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With the cold of frostfall infringing on Helovia’s borders – no matter how slowly – the Heart was becoming a more popular and well-traversed area once more. While many well-meaning Helovians flocked to the warmth of the ever-burning fires, there were also sinister creatures that lurked alongside the scorched craters.

Well, maybe not sinister. But certainly annoying.

One such creature had deigned to loiter around the hot edges of the crater. It was an odd bird-like thing with legs as tall as a flamingo, shocking yellow fluff, and a long beak with sharp teeth and small beady eyes. Of course this creature was not as important as what it was guarding – a glowing golden orb incased within a large glass bottle. Both clawed feet were clasped around the lip of the bottle, knees askance as the annoying yellow creature essentially squatted upon the bottle. Not quite sitting, and it looked quiet…constipated, but it was very clearly guarding the magical orb within the glass. Or perhaps it was merely warming its feathery butt with the heat of the flickering fire magic within. It definitely was. While the area around the crater was more than hot, the orb was far more concentrated! And the beast would not let you mock him for his oddly chilled posterior!

The creature settled further down where it hovered above the bottle with a triumphant preening expression, long neck like a wrung-out snake arching smugly as razor-sharp teeth chomped pleasantly. The fluffy parasite knew that it had been ordered to find a good candidate and helpfully gift the magical orb to them to fulfill their wishes, but the bird was a selfish and greedy creature. And also a very cold creature, thank you very much. It just seemed like the magical fire was put to such better use warming his fluffy behind!

This is a Light/Fire Drop! You have 72 hours to respond. Please note your wishlist and any Light/Fire refusals or extra rolls at the bottom of your post.

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Cirrus was, if nothing else, a summer child. A desert child. A creature born and raised on the hot sands of a beach, a soul who always searched for the light, the warmth of a summer's day. This Frostfall, however mild, was taking its toll on her - at least, it would be, had she succumbed to the urge to lock herself away in a cave and hibernate like so many of the bears who shared her home.

But Cirrus was not a bear, and she was hardly capable of staying still for long periods of time. She was on the move, as always, summoning up a warm wind and sunny ray of light to break through the thick, snowy clouds above whenever she dared to call upon magic to directly oppose the natural weather - it had the potential to be taxing on her strength if she tried to do it too often, so the cloudmare forced herself to keep active and fit most of the time instead.

The thermals that rose from this realm of Helovia attracted her. The heat could be seen from miles away, rising like great plumes against the frigid surrounds - of course Cirrus came there, seeking the warmth her desert coat and wintry home could not provide all the time.

It was almost too hot when she landed, but she knew that such heat would be missed as soon as she ventured home again, so she remained, happily breaking out in a light sweat due to the nearness of lava.

She didn't notice the strange avian thing at first, quietly chewing at her own thoughts. But when she did see it, her 'brow arched with sudden curiosity, her tiara dipping low as she considered it carefully. She didn't get too close to it - Cirrus might be brash, but she was not stupid. With a breath, she murmured her curious thoughts aloud, wondering if she would be given a reply, (wondering if she would be looked at as insane for deigning to speak to such a curious creature).

"What are you?"

Seeking: Healing rain Upgrade: Light x Water | As above, but also able to imbue a small body of water (max. volume 5L) with healing properties.
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as changing as unforgiving as the wind, as bitter and chilling as the cold, as warm and deadly as the heat

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    Amaris was never cold.

    The chill just did not penetrate - perhaps it was the dragonsblood that flowed through her veins. Perhaps it was the thick pelt that was trimmed by the golden scales. Maybe it was the companions she summoned, who were known to spout warm flames from their muzzles rather frequently, in their mystical play and dance routines.

    If anything, the chilly air was pleasant against her warm lungs, a welcome contrast to the sometimes muggy, sticky humidity of the south or dry, coarse winds of the meadow in summer. Amaris was familiar with all seasons across the entire realm - she was not passionately for or against any particular season, for what point was there in stressing over something one could not change?

    In saying that, Amaris also did not mind heat, fire. To look at her was to see that she was a creature born of fire, of passion, of magic. Her very existence required it.

    So, to find the dragonmare at the great fiery cavern was not wholly unusual, or unexpected.

    The peculiar mare with the sky upon her pelt caught her attention before the other thing did. It wasn't until Cirrus had in fact, bent low to consider the strange thing sitting atop a container of light, of fire, that Amaris realised just what she was looking at.

