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[OPEN] Heaven's Choirs [Church Framework]

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News of the building Maren had in mind had not stayed away from Cera for long. Both duty and desire had driven him to the site of it, calculations already happily running through his head as he circled it from the skies. There was nobody currently there, the day grey and mild with morning drudgery that the sun would undoubtedly burn out soon enough. The rocks had been formed, a huge base that was befitting the tall spire Maren was hoping to craft from it. He knew her plans of it, could envision the metalwork he needed to do in order to bring it a mere vision to fruition. It was a task he was eager to start in on, such a monumental thing. It reminded him of the failed efforts of the Wall, back when Basilisk and Sohalia had been the Forgers. Their ephemeral rule had ensured that Cera had never been able to involve himself fully in such a large project, but it was clear that fate had finally bestowed this gift upon him. An eager smile lit up the cherub's features, and free of Ilaria's customary weight upon his shoulders, the Prince spun himself into a downward spiral and alighted upon one of the boulders, intrigued by the metal framework that Maren had started of her own volition. A curious design, but one he understood well. Metal had many downfalls, one of which was how it interacted with heat. They would likely need to consult and barter with the Hidden Falls to procure some stone, for Cera would not feel comfortable constructing a building that equines would visit regularly entirely out of metal. 

He spent most of the morning hauling metal. He had his own stores and caches around the Throat from days off or hours spent with nothing to do, but Cera did not want to travel too far if he was going to be working at an elevation. His energy would have to be spent hovering as still as he could manage, working the spires of metal up and up to form the framework. It was sure to exhaust him, and Cera did not quite enjoy the thought of falling and impaling himself on one of his own spires. Simply wouldn't be a good way for a Forger to go out, you see.

Still, the act of hauling metal itself was tiresome, and he wondered if anybody would arrive that morning to lend a helping hand. Not that he'd made anyone aware of the fact that he intended to work on the church that morning - smart move, Cera - but then again, Cera had gotten so used to doing all the crafting by himself. His fellow forgers always seemed to disappear. For so long he'd been the only constant, the only soul that cared about the wonders that forging could bring about. It was a bad habit, to not involve anybody else, but one he was trying to work on. They were supposed to be a family, after all.

- - -

This is probably the crappiest post I've made with Cera in like, two years. But I wanted to get this up! The weather is grey and mild, the sun will burn it off, and Cera is hauling metal from the earth with his magic. Your character can write that they're helping him with that, if they don't have any magic! Forgers and those with crafting rank magic, if you haven't used your seasonal slots (I'm pretty sure you haven't) we will be using all our large items for the framework!

Tagging anybody who mentioned wanting to help, and all the crafters!

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Well, Mesec had promised to help Maren out with the building of her church, a pledge he would have been happy to keep even if it had not been spoken in front of the fires that had turned into his uncle, and the Throat’s patron god. Not that he expected to be struck down in a volley of fire should he miss the opportunity to help with the church - it wasn’t likely to come to that anyway. He wanted to help out, wanted to learn more about the crafting ranks and how he could help build things that would benefit the herd.

He only needed to wait for the opportunity to offer his help, whatever he might be able to do.

As luck would have it, Mesec did not have to wait long for such an opportunity.

Lucius was the first to notice Cera, relaying the sighting to his bonded as he circled lower to get a better look at what the golden stallion was up to. The list of Lucius-approved friends was slowly growing but still small and Cera just happened to find himself on that exclusive list. It had long since been decided that Mesec couldn’t be trusted to make appropriate decisions on who he spent his time with.

