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[OPEN] Arrow holes that never close after Cupid's shooting spree

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It was less and less that Ampere found herself beyond the borders of the Dragon's Throat. The few days that she managed in a season seemed to always tie back to the sand, and it amazed her now to realize in what different ways the bars of a prison were fashioned. Here she'd always thought of them as iron chains rattling with every step, or steel caging that restricted your motion. Yet the blue mare had surrounded herself in nothing more than dust and blood, so why then did it feel heavier?

Duty is an invisible crown, and all crowns weigh heavy, she thought distantly as she moved through the wilderness. The time to travel here had left her alone with her thoughts and her woes and the toll of that lonely trip was seen in the creases that bore shadows against her already dark face. Perhaps that was what drew her to these fields, so close to heaven and the clarity of the universe above, it was the fresh breath she needed to clear her mind. It might not make her weightless, but it could remind her of the strength that it fostered.

Settling from the skies to the land, Ampere grazed in the fields for a long while. Recognizing the tranquility of the area and the stifled peace within Ampere, Kygo kept quietly to himself, napping in a nearby tree to recover his energy after all their recent flights and wandering. This was all very different for him, the parrot which had grown quickly under the care of the Sun's land and had learned of fire and warmth in equal measure there, and with the soul of his bonded. This was a moment for the latter, and so he let whatever embers he normally stoked fizzle into colder coals, watching, waiting, and even daring to hope for something good to come out of all this strangeness.

For Ampere though, wandering was not new. Staying holed up in the herd was what was new, in relative terms. Though she did not forget the despair that she'd felt living out here for so long, truly by herself, she also recognized the despair she still felt. Perhaps I am just meant to drown she thought with a dark humor, ripping at a weed around her broken smile.
After all, it was water she knowingly swam in, duty she willingly placed. This hole she was wallowing in was self dug, but that didn't mean she couldn't wallow.

Satisfied enough Ampere slid Tuor from his sheath. It was nearly reflex now to stare into the dagger whenever she had a moment like this, hidden and away from the world, she watched it; and up here, so close to the gods, it felt like the stars were her eyes lending her the sights of the realm. It might have felt powerful if not for the lack of accomplishments in the blade's visions. It gleamed now in the low light of the sinking day, shifting as her magic turned it carefully in front of her, blue eyes hungry for its depths. "The watching shift goes ever on," she murmured, feeling the cold kiss of duty press against her withers and rankle alongside her shoulders. Her wings hugged tighter to her sides for comfort.

Images danced to life in the shine of the blade. Carefully ampere watched, tilting and turning the metal window until she found something worth watching. A horse beneath a blue cloak, moving, stumbling in the tundra. Electric eyes narrowed upon her adornments and the glint of her color. It was difficult to know for sure, but Ampere's heartbeat quickened.

Duty, for all its weight, did not keep her grounded. Her wings flared and she was off on the wind, calling back, "Let's go!" to the resting bird. At once they were both a flutter.
Moments like this made the weight and the wait worthwhile. Something to show for all her misery, or so she hoped.

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