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He had been to the war-won lands of the east, and he had mused upon the battles of the gods. He had moved through his land silently, objectively watching those within the borders and how they interacted with those around them. He had cast his gaze across the formations and found them lacking. The season had changed quietly, and brought along with it the nip of impending Frostfall. They were safe and secure - momentarily - in the alliances they had struck with the herds around them. But Kaj was not content. He was not assured by these evanescent, mercurial ties that could change as quickly as one's word. He was dissatisfied, uneasy, and he would not allow that emotion to fester within his mighty breast any longer than he had to. 

Archibald was not of concern here, as he stood upon the grassy knoll of the meeting area. Kaj knew that how he stood now, made whole and purged of a major weakness, they would see even more eye to eye. There was no need for conference, not when he could see the fault lines in the bedrock, the impending chasm that would split the moment the earth shook around them. And that earthquake would come, for it always did. But when it came, Kaj would be sure that the herd - the family - beneath his reign would be prepared. They would fall no longer, they would not live up to the literal name of their sanctuary. Kaj would ensure it, whether it killed him or not. 

His might frame swelled with air and with frustration, expelled on a bellow of words that raced to every corner, rebounding off cliffs and trailheads to herald his words to all with keen ear. "FAMILY OF THE FALLS, COME TO ME!" He would not call them by any other name, for they were not citizens or members. Their cohesion meant their survival, and Kaj could not care less whether they griped and moaned about having to hold hands and play nice with the child next to them. The hard decisions lay upon his and Archibald's backs, and while they were strong enough to weather them, they were hardly ever appreciated. But they would thank him in time, when their family unit lent them loyalty and trust. When those attributes secured them triumph even when the tide of battle seemed to go against them. 

He stared out at them, critical and silent, wings drawn tight against his body in a language that portrayed and projected his stiff, minor displeasure. The Aurelight awaited their gathering, and only spoke when the shuffle of hooves fell to the quietest their masses could manage, and when Archibald stood stoic and present beside him. 

"The new season is upon us. We remain. But we are faltering, and we are growing weak." He let his words fall like a heavy blanket upon them, watching their reactions, trying to find the passion within them so that he could speak to it and draw them back to the excellence he knew they could achieve. "We are lax, we are subdued. This land has never known peace for any long stretch of time, and we should never expect it! Where are our soldiers, sparring and growing stronger? Where are our patrols, our eyes and ears throughout the land? Where are the new members, ushered warmly in to become part of our family? Where is our passion? WHERE IS OUR FORTITUDE?" And he bellowed it, wings snapping briefly at his sides, wanting to stir them up and make them change. And he did not care if they cringed away from the truth that he presented, if the ones who were continuous in their efforts sneered at being placed within the masses. Their efforts could be praised, but he would not forsake the harshness necessary just to spare their individual prides. 

"This land has known too much fallen blood, blood of loss! Blood of defeat!" He had orchestrated the defeat of its last reign, and he knew how easily it had fallen. How they always turned belly up and resigned, awaiting the final blow as if it did not matter any longer, that they had been waiting all along for someone to come along and defeat them. "We have always been the weakest member, the omega, the crippled stag. is not the time to let those same curses fall heavy upon our backs, to let the infection settle in early. I ask you now for your heart, for your pride in this land and those around you. I hold you to a higher level of excellence, and I vow here before you to hold myself to it as well." Kaj stepped forth beyond Archibald's shoulder, wondering if this would ever be enough. If they were strong enough to rise above the curse, once and for all, and leave the Falls a name to be rightfully remembered. 

"While the snow buries life and the world turns in upon itself...we will be preparing. We will be growing stronger. So change. Do more. Do better. Accept nothing less of yourself than the best." And he fell to a somber silence, awaiting any input Archibald had as he stepped back to where he had started, knowing this was something he would never be convinced otherwise. And maybe now they looked upon him and did not recognize him, did not see Other Kaj but finally saw Kaj. But his mind would not change. Peace was never a time to grow quiet and submissive. For peace never lasted. 