    Amaris smiled at the question the first mare posed: it was so direct, so forthright, what more could the dragonmare say in addition? So she made a small wuffle sound to announce her presence, and assumed a neutral, relaxed posture so as not to alarm anyone, before decidedly hanging back, and waiting for something to happen.

    Because something always happened with these things.

    Seeking: Upgrade: Fire x Light | Able to summon 3 small dragon spirits, or 1 royal dragon spirit.
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    Ivezho was not particularly gifted.

    At least, he didn't think he was. Son of the Ascended Wildfire, the Transcended Sohalia, he felt.. Inadequate. Insufficient. Unworthy.

    It was not the first time he had felt this way - it had been a constant theme, a foundation thought, varied only by Ivezho's interactions with others, and whether those interactions proved positive or not.

    Recent interactions had not been positive.

    The weight of grief seemed to dim the light that permeated from his form, the shock of what had happened to his brother, his nephews causing his expression to remain vacant, empty. Ivezho was hollow, a vessel without a purpose, a ship cast to sea without an anchor. He did not venture immediately south to his home from the Grove, instead, he ventured to the next most similar thing to the fires of his home - the fiery pit of Helovia's Heart.

    The lava made his own magic near-invisible, unnoticeable, unremarkable (much like the stallion behind the magic, he thought dourly). Ivezho nearly felt like flying directly into the Heart, letting the heat and the lava consume him - but he didn't, for that wouldn't achieve anything useful. There had been enough death in his life thus far - he would live, for there were enough walking zombies existing in this world as it is.

    But he couldn't deny that the thoughts were there. That the feelings of hopelessness and sheer depression swallowed him up. He hoped they would pass - somewhere within, he knew they would - but right now, they were his existence.

    He barely noticed the mares. Or, rather, the mare and the dragon. He was walking, determinedly ignorant to the world around him - he almost tripped over the strange thing and its canister of fire before stopping, and raising his emerald pools to consider all that around him.

    "Sorry," he mumbled, nodding to the mares before back-tracking a couple of steps, finding himself amongst the (currently small, surely gathering) crowd of others, apparently drawn in by this thing's presence.

    Superheat: Fire | Ivezho can superheat his body to 300 degrees celcius without suffering burns to himself, but will burn anything he touches.
    Restrictions: Can only maintain superheated temperature for 5 seconds, once per thread.
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    Exploring had led him here. Exploring would lead him away from here too, eventually. But for now, Grimalkin lingered, having just explored the caverns below and peered at the histories on the wall, listened to the crash of the waterfalls, and stared at the wall of lava as it cascaded slowly, powerfully down into the earth.

    Power. He was attracted to it, there was no doubt. He yearned for it, desired for it in an almost sensual, desperate way.

    Though he kept his feelings and emotions heavily guarded beneath hard stares and nonsensical smirks, his lust for power was something he did not often hide. He sought it out, actively - so when he saw a gathering, he knew what it must be for.

    He had seen some of them before - the dragonthing at the very least, he recognised (who could forget it?). These things were not uncommon occurrances, Grimalkin had learned, and so he made himself mobile to receive them, to experience them, to learn how he might best harness the opportunities such occasions posed.

    As it was, the creature sitting atop the power he sought had plenty of bulky bodies surrounding it already - so the titan hung back, observing with his quiet, scrutinising gaze.

    Waiting for an opportunity to seize, to exploit - to experience power in its purest form, for himself.

    Reader: Time x Light | Upon physical contact, Grimalkin can hear the current thoughts of another.
    Restrictions: Can only hear thoughts as long as he has physical contact.
    No prior refusals.

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    Winters tide no longer frightened this little colt; or daring stallion I should say. Orangemoon had faded and Tallsun was somewhat of a distant memory by now, but he owed his present joy to that sunny season. Tilney had certainly grown into this skin during summers spell, and his appreciation for the Sun God grew with each sundown and sunrise. The solar deity was the one he believed had given him the gift of light to his lantern and finally after long last he had been able to see through the night one again. The moons night wonders were not as much of a mystery and certainly no longer a terror to him now that he had a beacon to see through the night. He could stare at the earth gods wonder and night creatures even after sundown and stargaze in awe like he had in his youth at the planets and worlds beyond Helovia. Every night he hailed the golden man in the sky and thanked him for all the wonder he had restored to him.

