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Stealing through the night,
I'm just blowin' smoke
He had yet to leave the bloody forest in hopes his sister would appear. As the days turned into weeks and months the stallion slowly started to realize that she might not be coming. Black smoke constantly billowed from his mouth as he feared for his sister. How would she live without him? Sure she had distracted their victims, but he was the muscle. He was the one that tore what they needed from the downed male. Fear and pain filled the young stallions heart as he watched the water cascading from the falls. He had lost interest in eating, almost completely. His once thick from was now thin and frail looking. His chest wheezed with mucus as his health slowly declined. If eh didn't receive some kind of help before Frostfall he wouldn't make it to Birdsong. A gurgling sigh gushed from his lips and sent him into a coughing fit.

Tired and weak the snake tailed stallion strode closer to the falls before laying down next to the blood red water. His muzzle reached to sip at the cold liquid drawing it into his empty stomach. He needed to eat, he knew he did, but what was the point? Without Zelda what was the point in being alive in such a strange land. He was so alone and lost here. There wasn't a point anymore. His leg wings flapped meekly for a moment as he drank his fill. Carefully he drank enough water to fill his stomach and ease the hunger pains. Coughing the stallion shifted so he was laying beside the water. Pathetic, yet somehow still remaining stoic as he lay dozing and malnourished. 

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like the ocean kissed the sky,
at the most beautiful place under the sun
The blue mare hasn’t returned to this land since the bloody fight had been fought here. She has since visited the others, taking the time to discover each of them and marvel at their beauty, their magic—but not this one. She can’t say why this is so. Tiamat hadn’t even realized that she had been avoiding the land until the ruby boughs were already above her, and the thought of turning pointedly around rose unbidden in her muscles, in her bones. Still, she had pressed forward into the shadowy woods, laughing at herself for being so petty.

Perhaps she hesitates because here is where it all began, here where the first battle had erupted, sowing the seeds for the destruction to come. If it had not happened here, then maybe—just maybe—it wouldn’t have happened anywhere. The ocean mare tries not get herself caught up in the what ifs and the what might have beens. She tries to focus on all of the good that has happened since, all the people of the Rift who have been saved, and these beautiful lands that have been cured—but still, she can’t quite shake the unease that sits like a lead seed in her stomach.

Couldn’t it have been done any other way?—

—surely the suffering, those lives, did not have to be paid for this.

Any other way—!

The mare’s skin prickles with the desperation that swells in her chest, and she arches her neck to lip anxiously at the charm hanging from her necklace. The orb’s sanguine light casts a soft glow across her face, the light seeming to seep through her skin and into her soul, soothing her unease. The little charm reminds her of the old turtle from which it had been given. So wise, generous, and hopeful, this gift has steadied her since then, reminding her just how strong and real the goodness is in this world.

She sighs contentedly, at peace for now. Casting her white eyes about, she admits to herself that the beauty of this place cannot be denied, ever a testament to nature’s grace. Moving easily, her cloven hooves pick their way daintily through the underbrush, eventually finding her way to the ruby waters. Halting at the banks, Tiamat lowers her head to drink, but a figure quickly pulls her attention. Looking to her side, she sees a pegasus(?) lying on the ground, and immediately her healer’s heart leaps in her chest, calling upon the duties and practices that have been ingrained into her very being.

“Hello?” The ocean mare calls to the stranger, her voice lilting softly through the cold air. Closer inspection reveals that her suspicions prove true, and she doesn’t hesitate to act. “I can help you, I’m a healer,” Tiamat says to him gently, giving him a warm smile. Addressing his malnutrition first—evident in the gaunt, angular lines of his body—the unicorn sifts through the herbs weaved in her hair to find moringa leaves and Echinacea flowers. Both act as a nutritional supplement, as well as a stimulator for the immune system—something that the stranger will need in his weakness. “Here, eat these,” Tiamat offers him the herbs, hoping he will cooperate.

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-- You should stretch your wings. --

The voice of her bonded rang clearly in her mind, but her mouth twisted into a frown at the sound.  She adored her zephyr, this piece of her soul who had never and would never forsake her; but his attempts to lift her spirits and coax her from depression were an irritant that would not go away.  Perhaps 'annoyed' was not the proper word for how she felt about her companion's patient cajoling, but it was the first to come to mind all the same.  At some later date, she would thank him, would proclaim her appreciation for his undying love and devotion, even in her darkest times; but for now, she shook her head.  I can't, Astraeus.  I just... can't.  The zephyr chirruped sadly, gently preened the section of her mane that he could reach from her withers, and leaped into the sky.  Even if she would not fly, he could not remain earthbound for long.

The pegasus mare watched him rise into the sky with a sigh, shifting her wings where they lay along her sides.  In truth, she itched to join him, to feel the wind on her face and the sun on her back.  She ached for the freedom of flight, but still she withheld it from herself.  She couldn't want, didn't deserve to have - no, it was better that she stayed here, on the ground, away from prying eyes and alone.  Always alone.

-- Fansa-mai. --  The sudden urgency through the bond caught her attention and held it; through his eyes, the mare saw the collapsed pegasus fallen by the falls.  She took off at a run, determined not to ignore anyone in need.  The spark of hope took her by surprise, enough so that later, after, she would turn it over in her mind, roll it against her teeth to taste it on her tongue - but right now, she would do all she could to help.

By the time she arrived, a unicorn mare had appeared.  She slowed to a trot as she approached and Astraeus swooped from the sky to join her.  Once she was near enough to make sense of the situation, she called out to the unicorn.  "My bonded saw him from the sky," she explained quickly.  "Can I help?"

"Talk talk talk."

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