- - -

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Archibald moved towards the meeting spot before the herd was called, standing sentinel and silent beside his lighter, smaller comrade. The dual ruling kings had agreed silently on this meeting, the buckskin meeting the black at the end of his patrol. It was a silent agreement, simply decided with nods and small gestures. They had ruled together long enough to know when they needed to bring the family together. Kaj started the meetings, called their ranks to gather below their feathered hooves. Archibald did not mind--Kaj was the diplomatic lead by technicality between them. Archibald commanded the warriors and the fortitude. He had visited the Dragon's Throat, however, and solidified their ties and brought his daughter to her rightful home. She seemed to be doing well in these boarders, having met the Earth God with Isopia and Archibald just recently. The Dauntless mused if Macaria would follow in the hoofsteps of a seer as Kaj called for the herd, and his golden eyes swept the treeline for his daughter. Loretta stood vigilant, waiting for the nephew to come. She needed to join him. She had been at his side quite often since Knox had left him in Archibald's charge. Knowing Loretta's thoughts, Archibald hummed inwardly. After the meeting we will make a point to bring the two together. Perhaps Macaria's soft heart and free loving spirit will help ease Milo's pain. Loretta agreed, her tail giving two simple wags. She still searched for the silver-haired boy, amber eyes eager and somewhat worried. Slowly at first and then like salmon, the herd approached. Golden eyes swept over his subjects, though he stood stark still. He gave no nods, no greetings. He simply waited for them all to file in, thought mentally he made note of where certain horses made their spot: Macaria, Milo, Ktulu, Knox.

Kaj directed a call to action, and Archibald watched him silently. Like the Kaj Archibald had met all those seasons ago, his partner Czar stood with a commanding posture, a soldier's posture. Archibald's dark ears twitched atop his crown as he mulled over what could have happened for the Aurelight to be so confident when before the Dauntless would not have been surprised to find him beneath a waterfall, somber as the water crashed against his back. He listened to each word the stallion spoke, his own coming speech playing out in his head. When it was his time, the Dauntless stepped forward--his words to come more business than the general address of his counterpart. "The Dragon's Throat still holds their word, and we are at a peaceful union with them. Masons and healers, I believe it beneficial if we offer our services to them. In return, Megaera and Gaucho have promised their crafts. They have metal and we have stone--together we can forge fortitude for the herdland. Brisa, you will oversee meeting with the Throat forgers. Resplendence, you will oversee meeting with the medics. I expect one soldier to go on each excursion with the Masons and the Healers." Archibald motioned towards his Champions briefly, the command articulated with urgency on his pale lips. "We have much to learn from each other, and in this time of uncertain quietness, there is the opportunity." As he addressed the rank leaders personally he made eye contact with them, molten gold eyes as stern and solid as his baritone.

"Ktulu, Ciceron," He started, eyes meeting Ciceron first but then moving to Ktulu, lingering with her crimsons for the rest of his address, "I expect our warriors to step up to their prime. The whole herd was lax in the last season and it will no longer be tolerated. Patrols and spars are high priority--sharpen the skills the gods have given you. Sneaks, you should also be patrolling and roaming. Gather any and all information you can about anything and everything you can." He paused for a moment, letting the commands fall into the hearts and minds of those who were most impacted. The tone of his voice and the way he stood so tall and domineering above them made one thing clear: there was no room for argument.

To finish, Archibald needed to touch on the ties with the other herds. After their invasion, the Aurora Basin had been quiet and left them alone. Archibald would visit them, speak with Deimos and the other leaders. The World's Edge, however, was in a state Archibald could not truly comprehend. Kahlua was gone, as Alysanne had said--and the Dauntless did not know what that meant for the politics of the herd. "We stand peaceful with the Dragon's Throat, as I stated previously. Kaj will be visiting the leaders of the World's Edge within the season, and I will venture north to the Aurora Basin. Should anyone have any information they deem pertinent to the diplomatic dealings with those herds, speak them without hesitation."

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She was expecting the summons. The cloudmare had been making an attempt to be nearer to him, to learn about him and the herd she was now a part of. She found the Falls to be very different to the Throat, or any other land she had lived in - it snowed here, for a start. The Throat had only ever experienced a hint of snow even in the heaviest of frostfalls - but the Falls? Might as well have moved into the Steppe, Cirrus thought, but there was no bitterness or regret in the thought - rather a sort of amusement as she reflected on her choice of abode.

It was the right choice, she was confident even now, as she watched her golden leader stride with purpose to a central point of the lands. The cloudmare hung back, wondering if her guess about his purpose was right - wondering if she had begun to read him accurately at last, this mystery of a man she could not help but be drawn to, follow, admire. He was everything she wanted, everything she needed - she hoped she had the courage to tell him so one day.

She hoped she had the courage to face the consequences of his potentially not feeling the same way.

Though he had never denied her silent advances, they hadn't spoken properly, they hadn't said the words, at least not those words.. And she wondered if there was a need to - and then she knew that of course there was..

Fear gripped her again, like nothing she had experienced before - fear of rejection, fear of a hurt deeper and more consuming than anything she had experienced before (- or had she? Maybe she feared a similar hurt - maybe she knew that if she had to go through that again, she wouldn't be able to come back from it a second time -). Cirrus shivered, though her magic kept a patch of sunlight on her no matter the season that surrounded them.

