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She'd taken the circlet as it collapsed from Hotaru's ruined skin, her magic whipping it to safety in the space between her wings. She'd stood for a moment then, watching the proud mare finally crumple. It had not been a good moment. Maybe it was that sickening sound of bone snapping, something symbolic of a soul or strength waning into something far lesser; whatever it was it hadn't been satisfying in the slightest. She had won, and she had done so correctly, but leaving Hotaru like that, with the wolf baying like the world was ending, seemed like something that she'd never be able to shake.

What's worse was Hotaru's forgiveness. It pressed like a weight on her as she flew (maybe it was just the return of her shield...). "She stays anyway," Hotaru had said, and Ampere's jaws clenched as she coasted across the skies, recognizing that loyalty int he canine whom always ran back to Hotaru's side whenever something went amiss, including the silence. She knows no one else, Ampere tried to reason, unwilling to admit she was wrong, that she could be wrong. Wolves are pack animals, of course she'd stay....
"She fights with me, not for me..." came the haunting sound of Hotaru's voice in the back of her mind. Ampere shook her head, embittered. She is influenced by emotions because of the bond... she is the child, and Hotaru the mother, so she fights because she feels it. I would fight for my child out of love, but I'd know it was all mine, all my choice.

She went over this several times more in her head, arguing with the pink bitch who wasn't even present. How had she somehow come out better than Ampere at the end? Was that the power of forgiveness? Ampere snorted.

"Stay in the trees," Ampere bade to Kygo. The bird was happy enough to oblige after their long flight, though he was curious why. Ampere didn't often speak to him, and never commanded him. His curiosity nearly bid defiance, but again, his laziness won out and he flitted away. Ampere meanwhile donned her tiger's pelt, her electrical hands pouring it over her body to shield herself. Gently she melted away into nothing, into someone else, into Thunderhead.

She followed Feusohm as he pointed towards Destry, sheathing him when the mare appeared on the horizon. Her identity cloaked, she swooped in fast and high, leaving no time for her to be noticed until it was too late. The circlet was gently tossed down towards the dark mare, a stone with it, electrically branded with the Whatch's mark. Then Thunderhead was up and gone, chasing up the sky and into the clouds to vanish.





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I'd almost forgotten about it, about Ampere's talk of the Whatch and how they could help. I'd been so consumed in my own despair I hadn't any time to worry about what the Whatch could do— if anything at all. So I hadn't been expecting anything to fall from the sky today, certainly not my armour either. 

Shahrokh had whispered something to me, something about wanting to get away for a minute and explore a little more. I should have cared more, should have worried that he may get lost or hurt, but alas I kept my lips sealed tight. I did try to not my head in acknowledgement, but it was barely noticeable and it was only after several minutes I realized Shahrokh couldn't see. He had already left by the time I made the discovery, but my face remained utterly horrified and embarrassed for long afterwards. 

I heaved myself up onto my feet at the request of Yseult, who told me laying down for so long might not be good for my health. I agreed quietly and set about getting up, shaking out sand from my hair and feathers, stretching. Yseult had fluttered off without another word, but I knew where she was headed. 

She flew after Shahrokh, as she always does when he goes off on his own. Perhaps it's part of my subconscious willing her to go, perhaps she just thinks someone has to do it. I notice her figure in the sky, headed towards my son with overwhelming speed. I turn back to the oasis, thinking that maybe a bath is in order. 

As I've begun to grow closer, I hear a thunderous flapping of wings, fast and unexpected. They're only there for a second, beating rapidly until they're gone again. In their wake are two things— my armour, and an oddly carved stone. A pair of wings, with a crudely drawn eye in the wing that's hidden behind the other. I look into the sky to see who had dropped these items, but find only the grey frostfall clouds drifting dully along. Odd. I bow my head in gratitude at the invisible warrior, whomever they were, I was in their debt. I took up the laurel, tucking it under my wing until Yseult returned, where I could then request she aid me in putting it on my head and weaving strands of hair through it. 

"These soldiers are not here to kill you; They're here to protect you."
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