As for just what Cera was up to, the zephyr didn’t quite understand but Mesec was able to fit the pieces together when he trotted up. Something was going to be crafted. It only took a glance over to the large boulders nearby to make him suspect the chance to help Maren with her church was already here. Eager to do what he could, there was no hesitation in his movements toward his friend - a bright smile in his silver eyes as he hoped to make up for the interruption with an offer to help. It was likely already exhausting bringing up the materials from deep within the ground, the least Mesec could do was carry some of it across the distance to the church. “Hello Cera! I can help you with that. Where to?” He paused, waiting for a response from the Forger, before nodding and gathering up what he could and heading in that direction. Even Lucius swooped down and gripped a piece of metal in his talons to carry it toward what just looked like a pile of boulders right now.
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I hope I did this right. Mesec and Lulu are helping Cera bring metal over to the base of the church!
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It was a gloomy day, and without the sun in her eyes, the maiden awoke late. Though she could not see the sun beyond the dull grey clouds that blanketed the sky, from the sounds of the birds in the palm above her, she guessed that it was about midmorning. Blinking sleepily, Nasreen stretched her wings, then ambled to the center of the oasis. One long drink later and a cool splash of water to the face, and she was alert, ready to greet the day—or rather, what was left of it.

With a parting guzzle from the watering hole, she set off into the desert on foot. For one who so loved flying, it was a practice far from customary, but Nasreen figured that it might be useful to better acquaint herself with the terrain. If—gods forbid—she was ever unable to navigate by air, be it at the mercy of weather or wound, she did not fancy becoming hopelessly lost in her own backyard. Bit by bit, she was building up her familiarity with the strange desert landmarks. Though at first it had all looked the same (because really, how many variations on cacti could there be?), Nasreen was beginning to recognize the subtle trails through the scrub, and today she followed one that seemed to lead across the dunes and towards…well, she didn’t know where, but she might as well find out!
Nasreen had only been traveling for a short while when two figures appeared on the horizon. Curious, she paused atop a rise, watching them move back and forth across the sand. Whatever could they be doing? the copper-backed mare wondered, following their path with inquisitive grey eyes. And finally, her gaze landed on a clue: from the sand just a ways away from them rose the most peculiar set of trees she had ever seen. They looked bare, but even from where she stood Nasreen could see a metallic glint.
Desiring to know more, the maiden set her course in their direction. As she drew closer, she recognized the Forger—Cera, he had said his name was—along with another stallion whom she had only ever glimpsed in passing if at all. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw the pair at work. While she might not be as strong as either, Nasreen had been itching for an opportunity to make herself useful. And here it was! “Hello,” she called out, trotting up to the worksite, “Can I help you two?” All eagerness, she reached back, unwinding her homemade rope from where she had wrapped it around her wing. Fastening one end to the nearest manageable piece of ore, Nasreen grasped the other in her mouth and tugged. To the metal trees!

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Kygo was the first one to notice all the commotion. Soaring ahead of her - he was always attempting to race her, though she rarely went for it - he spied the glinting metal and the horses around it. The shiny object and promise of interesting things rouse an excited trill from his small green breast, one which quickly disassembled into senseless chatter as he swung back and anxiously circled around her head. Having long given up on being able to chase him away, Ampere endured this ritual with back-facing ears and a frowning face. "Quiet," she chided, attempting to face the creature like the mother she was for her children, teaching it, guiding it, making it into something other than a nuisance. In many aspects he'd responded rather well, hungry for her attention, but at times like now, he seemed to blatantly disregard her because it was more fun that way.

Knowing the best solution to end this hell was to see what he was babbling about Ampere picked up her pace. She crested a sandy hill and found the commotion Kygo trumpeted about. Enthralled that she 'listened' to him, the bird took off ahead once more, likely to go and tell all the horses there that he'd found them and weren't they proud. Meanwhile Ampere continued on, trying to sort out what exactly was happening. Conversation sailed past in snippets, and seeing the metal and Cera, her gaze accosted him for answers, but not before sliding across each present individual. A nod for Nasreen, the hard working recruiter, and a shy smile and heart-in-her-throat glance for Mesec. They hadn't really seen each other since, that night, and she wasn't entirely sure what to make of him now. Especially with Gaucho her thoughts whispered, tortured by the indecisiveness of which stallion she preferred.

Did she really have to choose?

Not now, at least, so she didn't, and let her attention settle on Cera as she took on her role. "Is this Maren's infamous church?" Ampere asked, putting one and two together, if only because of all their rank meetings. Wordlessly she put herself to work, using the easily accessible electrical impulses in metal to find them beneath the sand with her magic and hoist them up with effort. "It's not all going to be metal is it?" she asked after rolling one batch of ore free.

