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The journey home swept by in a blur of snow and total exhaustion. The rose had wilted, her petals ripped and shredded from the beautiful furl of the internal heart. Her thorns were bloodied and her steps faltered with each mile trekked stubbornly into the north. 

Lena and Alice were a quiet, steady conference to the shrill screaming of her mind. A contrast she found comfort in, dredges of sanity in a world that had been upended again and again. There would be a time for rest, for clutching the dark corners of the fabric of the night, for cocooning herself in the void of her own pitiful existence. Though her wounds were healed, her mind was not. Yet even in the wreckage of her own disgrace, her spirit lay unbroken. 

And so the Queen - Lady of frost and spark, the wild-blooming rose of the North - moved onward. She lifted her fallen crown to her bloodied brow and faced the horizon, and though her fingers trembled she gripped her fallen dagger and vowed upon her defeat that she would not let the war itself be lost. Her people needed her, and failure was not an option. Her predecessors had faced their vile demons and struggled through alive, and she would not be the first name to tarnish the unbreakable spirit of the Basin. 

Like a staggering, beautifully disastrous soldier, she climbed the slopes into the mountains of her home. She advanced through the colorful fabric and evergreen trees, a ghost, a shadow. But the coal in her belly burned fierce and hot, and with but a breath of support from her people, she would find the courage to burn once more. In this valley of cold she would rain hellfire down upon those who wished her people harm. And no loss of battle, no relinquishment of petty trophies would stop her. No blind justice-drunk valiant with a wayward heart and soiled, blackened transcript would cease her reign. 

She was Hotaru. Lady of the Basin. Queen of wolves and the monstrous beasts that roamed the night. She was the delicate flower that entranced and awed, the dagger's edge that cut the string of life and heralded awaiting death. She was young, and she was mortal. 

But she was alive. And she would rise again, a cold-fire phoenix, to burn all those who opposed she and her mighty family. 

With a broken but angrily beating heart she lifted her stained, bloodied face to the sky and let her scream pierce the heavens with her own force of will and life. Alice tilted her black-lipped face to add her piercing, hellish howl to the chorus of triumph. Death had not claimed them, and it would not for many years. 

Their reign was endless.

- - -

As they rise and swell beneath her like bloodied waves, she surveys them stoically from the good right eye left in her use. Her throat is parched but she swallows down the bitterness of her own past week, gazes into their faces and lets the words swell and carry through the throng.

"A new enemy has risen; Tingal, a creature of mixed blood, both tiger and equine. He is dangerous, he is manic. If you cannot contest him, do not cross him. But he has declared a vengeance against I and the Basin, and we will crush him accordingly." She wears her blood like warpaint, proud even in her loss. There is nothing left for her to fear, now. She knows the faces of the demons haunting her steps.

"In light of this, I am consolidating our ranks. I have privately promoted Rexanna to Thief, and you will answer to her as such. Before all of you I ask Ki'irha to come forth and be our General, to lead our soldiers once more." Pale eye scours across the land to find the star-spun mare, recalling the powerful force she and Ki'irha had become when facing down Kalona, and Ashamin's glowing praise of her. Either she succeeded with Hotaru's blessing and the opportunity she presented her, or she failed and was replaced. There was little room for slack, not now.

"Negotiations with the Hidden Falls must be secured. If they do not come to us first, I seek an entourage to accompany me to their lands." Again she waited for any errant voices to supply themselves, for volunteers before she simply demanded they do so. "Deimos -" she turns to find him, eye sharp but softening momentarily as she gazes upon him. "What news do you have?"

Herd meeting! Please let Deimos post first! This is set directly after the thread post-Ampere-challenge, so while Lena healed Hotaru's wounds she's still pretty much covered in blood (just in case you skipped to the bottom to read the good shit and need to know the facts).
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Deimos the Reaper
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the throne must be such a sad and lonely place

The Reaper had learned to detest herd meetings. Besides the lengthy discourse, the endless tirades, and the notion that he’d have to endure more public interaction, there was always shame associated with it. There were cretins and fiends in their midst whom he somehow always managed to disappoint, who shirked and snickered, who slithered and detested, who found failure where he’d attempted something great. In the end, he was simply tired of letting down the chilling temples and the overbearing walls, the acerbic minstrels and the unrelenting guardians. The Lord didn’t want his world left wanting, left yearning, left craving and relishing for a taste, a nuance, a speculation of substance they could’ve savored, had he not been so flawed. There was always the sentiments that he wouldn’t be good enough, that his throne was in disrepair, that he tripped more than he triumphed.

But the beast could only give them what he was – a ferocious, unwinding, ravenous force of will and danger, of treachery and deception, of ruin and desecration. He was mutiny and depravity, abhorrence and upheaval, dedication and loyalty. But he was also determination, steel fortitude, arms and munitions and death strung from the rafters of his ardent, ruthless appeal; and where he faltered, where he stumbled, he examined the pitfalls, the holes, and the snares he’d fallen within. The Lord hoped, in some small measure of his depraved, decrepit heart, that he’d managed to secure ties and lines the rest of his brethren could be proud of, could sink their teeth into and be content with the knowledge of their safety, of their sanctuary, of their sanctity. They, the compatriots, the friends, the foes, the allies on this great, forsaken land, were truly the only things he had – and he guarded it, refined it, honed it to the best of his abilities.

He answered Hotaru’s beckoning, the call to their regime, as an unfurling predator. His features were refined in nonchalance, reticence, and apathy, his movements were coiled strength and tenacious virility; but underneath it all, in the dark impressions of his nefarious whims, he was tense, taut, mired and moored in chaotic apprehension. The demon recalled every moment of the last meeting, how it’d blown, ricocheted, sparked, and sizzled into absolute pandemonium, like a mob foaming at the mouth, like a crowd stampeding over its latest, sighted victim, and how he’d tried to subdue the mass of their disappointment, the outcries of their rage. Was it doomed to happen again?

Couldn’t they have one meeting of the minds, of these rapacious, clever, soulless wiles, without snapping at each other’s throats?

The Basin was greater than the sum of all her hysteria, noise, and riotous din. The Basin was strength and perseverance. The Basin was persistence and power. The King believed that – and no matter the dread clawing at his bones, at his sinew, at his joints, he still managed to arrive at Hotaru’s side.

Yet, where he would’ve begun, trumpeting to the troops, summoning the rest of the wanderers and loyalists, his stare narrowed, pinpointing solely on the bloodied figure of the Queen. The ridges of his brow furrowed into brief, violent alarm (who had done such a thing to her and why and how quickly would she like them hunted and bludgeoned?), and his voice dropped into a solidified, nearly inaudible whisper, close and quiet, discontent and disturbed. “What happened?” The pernicious promise, offer, of vengeance pervaded along the entity of his cool, monstrous grace, a cretin eager to conquer, ready to defend one of his own. Then, before any began to arrive, he settled back into his insouciant demeanor, arranging a steady, nonplussed eye quickly (but not in his mind – a rebellious stance of queries and questions volleying for rights of pursuit and persuasion), longing for answers but understanding it was neither the time nor the place.

