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A New Regime [Herd Elections and Meeting]

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Paladin was true to his word. He had promised those of the Foothills that they would be able to choose their new leaders, and he was going to fulfill that now. Winter time, when the happenings were slow, was the perfect time to train the new leaders and introduce them to being a lead. He would explain the ties and alliance they had as well as introduce them to the warriors.

The darkened stallion moved through the snow into the shelter of the mountains, scar tissue absent of feeling as the wind blew past his cropped mane and thick tail. He looked ahead through crimson eyes until he was able to spy the majority of the herd, and he approached with a gentle smile. Tan hooves and one red hoof many purchase on a rocky surface, and he turned to face the loyal, intelligent and glorious members of this peaceful herd. Paladin prayed that it would remain that way, but peace was not the way of the gods.

"Greetings, all of you," he said, addressing those who had gathered with a cordial nod of his head. "I promised that my assertion to power would be brief and would allow you all to choose your new leaders. Now, I am making good on that promise. After speaking to many, a few selfless souls have offered their names for consideration to take the positions. In an effort to maintain equality, one lead from each species will be chosen." Paladin paused for a moment, crimson and white tail brushing against his hocks.

"The unicorn lead is uncontested and will be Evers," he announced, trying to find the grey in the group. "Congratulations. You are a true diplomat, and I have no doubt that you will make an excellent chief." Paladin then remembered the only pegasus to offer her name for consideration, and he was still unsure of her quality. However, everyone deserved a chance, and appearance should not factor into the choice. "The pegasus lead is also uncontested and will be Svetlana." He said this words with a smile. "She has recently joined the herd, but I believe she will offer a good balance to the team."

Paladin shifted and rested his weight on one hip, considering the next set of names that would have to be voted on. "Three individuals have offered their names for consideration to be the equine lead. Your choices are Archibald, the noble warrior, Ricochet, who was an integral bulwark of force on the battle field, and Poppy, our gentle and intelligent healer." The stallion looked from face to face, curious as to who they would choose to lead them from from the third position. "One at a time, please speak the name of the equine you wish to lead you."

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The summons from Paladin had woken the stallion from a late doze. He'd been spending a lot of extra time wandering the regions outside of the Foothills, hoping to make himself more familiar with this land and its equines, but also to keep him from doing anything rash while he was forced into tolerance within the herd. The more time he spent away from it, the less likely he was to ignite.

It was becoming easier though.
The pretending.

Teal eyes blinked rapidly as a snowflake settled on his lashes. It melted before he could dislodge it, but more came drifting down in a soft, scattered snow fall that turned him appaloosa for a while. His weight shifted from foot to foot as he attempted to get comfortable so near the unicorn Paladin. Breath came in visible plumes as Ricochet hunkered against the cold. Guns laid beneath him, wrapped in a tight ball on the light dusting of snow covering the ground. Summer was their season.

When enough of the herd had gathered Ricochet spoke up to deliver his vote. "I think given the options that I, Ricochet, would make the best equine lead." Confidence rang in his voice and a touch of arrogance shone in his eyes as he lent his gaze to the mixed herd. He found no shame in voting for himself when it was honesty that gave him the words.

They needed their healer - she had not the experience or the extent of mind to do well in a lead role. She was a fine girl and Ricochet found an interest in her, but she did not have the back bone or the sanity to wear a crown.

The other warrior was a likely candidate, but what had Archibald proven? Ricochet had been in training since his first turn of the season and had participated in a great deal of battles and missions. Though Ricochet did not doubt Archibald could withstand leadership, compared to himself the boy did not hold a candle.

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I was not dozing, nor sleeping, nor galloping around. I had been flying. The wind had licked my cheeks, tousled my mane, ran hands through my massive wings. It was a chilled day, but all seemed calm. Except, perhaps, for the turmoil that would begin with the elections. I welcomed the sound of me becoming a leader- indeed, I would do well. He may not trust me, but one day, Paladin would respect as well as any other horse, unicorn, or pegasus. Another warrior had come swiftly, a buckskin Quarter Horse of chunky assembling. But clearly, a fine enough warrior, for his face was scarred brutally. Respectable. There were two other candidates- a healer and a warrior. A healer was best left healing. The warrior, I felt, had little more than words to describe himself. Pangs of hunger for power cut through me like a knife. I wield that power now. But I shall use it like a good leader, for I am and will be a great leader. "The herd is in good hands. I am honored, Paladin."