    Marching south from his western home, Tilney had planned a journey to the Heart Caves to investigate if it was a s social as he had heard. He hoped as much, he loved to make new friends. Perhaps some time by the warmth of the grottos hearth would do his health some good also?

    Upon arrival to the caves he was certainly met with a gathering. A small crowd had gathered, though around what he was not yet aware. Perhaps they had found a nice steamy geiser to warm their necks over! "Salutations!" was the bronze brutes bellow, treading not-so-delicately to the gathering. "Have you found a warm spot?" Tilney quizzed as he approached a goliath at the edge of the pack, going with his original theory that they had come upon the best spot in the area.  

    Whispering a passionate "Aiya", the lamp blessing his antlers lit with a puff. He could bring a little extra warmth to the party, right? It was only at that moment he noticed that thing and he halted squarely in his tracks. Was this creature hurt? was that what the fuss and the crowd was about. "Oh, hello little fella'!". This creature certainly was not a little fella. "...Is it injured?" The stag asked the gathered mares just as his gaze caught the fascinating, firey droplet. He knew what THAT was!
    It clearly belongs to this dragon, but how nice it would be to bestowed with such a gift...

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    upgraded will be to mental wounds and illnesses
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    Prior Refusals;

    Wander or Leave
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    The girl and her pack were two members short.

    Tae had already been far away from her twin and her twin's companion when she had seen more than just a handful of creatures begin moving in the same direction. Immediately the mandible-marked filly had taken note, and had started stalking them. There was simply no time to go and find Grusha and Nashoba to let them know that something was happening. The smaller twin could only hope that Grusha would just appear.

    And so, the pale-eyed girl trotted after those before her, trailed by two black canines: Hel and Mal. The wolf and the hellhound were already about the same size, even though Hel, the hellhound, was a few months younger. Clearly he would grow larger than his non-mythical counterpart, and already Mal seemed to know this. The black wolf pup happily obeyed the mythical creature, taking his place at the bottom of the pack, with Tae remaining fixedly as their alpha.

    Don't make a sound - there's something ahead- Tae whispered into their minds, as three sets of eyes fell upon the bird-like creature, and then moved swiftly to the orb.

    Magic. Power.

    It was what Tae craved. Already magic stirred in her veins, but it wasn't enough.

    It would never be enough. Not compared to the likes of her parents, Gaucho and Ampere who practically bled magic.

    Both Mal and Hel began to drool as they continued to look at the bird-thing, wondering what it might taste like and how quickly they could break its bones. Not yet. Wait. Tae instructed, hunkering back on her haunches and keeping a deft eye on all those assembled.

    Tae seeks

    :: [Magic: lightxwind | Can create storms with her mind: skies darken, air temperature drops, and violent winds begin.]
    :: [Restrictions | Storms influences are limited to a radius of 10m]

    Wishlist. No prior refusals. 

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    This is something
    All or nothing

    The moment Rift entered the caves, he felt it. The air here was thick and vibrant; it felt alive. With every breath the scarlet brute felt in the atmosphere a certain kind of energy that made the air fizzle and crack. Was it the growing crowd of bodies that were steadily filling the cave's warm rooms and their subsequent spirits? Or was it something more?

    Inhale, exhale, and his eyes slid shut.

    There, he felt it; the swelling, pulsating energy that encompassed the universe. It was the beginning, the ending, past, present, and future. It coursed through the denizen's of Helovia's blood whether or not they were aware of it's presence. It was eternity and mortality wrapped up in the spaces between breath.


    Opening his ruby eyes, Rift noticed that a group of equines had broken off from the main sectors and were all hovering carefully around a low glow. Cocking his head to the side, the lanky stallion made his way closer to the gathered five and recognized the scent of the Dragon's Throat emanating from a few of the strangers. Just as he was about to veer toward them, a familiar set of antlers adorned with a lantern caught his eye.


    His greeting was soft and laced with joy - he hadn't seen the beautiful bronze since their search for Carlisle and his heart leapt at the idea of being with his friend once more. Moving so that he stood beside his golden companion, Rift took a moment to brush his nose lightly over Tilney's shoulder. Grin curling at his lips, he took in the scene before him and resisted the urge to laugh outright; only in Helovia would one stumble upon a group of strangers gathered around a giant yellow bird on a magic bottle. Stifling what would no doubt be a series of unattractive guffaws, Rift nodded to the avian and lifted a wing.