Instead, he turned to address those uncoiling from the ruins, from the caverns, from the wide, expansive, snowy thresholds, and drummed out the shambles of what he had to say. “We still hold armistices with the Dragon’s Throat and the World’s Edge. Through these ceasefires, we are hoping to establish more trade with crafters. Soon, our Weavers will journey with us to see what the other herds require, and perhaps we may gain materials necessary for the greenhouse and prison.” He nodded towards Johnny and his group, though didn’t settle or stray too long on the ivory and crimson hued stag; segmenting his eyes upon the sentinels – the next subject to be breached. “Due to Ulrik’s departure, the sentinels are no longer in use. Per a recent meeting with our God, we will be interacting with a pack of wolves, and may, in time, learn and utilize them as protectors.” His speech seemed endless and his mouth was growing tired – already irked and irritated by the bout of news flowing from his lips, but there was so much to add, so much to tell them (because he wanted them safe, he wanted them secure). “There are other threats. A black and white Pegasus, Gull, has stolen items and attacked several of our own. Be wary.” And once that prison was finished, once the cell walls were back in place…ah, how satisfying it would be to watch the feathers wilt and the plumes fade and all the fiend’s dreams die between cold, metallic barriers. Then, finally, the words seemed nearly at an end – but his stare solidified solely on one other being (the little one draped in blue; who reminded him of oceans and shells and gulls). “We would also like to honor Tiamat as a Time Mender for her dedication and skills.”

The beast loosened a sigh, a breath, he wasn’t aware he’d been holding, and addressed his crowd, his patriots, his favored brethren, to their questions, wants, and necessities. “What are your concerns or needs?”

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His cold blank eyes wondered through the caves of his own home. The rock and boulders he had incarcerated him behind their strong walls, but the beast decided to break free. His ghostly body wandered out into the frost bitten world. Bright rays of light ran and reached for his black pelt. They eagerly tried the warm his cold soul, but like always the ray's were unsuccessful. A sight slipped from the velveteen maw causing the frozen breath to halo around the demonic crown. Then he heard a screeching sound wallow from the gut of the Basin. His heavy skull looked to the direction it came from as he followed the sounds.
He trekked through the snow paths until her saw them. Together they stood calling for a meeting of the Basin. His eyes traced over the mare. Her body was tin and blood saturated. His head tilted slightly as he came to a halt before the two. Black hooves stood still and his body rippled with scars. His gray eyes stayed dead and cold upon the two in front of him. Nox knew Deimos very well, but as for the other he had no clue who that woman was. Onyx ears reached forward to the tones of Deimos. His voice roared from hell and the demonic sound waves ran into his ears like lustful demons.
First order was the alliances with Throat and Edge. They still stood where they were, odd we would side with Pegasus, but that was not his business. Next order Ulrik was gone, he had left the humble home of the Basin. Nox had heard a bit about him while he was still here, but the sentinels no longer worked? So that is why they were falling into scrap metal. The the Reaper turned to a subject that Nox knew of very well. The one named Gull who stole his Pelt. Gray eyes narrowed as the Lord spoke of the little rat. If he only had a chance to gt a hold of the little bastard. He would be decaying meat. Then the last words came from the black stallions mouth. Tiamat was now a mender. Nox smiled softly at the sound of her name. It was wonderful she had gotten recognized. As the last words halted a question flicked into his own mind "What will be done with the Sentinels? They are starting to rot into an eye sore.," His deep Latin voice spoke up to ask.

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I had a dream you were two towns from me —
The call was all the Thief needed to hear before she was in movement. It had been a long winter thus far even though it had really just began. She was growing tired of it, specifically the weather and how it appeared that darkness succumbed the world quicker and longer each passing day. At least she had a sun in her life – Rein. He was proving to be a strong willed and adventurous colt. His once leggedness that Rex adored after he was born was slowing beginning to fill out into strength. She watched him, sometimes for a few moments, to simply just admire him. She was losing his childhood slowly but surely as age began to overtake him. It was bittersweet to the golden mare. She loved watching him grow, but saddened by the fact that he even had to grow. His words were more formed and easily pronounced, taking place quickly from his ‘dese’ and ‘dere’s’.

And she knew that she had spent much time away from the Basin as of late, but she couldn’t just stand to be there for a prolonged period of time. Too much was happening, and she was missing out on it. So when the call came from her Lady, she knew instantly that Rein and her needed to move. Her blue gaze cascaded over her child, a soft smile in his direction before reaching to nudge him in their cave. “Come on, love.” She cooed to him, making sure that he’d be able to wake up and follow her. This was one of those mornings where she had woken before the colt, and simply just sat and watched him. But now there were duties to attend to, and she as the Thief, most definitely needed to attend.

She wondered if it were to be similar to the last meeting. If someone would grow angry at who got promoted and who didn’t, but the thought slipped away as she and Rein made their way to Lady Hotaru’s call. Upon her arrival, she noticed that the Basin’s Rose was covered in blood. Her brow furrowed briefly, but she moved to stand near her Lord and Lady as a means of support. Dipping her head to Deimos and Hotaru, she offered them a small smile of hello, before spotting Nox among those who began to unravel from their homes and the ever ending ivory blanket. She smiled and nodded her hello to the demon stag as well, before turning her attention to her Lady as she began to speak.

The name reverberated in her mind, bouncing back and forth and then into a compartment of remembrance. Tingal. That would be an easy enough name to remember. A creature of a feline and an equine, would make sure it stuck even further. However, the Thief nodded. She knew that the Basin would be able to protect itself. She was sure of it. At least – she hoped. And yet, the Rose continued, speaking of Rexanna’s promotion and a smile found her lips to look out upon those just now coming in. And she smiled as well for the promotion of Ki’irha. Then, the Rose continued further. The Hidden Falls was a place that Rexanna had never been to, but she had heard of it. She had the choice between the Basin and the Falls upon her arrival, so the entourage sprung an interest in the Thief. “I would like to accompany you, if you’ll have me?” Her blue gaze looked to her Lady, hoping that whatever differences in the past (regardless of Rein and Ashamin) would be put aside to allow her to serve her home and her Lady to the best that she could.

Then, her head swung to the Reaper as he began to speak. His devilish tongue dancing in the air with more substance than what she had remembered in her last encounters with him. Though she felt her stomach churn slightly at the mention of the Edge and the thought of the Elephant King flashed into her mind before she had a chance to shoo him away. Instead, she listened, hearing that Johnny and his gang would be the lucky creatures to go and visit where the Elephant rests. It somewhat put her at ease, but the Thief still carried the sour taste on her tongue. It didn’t help much when Deimos said that the Sentinels weren’t in use anymore either. That just seemed to make her feel more vulnerable. Besides, how long would it take to actually be able to utilize the wolves? How much time was running out before someone else knew that the Sentinels didn’t work? Better yet, how long had it been before it became public knowledge? She sighed to herself, her gaze straying away from Deimos as he continued.

The black and white Pegasus stuck into her mind. Remembering her disastrous attempt at trying to steal a spark amulet from the bastard when she first came to be in the sneak rank. So she nodded, knowing that the creature would be quite dangerous if given the chance. And as her Lord spoke of Tiamat, she felt all the anger and frustrations bore from the Elephant King and the World’s Edge simmer away. If Rexanna felt like someone deserved a promotion, it was definitely Tiamat.

When Deimos opened the floor, the Thief’s demonized friend spoke up. She wondered what the answer would be, but waited patiently before asking her own questions. Her eyes dancing between the two almost for confirmation before turning her cream face to gaze out upon the creatures that gathered. “I want to say that we don’t have the sneak rank fleshed out as much as we’d all like, so if there’s some of you out here searching for a calling you’re more than welcome to come speak with me about joining.” Her voice chimed to her fellow herdmates, hoping that perhaps someone might be interested. At least even slightly? Then a thought struck her, turning her head to look back to Deimos and Hotaru – she began to wonder where Thranduil had been all this time. Why he wasn’t here if he was still a Lord, or if perhaps something happened?