My ambitions sated, I listen to the stallion's words. Ricochet. The words roll of my tongue, with the flavor of a true warrior to it. Archibald. Proud, noble. Evers. Evers? The unicorn who had found me in the thundersnow? Humph. Well. He will be good, for I think this Ricochet will win, and he will balance us out. I can tell by a glance Ricochet is a true warrior. Where am I? Somewhere in the middle. "Paladin, what becomes of you? Will you still remain in our ranks, or leave?" The words are neutral, with a slight inquiring tone. I wouldn't mind him staying, but at the same time, it's out with the old and in with the new.

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The snow was slowly getting deeper with each stormy blizzard and the cold seeped into the once autumn air to give it a whole new edge. The little roan had shivered and squirmed in it's early wake but now found his fur taking measures, it's blue shimmer was a shade duller and an inch more thicker. It didn't help that it appeared his tail would remain stunted in it's growth forever, wiry bits of hair going wild around his rump in effort to counter the ineffective stump. His mane had grown a little but all six of his horns could be still be seen, if one did not look too close he would simply look like an average equine from the distance.

His ambling gait took him through the herd as his ears pricked to Paladin's speech. He was announcing the need to choose three new leaders, like he had promised he would in the first meeting after Gossamer's reign. Evers listened anxiously, he had put his name forward in consideration for unicorn lead with hopes they would see past his lack of brawn and into his true talent. His mind. Looking at Paladin now he seemingly doubted any would vote for him, their current leader was a great stallion and Evers wondered if he could make his own path in the chief's wake. The Dun steed moved on in his speech and Evers roved his eyes across the herd, looking to see who might be a challenger.

" The unicorn lead is uncontested and will be Evers"

Shock ran threw his petite form as he realized that he, Evers, was a leader of the Foothills. Albeit joint leader but still. A new weight landed on his shoulders and the blue swallowed and turned his eyes to Paladin. "Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Paladin." He bobbed his head in curtesy and watched as Svetlana was chosen as Pegasus lead and the announcements for voting was made concerning equines. Evers tried to track down Svetlana in the crowd of horses, he had met her once during a stormy day and she seemed quite the high spirited one. He spotted her flying form and allowed himself a small smile, it didn't matter who got picked to lead. He'd would of been the most likely odd one out. The blue snorted once and scanned the herd again.

Where was Archibald? He too had put his name down for a lead role and Evers found himself wanting Mandrake to be here. To watch her sons do her proud. He frowned and looked to Ricochet, another candidate who seemed to vote for himself, something about the young buck and his dog didn't sit well with Evers. Although he had to admit, the boy looked fierce in appearance and wasn't a bit shy in speaking aloud. The other candidate Evers could not see, Poppy their Healer, she was an odd mare but seemed well at heart. He drew in a breath and cast his own vote.

"Having known him a long time, I would say Archibald is a fine warrior and has all the qualities to be a great lead." His voice held a little warmth as he spoke of his brother and recommended him for lead.

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Her pale sides were already beginning to expand with the weight of the child she was carrying, but in no way did it hinder Soleil's movements or the regal way she carried herself as she moved to stand beside Paladin. She touched her muzzle to his neck in greeting then turned to look out at the crowd. While she didn't fully accept her position as equine leader due to personal reasons, she would be there to represent her position as Paladin represented her own. "Hello Evers." She greeted the unicorn. "Congratulations on your position as Unicorn Lead, you will do a wonderful job. And Svetlana, congratulations." She was much more reserved in her praise of the pegasus that had foolishly, in her opinion, voted for Ricochet. Did she not realize that the stallion was a die hard racist? Anyone with eyes could see that in the way he acted to his horned and winged counterparts. There was no doubt in her mind that the stallion would run both the pegasus and unicorn leads into the ground if given half the chance.

Her eyes were then turned to Ricochet, her gaze cold and hard much like the glaciers in the Frozen Arch. Naturally he would vote for himself. It was all the mare could do to keep from snorting in disapproval. "My vote is for Archibald." She said confidently. "I have confidence that he will be able to uphold peace and diplomacy with every race." Her tail flicked and she turned her gaze away from Ricochet and looked back at Paladin.

