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A rear and a crash of his hooves brought his rank magic rumbling through the Edge. Though the effects of it mitigated the further it reverberated through the earth, the intent was clear: you are summoned by you King. The reverberating earth, combined with a call he let loose over the land, “Those absent from our meeting, come explain yourselves!” left little to interpretation.

He called those who had not appeared at the meeting. He called them to explain their absence: for though he understood that many had reasons (and, as the last bout of explanations had revealed, they were often fitting reasons) for not attending, he still could not entirely squash the mild irritation at those absent. Thus, cobalt gaze was slightly hardened and his face was impassive as he stood at the borders of the Edge, amid the sea of broken glass, waiting for them to come forward.

He briefly wondered if Elsa would join him— and is surprised to feel the intense longing for her to do so. Not that he is adverse to handing out punishment alone; no, he is fine with doing so, as he had for a lifetime on the Dorobian plains. No, it was that he wished his Queen to be alongside him, to feel her cool presence.

He snorted, clearing his mind of the womanly graces of the Icebound, eyes scanning the lightly misted tree trunks around him. The afternoon sun did little to remove the chill from the air, though it had thinned the fog from the Edge. He waited, tall, still, and monolithic.
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"Tembovu." Her vocals were soft, gaze even gentler. As she approached her eyes studied his body, the strength and power exuded from him. It seemed that she was destined to serve powerful figures, they lightened her path. Presenting herself before him she sunk into a low bow, a sign of her submission. There was little to be explained about his command, why had she missed the meeting? As she rose back to her full height, the doe once again cast a studious eye over his form. It was hard to guess at his mood, little was portrayed through his features. Arah hoped hers displayed compliance and placidity. "I meant no disrespect to you," the doe also didn't bother predicating her words. Pausing she gathered her thoughts for a moment. How could she explain why she missed the meeting when she hadn't spoken about these feeling to anyone? "The thought of standing with the entire herd...acting as if I was one of them." Arah dropped her gaze and shook her head. How could she? Why would she act apart of this herd when she'd probably been responsible for their past miseries. "I admit, I was far too intimidated to stand among them."

Despite joining this herd with pure intentions, she'd let down her leaders already. Ashamed by her actions he voice quivered as she offered an apology. "Please, forgive me. I am sincerely sorry if I caused disrespect or anger." The icy mare fell silent and looked pleadingly towards the King of The Edge, hopeful her punishment wouldn't be too server. Would it be too presumptuous to ask him not to remove her from this homeland? It was here she wished to rebuild her life, it just so happened that such plans were much harder to execute. "I place myself at your mercy." Wynter screamed above them but the doe simply bowed her head again, waiting for the mighty one to pass judgement.

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Arahs whereabouts had crossed his mind multiple times during the meeting, and it hadn't gone without concern. Where had she been? Their king and queen would not be pleased if anyone failed to attend a mandatory meeting and Tilney was under the impression that both monarchs were quite fond of the alabaster doe. Arah was smart enough to know this, there had to be a reason she hadn't shown. 
After some much needed rest, Tilney went about his day tending to the plants in the greenhouse. Filling empty pots with water from the near by stream and carrying them carefully back to the conservatory to hydrate each seedling was a tedious task but he found it incredibly relaxing. The bronze boy had been gently trimming the competing branches off a young ginseng plant when he heard his kings mighty call. 
“Those absent from our meeting, come explain yourselves!” 

Not one other thought crept through Tilneys colourful mind; at this moment, all he could think about was Arah. Just how angry will the king be? Would Arah be punished? 
No no, Of course not. The flaxen lad tried desperately to continue about his work but only grew increasingly anxious about the mare he quite adored. The ice princess was this sunny prince's most truest friend, and the first to make him feel at home in this wide new world. What if Tembovu was  to ask her to leave? Surely the elephant king would do no such thing... but what if?  Tembovu held the power to banish her, so she might never return as long as he ruled, or worse.

Tilney dropped the pot of ginseng he held in his mouth and raced out the hothouse door, his cloven feet carrying him in the direction of his kings call. "Tembovu!" He cried as he galloped, though he had no idea if he was in fact in a close enough range for his king to hear him. Soon the bronze caught the idle figures of the Elephant King and his Ice Princess past the pine and fir. "My king!" was his next roar as he crossed the frostbitten terrain. Almost running right into the colourful man, Tilney came to an urgent stop at the monarchs nose. "Please do not send her away my lord!" Tilney bellowed "Arah is my truest friend, I wish to never part with her!"
It was only then that Tilney realised perhaps waiting to protest only in case she was in fact banished was a much better idea. Such an objection so soon after his promotion was not ideal in the slightest.
"Please have mercy..." He uttered to his king, a brute he also considered a very true friend. Tilneys verdant gaze fell from the monarchs oceanic eyes and finally crossed to the amber sightgivers of his best friend, the smallest of unsure smiles crossing his ashen maw.

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Tembovu the Elephant Posts: 805
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He waited.

He waited long, cold breaths in the Frostfall cold. The light dwindled, the sinking low and heavy in the sky— just as the King’s heart sank low and heavy in his chest. His call was unheeded, those who were absent from the meeting ignored him. A long, visible sigh clung around his muzzle as a small cloud. Ears tilted back, eyes slowly blinked as he began to turn, heading back into the Edge while mentally striking those absent from the herd, until—


Her voice was quiet, a silken entreaty in the failing light. His great skull swung, thick horn slicing through the mists as cobalt eyes fall on the woman of beauty and grace. He says nothing, though the edges of his eyes crease in displeasure to see her lovely framed bowed in supplication before him. His lips pursed and brow ceased as she continued to speak, disappointment morphing into displeasure.