Her brow furrowed. “Also, where is Thranduil?” She questioned in a more hushed tone, directed at Hotaru and Deimos. Wondering whether or not the golden beast still carried his crown here.

— got to sleep,
spent the whole night running.
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YAY HERD MEETING. If anyone is interested in joining the sneak rank, feel free to come up to Rex and ask her about it!
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Tangere is napping in the mouth of her cave; soaking pleasantly in the winter sunlight when the Queen's call rings out. Both her heart and the heart of her bone-white bird leap and pound in it's echo. They're synchronized in their response and equally linked in their immediate action to heed the cry. Meetings were always a weird thing for the silver mare. She always shows up, but rarely has any useful input or function or knowledge of current events. She's mostly less than productive if it were not for her passion for plants and learning to nurture and harvest them better and better every year. So she ponders this as she moves toward the meeting. When the bodies come into view her mind snaps into focus, taking a spot on the opposite (of her baby) side of Rexanna. She smiles to the woman warmly, genuinely delighted to stand next to her. She resists the urge to playfully address the baby – it's time to pay attention. Phrixus perches to watch them silently from above.

The Queen's words are sharp and almost vicious as they fall on her people. Tangere takes it in with little feeling at first, more distracted by the looks of her hide, even with Lena next to her it seemed alarming to the silver speckled unicorn. Deimos is here too and he asks the same question rolling around in her own mind – yeah, what in the fuck happened? The information settles. Both leaders leave their words to digest for a second, obviously time for congratulations to the promoted and a time for inquiry. Tangere keeps her questions to herself, but generously doles out nods and smiles to those announced.

Wolves? Oh yes, she thinks to herself. Wolves on our side will certainly be wonderful.

What in the hell happened to her? Is it this tiger dude who did it, and why would he? Has one being really declared war on a whole herd or are we just making sure we rid ourselves of a nuisance?

Damn that baby is adorable. Rexanna makes cute babies.

Who's Gull?

Who cares about eyesores, we have an enemy afoot!

Yeah. Where did Thran go?

Her trance is broken by a mental prod from Phrixus. He's signaling her to pay closer attention, which makes her feel silly and uncollected. She really should be better at this whole thing, she declares to herself. She listens carefully to the ansers given while everyone speaks up with questions. Afterward she shifts slightly and quietly leans in toward Rex's ear, speaking softly. “If it is allowed I would love to help part-time with thievery duties, I'd be glad to, though I warn you, I have promised most of my time to the healers.” She offers herself and a gentle grin.

non omnis moriar

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It’s the first time something like an order has bounced along the walls of the Basin. Black ears prick forward, acknowledging and dragging an unwilling consciousness out of the attached mind and body. There are no words - specifically - to the call, but the duet that rings through the open space of the valley is clear and insistent. I am here. It announces, and so should you be. Heaving himself to all fours, the old man gravitates toward the sound, obedient (if not enthused) as all the other blobs of color emerging from their night time hidey-holes.

The others move with purpose, a tense kind of excitement that clips their steps short and quick, a perfect contrast to the black's drawn out amble. No news is good news for deadbeats like him, in both readings of the phrase.

When he arrives it seems that everyone has something of note to share, except for lazy bastards that sleep all day that is, and so for once he stands blessedly quiet, letting the others exchange their comments and concerns. Tingal, Gull, negotiations, promotions, and the ruinous state of the sentinels he takes in without complaint, but at wolves he violently balks. “Why the fucking wolves?” He snarls, heedless of the gold and red youth blinking sleepily at Rexanna’s side. “With all due respect,” he hedges, cognizant of the current company, “What kind of substitute is that? Unbonded, uncontrolled by magic or force? Ludicrous. Unless our dear old Sparky plans to augment the mutts in some unnatural way, we’re better off trying to repair the Sentinels. Who else but us knows that they’re not in fact working anyway? Surely we can keep up appearances until a real solution arrives." Here he swings his accusing glare to the new General, Ki'irha. “Is it not the warriors job to guard the borders? We should look to our own."

His distress is blinding. The Theif's offer slips away from him unanswered and though he finds himself wanting to backtrack, to return to her pocket of conversation and start again, he's not sure this gathering of strong wills and easily offended egos will allow it. He peers fretfully in her direction, trying to convey meaning through silent will, though fully and painfully aware that no such dreams come true.

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Long legs carried the dame swiftly across the valley. Much had happened over the preceding months, but despite the changes, most things had remained the same. She had clumsily attempted to piece herself back together, but many times it seemed as though she were trying to fit a square peg into a circle hole. She felt as though she were playing soldier, commanding no one, twiddling her thumbs in a time of peace. She and her fellow corporal had attempted to gather their subordinates, but were met with absence and disrespect. She and Sialia needed to come together and figure out how to bolster their ranks, both in number as well as spirit. Peacetime was a perfect opportunity to prepare for what always follows the quiet. When the storm finally came, leaving destruction and death in its wake, would the warriors of the Basin remain, or would their bodies litter the battlefield due to their inability to come together as one?

But she moved forward, through her thoughts and doubts and concerns, because something - someone, rather - called to her. It wasn't some abstract spiritual calling. It was an actual voice, reaching into every recess and nook in the Basin, calling forth those who called the mountains home. She obediently obliged, knowing the last time she had heard such a calling was when she was first welcomed into the Basin. At the last meeting she had stood proudly before Deimos, Hotaru, and Thranduil, and watched lightening dance at her feet as she was promoted to Corporal. She still held pride for that moment, her title worn as a badge of honor, as a responsibility she would die for. She had waited many hours within her harbor's gates for intruders and threats. She had sparred with quite a few of her herd mates in an attempt to strengthen not only herself, but her opponents. She was proud of being who she had become, and despite all her shortcomings, she knew where she belonged.

Arriving at the meeting, her steely eyes fell upon her Lady. But before she could dip her head in respect, before she could acknowledge the Reaper who stood beside the pink woman, she noticed the war paint. Had she finished sparring and not bothered to clean herself before standing before them? Had she defended their borders valiantly against a missed threat? Or was it something much, much worse? From the Lady's lips erupted an answer, and each word was a needle into the corporal's heart. The girl bristled, hatred brewing and burning deep within her breast. Tingal. It was an easy enough name to remember, especially with the burnt metallic taste it left in her mouth. He would fall. He would fail. She would see to it is stripes were carved from his body one by one, and his pelt would make a wonderful carpet for Hotaru's cave. Ki'irha would be sure to assist in any way possible, and would beg the General to aid in his crucifixion. Well, she assumed she would. They had been without a General for many moons in d'Artagnan's absence, and what better time than now to promote a new leader for the warriors?

Hotaru moved along to further business, and the star girl looked to Rexanna and gave a dip of her head as a sort of congratulations, and a smile warmed her stormy gaze. Those same silver eyes widened at the following words, an her head turned to face Hotaru again.

General. General.

Her ears perked, pivoting on their polls, catching each word. Her heart swelled in her chest, and it took all she could muster to hold her composure together, instead of bouncing around like an excited filly. A smile drew at the corners of her lips, and she stepped forward, head high, before she dropped her crowned skull in a humble bow. "It is an honor," she began, voice light and warm, before lifting her head proudly, "I graciously accept the position as General. There's much work to be done, and I will proudly pull our troops together and prepare them for whatever may lay in wait over those mountains."