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Archibald rolled in just as Evers spoke his name. His heart, seeming to grow as he heard less and less of his mother, swelled with his brother's loyalty. Standing now next to the blue stallion Archibald reached down with his large head, extending his muzzle to touch Evers' shoulder. With proud golden eyes locked on Evers Archibald whispered a congratulations. When a mare, obviously the mate and equine counterpart to Paladin, spoke up Archibald watched her. He noticed her sides swelled beyond normal, especially for the newly arrived Frostfall. Ah. A child. Paladin will raise it to be strong. He thought secondhand before turning his attention to the others surrounding him. A new pegasus mare was appointed as the lead of her kind and something inside of Archibald turned. His discomfort in her position was not due to her race--not at all--but only because of the fact that her life in the herd was incredibly short.

The mammoth horse noted his competitors. Ricochet and Poppy. Archibald's eyes hardened at the though of Ricochet taking power in this herd. He was an unbalanced horse, completely, and Archibald only respected him for his ferocity on the battle field. Apart from that, Archibald felt the stallion was too proud and hot-headed to handle an entire herd as well as working alongside two others. Poppy, on a very close point, did not have the mental capability to handle leading a herd. She was an amazing influence in the herd, yes, and her healing abilities were excellent--but she lacked in the ways of effective communication and critical participation.

Taking a deep breath Archibald finally spoke, "I vote for myself, humbly and carefully, as equine lead."

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She felt so out of place, a new filly in a new home. She had met Paladin, finally, and just in time for him to give up his role as leader. Well, just lovely! This would just turn the world upside down! And how should she know who to vote for? She hadn't gotten to know any of her herdmates, she was ashamed to say. But she, as had the rest of her herd, had received the call to vote, and so here she was. Sky blue orbs skimmed the mixed creatures around her. Here, unicorns, pegasi, and equines mingled as one, and as such, she felt quite plain. At least she was only required to vote for the equine lead, as the others were uncontested. That was a relief.

What if she voted wrong? She listened as others cast their votes, congratulated winners. What if she picked the wrong one to lead in the triumvirate? Ricochet received a vote. Archibald received three. The third equine, Poppy, had not yet received a vote, and the young fae wondered if this was because of a lack of ability or just being unknown to the herd. Kanti considered. Ricochet seemed very sure of himself, almost arrogant, but very capable; and yet there was a kind, gentle air to Archibald which drew her to him. Softly, she called out her vote. "Archibald."

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Battle weary and worn, the brothers made the traipse slowly but surely across the Thistle Meadow. Together, as always, they had lingered long enough to ensure the Edge was truly secured under the rule of the sister before taking their leave. Much had been discussed, family matters, matters of alliances. They lived in the Foothills, but for what reason? Originally it was of their own choosing, when Gossamer was leader and they saw fit to lend her their services. Paladin had overthrown her then, and they respected him, because he at least worked within the rules of the land to obtain his title. But what had changed since his takeover, if anything? New names for the leadership of the land, names that they did not care for - why appoint a species specific leader just for the sake of showing 'equality' - it was more respectful, they thought, to judge one by their inner merit than by what was on their outsides. Though Paladin stood for equality, there was faults to his system, faults that the brothers silently observed, but did nothing about.

The knights of fire and shadow arrived then, to the meeting, lingering on the outskirts of the gathered. The brothers of chaos were unimpressed, and they wondered whether their vote would count as two or one, as so often they were discounted as simply one entity. They wondered at the merit of each creature who would be their new leaders; what had the pegasus and unicorn who took the lead proven besides simply being the species they were? The system did not, would not work. They looked over the equine candidates, with bored, unreadable eyes.


The reasons for their vote was many; he was a friend of Smoke, a mare whom they held in high esteem; he reminded them of their father's spirit, the high-strung, violent Voraer; he had a passion that, if directed appropriately, could be used to truly make this herd great. The brothers did not vote on behalf of the Qian here, but rather, for themselves. Later realisation might have dawned, that they should have discussed their vote with their sister - but Akaith was nowhere to be seen this day, and the brothers were growing weary of allowing things in the herd to change around them, without their say.. now the time would come where they could make a difference, and they were going to use it.

Madyrn's vote: Ricochet.
Maskan's vote: Ricochet.

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Strong colt feels rejuvenated and alive once again. The cold of Frostfall does nothing to dampen his spirits; he can see, and he can find his way home. With a nervous Manhattan in tow, he gallops unceasingly back to the Foothills. He longs to see the forests of his home, even if it means facing the demons of his family. Mandrake will surely punish him for his absence, even if not herself- he finds himself expecting the disciplinary sting of his brother's blows. They will teach him right from wrong, by their mother's definition anyway. Still, the young colt finds himself wondering if that is truly just.