    "Hello, if you'd like, you can seek warmth at my side." Jewelled eyes sparkled mirthfully as his grin grew, his good mood no doubt influenced by the Tilney's presence, "Do what you will with your prized bottle, the offer will remain; I like to fancy myself a glorified bum-warmer."

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    "BITCHES GET STUFF DONE." -tina fey

    The painted pegasus struggled against the cold and bitter wind on her way back towards the Edge. The weather was unkind today.  She was being pelted with little bits of snow and ice and she swore she could feel her wings growing heavier with each wingbeat. I should have stayed near the damn volcano, she thought bitterly.  The last thing she wanted to do was have to walk from the coast all the way back home, but that was looking more and more likely.  Blessedly, she caught a pinprick of light on the horizon.  A fire, perhaps?  

    As she grew closer, still fighting the weather, she saw that the glow emanated from underground.  Defeated and near-frozen, she landed and made her way to the enticing glow.  She’d never seen this place before, and could only hope that it would provide some respite from the cold.  That’d be the last time she’d take a journey overwater in a snowsquall.  She pulled her wings as tightly against her body as possible and wove her way through the strange cave, eventually finding others had seemingly had the same idea.  It was warmer down here, but surely not just the idea of defrosting brought everyone to this place? 

    It was only then that she saw it.  What it was, she had no idea, but apparently no one else seemed concerned.  Iona, however, was immediately wary.  What the eff was that.  And what did it it have?  Her green eyes narrowed and her mouth set in a straight line,  but she said noting. 

    Iona was familiar with magic.  Magic had been all too common in Nocturne.  It became a currency of sorts and it corrupted easily.  Those who couldn’t master the magic, or didn’t earn it, often bartered pieces of their very soul for enhanced abilities, which lead them to display vivid markings, unnatural markings.  It was a sign of the damned marking the newly-damned.  Tainted, they called them.  There was an incredible amount of stigma against these tainted creatures, that’s part of what inspired the war that tore Nocturne apart.  

    While Iona could appreciate magic, and she’d be the first to admit she missed the magic she used to wield so freely, she’d always be wary of it.  That and the fact that she still wasn’t familiar with Helovia’s brand of magic.  While the system certainly didn’t seem as easy to corrupt as Nocturne’s had been, she knew that nothing was perfect.  There would always be those who wielded magic too freely and who used it to bend others to their will.  Oh Iona.  Ever the realist. 

    I O N A

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    “Well isn’t this toasty!”

    I had been wandering about - thinking it might best to stick to the warmer parts of Helovia while I had a little baby to care for and feed. She spent about half her time eating and the other half sleeping - with small breaks to climb out of the bag at my side and crawl along my neck. Not that she was a very good climber - usually the bird-claws could get a good grip but that puppy half just dangled uselessly and dragged her back down.

    Although I was entirely cautious about the pit of open fire that could turn me into a puddle of liquid sugar, and as toasty as this place was it wasn’t too big of a problem. Didn’t you hear? The new and improved Johnny model comes with built in air conditioning!! Isn’t that great? I focus the chilly air close to my body because if everyone else had come here to get warm, I wasn’t going to be the one to freeze them up again. How rude would that be?!

    But I’m also not going to let some winter-hating weirdos stop me from having some fun either!

    Jellybean is on one of her sleeping and eating breaks and has carefully managed to crawl up to perch on my head - but she got it all backward so the puppy half is using my horn to prop herself up. Well, at least she wasn’t likely to fall off from that position… not that I’ve dropped her yet or anything…

    While the fluff-ball in my head is busy staring at the horses around me, one of her little paws casually falling into my eye, I’m more focused on the weird bird that everyone has sort of gathered around. Well, haven’t seen THAT before.
    Johnny the Weaver

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    The giant's hooves clatter and crunch on the hard surface of the caves as he marches towards the commotion. His stride is long, purposeful, his ears rammed forwards and nostrils wide to drag in the sounds and smells of the shadowy darkness. The winding depths of the caverns are quite familiar to him, but this particular tunnel is entirely new. He uses each and every one of his senses to negotiate the stony labyrinth, unwilling to find himself lost in the gullet of the earth.

    It is not long before he reaches a small group of multi-species horses, from the winged to the naked to the downright bizarre. Some are familiar to his prying eyes and searching snout. He recognises Amaris in all her ball-aching, eerie glory, as well as the antlered stallion who he had defeated in the clash of titans at the beach, and there's Tae with her wolf and something bigger, stronger as well. Volterra himself is dragonless, as both red and gold are hunting in the distant forests. They do not like the caves, where the cramped darkness is not created for wide wings and powerful, scaled bodies. They are creatures of flight, creatures of outside, and that is where they will stay.