Deimos then spoke, and though she still struggled to contain herself, she focused on his words. Gull was another unusual name, yet an enemy by any other name is still an enemy. Perhaps after the tiger was dealt with, they could go hunting for buzzards. Or sea gulls. Whatever. He then touched upon the Sentinals, and though nostalgia had softened her heart to them as an identifiable piece of the landmark, she knew if they no longer served their purpose, they were no longer required to stand guard. Would they be removed, stripped from their posts? It would be curious to see how barren the entrance would look without their looming forms. The Latin devil commented on them being a blemish, no more than rotting scrap, but the star girl saw them as much more. "Perhaps we should allow them to stay, both as a formidable presence to those who seek to trespass across our borders, and as a reminder to what great things may become if allowed to become sedentary." She shrugged, having no qualms on the decision made about them, but knew it was truth. They may no longer serve their original purpose, but that didn't mean they had no significance.

As the floor was opened for further commentary, Ki'irha considered those who she stood among. She had much to discuss on the status of their warriors, but she would call them together later. For now, she minded only those who would not answer to her later. "It would be my pleasure to join you on your way to the Hidden Falls, if you'll have me," she addressed Hotaru. She had never been to any of the herd lands other than her own, so it would be the proper thing to visit each one and meet with their generals, and perhaps discuss inter-herd training. But that was a discussion to be had another time. Turning her head to Deimos, she spoke again. "I believe we should encourage our members to visit the Threshold. Though the journey is long, I believe many pass through Helovia's doors in search of home, among other things. We should offer vagabonds what they seek, and at the same time boost our numbers."

Her head turns to the elder, and though deep within her breast anger brews, her expression remains cool, and her silver gaze chilling. "Watch your tongue, old man, for my watch on our borders is constant. Aren't you the one who cowered within our walls and barked insults from afar at the hornless who approached our threshold? Besides, last time I checked, you seem to offer nothing to our herd, other than rudeness and brashness." She should have stopped there, but her words remained sharp, cutting into her tongue as she held them back. She was a General now, and diplomacy should have been enough to keep her steady and polite. But with her rank also came responsibility, and she deserved the respect that came with the title. She had earned it. "Perhaps if you can do better, you should join the warrior rank, and prove the arthritis doesn't slow your body down as much as your age has slowed your brain." She looked around at those who had gathered, and moved her targeted response to the broad audience. A smile softened her expression as the cobra within recoiled, the venom receding from her words. "We have much to protect within these mountains, and I encourage any who have the spirit to join our warriors. Even if you wish to simply practice with us. Speak now, or find me after this meeting concludes. I would be happy to add any to our proud ranks. It is easy to shout insults into the void while laying idly by, but it takes little to step forward and be a part of the solution."

The star girl fell silent again, ears attentive to what others had to say. And inside, she still glowed and bubbled and felt more joyous than she had felt in ages.

Ki'irha, the General.

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Their world was such a passionate display of secrets. Every single one of them had a story to tell, but their mouths were closed, locked tight, incapable of wrenching or prying apart those clandestine caprices and molten wiles. Instead of telling their innermost thoughts, their enigmatic actions, they stole across the void and delved into passion, into ardor, into reckless garb and tangible armor, clawing, ripping, and tearing so no one saw what folded beneath the top layers.

She’d watched Hotaru carefully as they made their way back into the Basin, as she remained sculpted in blood and finesse, as if she hadn’t been bludgeoned, weakened, defeated or tarnished, as if she was only Queen, only sovereignty, only rites and rituals. Lena hadn’t said a word, hadn’t asked her a query about how she’d received her wounds, her lacerations, or her barbaric fineries. The Songbird had bid and done as was requested, then searched, searched, and searched deep inside herself for the endless answers no one would ever likely provide. She, like so many of them, merely wanted to protect, to offer sanctuary, to bestow refuge; and even if she couldn’t do so as a confidant, she’d certainly embark her way as a healer, tending and nourishing and assuaging the ichor marks her compatriots always possessed.

The fairy listened as the meeting begun, at the warnings and lacquer unfolded into the wintry frame (as perhaps one query was answered before anything else could be anointed). Her eyes rose to the sentinels as they seemed eager to crumble, as Mortuus Nox christened them as nothing but eyesores, and her serene nature kindled, incensed, burned against the core of the tranquility. “Something that has protected us for so long will never be an ugly sight. They should be honored,” and her eyes fell to Nox, narrowed and slightly disappointed, before tilting her ears back and forth over the words of her rulers, over the crowd beginning to grow. She was content in peace, apprehensive on the word of threats, and altogether held together by more furtive whims, just like the rest of them. Her smile lifted, hastened and brightening, at the promotions in order (another to fill in D’art’s role, another to be anointed and christened in the house of healers). The radiant grin polished, bright and luminescent, eager and fervent, towards Tiamat and Ki’irha. “Congratulations! Well earned!” Then left the rest of the gathered to echo and boom, to dissent or embrace – hoping it all didn’t fall apart like the last.

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I tried to sell my soul last night, it's funny he wouldn't even take a bite.

Finally a meeting was called to order. I mull to the crowd, Black tail snapping, side to side. I arrive with others, quickly and on spot. My head held high, I gaze over the others, looking from face to face. My eyes rest on the pedestal that Hotaru is. The lady is covered in blood, and looks near death herself. But the lady has a knack for keeping herself regal, surviving when she should not.

And yet her voice still rings out to the crowd gathered. Proud she still stood, despite the beating her body took. A new enemy, and a new lead thief... As well a new general. I am not surprised at their choice of general. My eyes slide over to Ki'irha, and a warm smile is placed upon delicate features. "Congratulations, Ki'irha."

Even through my happiness for the newly promoted General, I cant help but feel slighted. I had been here the longest. Through battles, and always been loyal. Out of all of them I stayed. I stayed and fought power hungry urges. But how could I expect to make the cut after that last discussion with Hotaru? The strawberry wouldn't have chose me in anyway after that.

There is one more promotion, a mare I do not know it is given to. Voices speak up, and I cannot help but roll my eyes, just before they slide onto a black stallion. "I agree with Lena. The sentinels are there to remind us of times past, of those we have lost. They have protected us, and they deserve better than to become scrap. Maybe if you maintained them, they wouldn't be such an 'eyesore'." But I am not yet done either. My gaze slips to another. Some old fool I do not know. But I cannot stand him either. I look at Ki'irha, and then back at this "Albrecht". "Our General is no liar. Please, join us in our spars. Then maybe your mind shall be changed, since you seem to think us incompetent." My blue eyes turn upwards to Deimos now, a nod given to him. "I look forward to these interactions. Teeth would be an excellent asset to our defenses. And Lady," My gaze flicks to her red body. "I am happy to join you on your journey, should you need me, or want me."

"Speech here."
Notes;; Directly speaks to Ki'irha, Hotaru, Deimos, Abrecht, and Nox. Mentions Rex. Ignores Tangere cause bitches.