The summons came, and she obediently followed, choked up slightly by her own emotional constipation, but by the time she arrived she had schooled her face clear again. The weather that surrounded them was that of a warm spring day, though they all stood in shallow drifts of snow. Cirrus was glad for the opportunity to look, and see the faces of all those she should call her family - some, she recognised already, and that was more comforting than she wanted to admit to herself. Cirrus smiled, she nodded, to those who met her gaze, before diverting her attention wholly to her leaders.

They were of a height to each other (though the big black one was taller again than the lofty reaches of Kaj).

Her golden Czar spoke first, with words of passion, of instruction and protection, questioning the herd, the family, and their own conviction, their own desire to be not just great, but strong, powerful.

Cirrus only had Gaucho and the Throat to compare her leaders and new herd by, and the differences were.. Interesting.

Where the Throat was filled with a herd of militaristic soldiers, passionate crafters and fiery healers all with the goal of bettering the herd, the lands; the Falls seemed to be similar and yet.. They seemed to be lacking something.

She couldn't pinpoint it - perhaps it was just as the leaders openly admitted - perhaps the herd had just been lax coming into Frostfall. Perhaps that was why, when Cirrus looked out over them, she saw tired, uninspired masses, all without goals, without purpose. It annoyed her - she wanted them to feel alive, to feel inspired, to want to improve and grow and hell, just to be prepared. Peace was a joke in Helovia - even as Archibald spoke of it, Cirrus only half believed it.

"I am Cirrus," she said as she stepped forward slightly, brandishing confidence whose origin she wasn't sure of. "I am a new member here - and I am experienced in both the arts of healing and defending lands. I think it is important to be prepared for anything - Helovia might know a time of peace now, but it will not last forever - we must be prepared." Maybe she was just repeating what her leaders had said - but she wanted to say so much more.

Instead of more, however, she finished her small speech, with a simple; "I'm happy to help with the training of our warriors, and the keeping of the healer's herbs - my magic can enable anything to grow during any season." To demonstrate, she flourished her wings slightly and looked to the heavens above, and called upon the magic that made her feel alive, and summoned a sunny rainshower - and just to help everyone feel a bit better, with a smile, she imbued it with her new god-given gift of healing as well, to rejuvenate and energise the gathering and further make her point known.
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    So. Kaj had changed. Yeah. She knew that, but she hadn’t really known how much until he stood so valiantly before the herd at the meeting that he had called. Quietly, she pulled up in her usual place (to the front left of the herd gathering) and Valiance went to take to the tree limbs behind both Kaj and Archibald. It was a sign of support, originally, but now it was almost a sign of power that each of them seemed to give each other. Aye, she faced him, and she wasn’t nearly as strong as the pair of leaders before her. But, there were times that she liked to think that she offered them a humanity that they had the ability to lack. At the very least, she had been attempting to do that for Kaj recently.

    They spoke of doing better, of not letting themselves stay weak and be defeated. Archibald assigned a task of meeting with the Throat’s healers and she offered a gentle nod before the new mare spoke. Aye, Resplendence stayed out of the storm shower which the mare had created – afraid of hypothermia – but Valiance could care less and swooped in under it for a moment before returning to the branches. A surge of energy coursed through their bonds and she offered a gentle smile to the mare who reflected the skies. ”I will leave for the Throat in the upcoming week. One healer may accompany me and whichever warrior you wish to have escort us.” She said, her small announcement to the herd before adding, ”And Brisa has my sincerest gratitude for working so diligently on the healer’s hut. It will make life much easier for us.”

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    "FAMILY OF THE FALLS, COME TO ME! Here we go. A herd meeting. The first one that I would have both Cheveyo and Brendan at my side. At least I hope my small family would be there. My silver and ivory son lurked close by, and as one Alanna and I move to him. "Come on, time to meet the rest of the herd." On the inside, I am a mess. It's clear that he does not belong to Cheveyo. After all it was only recently that she had returned to my side and the herd. Brendan was several months older than that. Now by no means am I embarrassed of my son. Quiet the opposite. He's my pride and joy. I feel things that I never understood before. The need to protect him and keep him safe was the strongest of all, even if that meant protecting him from dangers from within the herd as well as outside.

    Alanna leads the way heading straight for out normal spot. But instead of placing ourselves right next to the Earth Medic, my bonded moves to where there is just enough room for her to stand between the quiet healer and myself. Brendan takes his place next to me and clearly starts to look around for Cheveyo. I too, look around for the painted mare until my broer beings to speak. As much as I hated to hear them, my brother was right. We had grown complacent in the last season. Something we could not afford to do. So many other leaders and warriors had started out super strong only to falter and fail the ones they had promised to protect. I stomped my right hoof in agreement, even while knowing I had let my own responsibilities slide while I had sought out Cheveyo and Brendan. No more! I continued to remain silent as Archibald went on to speak. He spoke of sending others out to the Throat, and wanting warriors to go with them. My eyes cut to my son, and the thought of leaving him behind if I were to go. But it was Alanna who spoke smoothly to sooth my worries. "He will be here, among those we call family. No one here will allow harm to come to him. I would say I'd stay behind, but I know you need me with you to protect those we escort." I nodded at her words. She was right of course, on both parts.

