or commission artists on Deviant Art
4. Obey all of the stock rules from the stock providers and read them carefully before starting a manipulation
5. Link or put credits on image for posting tables
6. Put credits ON the image for profile pictures
7. Have the manipulator of an image you are using message Tamme's DA account to let us know you have permission

Note that NOT ALL stock providers allow OFF SITE use!

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