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A sound pierced through the vixen's sleeping form, it spoke of will, of strength, of raw and utter power. It was a haunting melody of equine and creature, that of low, rough chords. She could not be bothered to answer such beckons, such cries, but the cat that was proving to be wise beyond her years, hissed and growled until the mare had risen onto her daggers. Apparently she cared much more for the icy basin then Zandora had recently, her duties, her effort at absolute minimum. The amethyst had wanted otherwise, she did not want to be pathetic, to be unneeded and worthless, but she had become such things, despite all the useless desire to not. 

A groan slipped from onyx lips as she searched for Cortana, the filly so intent on never listening to her mother. She had failed at that too, her attempts to be a mother had fallen through her hooves like everything else had. After all, the little creature did not need her mother, and the pain that such realizations had brought Zandora was absolutely heartbreaking. To peer upon your creation, your very own image, in each passing day and to see the coldness of nothing in her(your) eyes, and to know that all the devotion you had for her, all the care, all the love, meant nothing? Well it was shattering. Everything that Cortana was supposed to be for her, all the love Zandora was supposed to(and does) have for her had been cast aside; for blood had become more important then love. It seemed like an awful metaphor, replace blood with any sin and the truth still remained so grippingly, devastatingly, true. It was a miserable life she lived, and one that increasingly came unwanted. 

When Cortana was finally found bursting through the trees in all of her youth, all of her strength and glory, Zandora looked away. She could not stand to look into those eyes, could not stand to see the pure disinterest in everything Zandora was, so she looked away. With a simple bob of her head, the three set out to follow the call. Evara offered her bonded some reassurance, but with a glare of jade eyes, Zandora knew that Evara was not happy with the way she simply let Cortana hate her mother. Although was it not understood that sometimes one had lost the desire to fight?

In all of her sadness, all of the reasons to simply give up. Zandora held her head high, and the three females arrived to the meeting in their black coated glories. They were predators, Zandora a thief in the night, Evara a hunter, and Cortana, well... she is a vampire. She should not allow such petty things to get to her, but they did and they always will. So with a huff she listened, staying hidden in the outskirts of the meeting. Her orbs kept carefully focused on Cortana, watching the filly go trumpeting away to Mortuus Nox, the damn man that she had created a liking for. 

The meeting already seemed to heat quite quickly, but the purple crested did not intervene, her word was unneeded, and quite frankly, she didn't give a damn. Meetings went as meetings did, and at the end of the day some are going to be happy and others aren't, it's just how the game of life worked. Life was no one's bitch. 


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if there's no one beside you when your soul embarks

Their call sounds, and you have no choice but to answer. It wakes within you rather insignificant but displeasurable memories that have lain dormant for so long. It had been the last meeting, the last time you had been summoned, that they had all bickered among themselves like spoiled children, when you had last seen Arah, when you had been promoted despite your inexperience. They call and, begrudgingly, you answer. Your steps are deliberatly slow and weighted, each moment serving to do nothing but make you more convinced that you should just turn around, seek the quiet comfort of your cavern, pretend that you hadn’t heard anything at all, just to avoid the mess that you now so clearly remember. Just ahead of you, Etziel lunges through the snow, entirely too keen to know just what it means, to be a part of something other than your needless hovering, all of your effort to keep him so impossibly sheltered.

His innocence, as always, tempers your pessimism, grants you some respite from all of your ceaseless worry and doubt. You feel a smile creep along your lips the longer you watch him, his little body (it is not so little anymore, for all that he has grown, something that has yet to fail to amaze you) half disappearing in the banks of snow, his excitement contagious. You leap forwards too, forgetting once again all of your self-imposed misery, easily closing the distance that had come between the two of you, your lips reaching out to gently brush the crest of his neck. He squeals in surprise and you only laugh, his spindly legs working harder now to move with any sense of speed through the piles of snow. You allow him to remain just ahead of you, pretending to grow breathless, exaggerating your movements to mock tiredness. The sound of your huffing causes his eyes to roll, but there is an unmistakable smirk on his lips as he lifts his head in his little victory as the two of you edge closer to the outer ring of Basiners. It is there that he waits for you to catch up, eagerly listening to the murmurs as they resonate, words coming and going from your perception.

Ki’irha’, as her name is spoken you strain to listen, only hearing the additive of ‘soldiers.’ Your curiosity is piqued, but you do not interrupt, making a mental note to ask her later. Again he molds in to your shadow almost as reluctantly as you had originally set off, though he watches the others with wide eyes, his curiosity nearly tangible as you make your way to a suitable, albeit distant, place among the gathering. The Lady speaks of the Falls, and voices offer themselves willingly to accompany her. You nearly wince at the thought of when you had followed Deimos and Erebos to the Edge, of all the awkwardness that had found the three of you there. It is not something that you would want to experience again, and that alone is enough to make you wonder about the sanity those that speak possess, all except one. It is only as you actually look at her that you notice the blood that sticks to her (something that, alone, would prompt you to action), dried and with the absence of any wounds (it is this alone that calms you, despite the how that rests on your tongue, permeates your mind), only then, as Rexanna speaks his name, that you notice the absence of that particular thorn in your side.

As Hotaru turns her attention to Deimos, so do you, his voice rumbling over alliances, plans, things that are made no less tedious by their necessity. The greenhouse, he says, and you remember only how it has fallen to the back of minds, yours included. Your gaze follows his as he looks to the South, the glint of metal standing out amongst the white. He speaks of names you do not remember though you are sure they have been spoken to you before, of the Sentinels and wolves (you wonder, idly, just how he plans to proceed with such interaction). Even as he speaks of threats, you do not read much in to it, prefering to regard your home as the untouchable crevice of the North that it has always been. It is his next words, however, that leave you suddenly beaming, searching for the ocean-mare within the crowd, to offer her your support, your congratulations. But you do not see her, and though it does little to suppress your excitement for her, because who else deserves it more than her, you make a silent promise to yourself to celebrate with her after.

As Deimos falls quiet, a voice you recognize (and not terribly fondly) speaks of the Sentinels, and your eyes nearly fall out of your skull you roll them so hard, finding it laughable that he would even think to bring such a point up. Gracefully, Lena corrects him, offers peace and solutions in ways you believe that only she can. It is something that you had envied, once, the way her kindness extends beyond her duty to help, to heal, the way she makes it so effortless because she is so very pure. Once, but no longer, as those ideals have done nothing but hurt you.

Is it not the warrior’s job to guard the borders? We should look to our own.'

His (previously unnoticed) presence (had you not thought that he would have dropped dead by now?) alone is enough to agitate you, but it is his words (however insignificant they truly are, however little his whims and opinions and thoughts—should he even experience such things—actually matter) shot at your friend, calling her resolve and dedication in to question when he himself offers nothing, that flare that ever-present feeling of red-hot rage within your gut, send you teetering forwards hastily to rise to her defense. But she is quicker to react, and quicker still to put him in his place. You fight to hold the childish smile back, fight the sense of pleasure in his disgrace, colored with pride for the stardust girl, as it tingles up your spine, through your heart; a small, petulant little victory that is not even yours to claim in the first place. Perhaps he will end up as a target for practice after all.

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Dissatisfaction erodes to fury under the grinding of Ki’irha and Sialias abuse. As per usual and nauseatingly true to their stereotype, the warriors of the herd find criticism where none is intended and thoughtlessly lash out like spoiled, petulant children. His face darkens abruptly, nostrils pinching and ears pinning flat. “I’d meant no offense before dear ladies, though I’m sure you heard otherwise in the fog of your endorphin and steroid induced rage. I only suggested that we look to our warriors whose job it is to guard the borders rather than dismay at the loss of the sentinels and scramble for potentially dangerous replacements. Now, however I do have to wonder why it is that such an old, addle minded, waste of time and space in the herd still manages to be the first face of the Basin when strangers approach. Strange." His tone lightens suddenly, as if seriously considering the discrepancy. "I would think such proud, endeavouring individuals could outrun a saggy old glue pot like me.” The words are so heavy with sarcasm and contempt that they just narrowly miss falling from his mouth with an audible plop.

