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The ocean mare is delighted to have Fen’Harel at her side—more than delighted, she’s overjoyed! Not that she doubts the other herd lands are anything less than exquisite (she has never visited them to form an opinion otherwise) but (perhaps not-so)secretly, in her heart, Tiamat feels that there is no place better than her mountain home. If there could ever be a heaven among them, then she is sure it would be something like the Basin; beautiful, safe, welcoming…there is only one thing that she would change if she could: the ocean. She would bring the ocean to the mountaintops were it possible!

Even so, the blue mare does not miss her father as much as she once did. Ever since that day in the woods, surrounded by smoke and flames, clinging to the last shreds of hope, he had been there for her—providing a gift to have him with her always. Now, as they trek up through the snow, Tiamat reaches out from her soul, feeling the gentle pull of her magic as she feels the water around them. Smiling to herself, she tucks her head, absentmindedly touching the opal stone that hangs around her neck (another gift he had given her), and presses forward.

“We don’t have much farther to go!” Tiamat assures the dark stallion, throwing a brilliant smile at him over her shoulder, the shells in her hair tinkling as they chime against one another. The trail from the Threshold to the Basin is somewhat familiar to her now, and dainty hooves climb easily, only slipping once or twice on a hidden patch of ice. Before long, the frozen arch of the valley’s entrance rises from the horizon, Tiamat’s eyes alighting at the familiar sight. “There it is!” She looks excitedly to Fen’Harel, her eyes dancing.

Just as it had the first day she stepped into its borders, the sight of the Basin’s valley takes her breath away. With the snow-tipped peaks haloed in the light of dusk, falling to cradle the smooth, white hills of the valley’s floor, peppered with the dark shadows of the pines, and everything painted in the softest, most brilliant hues—how can one not be struck by its beauty? “This is home,” the ocean mare breathes, leading her new friend into the borders, trailing closer to the unfreezing lake before she stops, looking to him, “What do you think?” She nearly waits with bated breath, her slender body almost unconsciously leaning towards him, her warm exhales pooling around her muzzle.

notes; I'm sorry this took so long to get up! I'll hopefully reply to his Threshold thread soon, I wanted to get this one up first while my muse was manageable xD
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