    Before I can speak however, an unfamiliar voice cuts through the silence. She speaks of being able to help, and I watch quietly as she shows off her magic. Well, if it will help the herd than more power to her. I could not help but smile as she made a rainbow over us all. Res then spoke, and I smiled at my sister of the heart. Res, like Kaj was one of the few from the Qian that I would forever remain family to. That I would do anything for. "As for the warrior escorts, I volunteer to go with Brisa or Resplendence. Whichever one you would see fit to send me with." I do not think it is the time or place to mention my son. I am sure he is being eyed enough without having to declare that he is mine. That my first born son has at last come home. Those that needed to know, would know soon enough. Starting with my broer. My brown eyes seek the eyes of my pale Czar, trying to ask without words to speak to him privately after the meeting. We had much to discuss after all...

    "Alanna speaks"

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    Another meeting! Didn’t they just have one of these? Or was there another princess for them to be introduced to? Murtagh hoped not. He liked Macaria but didn’t think he’d want two of her. Not while he was hoping his parents would finally give him a sibling! A little sister would be perfect, of course, but he wouldn’t turn up his nose at a brother either. Most of the males he knew were old or hard to find. There was another colt his age around here somewhere, but they just never seemed to cross paths.

    Murtagh trotted eagerly ahead of his mothers following the summons. He wasn’t eager for the actual meeting, mind you - it was sure to be just as boring as the last one - but he was excited for all the faces that would be there. The whole point of these meetings was to get all of the Falls together, right? Maybe there would be some new foals! He had been born in Frostfall so it was easy to assume that it was the same for everyone.

    He recognized a few of the faces in a vague, we-live-in-the-same-herd way, but was happy to see that Cirrus was there among them. He wove toward her - offering a bright grin by way of greeting, before following her example and looking to the kings. Their speeches were treated by Murtagh the same way all speeches were treated. He heard the words but they weren’t really for him so he didn’t actually listen. The words were for all the grim-faced adults around him. This was their meeting and he was only there to hunt for friends.

    After he ensured that neither Kaj nor Archibald would be introducing a new princess to them, Murtagh’s mind and eyes began to wander around the crowd. Right up until the point when it started raining. With a woop of excitement, the colt reared and delighted in the refreshing sensation that washed over him from the rain. He did not fully recognize it as the effects of magic but rejoiced in it all the same.

    He was quick to quiet down, though, not wanting to interrupt or worse, be scolded for interrupting.

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    & this is Carl

    It took her a lot of effort to finally get to the herd meeting, no thanks to her little bundle of energy and all the time it took to contain the filly. She made sure the paint was still in her sights as she trotted into the group, ears pricked in hopes that she could catch whatever it was they were saying. Carl made sure Merialeth didn't go wandering off too far should she suddenly find the meeting to be too boring, while also keeping December up to date on their location and if Miykael was nearby. Ever since the mare had birthed her child her life had suddenly become much busier, to the point where she couldn't remember the last time she had a conversation with her own mate because of all she had to do. Perhaps she was putting the majority of that work onto herself, but she couldn't help it; this child was her entire world.

    She finally came to a halt in the group of members, steel eyes focused intently on Kaj and Archibald as her tail swished lazily behind her. She listened until completion, never once wavering her focus, despite the irritation that pricked mildly at her hide. They seemed to hold such ownership of this place, seemed to act as if it was always theirs. They acted as if they had never invaded this land and that perhaps not everyone agreed with them even though they had agreed to obey. The ivory lass could easily have taken what they were saying the wrong way, but she felt in a sense that what Kaj said was almost an insult to Midas's name and legacy, and that was something she was not at all okay with. Her loyalty to him was unwavering, and she would always find a special place for that man dipped in gold in her heart. Despite the war of emotions raging in her mind she remained silent, only listening to the others and the suggestions they had. She had no input whatsoever, and part of her didn't trust herself to really say anything anyways. So instead she remained silent, waiting for her next orders and for the whole thing to be dismissed.

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    Ezital was napping pleasantly when the call so rudely roused him. He took his time rising to his feet, stretching each leg and rolling his neck around a few times. Once he felt good and ready, he picked up a jaunty trot and made his way to Kaj's little meeting spot. He'd never met Kaj, at least not formally. The only contact he'd had with his supposed king was from afar at meetings such as these. It would surprise him very much if the stallion even knew his name.