[UHM timeline wise I'm putting this before the red alert thread, so if the twins do post here, maybe no companions??? (like they're off sleeping or idk) I'm not sure how else it could work ;-; Anyway tagged the twins just in case they wanted to post but don't have to]

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[No companions are fine for me!]

It really wasn't ever hard to find out where Ampere was. Not only did her Ma command the attention of all those around her, but Kygo wouldn't let a millisecond go by without feeling the need to scream their intentions to the whole herd. Or at least that's how it felt to Tae. How often had he verbally articulated each time the girls fed? Each time they were taking a bath, each time they tried to slink away? He was always circling, always buzzing, always doing something, and actually, most of the time it was pretty interesting.

Her Ma led nothing, if not an interesting life.

And so, despite the fact that Ampere had left them to sleep in, Tae decided to get up and follow. She didn't wake Grusha - her life-buddy could sleep in if she wanted too, and if not, she always knew how to find Tae.

Trotting over the reddish sands, Tae crested a hill and watched with impassive pale eyes at the construction project taking way below. Her lips tilted as her mind tried to decide what it made of this. What was the point? What was it for? If she knew it was for a church, she probably would have scoffed and gone back to bed. After all, they had the Seers fire - what did they need a church for?  Her Father prayed to the Sun God by kicking ass in battle, as did many, and for the rest of them ... was the fire not enough? What did they need a big shiny tomb for?

But, Tae didn't know what it was, or what it was for, and so these thoughts never even occurred to her. Instead, she just ambled her way down towards her Ma.

"Ma-" She called out, once she was near Ampere's side. Her ears were perked forward and her bright, frosty gaze surveyed everything around her. Was she even allowed to be here? Was she supposed to help?

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There seemed to be a busyness that seeped over the Throat today. Miseal had just recently returned from recruitment, the gathering of members catching his attention. As he followed the steps of another, he arrived at the church that he had helped begin building not to long ago. The beast searched for Maren, the winged women who had come up with such an idea. He was disappointed to find the striped was not present, but Miseal came closer anyways, offering his help. After all, if he wanted to be more involved in the herd, things like this were the way to do it. He was proud of his determination, the feeling of believing in something so much felt refreshing and powerful

The church seemed to be coming along well. The whole idea of it was a strange one, Miseal not really being one of religious belief, but he had no problem extending a hoof in the ground work. There were some recognized faces, but none were present that he really knew.  It was a good opportunity for him, he could meet so new faces and aid with the building of Throat property. Golden eyes sought out what he thought seemed to be the leader of this all, a golden and white patched pegasus.  "Hello! I am Miseal, I am willing to help with anything you may need." He spoke kindly, regarding the other equines with a small smile. Everyone seemed fast a work, so the chromed too worked, hauling metal as best he could. He did not know his parents, could not remember their faces, but somehow he felt as if they would be proud, and he too felt the same. 


OCC: wingless mis

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By the precepts of her purity

Her heartbeat rang like the sound of metal on metal; drove her crazy as she yet managed to fall back into the darkness of a sleep; darkness in the shape of sweaty dreams and hampered movements she could not slip through. She had fallen ill before, so she recognized it at some point through the week. It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that pretty either as her nostrils weeped white sludge and her eyes poured grey gunk.

The mare, finally having felt like she rested enough, was wandering around the oasis, searching for whoever she could demand to go check on her boat, just in case the sea’s hands had been trying to pull it off the beach with its foamy, greedy claws. She had heard some parts of the island got flooded, which worried her to say the least. When it came down to her boat her heart was like a mother's when her teen had gone off to summer camp; wanting to check up on her baby all the fucking time, but knowing if she would do so she would only embarrass the loyalty of her wooden vessel. As if her boat would actually get itself hurt or... cheat on her(wait..) ... It would be silly to think that would happen, but still she did even if she knew she had to let it go. Maren sniveled from the heartache, at the same time launching the gooey secretion from of her nasal cavity like happy rocket-ships. She was alright, though. Because she could do it (letting go) and because if she couldn’t even remember how long she’d slept, it must have been long enough.  

