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World's Edge Filly
Filly :: Tribrid :: 14.3hh :: Two
Everly :: Common Zephyr :: Roc Kiki
- Extra Magic Slot
- Bond with Two Companions ** preferred
1. Magic (A) [Dark] – Can turn into a shadow form of herself
Upgrade – Shadow form is able to pass through objects.
2. Magic (A) [Dark x Light] – Emits a star-like glow from within capable of blinding foes
Upgrade – light also paralyzes foes
[if mutation obtained]
3. Magic (A) [Dark x Light] – Able to ‘wrap’ wounds in shadows that turn to light as it heals.
Upgrade – increased frequency?
SS - Zephyr – roc, any class obtained!
SS - Dragon - any class** preferred
NSS - Cerndyr – lamplight, any class
Normal – Flying fox

Custom item - Moonstone arrow: Enchanted to respond to whistles and requires no bow to fire.
Small item - Star headpiece.
Large item - Silver silk/satin cloak.

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