    Kaj rambled on for awhile about things he didn't care about, using words he wouldn't understand anyway. He was far too tired to listen to yet another long winded speech by one of the falls illustrious leaders. Instead, he busied himself looking around for a familiar face. Maybe Vitani was around here somewhere, he'd even settle for Agnodice.

    He paid a little more attention when they started talking about the warriors, but he couldn't imagine being the one sent on these grand diplomacy missions. His fighting skills still left something to be desired, and his size and demeanor hardly made up for that. Though once he learned he was quite certain those traits would come in handy. They wouldn't even see it coming.

    Thoughts of his future battle prowess were rolling around in his mind, drawing a smile to his lips, when the sky suddenly opened and dumped water all over him. Shock didn't even begin to cover his reaction, followed quickly by indignation and outrage. He swung his head around to find the horse responsible and fix them with a death glare. He scraped together the smoldering remains of his dignity and settled himself further away from the offending horse. Let her feel the pain of his secret weapon: the silent treatment.
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    How do you feel? I ask myself as I drag myself to the call of the czars. How do you feel, really?

    Every bone in my body aches and my spine twisted as its bones create their torturous kiss. I spend my waking hours trying not to scream; I spend my sleeping hours in constant discomfort, constantly interrupted, barely present at all. The lack of rest shows--my golden eyes are dull and sagging, my heart thuds slow and empty. What remains of me is sick and thin, quickly malnourished with the absence of my mother, or even father, to direct me to food in these cold and unforgiving months.

    Where is that love now, the unconditional seed sown by family? My brain pounds, my mind reels with the loss of childlike comfort. Where is that love?

    The meeting means nothing to me, the words are dull and lacking comfort. What good am I to my herd, like this or even at all? I'm a child of no words and no action, a useless thing to be tossed about. I see Archibald at the head, a behemoth that I can respect, but have nothing to say. His eyes catch mine, and I'm aware of his gaze heavy on my place. Is that the love, the watching and caring? Or is it simply obligation?

    Feeling tired and of no use I shuffle into shadow, leaning against a young tree for support and sniffling quietly as I chew numbly on its frozen bark. Nothing to eat, nothing to do. Useless, starving child that I am.

    @Archibald mentioned,  no others. Milo settles along the back and listens and mopes.

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    Hearing the leaders, well more specifically Kaj calling out for the family to come together somehow made her gut twist uncomfortably. Things had been less than ideal over the last weeks as she tried desperately to come to terms with this "new" Kaj. While it was still the same exterior, what she had come to love seemed to be locked away behind concrete walls. With time perhaps she could make some progress into getting him to let them back down but would it be worth it in the end? Would it make her heart stop hurting, or would it only make it hurt more? A small yip broke through her hesitance and she looked down to see Hikari standing on her hind feet while reaching up to her with her front paws. It was almost as if she could understand or maybe even feel the pain that coursed through her bonded. While she was still too young to fully understand it was nice knowing that there was someone out there that cared. After much thought and debating the mare finally headed down to where the rest of the herd had gathered.

    Standing off to the side with Hikari bouncing around her feet the pair listened quietly to what all was being said. There was a lot of talk about fortifying the herdland and rising up to claim a higher more respectable place amongst the herds, but it was Archibald that was the first to draw her full attention with the mention of her name. Glancing up to the giant she dipped her head in greeting while silence coated her lips until his words had been spoken. So it would seem that they would be needing to go on a trip to the Throat to meet with their crafters. The idea was appealing to her new found curiosity of the other herds but it also was a little unnerving to be meeting with strangers. Granted it would be something that would need to happen so for the sake of the herd she couldn't do anything but accept the duty and prepare herself the best she could. "I will go shortly to meet with the Forgers. Whoever wishes to accompany me is more than welcome." She commented brightly, thankful for Aaron's offer to assist should no one else volunteer. Glancing over to Resplendence with a kind smile she accepted the kind comments with a dip of her head to the mare.

    "Archibald, I do wish to speak to you once everything has been wrapped up about future projects, if I could steal a few moments of your time." She added wanting to get a better idea on where things should be going after the healers hut was completely finished.

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    What part of my dying did you not understand? her voice hisses, unforgiving and sharp in his mind. The ghost is inescapable, the memory impossible to avoid. All that he loves has left him, all that he loves he has left. Does he love anymore, does he love, can he love? What is love?

    The thought strikes him loud and unforgiving at the same moment Kaj's voice rings through the air. He is struggling and shaking, his dark coat soaked with sweat, but still he forces himself to answer the call. He has a duty, some duty at least. He isn't sure what, he isn't sure how, but he has to do something, doesn't he? He has to at least make an appearance.