    He slows his stride, and fixes his attention onto the thing the others are looking at. And, indeed, it is a thing. It is not a dragon, bird or mammal - it is a queer creature that seems to be made up of all three, and the behemoth's massive head tilts with an expression half of disgust, half of intrigue. But there's something beneath the fluffy monstrosity, and the goliath senses power.

    image: chan <3

    Seeking an upgrade to his existing magic:

    [Magic: Earth x Fire | Can create and animate golems made of stone with fire inside them.]

    Upgrade: Golems can breathe fire that causes minor burns, and when they crumble they release a small wave of fire.


    [ you can't stray from what you are, you're the closest thing to hell i've seen so far  ]
    [ use of force/magic on him is permitted aside from death/maiming ]

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    The star girl wandered aimlessly. Long legs, graceful in their sweeping strides, carried her with no sense of urgency as she traveled towards the heart of Helovia. Within her crowned skull her thoughts wandered as well, pondering her purpose. Sure, it wasn't a productive inner monologue she held, but it was a frequent thing she did in her solitude.

    Big dreams had been built upon her shoulders, dreams of greatness, dreams of conquering and battle and pride. She had captured her title of corporal upon her entrance to the Aurora Basin, and still she wanted more. She coveted the next title, hoped to earn the place left in d'Artagnan's absence. She had been practicing among her ranks and trying to learn her soldiers. She had spent days sweeping the Threshold for new recruits to boost her here's numbers, she had stood before the rotting sentinels to cover for their dormancy. She had also spent time learning her weaknesses, testing her limitations. One thing she lacked in this place was a god-given advantage. Many around her were blessed with companions and magic, and she desired to be touched by the higher powers the same way her counterparts were.

    Hooves clattered as she entered a cave, thankful for the shelter it provided against the Frostfall elements. She shook the cold from her, starry hide shivering as she compensated. Thankfully, of the many caves she could have chosen, this one emulated warmth. It was a soft embrace, melting the frost from her hocks and the ice from her ears. But she wasn't alone in her decision; others had gathered in this cave as well, as if something had drawn their lines to intersect in this place at this time.

    Curious, she followed the others until she found her place before a curious sight. A bird-like creature, clapping is toothed beak happily, stood - crouched, rather, - over a brilliant glowing..... well..... Ki'irha wasn't sure what it was. Perhaps the strange avian had laid the oddly shaped thing like an egg? The corporal shuddered just thinking what that process must have looked like. Still, she wasn't entirely convinced that the brilliant thing the bird pressed it's ass upon was the progeny of the strange-looking pseudo-parent.

    The closer she came, she realized it was a glass bottle that held a glowing light. She had no time for an internal sigh of relief before envy flooded her mind, emerald greed igniting the dragon within her. She wanted it. The star girl had an affinity for all things that glittered, but this was unrivaled in its beauty. Never before had she seen something such as the glowing bottled light, so she had no assumptions that magic was imprisoned inside the glass.

    The warmth of the cave for a moment stifled the young mare. She wanted to steal her prize and bolt, retreat into the frozen wonderland with the trinket clasped between her jaws to be marveled at once she was far enough away. But, clever as she was, she began to take notice that perhaps the heat from the cave was coming from more than just the fire that burned within the pit. Maybe the glow emitted more than just light, but perhaps warmth as well? She felt her scarf heavy around her neck. Perhaps she could twist it into a more suitable nest for the bird, and claim his clutch as reward? Torn, she knew that despite the way she coveted the bottle, she could never part with the gift from her dear friend. So she simply sighed, coming to a stop among the gathering of others, and waited to see what would come next.

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    He hadn't been to the Heart caves in quite a while and ever since that day in the secret grove he had been confused and sad. He knew that the father and uncle of the twins were from his family, so he carried a small piece of their grieve. He had been trying to avoid them both, unsure what would happen if they accused him of being naive with his words. He stood behind what he had said, even if it had hurt the mare more. The truth wasn't always sunshine and flowers; sometimes it was crap and pain. A snort of frustration ripped from his tender nose as he slowly made his way down to the caves below.