"I understand that it takes a certain type to do what you do - and aggression comes with that of course - but for fucks sake you could act like at least half the hero you think you are. The enemies come from that direction." His tail whips to the side, indicating an area in the distance where the sentinels may or may not be guarding a narrow mountain pass. His eyes stay focused forward, unwilling to abandon the chance of an early warning should the pair decide to jump him here and now, the crime of speaking against them undoubtedly a capital offense in their eyes.

He's fairly certain King Deimos won't let them outright murder him for saying such things, not in the middle of a meeting at least, but he's not delusional enough to believe the King or anyone else here would prevent them from serving a little physical justice either. Without the benefit of family or friends, he shuffles closer to the only one in attendance that hasn't declared some level of disgust for his presence recently: Tangere. The strawberry colored mare at the head of the meeting he assumes is another member of Basin royalty, but the blood splattered across her face and chest does nothing to persuade him of her merciful nature. Noticeably calmer and with an obvious deference, he addresses the Queen directly. "There may be someone in the other herds who can repair our machines."

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His cold eyes looked ahead as he heard Rexanna speak. She spoke of the sneaks need sneaks needing more people. His head nodded softly with agreement, then a song floated to his ears to hear a mare speak of the Sentines. His black onyx head flocked around to her Lena speak ho they have protected us. He agreed and he never said for them to be torn down. His eyes looked back to the leads as he let that brush off his shoulders. Then some black bitch decided to put her mouth where he did not ask her. His demonic crown turned quickly to see it was someone he had never seen before. Her words tried to dig at his hide, but he turned and walked to stand right infront of her. Cold soulless eyes looked right into hers. Why does he not fix them? He shook his head with a chuckle " Well I don't have crafting magic or I would be a damn crafter. It is not my job to up keep them why don't you fix them if your going to open your mouth? Why does no body else step up and try to fix them? Why does it fall back to me being concerned for what we are going to do with them. If I did not respect them I would turn a blind eye and not give a shit on how they look. You really want new people to see them crumble and fall, the Basin is a great and strong herd. But look at them do they look like they show strength and what we stand for now?I never said to tear them down. Open your damn ears. It is a hazard to walk through them. There are metal chunks all around and falling shards of rusty metal. Open your fucking eyes. If you want to keep them then find a way for them to get fixed ! Simple as that. Why have YOU not gone to find a metal crafter like the old one mentioned? Simply open your ears before you accuse me of wanting to tear them down. They need to be fixed so they do not fall apart any more. His Latin voice roared from hell, how dare this made say that.
A snort fell from his maw as he simply turned and walked away from the black bitch. He would not even give her the chance to say any more. Nox was not going to argue with anybody, and give in to what they want. He spoke up because of the concern for the metal statues. It was up to the lord and lady on what to do with them. His eyes looked to Johnny then back to Deimos. " I will gladly accompany anyone who wants to go to throat to see if we can get these fixed. Maybe they need something that Johnny can craft in return. Since you know I don't give a shit, but no one else is coming up with ideas. the demoic crow shook looking to the old man. Then back to the lord and lady. He was sure that they had plans to travel to throat at some point. Metal would be a wonderful thing to have, and their crafters are the ones who have it. Gray eyes looked to the young black filly that had ran over to him before he had walked over to the bitchy mare.



Your Fears have just Become all too Real, for the Devil at the Cross road wants to make a Deal

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She nodded and smiled at Sialia upon her congratulations. It was a welcomed remark, and Ki'irha knew Sialia would be a powerful asset in assisting the blue girl at strengthening the soldiers. Sialia made her own remarks, her voice remaining even and non-threatening. But still she was met with the negative vehemence, and the two problem children seemed to be horribly offended by her words.

Her tail twitched with annoyance as Albrecht continued with the snide remarks. "Again, I invite you into the battlefield if you want to continue with your insolence. As much as you wish to describe us as rage-fueled pseudo-heroes, I can assure you I am not as enraged as you want to think. But please, continue with your passive aggressive insults. They describe you more than they describe me." The star girl truly was not as bothered as the old stallion would like to believe. He annoyed her no more than flies during the summer. He was inconvenient and irritating, but easy to ignore.

But the violence thrown at her corporal was more than she could stand. A snarl ripped from her maw as she stomped a hoof, causing the ground to rumble. Her ears twisted back, and she spun towards Nox."How DARE you speak to any member of this herd like that? Especially Sialia, a corporal who would more than willingly lay down her life for you as you sleep snug in your cave? Not only is she one who protects you, but she is higher ranked than you. I invite you to meet her upon the battle field, as I would enjoy watching her strip away your pride and sense of entitlement. Your brashness was not appreciated by many of us, as your comment of them being no more than an eyesore shows your ignorance. If I ever catch you speaking to any member of this herd again like you just spoke to her, I will make sure you regret, with every pitiful fiber of your being, ever stepping foot into Helovia."  Her gaze was unwavering, and she took another step forward. "You speak of this herd, of the unicorns who inhabit the Aurora Basin being a great people, yet you know nothing. You have done nothing to create the herd that surrounds you. You have no place spouting vulgarities, especially not to someone who has given her blood and sweat for this herd. We are a powerful force because of our bond as a herd, because we have the ability to move as a single entity, because we are all carved from ice and stone. Behavior like yours is what weakens a herd. We are not defined by the crumbling Sentinels. We are defined by who we are as a family, and you have done nothing today but prove that our weakest links are much more brittle than I had previously believed."

She looked towards Deimos and Hotaru, turning away from the stallion. "The lack of respect that is present in this herd is disgusting. To be a productive member of this herd, it takes hard work. I suggest Nox and Albrecht take on the task of preparing the Sentinals for whatever decision is made. Perhaps some back breaking work is what they need to calm their tongues and learn their places among our ranks."

Head held high, she moved from her spot, taking her rightful place beside Sialia. They needed to stick together, and though the black mare was certainly capable of speaking for herself, Ki'irha would not allow someone she respected to receive that kind of treatment. "I'm sure you can decide on your own means of punishment later," she murmured, voice low so that no one other than Sialia could hear. Whether she wanted to be punitive or not, that was her decision alone, but Ki'irha would certainly assist in any way. It was time they received their due respect. Perhaps this would be the turning point.

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Deimos the Reaper
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It was happening again. Building, brewing, brimming, and foaming until it funneled over and ran across his icy grounds: absolute chaos. The Reaper was a constant consumer of vitriol, of ferocity, of bedlam, but to see it unravel before his herd time and time again had been so utterly vexing, so terribly unwinding. They were more than this, all feral vehemence and rude distinctions. They were more than opinionated fiends firing assaults and munitions at each other. He’d seen them at their best, and he’d seen them at their worst, and it was consuming the layers and lacquer by which they’d all gathered. It was all so ridiculous – one pompous load of energy conquering over villainous exploits, gesturing and unraveling until there was nothing left to be salvaged. Gone were the well-earned promotions. Gone were the seeds of renewal. They simply imploded on themselves, and the King’s irritation, exasperation, had enough of the childish antics and the lingering ineptitude. Individuals were allowed and permitted their opinions; disrespect and intolerance was not.