    The gathering is smaller than anticipated, but not too small that the sneak cannot go unnoticed. He slinks in the shadows, flickering in and out of his cloak. Archibald's gaze is returned in a flash of blue as Knox reveals himself. In the mass, Knox cannot find his son. Has Milo left too, just like Aylin before? Is he really all alone now?

    Is there really no one left?

    The hunter shakes the thought away before transforming (beneath the safety of his cloak) into the sprightly figure of Zekiah. As that one eyed thief he joins the crowd, just another member of the herd. He slinks up alongside Resplendence, the mare with whom he met not long ago, and shakes out his cropped mane. Perhaps there is something he should say, like the healer and builder, but what is there to say? There are no others of his rank, none even that seem to aspire to it. What point is there in a meeting with an attendance only of its lead?

    Knox snorts, turning his one eye to the dauntless and winking slowly. "Last I heard from your brother, Archibald, there was nothing new to report. I'll be sure to pass the message along to him well, aye. Any that wish to speak with him, or that seek acquisitions, can find him in the darkest part of the night, I'd imagine," is all that he can say. His voice is drawling and long, his one eye rolling lazily as if incredibly bored. Zekiah is, after all, quite bored. This doesn't concern him--none of this does. "Slippery bastard, isn't he?"

    The smokey black's tail flicks, and his scars seem to shine in the faint light. Inside Knox turns from the scene, already wanting to be gone. This isn't his way. This isn't his way at all.

    ave mortuite salutat

    @Archibald and @Resplendence mentioned. Knox is in the form of Zekiah, though briefly flashes himself as Knox from the shadows to Archibald, no others will think Knox is present or should see him. Also just as a PSA, if you're at all interested in joining the sneak class, PLEASE talk to me. Skype me, we really need members. If you have something you want Knox to steal for you, also let me know about that.

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    Another meeting, another day in the life of the Hidden Falls. Telling by the tone in Kaj's voice something had changed but what was still a mystery to the silver warrior as he took his place amongst the others who had already gathered. Kiara was by his side listening and observing each that spoke to get her own take on what she needed to know and what she believed to be unimportant. Looking around him the first observation that hit him as odd was the lack of attendance. Where had everyone gotten to? Just this month he had welcome three newcomers into the Fall's yet none of their faces popped out of the crowd. Hmmm... perhaps later he might just have to pay a few a visit to catch them up on proper herd etiquette. The most annoying part of it was the extra duties it would incur but also that half of their warriors also seemed to me missing in action. Would it kill them to be on time for once he mused silently with a laugh. Ktulu would likely not be impressed by the turnout, lets just hope that they had a damn good excuse for missing something so important to the herd.

    Perking his ears as Archibald addressed both Ktulu and himself he stood proudly like the warrior in him should. While he was not one hundred percent impressed so far with the rest of the warriors he at least hoped that they would show up late vs not showing at all. At least Ezital and Aaron had turned out on time, perhaps they would be the ones helping to step up their performance this season. "My services are at your disposal. If anyone needs accompaniment I more than happy to come along and that is likely the same for any of our warriors." He replied glancing over to those soldiers that had showed up. While it might be a stretch to assume that they would go along it should be part of their priorities if they wanted to contribute to this herd.

    Ciceron Speaks
    Kiara Speaks
    Silent Speech

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    They called, and I came. Okay okay, we came. Part of me wonders why I even bother anymore. I am so torn as to if I want to stay or if I want to go... Sarabi pads on ahead of me, almost as if she is looking for someone. But why would she be, after all I am not well liked. Well not that I am aware of. Oh shush, come on. I sighed and picked up my pace coming down from the caves. I wasn't going to break my neck trying to get to a stupid meeting and face several who probably don't like me.

    When we arrived, slightly late it seemed we were not the last ones to arrive. The crowd was kind of thin. Odd. But it also made it a lot easier to see exactly who Sarabi had been seeking out. She moved right over to him, and should Ezital allow it brush against his left front leg. I can not help but smile. Sarabi has accepted him into our pack of sorts. There has been very few since we bonded she has fully accepted in this way. Even fewer who have stayed. With a soft smile upon my lips I move to take my place to Ezital's left. I hope I will be a welcome sight. As I stop beside him, I reach out to lip at his ebon mane where it lays across his withers. What have I missed? I speak softly.

    I have to admit, I am barely aware of the leaders going on and talking in front of us. To be honest, I don't really care about them. My dual colored eyes instead look to the few I do. Like Ezital and Brisa. However another voice perks my interest as he speaks of the sleuths. Now that was a job that caught my interest. Looks like i'll be seeking out this slippery lead of the sleuths.