    As soon as he entered the fresh scent of many others drew him in curiously. Head lowered slightly the hybrid made his way through the maze of stone walls. Silver eyes picked up the bodies gathered around something very strange. Silver eyes roved carefully over the surrounded horses before the creature. Dread poured into his body weighing him down like lead. Taking a steeling breath the stallion strode towards his herd mate. He hoped the taller stallion would allow him to stand beside him. If not he would simply move away and find someone nicer. As he settled in beside Ivezho he turned his attention to the strange creature nesting on top of a glowing ball of light. It was yellow, with long legs, beady eyes, and rows of extremely sharp teeth. He stood silently silver eyes locked upon the creature and the bottle it horded.
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    I leave the cave and its nightmare behind me with something like reluctance. In the shadows cast by fire and fear I came close to death, but not the closest I have ever been. I grew up on battlefields, in the shadows of unholy gods. Before I was even old enough to understand the meeting of mortality and the heavens, I was cast into their risks.

    So what is a monster or two in the caves? What is a shadow on the wall when the blood of a god rests against my chest? It's a vial stained with contradiction, with the mortal proof of immortal being.

    And what does that make me?

    My hindquarters sway awkwardly with every step, my walk a hitched and painful evidence of the pain I carry in my bones. When I surface from the caves I find myself once again in a crowd, a throng of pushing, pressing, heaving bodies all around a mysterious source of warmth and light. The sight of them all would make me run if I could, but I find myself too much in the middle of it, too tired and too broken by pain to turn away. I do as before, lowering my head and moving slowly through the bodies until I can see the center of attention more clearly.

    The canary-colored creature seems like an odd mix of predator and prey, but whatever it is it is nothing I wish to draw closer to. My short distance away is close enough, and with my golden eyes focused keenly I'm able to make out the glow of the warm source. Is this what they're all here for, then, some glowing heat?

    Is this what I'm here for, or is it what I just left behind?


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    The pair was headed back in the direction of home.  To A’mal the word held no significance…at least not yet.  The little dragon had been on quite the adventure since opening her eyes in the vast salt flats.  A’mal had become quite adept at catching small fish and other small animals, much to Najya’s relief.  There was a reason that horses weren’t cut out to eat fish and rodents.  Catching them was no easy feat. 
    Najya also felt more confident in her ability to take A’mal over the fire bridge now that the dragon had begun experimenting more thoroughly with her wings.  She now made short trips from her spot on Najya’s back (where all her favorite trinkets were conveniently tied in one place) to the branches of trees or down to the ground.  However she seemed perfectly content to ride most of the time.  That’s where the little dragon was now – gracelessly draped across Najya’s back with the mare’s glowing crocodile scale clutched in one her talons. Asleep.
    Their progress wasn’t particularly quick, but that didn’t bother the little flaxen mare.  The glow from the heart burned bright ahead, and the premise of being out of the cold – at least for a little while – was certainly tempting.  She made her way towards the glow slowly, and eventually she spotted others.  The air around was mercifully warmer, but that’s not what had truly caught her interest.  The strange thing that had drawn a crowd certainly did.  It was enough to draw A’mal from her sleep, and the dragon muttered as she peeked around the mare’s neck to get a glance of her own.  Though there were a few that Najya thought looked vaguely familiar, she still remained towards the rear of the group – hesitant – but didn’t turn away and leave.

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    The landscape is dotted with active fires jittering upwards in a spasmodic enthusiasm for life and the smoldering pits of those that have already extinguished, their empty bowls lined with a finely grained ash that still wafts out great gusts of heat and intermittent tendrils of smoke that mask the scent of others nearby and shortens the average viewing distance to a few meters.

    Some might think this vision of fire and stone is a realization of some religious hell, but the old stallion weaving between lit and unlit banks of kindling knows better. He slides his body along invisible walls of warmth with an expression of total satisfaction on his face, soaking up the comforts of increased blood flow, unbound muscles, and joints loosened to smoother gliding by this naturally occurring heat therapy.

    Lulled to distraction, he's nearly nose to tail with an attractive auburn rump by the time he realizes he's not alone. Curling his neck to stop from blundering directly into the stranger, he peers around the nameless buttocks (though not before taking an appreciative sniff and noting the scattered flecks of white across it) to scan the crowd. Johnny is there, and so is Ki'irha, but the rest he doesn't know. The guy with the lantern hung from his horns was with Rexanna at her birthing of Rein, but Albrecht arrived too late to catch the stallions name. Something with a T maybe?