She was “intimidated”? A short, disbelieving snort left his nostrils as his darkening eyes studied the elegant lines of her face. She joined a herd, only to slip into obscurity and avoid those around her? And to think of herself as not apart of the Edge? It confused, saddened, and irritated the King. But he held his silence until all her words had finished— his eyes ending their roaming and meeting her pleading gaze. A black-dotted ear flicked to the skies as her griffin cried above them, yet the remainder of his attention was focused solely on her.

“Arah,” his low rumble firmly began, “While I may be the one to call you forward for explanations, it is not I that requires your apology. You owe it to the Edge, to your herdmates— for this is only your home if you make it so,” he paused, eyes growing sadder, older, “Perhaps you might better understand that in solitude. Being alone may help—”


His words were cut off by a shout and galloping hooves. His head snapped towards the sound, eyes finding the fast-approaching, newly appointed Moon Doctor. And he kept coming, closer, closer, until the Elephant’s eyes widened fractionally and he leaned backwards on his haunches, preparing for a collision. But he slid to a halt, shouting vouches for his elegantly antlered friend.

He is quiet for a moment, ears flickering as the ringing of Tilney’s shouts slowly settled out of their sensitive funnels. But one word didn’t leave his moving ears: “Mercy.” It was a foreign concept to him as a leader: a general was not merciful. He had not shown mercy in training drills. He did not show mercy when assigned to slaughter the ‘enemy.’ His had been a one-track mind of vengeance. He had even plunged his horn into the flesh of a woman he cared for (Adaeze). But now, with green eyes flashing and lantern swaying, Tilney asked for just that: mercy.

And the Elephant King, seeking to distance himself from his past and his demons (and perhaps gain some semblance of mercy from those in his herd), gave it.

“Tilney vouches for you, Arah. You are lucky to have such a friend as this— perhaps more ties could be found in the Edge if you put aside your intimidation and exist among them. Being threatened by the possibility of closeness is a fear of your own making,” he paused eyes drifting over her again, “The swelling of our herd has brought an increased in droppings throughout the land. It would do you well to clean it off the cliffs. And perhaps cleaning the land will bring you closer to it.”

The smallest of smiles crossed his muzzle as turned his attention to the bronze Doctor, “And I think you, too, should accompany your truest friend in her endeavors, Tilney. If she is worth your word and vouches, then she is worth your company and help in this task.” Lightening, navy gaze sparked once in interest.
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It seemed like she had missed things during her absence. The summons of the King certainly hammered that down - his call rang loud and clear throughout the snow-covered kingdom and made the very trees tremble and quiver, naked branches rustling nervously as though they too could be held responsible to the Elephantine man. Though uncertain whether the call was meant for her in particular, Erthë thought it preferable to be safe than sorry. Being Temobvu's friend wasn't going to get her very far and if she knew the man as well as she hoped he would not be happy to see her try to take advantage of him based on their private relations. This was business - nothing more and certainly nothing less.

Cruising along just above the treetops Erthë took a bit more time to find the mammoth stallion than she had expected. What finally guided her to the right place was the sight of a curious creature screeching among the trees; she veered off towards it to see what peculiar animal it was that could make such a sound, and as she made to circle around it with a mesmerized smile the sound of voices from the ground alerted her to the presence of others.

By the time she had found a place to land and joined up with the others, the meeting was nearly over. Only by the clearly audible shouts from the green-eyed, antlered newcomer she had greeted in passing some time back did she glean the reason for the summons - tardiness, absence, dereliction of duty. Approaching Tembovu from the rear the dove grimaced as she heard his sentence, from amusement at this cruel and unusual form of punishment and sheer disgust.

"You're being mean, Tembu" she said accusingly as she emerged beside him, the slender tail moving to wrap its icy coils around one of his dark legs. "Is it that bad to be away from a meeting? We don't even know when they are held, how should we know to be home whenever you call."

Erthë turned to Arah with a smile, lips pursing in mild curiosity as the gaze continued to Tilney - he had made an awfully loud defense of the pretty mare. Was that just how he was, or was there something going on between the two of them? If so it would be really cute, Erthë felt both enthused by the idea and slightly jealous. Would anyone make such a speech to defend her if she got in trouble? Maybe, maybe not. Though she had many acquaintances the doll had to admit that her close friends were few and far between. Perhaps she really ought to cut down on her travels, so that the family of the herd would not turn into a gathering of familiar looking ghosts - there but distant, unfeeling, uncaring.

Retrieving her thoughts from this foray into this bleak-looking prospect of a future the young cygnet looked back at Tembovu, craning her neck so as to gaze him in the eye while speaking.

"Did anything important happen, since you called a second time? I'm sorry I was gone, I had no idea you would host a meet before I returned. I can pick poop too, if you want..."

Though apparently trying to sound casual, even enthusiastic about it, the prospect clearly did not go home well with the girl. Gazing around surreptitiously she calculated how long it would take for three horses to clear the vast expanse of the Moon's protectorate; the estimate caused her wings to drooped in a sad, forlorn way. It would take forever, that's how long.

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