“Enough.” His voice, devoid of any emotion except treachery, except sinister arts and nefarious deeds and the ability to cull them all into broken, decrepit things, cut through the tension like a knife. The depths of his menace, the lingering bouts of composure, were riddled along his insouciant face – because he’d never been so disappointed in the state of his empire. Had they all been reduced to children over night? Foals were better behaved than the lot screaming, screeching, and bellowing below him. Why did every meeting have to develop into a boiling, searing roll of contempt, wrath, and enmity? They were part of the same plans, the same dreams, the same ambitions - yet here they all became buried and consumed by the ridiculousness of molten mouths and stupid antics. His gaze sparked, sizzled, simmered, smoldered in their fine bits of rage, glowering upon the oafs who’d lit all the fuses and sparked all the nonsense. “Why is it so difficult to be civil to one another? We are all part of the same herd. You work together. You patrol together. You protect each other. If you cannot maintain respect, then leave. I will speak to you once our meeting has concluded.” The length of his savage gaze held upon Mortuus Nox and Albrecht, leering for a few moments upon Ki’irha and Sialia, before rendering one more command.

“Control yourselves.”

Then, he gave in to their questions (except for Thranduil, for he truly didn’t know where the gilded one had ended up), because he’d asked for them – he’d relented for their concerns, for their wants and needs, expecting considerations when all he’d received were frayed elements and acerbic cravings. Perhaps he wouldn’t ask again, if it only led to vehemence and stupidity.

“The God of Time has plans for our wolves. Perhaps you should wait until you proclaim judgment.” By all means, if they yearned to disrespect the deity within his own walls, let their hides be zapped and fried, electrocuted or thrown into another realm. The predators stalking their doors had been a notion of protection (for them - everything they ever did was for this spoiled lot of stubborn, vicious brats). But he kept explaining, kept relinquishing what they wanted to hear, when all he yearned to do was bury his head in the snow. “I have offered Ulrik his metal. It is only fair. They were his creation. He has yet to come claim them.” The King paused, glowering, tired of it all. “If he does not, then we may use them for other means.” His skull tilted towards Albrecht, the most outspoken about the sentinels. “Do you have magic to repair them? Do any of us?” The Lord’s eyes narrowed, bending back along to Nox and all his proclamations. The healer would not be going anywhere if he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. “The Crafters will be accompanying myself or Hotaru to the other herds come Birdsong on trade missions. The original intention was to be granted metal and glass for our greenhouse and prison. If there is any metal left, perhaps we may apply them to the sentinels.” And only if anyone had the incantations to repair them.

He sighed, and wished to do naught more than leave or destroy.

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The prince thought he’d arrived late, with all the taunting, shouting, and screeching ricocheting and echoing off the mountain peaks, but as he responded to the call of their Queen and his father, it was only a few contributing to the din. He thought at first to simply relish in the chaos, to burn amongst it, to add fuel and vitriol to the fire, because it seemed so delightfully barbaric, so relishing, so simple, but it appeared as if his sire had truly had it with the entire lot. It was disheartening, after all, to watch the world he’d been born within begin to turn against themselves; like snakes eating their own tails. The blue demon waited and watched, listening to the rage, to the wails, to the sparks of incandescent brutality – against one another. Imagine if they could all come together, he told Orsino through their bond, smirking amongst the shadows, glancing at Enna from a distance, then motioning his eyes elsewhere when they landed upon her child too. Orsino snorted, but wisely contributed nothing to the statement, because the moments were stretching, whittling, bending, and breaking, and every etched, sketched rumination seemed all the more painful. Why did it always seem to be a mess, instead of an inferno of spirit and success? Why couldn’t they combine forces instead of butting heads, and relish the opportunities, the chances, they all had with one another? He missed his brethren, his brothers and sisters at arms, the way their childish livelihoods had all incensed each other to become something, to be the best, to cherish and unite and fight (he ignored the way those thoughts and feelings had become broken too; once they’d all separated and been born to Gods or been too bitter to forgive and forget). He missed the solidarity, the cohesion (and maybe they’d never had it to begin with, and his father had been hoping, and Erebos had been dreaming, and all those yearnings turned into nothing but snowflakes and dust). The boy wanted to help, wanted them to see that they were greater when they weren’t feuding or fighting.

He loved his herd. He knew Deimos, Hotaru, and everyone in between loved this herd. Even if they just didn’t show it. Even if they didn’t appreciate the lengths everyone had gone to see it secure, to see it safe, to see it prospering.

His voice sauntered from the shadows, following his father’s sentiments and statements, a Cheshire prince with smiles and beliefs, with soldier machinations and jovial proclamations. He wasn’t going to let several bad apples spoil the rest of their meeting. “I wonder what we could accomplish if we all banded together, instead of insulting one another?” He grinned, waiting to bear the brunt of their next level of accusations, but lord, he was strong and determined and had the blood of Deimos and Huyana running through his veins. All prince, all charisma, all danger and deceit, all lacquered and layered and covered in coveting measures and arms; but all he wanted now was to see his herd set to rights. “Everyone is allowed their opinions – but think, does it contribute to our discussions, or lead them further into the muck?” The lad’s eyes swept across the vast plain, the wondrous landscape, the strength, endurance, fortitude, and might – potential, harsh, unrelenting potential, and so many of them couldn’t see past their own wails and screeching. “This herd was built on perseverance, not insults and pettiness.” He could feel Orsino begging him to stop, rolling his fox eyes in the depths of his skull, but the lad only ended his speech on a bow and a flourish. “Congratulations to those who earned their ranks. Perhaps we could all learn from your dedication.”

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Apparently when I turned on the channel today I found myself a soap opera. I showed up, showed up late but I showed up. As per usual, when something important was happening I had been asleep. Why they can’t let us know beforehand “oh by the way there’s going to be a meeting tomorrow when the sun is around this time” so that we’re all there and ready to hear the news.

So although I was late, Jellybean and I - the griffin pup awkwardly clinging to my head as I bounced my way over - we did get there in time to find out that this was more of a ‘by the way this is what’s happening’ herd. I didn’t have any concerns - apart from the fact that our Lady was covered in blood.

Honestly, is no one else seeing that? She is covered in blood. Why is everyone squabbling about things that don’t matter when she’s covered in blood. BLOOD PEOPLE!

I try to wiggle my way as close to her as I could so that I might quietly ask her the question that my herdmates should. Or was it so normal for someone to show up drenched in blood? What is happening in this herd?? “Are you alright, Hotaru?” Because that seemed the far more important thing to wonder than the battle of sentinels vs wolves.

I only turn my attention back to the arguing children when Deimos spoke up again - politely telling them to all stuff it. If I had hands I might have applauded him. He mentioned the crafters, which is more or less the only reason why I start paying attention. I smile brightly at Deimos - and I probably make quite the figure with Jellybean’s fluffy butt resting up against my horn. “The crafters will be happy to accompany to accompany you whenever. I can organize them into groups.”