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    Sarabi Talks

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    [Iso is preggers, but not showing, and hates ur meetings]

    Isopia's mind was obviously elsewhere. She was lost in the eternity that was her own body, drowned in her thoughts and swallowed up by the machinery of her soul which had already sparked and was molding new life.

    So she couldn't have cared less about this meeting.

    Normally she didn't care about these meetings, in fact she loathed that she was even called to attend them. Her Father created these lands. Did they really think that she needed to show up every season or so, and by her mere presence somehow reaffirm her loyalty, or at least, 'servitude'? She had a job here, didn't she? Had stayed since the inception of Kaj and Archibald? So why, season after season, did she have to come here to hear them talk? For that's all it was.


    Be stronger. Do better. Work harder.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah.

    Isopia sat, as a raven, next to Hubris on a tree branch. Were it not for her dragon, she might have tried to lie and say that she attended these meetings as a bird, and that it had just gone unnoticed. As it was, the great hulking bronze lizard next to her was fairly hard to miss, and so likely Kaj and Archibald would call her on her bullshit immediately. Still .. .wishful thinking was a nice respite from constantly contemplating the budding life in her belly.

    Words were exchanged, but they fell on mostly deaf-ears, for Isopia's mind was endlessly far away from the conversation happening below. Didn't they understand? She was creating life. The thing they praised the Gods for, she was currently doing! Inside of herself cells and molecules came together, fusing and allowing themselves to be a part of something new ...

    And they were talking about huts and herbs.

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    Here was the truth: it was hard to give a fuck about horses Nymeria didn’t know.

    Nymeria had always imagined having a herd to be like living with her extended family. There would be her brothers and sisters, her aunts and uncles, her cousins and perhaps, eventually, nephews; all horses she loved, accepted, even if she disagreed with their fundamental beliefs. Maybe she hadn’t expected this right away, but a season or two with the Hidden Falls and she still felt as out-of-place as she had that first day with the Storyteller. She always told herself to do this, do that, but instead she spent her time dreaming of a different life, one where she might be the narrator of a better story... but truthfully? Nymeria would fade into anonymity like all the rest.

    The faces around her had become more familiar, and she wore their smells on her skin, but as she heeded the summons she didn’t feel any more comfortable than she ever did. She wasn’t certain who had called the “family”—can you honestly say the Hidden Falls is a family? Is it only me who is lonely when surrounded by so many?—but she came anyways. She lapsed into frugal uncaring, faded into the bodies trickling towards the source of the call, slid into an idle and mindless state where she didn’t live so much as existed.

    The muffled tattoo of hooves on soil was a comforting sound. She breathed in—and out—ears pricking forwards, eyes catching on the pegasus at the front. Halt.  

    Who were the leaders again? Kaj and Archibald. Strange how she’d never talked to either of them; strange how they would let live in their numbers somebody they’d never met. An idle and bemused smile corrected the downturned contours of her mouth. Their error was to her benefit. At some point, she supposed, she’d to come talk to them, introduce herself—seize the opportunity in full. Her heart (so often sluggish with the onset of winter) quickened in pace at the thought of that, and Lilomiel, perched on her shoulders, chirped in bright agreement.

    It sounds like there’s going to be a speech.

    There was. Kaj’s words loud and proud, sharp syllables and weaponized vowels, but to Nymeria the effort was hollow. With each progressive sentence, she stood a little straighter, stood a little taller—her eyes haughty and bright, a smile quirking up the corner of her mouth. It was a lie, nothing more than acting; but it was a lie that looked fiercely genuine. She emulated Kaj’s pride, but she did it only for appearances.  

    Others stepped forward. They volunteered, and they smiled.

    Nymeria waited her turn. A younger her would’ve been afraid, but she didn’t fear like she should. She drifted her way through the crowds, and turned her white-skulled face towards Archibald and Kaj.

     “Confutatis has left Helovia,” she announced, “she turned tail and ran, as she always has. This time, she won’t be coming back.”

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    Her challenge to Daemyn had gone unanswered, the younger stallion had turned tail and run rather than face the Constrictor in battle and prove his prowess, but it was not something that surprised the dark mare. She had always had that gut feeling that the boy was nothing more than a coward playing warrior. With him gone she had one less wannabe to worry about, one less headache waiting to be had, and one less nuisance to plague her every day of her life. She already had enough with the group she and Ciceron were charged with overseeing.

    Kaj's call drew the Constrictor forward and she stood quietly, stewing, as he spoke and called out her warriors. She was already disappointed with them, that the leads had noticed their lack of ambition was embarrassing and infuriating. But, in Ktulu's mind, Kaj was not without his faults. Where was he when it came to the patrols that he had been assigned? Where was he when it came to recruiting? And Archibald... he had fought her the previous season, but what of his patrols? It was not only the warriors that were lax when it came to the defense of the herd and it was on the tip of Ktulu's tongue. She wanted so badly to interrupt and call Kaj out on his lack of patrol and his call out of the warriors. It was only his vow to hold himself to a higher level of excellence that stilled Ktulu's tongue and silenced the retort that was on her lips.

