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[OPEN] the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes

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Dragon Throat was a territory both coveted and feared for its heat. The land often cried out with parched throats, begging to the lords in the sky for even the lightest of rains. Tallsun had been practically cruel and brutal to the desert lands, but as the seasons began to change so did the clouds in the sky. Precipitation was what they had called for, but not of this caliber. The Throat was beginning to flood and, on this particular day, an unruly storm sought to ground the many pegasi that called these lands their home. Only a fool would be risk their necks in such unruly weather.

Or an unlucky fool.

The winds began to pick up suddenly. Earlier in the day, the skies had promised safe travels. However, now the skies were pitch black as ominous clouds boomed out their displeasure. Winds howled warnings as rain pelted down like hail. It was as if the sky itself wanted no travelers today, denying the very thought of their natural beauty being tampered with. Zenobia realized she should have landed, but by now it was just as risky to land as it was to fly. Perhaps even more as. With a silent determination, she set her stern gaze towards the island of the Throat.

In reality, she wanted to stall for time. For a split second she wished she would be swept away by the monstrous storm slowly engulfing her small frame. Her heart yearned to be with her family, yet at the same time a bitter sting made her want to hit the breaks. New siblings had arrived and, while she had barely met them, she wasn't sure how to feel. Zenobia was sure that her mother would come back. She had said this time and time again to her father, yet he didn't listen. Instead he chose to sleep with another woman. When the opportunity to patrol Helovia high and low for any signs of corruption left by the Rifts, she was all too eager to jump to her hooves and volunteer. It had been a lengthy task, but it was an honorable one that happened to get her away from the mess that she called her family.

"Shit." Lightning pierced through the air - a little too close for comfort. She could feel her hair stand up as her already electrically pulsing heart went a little more haywire. Thunder clapped and the electrical blood coursing through her blood felt.. off. Acting purely on instinct, she braced herself and pulled for a new talent she had learned along the way.

For those looking from the ground, it must have been quite a spectacle. If they could even see the pegasus in the first place, they would definitely be able to see her when the lightning struck. Her body was encompassed by pure, crackling energy and, for a moment, it looked as if she began to free fall. All the while the energy remained surrounding the mare as she began her head first dive towards earth.

Really, there was nothing that could be done. All one could do was watch as the mare began to grow bigger and bigger, the light growing stronger and stronger.. All seemed hopeless until, suddenly, the pegasus seemed to snap out of it and force her wings out, wind crashing violently against them.

Somehow, by either sheer luck or skill, the white mare still wearing what now looked like a coat of electrical armor stood there on all four hooves. Her hair was thrown in all different directions. With a halo still wrapped around her, protecting her from lightning (and looking plain awesome), she easily commanded attention. With ease her voice carried over the heavy rainfall, "Zenobia, reporting back from Rift corruption reconnaissance mission." The air around her buzzed with energy as the warrior stood tall and firm, ignoring the pounding in her head and the way she felt like collapsing due to her uneven heartbeat. All the while a small, crooked grin crept to her facial features as she pushed back her mixed feelings about returning home to the desert. However, there was no truly hiding the tinge of exhaustion that lined her face and hid in her voice. While reasonable to be tired after being gone on her mission, Zenobia's pride refused to let it openly show.

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"Seestra, look."

It was hard to tell if Tae was talking about the frenetic lightning storm, or about their half-sister who was falling from the clouds. In reality, it was the storm that first drew Tae's attention. The mandible-marked filly loved the dusty yet sweet scent that the Dragon's Throat seemed to give off as moisture built up in the air. She loved the energy that she could basically feel supercharging the atmosphere and bleeding down to the air all around them. Mal, feeding off of Tae's energy, stood at her side with his hackles and tail raised. He kept scenting the air and trying to lick it, confusing the tangible feeling of static that was building up all around them, for something that he could actually bite. 

Tae loved storms. Not only because they reminded her of her (their) Mother, but because they seemed to be the perfect combination of raw power, beauty, and sheer destruction. A smile tugged on Tae's lips as she watched lightning flash, and it was then that Zenobia - the falling white and black speck that she was - caught her eyes. Through a hard and ghostly-pale gaze, Tae watched their eldest sibling tumble towards the earth, somehow pulling herself out of the nose-dive in time for a graceful landing upon the bloody sands.  

"She's back." Tae murmured, casually glancing towards her larger counterpart, before shifting her curious and judgemental gaze back to the white dun. Mal's lips raised to reveal his white teeth, but a gentle kick from Tae made him immediately stop. Stop it. She warned him, with her ears against her tiny skull. Why would you want her to think we're upset? The girl silently growled. Tae was becoming more manipulative by the day, only the small black wolf at her side seemed unable to differentiate between Tae's inner emotions that he could feel, and the outward emotions that he was allowed to project. Licking his lips, his face became a stony mask, just like Tae's. 

"Let's go say hello." Tae breathed, her voice no more than a whisper in Grusha's direction, a wolfish smile on her tiny features.

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There was the muffled sound of a squish and a crunch as Grusha stomped a forehoof down on a lizard that was scampering away from the storm that had caught Tae's attention. Grusha, unlike her sister, was indifferent to storms. She saw them as more of a nuisance than anything else, because when a storm came prey tended to hunker down and wait for it to pass, which made hunting more difficult. Sure, sometimes the challenge was fun, but the longer the storms lasted the longer it would be before she'd have decent bones to add to her growing collection. But she would never be one to trample all over what her sister found pleasure in. If Tae loved the storms let her love them.

"She's back"

"Who?" Grusha asked and she finally lifted her head to look at the storm. They had so many siblings, but the only one that Grusha truly concerned herself with was her twin... and sometimes Zero. Her eyes squinted as she watched the white and black speck speed toward the ground from the storm and she snorted. "Who ith that?" A nudged against her leg made her lift her hoof and Nashoba snatched away the squished remains of the lizard. There was no use in telling the pup not to destroy the bones because she already had. "Don't choke yourself to death." She told him through their mental connection. "That would be inconvenient." Whether or not the wolf heard her or understood what she was thinking to him was unknown because he was too lost in chewing on the mutilated reptile.

That her sister wanted to go over and say hello was no surprise to Grusha and she had no objection because she wanted to know who it was that was making such an entrance. "Thould we go in perthon?" She asked, her head turning so she could meet her twin's gaze. "Or thould we thend a welcoming party?" Because she most certainly had a hiding spot for her bones nearby and could put something together for Tae to send over to say hello.


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