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He had left the sands the moment he could take wing. It hurt to leave Aelin beind, to leave Mother, Father... actually that was about it. It had hurt, and each day he watched the sky in the direction of the Throat, as if expecting his twin to soar near and light up the world in that special way only she could, before reality turned his heels and carried him aloft. Perhaps he had been rash in his sudden departure seasons ago, but had he told his dam she would have kept him, and he lacked the willpower to refuse his twin anything.

So in secret he and Hades practiced, the owl guiding him and strengthening his wings.

Then in the dark of night, they were gone.

Perhaps cruel, but in Hawke's mind it had been necessary. Quick cuts healed far faster and cleaner than a jagged tear. By now they would have moved on, and Hawke was free to begin, to grow and flourish on his own.

Hades watched the runaway colt approach the shrines of the Gods, his dark eyes unjudging of his bonded as the colt knelt before the altar of the Sun. Hawke could feel the heat of the lava flats around them, but found it suiting, and perhaps a bit familiar. Slowly he rose, gazing down at the shrine, his gaze then shifting to that of the Moon, before back to the Sun.

"You know who I am, because of who's blood runs in my veins. I know you can hear me." He paused then, not hesitating but rather choosing his words cautiously and carefully, selecting them with utmost care. He'd rather not be struck down all for a slip of tongue. "I dislike this. Yes, I am son of Gaucho, but I am also Hawke before I am son. You know who I am because of Gaucho... I wish to tell you that soon you will know me as Hawke first." Perhaps not the most eloquent, but he had carried his message across.

A final bow to the shrine before Hawke turned to Hades. The owl flew soundlessly over, taking his perch on Hawke's withers as the boy waited with bowed head before the shrine. He doubted the Sun would come, but he would remain in homage for a time longer regardless.

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She soared through the skies, riding easily on the thermals that rose from the Veins of the Gods.  Of the areas of Helovia, this was perhaps the least inhabited and, therefore, the safest for her to traverse by air.  It was not that she felt herself to be in any physical danger; no, the pain that she feared, she had brought upon herself, somehow.  There were seasons missing from her life, from her memory.  She had no way to return the time that had been stolen from herself and her family - so instead of returning, moons after her unexpected disappearance, only to disrupt the fragile relationships that had blossomed in her absence, she had fled.  It was not something that she was proud of, but it was something she had felt she had to do, nonetheless.

As the Transcended flew, her bonded summoned her attention through his call of wing-mother to a small spot that moved carefully through the lava-covered lands of the Veins.  The mare circled carefully, slowly drifting closer to the surface, for she recognized that small spot.  A smile broke out on her maw as she remembered the bond that she shared with her youngest son.  Within moments, she had landed nearby and was trotting eagerly to greet him.

She arrived after he spoke to the gods, who did not appear to have any interest in the colt; and so she entered into a silent bubble around him, breaking it with a nicker of greeting.  Astraeus followed closely, sparks flickering off his body and showering the boy, a visual approximation of the zephyr's joy.  "Hawke!" his mother said warmly, maternal affection evident in her voice and body.  She reached out to bump her nose against his, hoping that he would not greet her as coldly as his older brother.

"Talk talk talk."

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