    Fine. Fine. She would see if he would truly hold himself higher and if he would complete the tasks assigned.

    One by one others spoke and Ktulu regarded them with her typical hard stare. Nymeria was the only one that drew a snort from the Constrictor at her mention of Confutatis the Coward. Good riddance she wanted to say, but she had more pressing matters to entertain herself with than Confutatis and her departure from Helovia.

    "Warriors." Ktulu spoke up as she moved to stand beside Ciceron. "If you will not complete the tasks assigned to you each season you will be demoted. I don't care who you are or how long you've been in the position you're in. Patrols and spars are not optional. If you cannot complete them then I suggest you consider another path in life because I will not tolerate laziness any longer."


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    a new world, material without being real,

    where poor ghosts, breathing dreams like air, drifted fortuitously about

    He knew so little.

    His mind was vibrant in her own, radiating forgotten youthful exploits. Occasionally his tiny body would tense, his claws wrap tightly around her mane, and send visions of an unknown object to her. The subjects of these manifestations were laughably simple. Once it was of a bird, another time it was a butterfly. She answered readily each time, the dragon trilling in excitement at her replies. To feel his vehement, innocent ebullience filled her with a profound vivacity. She found a sudden innate sense to teach him more, to invoke another elated trill from his vernal chords.

    To show him the wonder of his home could be no better way. They traveled in silence mostly, for the reptile was still learning speech, though he had grown quickly accustomed to his limbs. He prowled fearlessly over his bonded, up her mane and to her poll, then down again, surveying each tree and rock they passed with an eager, predatory gaze.

    And so her entrance to the Falls was exuberant, a similar thrill crashing from her bonded. She pranced forward to show him more, to introduce him to someone, to show him that waterfalls could be holy and trees could be immortal compared to their own ephemeral existence. But a call radiated across the herd, filling the dainty mare with inexplicable disappointment.


    She would attend their meeting for it was unfortunately more important than showing Hero a few trees and a glorified pond. He was less distraught, pleased to simply exist in such a wondrous environment. But that didn't stop her from arriving to the meeting with downcast thoughts and a sluggish drone to her illustrious gait.

    The doctor swished her tail (which had grown considerably lately—the bone with it. The appendage was almost...leonine), listening impatiently as her restless dragon slid between the tendrils of her mane, playing with her flowers and gnawing anxiously on their petals. Her attitude soon faded, though, invigorated by the passionate speech of her leaders. She stood less reluctant, almost pleasant, watching unfamiliar faces show their pride. And, dammit, so would she.

    Agnodice slipped to Resplendence, standing a stride or two back out of respect for the Medic's and the leaders' statuses. "If no other healer steps forward, I would be delighted to accompany you," She stated softly, curling her tail around her hocks and sending a flurry of ghostly flowers and petals lingering on the plush ground behind her.  

    agnodice & herophilos

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    mentions: mainly just @Resplendence :)
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    The galumphing giant moved to the voices. The leaders had called us together for a reason, and I supposed that reason was important. They didn't call a meeting together for shits and giggles, after all.

    And thus the giant procured himself from the shadows, from his lonesome life. Away from the boring tasks he put himself too. Only to arrive on quiet the show of gustor, empty promises to be better...

    But where they empty?

    As I arrived I moved to stand one the right of my sister. My body towered over hers, but I stood with my head lowered, relaxed as I listened to the words of our leaders, Kaj and Archibald. To work harder, to be better. To add, there where healers leaving to travel to the Throat. Aaron offered his assistance... Many more arrived, and gave their words, but my ears where not for them. Ktulu moved to stand by the gray named Ciceron, and her words where most important to me. No one was excluded from her words, no one would escape her wrath should she not be listened too. She was a leader too.... And I wondered why she wasn't leading beside Archibald... I did not know Kaj, but maybe we would succeed better with another to replace the winged stud.

    But maybe my thoughts where foolish. I suppose that was the reason that they where my thoughts, and no one else's. If I gave up my thoughts for everyone, well I would be ridiculed and laughed at. This is why I think on those words that exit my mouth. Carefully, mull it over.

    A deep sigh pushed itself through my nose, ending in a low rumbling sound, before my head turned to look to Kaj and Archibald. "Should any of our healers need another escort, I am more than willing to be put to the task alongside Aaron." The vocals are deep and rumbling in my chest, and they soon end as I fall silent, blue gaze moving from the leaders to the equine species that stood surrounding. Protection for them all. I would complete my tasks for this season, because after all, I was their protector.

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