    All eyes are turned inward with a palpable intensity. Curious, the old stallion follows the line of sight to an odd sort of exotic bird squatting on top of a glass bottle, something shiny and spherical tucked inside it. Well Albrecht likes shiny. He likes shiny a lot actually. The disk on the auburn rumps face is shiny too, as are the golden cuff on her leg and the glittering scales of the dragon-like Pegasus across the way, but the orb inside the bottle shines brighter than all of those put together and so he passes them by for now, stepping up to the blonde colored fluff with the total lack of giving-a-fuck that only old age can inspire.

    "Hey there freakish dragon-bird. I admire your technique, but don't you think taking the orb out of the bottle would be even better? Can't have an umber ass with pasty chestnuts right?"

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    but somewhere here in between the city walls of dyin' dreams
    And they gathered

    A sinister, divine call sweeping far beneath the common consciousness of Helovia, a beckoning which bypassed the mind and headed straight for the bones, dragging their vessels along with them to the Heart of Helovia. Fire-fumes shimmered against a wintry sky, distorting the horizon in a way that was both playful and nauseating at the same time. Contrast was not always a good thing—some things just weren't meant to go together, like fire and snow, obviously, because it made the world buck in displeasure.

    Still, something had drawn him out here, to a place he didn't exactly desire being near, and as he came closer he realized what it was: a gathering. The fresh scents upon the breeze had likely sparked his subconscious curiosity and drawn him further into the barren Meadow, and now, he was so close he might as well stay and see what the fuss was about. It was rare to see so many Helovians, from so many different herds, gather without a purpose. The closer he came, the more he recognized—Tilney, Amaris, Ivezho, Cirrus, Iona... The list went on, including that sugary pony he'd licked in the Threshold. Bad times.

    Mauja hung back. He didn't want to be noticed. Didn't want to intrude. Interact. They were gathered around something, and they were oddly silent, like it was some secret ritualistic meeting outsiders were not supposed to understand—someone spoke, a tall, furry unicorn, and he sounded rather gruff and to-the-point. Mauja's dark nostrils widened in a silent snort. They had to be staring at something, but their bodies blocked the view, and he did not care enough to shoulder his way through them to join in the staring.

    He would leave them to their morbid curiosity, and remain in his own, black-rimmed ears flicking for any voice to reveal why they were all here, next to a churning death-pit of lava.

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    The Heart Caves were a haunt Nephele often visited when she was not patrolling the Throat, not only for the heat the lava heated walls churned into the cavernous network in the deeps. Especially with Frostfall gripping the land, it was nice to steal what warmth there was still to be found, even if it was from the very essence of Helovia itself.

    Others seemed to have a similar mind, and while the obsidian hued mare was often not the most social of creatures, found herself holding conversations with those she stumbled into when wandering the underground expanse. It seemed cold weather brought people together, and it was no different today. Odd coloured eyes had spied the bodies sinking into the caverns, but with an unusual fervor than usual, was there something happening? Letting out a soft snort, she pulled her large wings to her sides to gently glide towards the ground — landing with her hind feet first before her slate coloured fronts touched down as well.

    Long strands of onyx and fire-orange trailed along the dusted ground as her war painted frame slinked, her curves punctuated with every step she took as she followed some of the faces she did not know towards the source of the commotion. Everyone had gathered, all on the account of an unusual looking avian sat upon a bottle of magic. Instantly, her ears pressed forward as she stepped through the crowd to get a better look at this custodian, no doubt charged with determining who was worthy of such a gift — and judging by some of the others who were present, some from her own herd but the majority were unfamiliar save for a scattered few she had spied at the Tiger Goddess battle — it was a stiff competition.

    What were the requirements to sway the guardian to her favor? If she was worthy of course, no doubt he would want to test that thoroughly with the amount of equines, pegasus and unicorns that had showed up. Wings tucking against her sides all the more to make room for any more that decided to show up, she stayed moderately quiet. The heat and light of the caves kept her in jovial spirits (or as jovial as the amazonian could get in the middle of frostfall), with the soft oranges complimenting her dark pelt and glinting her piercing in a glowing light.

    Questions had already been voiced, and the warrioress had little else to contribute unless the avian-creature decided to reveal what it wanted. Some questions were good, inquiring and innocent — then some crude comments from a bag of bones which smelled of the basin and cold. In any case, things were about to get interesting, that was something the mare could count on.



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    “She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close.” 

