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[OPEN] return of the prodigal son

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To truly understand the beast,
one must meet him,
and unlock that which beats within his glowing chest.
It was time to grow up.

Ivezho had procrastinated long enough. He had left his birthlands too long ago, and taken far too long to return to them. Finally, he angled his path south, and stayed on it - ignoring any would-be distractions and diversions.

It was surprisingly easier than he expected.

To say he was looking forward to it would be a lie - but not an entire lie. He was excited, energised - but also nervous, terrified.

Like a beacon, a glowing prodigal son, he came in the night, for darkness did not scare him - he had never known darkness, not truly, for he carried the light of the burning sun within him, it filled him out, it seemed to be bursting at every bend of his body, every joint and feather. Even the depths of his nostrils never seemed dark - on a misty night, when he breathed deeply and exhaled the warm air, he appeared almost as if he breathed fire, or light.

He supposed it was some homage to his father, some mark of his heritage that he would never be able to escape - not that he felt he needed to escape it so much as embrace it. He didn't hate his blood, or his family, he just didn't want to be defined by it - he didn't want to feel pressured into behaving a certain way, or living up to certain expectations, just because of the names of his parents, or siblings.

Ranjiri's words echoed in his mind, and still he rejected them ignored them, denied their significance. He would live a life for himself no matter what she, or anyone, thought about it.

He had to return here of his own accord, he had to make the decision on his own, or else he might have returned otherwise, but without conviction, without purpose, without any intention of staying longer than a day, a season, a year.

Ivezho wanted to stay here for the rest of his life.

He flew over the gap between the mainland and his homeland with ease, scooping the breeze like an old friend and using it to make his landing on the sand smooth, easy, welcoming. Landing was one thing, however - he still needed to face the locals.

With a low rumble, he announced his presence to the lands, and awaited the arrival of whatever welcoming committee might come.

Idly, he wondered how many of them he might be related to.
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Sometimes I wondered what I was doing back in the lands of the mighty Dragon. Family, I'd remind myself, but as I took a look around all I could see was small cracks growing larger and larger within the foundation of my personal, inner family. Everything around me was crumbling apart. As the eldest sibling, and eldest sister on top of that, I felt it was my responsibility to substitute my mother's role while she was currently on her.. break. Outing? Where ever she was. Because, unlike my father, I fully believed she was coming back.

However, I was no Sohalia the Transcended.

None of my siblings came to me like they did my mother. I was trying so damn hard to keep this family apart and to no avail. I felt as if a bigger rift was growing between us. Hell, I took a mission away from Dragon's Throat just so I could get a chance to breathe and reevaluate the situation. What had I done wrong? Had I not instilled enough hope? Not offered enough guidance?

I was already an aunt. I had two more half-siblings birthed by a woman I couldn't stand, sired by a man I tried so hard to convince the woman I thought he loved would be coming back. Half of my family wasn't even around. I searched for them: scoured Helovia whilst on my previous mission. There was no sign of any of them.

No matter how hard I tried, I could feel my grasp on the family ties loosening. Ever so slowly everything was unraveling. The happy family I dreamed of was disappearing before my very eyes. I wanted to cry, I wanted to give up, but I couldn't. There was still a miserably naive part of me that kept thinking things would go back to the way they were before. Not to mention, I couldn't let anything happen to my family. Even my half-siblings. They still shared my blood, still lived in the same herd.

His arrival was like a ray of hope in the dark sky, forcibly creating a silver lining among the darkness. Patrolling was the only thing that kept me sane anymore. When I saw him, however, I thought I had lost my mind. But as I dared to follow, dared to believe, the reality began to hit me. As Ivezho, my dear missing brother, hit the ground I was quick to land beside me.

"Gaezo!" Excitement forced its way through my weariness as I went in for an attempt to muzzle him. "I have missed you." In that moment of pure bliss, I didn't even notice my voice crack beneath my emotions.

translation gaezo = brother

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To truly understand the beast,
one must meet him,
and unlock that which beats within his glowing chest.
His nerves seemed to be racing one another - his skin twitched as grains of sand scattered against him, lifted by the light breeze. He was hypersensitive to everything - he thought he heard something - what was it? A guard, a patrol? His presence was not like to go unnoticed - in fact he-

-expected to be discovered very soon. And he was.

"Zen!" he abandoned the language they were all raised on - opting for her moniker instead, pressing forward with wings opens and throat wuffling warmly at the sight of her. He was stunned at the difference in height between them - Zenobia had clearly taken after their mother in stature, where he and his twin had father's height - he made to scoop his head over her petite withers and hold her in a fierce embrace. Their magics seemed to spark off each other - he had forgotten that to touch Zenobia was to taste a strange static in the back of our throat, while his light-from-within glowed warmly against the pre-dawn night.

"I've missed you too-" he said, nipping at her dark locks playfully, wondering where she had been but not game enough to ask - for hadn't he left too? He had little and less of a right to question her than she did to question him - he was just pleased enough to see her, alive, well, happy.

"Been keeping out of trouble?" he asked with a grin as he pulled back from their embrace, smiling radiantly as he considered her with his deep viridian pools, (pools that had, on occasion recently, looked at mares in a totally different light). "Or making it wherever you go, as usual?" He asked playfully, teasingly - what else were brothers for?
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She would have had have been blind to not see the glowing thing in the sky that fell quickly toward the ground. It wasn't a desire to protect anyone from anything that drove the young mare to take to the sky to investigate. It was her own curiosity and the fact that she knew someone who glowed. She remembered him saying that he was from the land of sun and sand. Was it possible that he had finally decided to come back to the Throat? After their meeting and the fact that he had stayed away from the Dragon's Throat she figured that he wanted to stay lost and shoved him to the back of her memory where she could forget about him easily.

But as she approached she could see him (and some other mare) more clearly.

Mordecai angled her wings and her striped body fell toward the ground. Sand sprayed as her hooves touched the ground and she trotted forward several steps before stopping. Her dark wings folded against and she stood for a moment regarding Ivezho and the smaller mare. Black eyes slid from the pale girl to the glowing stallion and her head tilted slightly. "Hash yer zin lei?" She directed her question to Ivezho as she thought back to what he'd said to her. "Che hash yer..." She paused then as she tried to find the word she wanted to use but came up blank. "...home?"

Not that it truly mattered one way or the other to her whether or not he called the Throat home. Still, there was a smug part of her that had known that she would eventually see him again. 


Hash yer zin lei? - are you still lost?
Che hash yer...


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