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This was the first time I had ever been beckoned to a meeting and whatever I expected, it certainly was not what happened. As I arrive, I looked around for Calder and, not seeing him, found a place as far back from the group of “horses” as I could. I recognize Zandora, Rexanna, and Lena - but none of the others and though I tried to offer those three a small smile in greeting I was feeling far too overwhelmed by the mass of strangers that was gathering. Overwhelmed and amazed at the fucking rainbow of creatures that stood before me. They looked like a herd out of legend, one right out of the stories that I used to tell my daughter. Gods and goddesses, one for every little thing that you could imagine and all with a different appearance. Before Helovia, I hadn’t known that those imaginary figures actually existed - they were silly things that had been made up to entertain foals.

Of course, the illusion that the Basin was composed of great gods and goddess only existed if you were deaf and/or stupid. It took no time at all for arguments to break out and the vision of those great stories snapped. My golden eyes widened in surprise as I watch the match taking place. They might look formidable and intimidating, but with each rising voice and pointless comment I found myself imagining them all as foals. Perhaps they needed to take some time outs in the caves where they could freeze their brains back to sense. The temperature was surely dipping far enough.

Or perhaps I was just witnessing the effect of living in the cold for too long - and I honestly could not say that I cared for it. I had been attracted to the Basin because of the safety it provided but I was not seeing a unified herd capable of protecting themselves.

I snort quietly under my breath and linger, finding small comforts in the fact that not everyone present had completely lost their minds - there were a few calm voices and the two who had called us all together (the leads? I had to assume, neither introduced themselves) seemed to remain level headed enough as they tried to call everyone to order. Whether it would have any effect, I would just need to wait and see.

But I certainly planned on talking to Calder about what his idea of a safe herd was - because this could not be it.  


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It ensued, but went nowhere fast and was quashed quickly enough; thankfully. Tangere has never been one to feed the dragon of drama and pettiness – unless personally offended of course. She's docile, not a push-over. She gives Alby a wry smile from the side of her mouth before setting her eyes ahead to the gory scene that is Hotaru, but bends an ear to the exchange of tom-foolery amongst the others. Her only input is a soft touch of her pink lips to Albrecht's shoulder. Her eyes silently tell him 'it's alright old man, we're all assholes here.' . She fails to hold back a laugh when the starry General defends her useless Corporal. Tangere suddenly questions the Basin's militia and it's actual threat level – who would take them seriously if none of us care to? If they can be dragged down by criticisms so easily? Their nerves seem to snap like twigs and their attitudes crumble under the pressure of venom from anothe; that is not what warriors should do. She keeps this all to herself though, even while staring at her bloodied Queen she gives no outward expression that she's even listening to them. Deimos' voice quickly snaps her from her thoughtful stare which now sweeps to his big dark shadow of a body. A cold shiver trickles down her spine, a natural reaction to the rumble of his voice. “Enough”, he booms. She knew that was coming. She has no reaction to it.

These meetings serve a purpose – it's certainly not to bicker like children about this and that. Half of their points were lost in the void of frustration and ego any way, but Deimos seems to bring it back around... Johnny arrives (with an interesting critter clinging to his head) just in time to erase all of the tension, at least to Tangere. She gives him a warm grin as he slips by to go ask his question to the bloody Queen. She can hear him clearly enough and slips her eyes to the beautiful Lena, who seems slightly frustrated but otherwise out of the pissing contest – if Lena came with the Queen, then her medical needs have surely been tended. The sugar-man's concern is no less adorable though, even if he's late to the blood party.

The new fac to slip in under the radar, under Tang's radar any way, but somewhere in the back of her mind she notes her arrival and the lack of recognizing her. Later, the unicorn tells herself. Later I will say hello to her.

The tightness rises up in her throat and there is an urge she cannot sequester. She clears her throat and swears she can feel her heart stop. “We should find out what we have as far as resources, allies, soldiers – right? So we're all collectively on the same we know what our next move is and how to accomplish it together.” Her eyes are steady with both Deimos and Hotaru, but by the end her voice trails off into the land of shy self-doubt; wondering if she'd just stated the obvious and made herself look a fool. She's adding to what Erebos is saying, but is fearful she has not articulated it correctly.

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sum: stays out of the drama, but does laugh out loud at Ki's defense of Siala... but thats all, she other wise just stays next to her old man friend. speaks up at the end but suddenly regrets it. tries to back up Erebos somewhat with the whole "team work, guys" theme xD

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It had seemed a mere number of hours since being welcomed into the frozen herdlands that the call came echoing around the valley. The ebony-hued mare had been poking around the far reaches of the mountainous walls, searching out a cave to call her own. She didn't require much, nothing huge as it was just her, and she certainly expected no cushions of down feathers and blankets of fur covering the floor. Still, everything she had so far come across smelled of other equines or was far too grand for her. Large empty caves only left her feeling lonely and cold.

Just as she had found little in the way of housing, she had also seen very few other equines since meeting the golden Thief name Rexanna. She had seen some moving about their days from afar, but she had yet to approach anyone. So when the call came down from on high, Fiachra felt her heart jump into her throat. She recognized the tone immediately, it was a beckoning to gather, perhaps from one of the leaders of the herd, perhaps not. Ears pricked delicately forward, Fiachra turned to look down the length of the valley, towards the entrance where she had so recently passed the enormous medal guardians. She spotted a few other herd members emerging from their hidey-holes and moving toward the gathering spot.

With renewed vigor to her exhausted limbs, Fiachra picked up an easy trot and made her way across the Basin. As she approached, she heard voices raised in anger and a slight frown took over her lips. So, this herd was like all the others in that way, at least. Not every soul who wanted the company and safety of a secure herdland could get along with each other. She broke upon the meeting at last and barely withheld an audible gasp. Unicorns. Many of them. All of different sizes and shapes, their uniqueness emanating not only in their colors and body types, but only their horns and their airs. It was, simply put, the most beautiful thing Fiachra had seen in a very long time.

She immediately spotted Rexanna, the kind mare of liquid gold who had been so ready to welcome her into the Basin. The mare was speaking about something called the "sneak rank". Fiachra could only guess that as the Lead Thief, these were the ranks Rexanna was the leader of. The name sparked Fiachra's interest. She had been one of the favored stealth workers back when she had lived among the raiders. She made a mental note to speak to Rexanna privately late on about that.

At the head of the group, stood a dark beast of the stallion and a rosey-colored mare. Perhaps these two were the leaders of the Basin herd. The source of much of the backlash seemed to be two characters, another dark stud with decorated double horns, and a bizarre looking creature with thick reddish hair covering his underside. Fiachra's gaze lingered upon this stallion the longest, her eyes narrowed suspiciously. Something about him sparked a deep-seated terror that had been ground into her since her first days upon the earth. A shivered escaped her, shuddering down her spine before she forced herself to look away. The stallion had a crass tone that bit into her just as much as his appearance.

There were many, many others as well. A starry mare that seemed to purely glitter as she moved, another black mare with locks of amethyst, like herself, and another stallion that caught her eye who's mane was of creme and crimson and who held a strange critter upon his head. Fiachra could not help but smile as she looked at them all, shaking away the distress that had settled upon her when she looked upon the goat-like stallion.

She settled herself near to the group, just behind Rexanna, for that was who she knew, and listened to the proceedings. They spoke of the Sentinels, the large metallic things guarding the entrance of the snow-covered valley. They spoke of many names Fiachra knew nothing of. She took it all in, trying to keep up with it all through the harsh tones and bitter words. All of that bothered her little, for she knew not of most of what they spoke about, and therefore had no opinion of who may or may not be right. So instead, she only sat back and listened and waited for a time when she might be able to give some input.

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