    ― Terry Pratchett
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    The chill of frostfall once again sends her out, seeking any available warmth to caress the cold from her hide. And moving further south was usually the answer; Helovia's heart holding the greatest warmth. She'd been there before, of course. Traversed amongst the caves, seeking out treasures like... well, like a pirate. It had been great fun, of course to see the wonders through youthful teal eyes but that wasn't what pulled her here today. The strangest part was that she wasn't really sure of what did compel her to the heart on this day. Yet, the painted girl didn't fight it, didn't bother to reject the compulsion. Instead, she merely followed it.

    She is almost mindless, here but not here, as she approaches from the northern side. And only when she arrives, near enough for the warmth to send a faint shiver through her skin, does she regain her sense of awareness. Only then does she see the others that have already gathered - and the grouping is larger but also varied enough to garner her attention. Her teal hued gaze finds the familiar faces of her aunt, Rift, and even Mauja and for the briefest of moments the girl pauses - assessing the situation as quickly as she could manage. Most seem to be gathered around some sort of creature, though they are more tightly packed together - enough so that the filly didn't feel comfortable attempting to shove her way forward for a closer look.

    But then her eyes returned to the outer edges of the gathering and she, once again, spies Mauja's spotted form. He stands back from the crowd - quiet and inconspicuous. A place of being that she, herself, rather enjoyed. Instead of going to Iona, as mother would have approved, the girl drifts to his side - close enough to, perhaps, run the edge of one feathered wing against his side. "Mauja." she murmurs softly, her keen eyes trained on the center of the gathering. "What's going on here?"

    And then she is silent.
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    What the sesame street reject had forgotten was that magic had a certain quality in Helovia – it attracted vultures like a new carcass in a barren wasteland. But the angry little beast was not about to relinquish its prize so quickly, oh no it was not. They came so quickly, and the evil puffball snapped its razor teeth at the first to arrive and dare to question him. “What are you, little bug?” it snapped, awkwardly long neck swaying about atop its fat little body, beady eyes hateful. And then a bumbling fool had to try and knock into him, and the bugger screeched very loudly, his fuzzy body bursting into immediate flames like some sort of roasted pterodactyl, hoping to burn the idiot that mumbled his apologies uselessly. Grumbling profanities under his breath the glorified chicken eyed the boy hatefully for a moment longer, until even more of the dreadful big-bellies wandered towards his little piece of warm-butted heaven.

    He wasn’t getting enough down time for all this ridiculous work, spreading magic and joy throughout Helovia or some mess.

    The lantern-bearing brute was slightly more jovial, though the bird thing eyed him suspiciously. No he most certainly was not little, he was a rather fat and very disproportionate thing sitting upon his big glass bottle. But at least the tree-marked fellow did not disservice him as plainly as the first. “No, I am RESTING!” he squawked hideously, for he was definitely not injured despite the big oaf attempting to trample him. Maybe they would get the message and scatter, he wasn’t feeling charitable right now and was unlikely to relinquish his portable tushie-toaster to any of these needling nellies. Especially not the one with the awful beasts. The bird hissed and exploded violently back into flames, threatening them plainly. He was guardian of this orb, and if they wanted his succulent flesh, he would let it dissolve into nothingness. The beast just wanted a warm butt, he didn’t want to die!

    The only one the freak liked was the curious one that offered his services for warmth. The beast eyed him speculatively, awful clawed feet shifting and clicking around the lip of the corked bottle. “I may take you up on that,” it squawked pretentiously. But for the moment his fluffy backside wiggled and descended further towards the bottle, soaking up the blissful heat. They continued to crowd up around him but in silence, only making the creature feel even more miffed. What, were they expecting a hand out?! How rude! He was a person too!

    At least the blunt one would be interesting, and chainsaw teeth snapped unhappily at his words. “You ever try to sit your ass straight on a fire, old man?” the awful thing snaps. "Cuz if so you must not be very bright."

    But finally the very last one to dawdle in raises the right question – what’s going on here?

    “I’m warmin’ my tush clearly! Until you greedy pipsqueaks came gallivanting over, not even botherin’ with a hello!” Its voice was truly awful and grating, especially in his anger. “Maybe I don’t wanna hand it over just yet! Why should any of you have it anyways? Despicable creatures,” it spat, hunching over its prize with a glare. Whether they answered him or not didn’t matter. He was going to keep his butt firmly perched upon his heated throne.

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