Strange that in his time of blindness he has learned so much. He has found himself unable to see but more capable than ever to learn. Ophelia's kindness had been new and strange- he had wondered if it was love and then realized quickly it was simply a selfless affection and guidance. It had not been until he had felt her easy, gentle touch that he had understood what either thing was.

Arriving now at the edge of a herd meeting, seeing so many familiar faces that he used to think he cared about, he realizes how little they really mean to him. Even Archibald and Evers, his kin by blood and bond, who stand proudly before him and so many others, seem strangely disconnected from his life. And yet, as he listens to Paladin speak and finds himself grasping the concept of government laid out before him, he realizes he knows no one else. Ricochet, the stallion pitted against his brother, is no more than a name and an arrogant face. Archibald, while utterly controlled by their mother, is a beast he knew could be mild. He had seen his brother's eyes when they were gentle and caring, sees them now with a loyalty to the herd he does not recognize.

It is clear that much had changed- not just the Strong colt himself, but the world around him. He skulks in from the back of the crowd, clear blue eyes glittering, ears pushed back against his skull as the level of discomfort rises and the air around him seems to thicken with tension. Manhattan trembles at his side, doing her best to keep the visions and voices that once plagued her master and now haunt her dreams at bay. Knox watches in silence as other speak, marvels at how different their voices sound now than they ever did before. He feels invisible, and wonders for a moment if his brothers know he is here; if anyone has missed him for the long season that he has been gone. He extends his magic outwards and lets the numbing blindness seek out the massive form of his dark brother. Only when he senses the blindness has taken hold of Archibald does he speak; will his brother know him from his voice, remember him?

"I believe Archibald would suit this herd best as a leader," Strong Colt says firmly, letting his voice ring through the air. The silence that so often surrounds him is gone, and his voice is revealed at last. He sounds clear and confident, in charge of himself and understanding of his being. But all the while he cannot help his mind from wondering: Is there anything left here for him?

[[Knox's Vote: Archibald. Permission from Time to blind.]]

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Everyone was gathering for the meeting again, except this time they were being called together to vote for the next Equine lead.

Query thought back to when the first meeting took place, it was shortly after she had joined the herd. Gossamer had accepted her into the herd, and then Paladin had challenged her for lead and won. At that time he was still a bit bloody. Now he had healed up pretty well, with just some scars showing on his face.

But she wasn't here to take note of the lead that was stepping down, she was here to vote. This had her confused. She didn't really know the others well enough to have any strong opinion on either of them. She knew that Poppy was a bit spacey and was shocked that she was one of the choices for lead and yet she chose to vote for ricochet instead.

Hmmm, well, I guess that since Poppy is voting for Ricochet that's who I'll vote for as well.

"Well, I'm not really sure who I want to vote for, but I guess that I'll just vote for Ricochet."

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      The mare came with two new young foals tucked at her side. She was among the last to arrive and distanced herself from the stallion she had once called a friend. Her last interaction with Ricochet had left the mare with a sour taste in her mouth and a bitter feeling in her heart. Had they parted on better terms she might not have felt any resentment toward him. She might have even voted for him to become a leader, but she had grown and she had learned. Rico was nothing more than a young, angry, bitter, heartless stallion to her now, nothing more. He was more like his father than she could ever think he would be and she found it to be a little more than heart wrenching.

     "Archibald." She spoke the name quietly then turned and left with her children at her sides just as quickly as she had come. Evangeline did not want to stay to witness the outcome of the votes. She did not want to stay for Rico's gloating if he won or the temper tantrum he would have if he lost. With one last glance back at the gathering she disappeared from sight with her children and dragon in tow.

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The dark stallion had not heard a summons, not been told of any meetings, but the migration of the rest of the herd alerted him to the gathering. Amadeus was new, brought in by Kanti just a short time before, and thus knew nothing of the equines seeking a lead position. He hung back, simply listening to the others as they voted and watching the candidates for any hint of their personalities. Both seemed fit to fill the role of lord, and the blue-eyed stag remained clueless about who to vote for. Was he really expected to pick when he’d been in this herd for such a short time?

Something about the golden stud spoke of strength though. Not that Archibald seemed weak, but he seemed too…well, gentle was the only word Amadeus could think of. He himself abhorred violence of any kind, but he knew fighting would be inevitable. The scarred face of Ricochet proved that the dunskin was not adverse to battle, and so the bay equine made his choice. “Ricochet.”

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