With the flooding in the back of her mind, she wondered if the church’ building site was okay. Although it was build a little higher-up the dunes, it was still very much near-shore, like any decent lighthouse would be. She chewed the insides of her cheeks, frustrated. In other words, she was an idiot for sleeping off whatever random fungus had been going around while all hell was going loose right outside of her snoring physique.  

She fast-walked towards the Church’s site (because truthfully she had forgotten where she last time parked her boat... and priorities) in a oh so lightly troubled pace. As she went her long tail swished behind her, agitated with the fact that it felt like she was behind everything — But then she crossed the dunes where the building fell into her sight. A trace, a leap; a faint, fluttering wavering sentiment fell as if from the heavens onto her face. She halted her pace as she watched what felt like was half the herd prance around the rocks and stones and the metal that already stood, reaching towards the sky as the center-point of a busy day.

Perhaps it was because she had always felt like it was only her who had this... this unbreakable desire to create a holy place, this sanctum for the Sun — Had thought it was only her who truly wished to fulfill the need for a way to so boldly show their God their desire to thank... admire. To practice religion. But it wasn't so. She was wrong. Beside her, there were others who matched the color of her spirit, which she stupidly suddenly realized as she watched them work in the shimmering sands of their land. She was arrogant to have thought it, but it seemed she was not alone in this.

As she stood in the wary sun, feathered wings drowning in the sea-wind that pushed against her frame and pulled her ivory mane, she swallowed the fact that she was so moved. Because she had been an idiot; an idiot for not having known the instant she had started this that this Church mattered to not only her. She sighed, but er breath got stuck in a weird place. Being moved by something so… so obviously evident was stupid... right? So she swallowed again (can I swallow this feeling?) Yet, as she wandered towards the group of managing(...Of course Cera), assisting (...The oh so sweet Mesec and a mare and foal she didn’t know and the mysterious Misael) and of course criticizing —...Well, naturally Ampere— equines, she couldn’t hide the leftover trace of happiness and bliss that was her smile and Maren’s greeting, which sounded very suspicious in a (very out of character) happy-go-lucky kind of way. “Goo~ood afternoo~oon!” She said to everyone, but actually somehow the most to Ampere’s butt after accidentally sneaking up behind the hard-working mare. “That’s conveniently practical,” she nodded as she watched the girl’s magical work. Her eyes wandered up to Cera, who was doing a higher part of the frame she herself hadn’t been able to get to. “I should help too,” she pondered out loud as she wandered over to Misael to perhaps give him a hoof in case he needed it — which she wondered why she even considered the possibility since he was so damn huge. After that she did some bending of the metal and forging it into the right shape to fit the texture of the frame-work and she did so for a while. After that, however, she needed to go back following her busy schedule.

Thus, with a weeping heart, she said goodbye and went to wander the shore-line to look for her boat.

/ image

Using her Orangemoon/seasonal slot (large item) to work on the metal frame!
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Whatever fears, doubts, or saddened musings that had plagued the cherubic stallion were washed away by the bright and eager faces that began to dot the horizon as if knowing he was at work and in need of help. The stallion’s breast swelled with undeniable, fierce affection for the Throat and their undeniable bonds with one another. Even if they held no title to crafting or metallurgy, they arrived to help and make Maren’s vision a reality. It hurt to love them all so intensely, with a passion that enveloped every sun-kissed and sand-dotted figure that wandered about across the herdlands.
Though perhaps he did have different levels of fondness, he thought to himself as Mesec bounded up to him with a bright smile and an undeniable eagerness. A greeting spilled cheerily forth and Cera trumpeted back his own reply, wings curling and fluttering with joy to see the lost soul he’d made into his friend. “Mesec! Over by the boulders please,” was clarified, head already turning to the new feminine voice that called softly around the worksite. Nasreen, the voice in his head reminded him, though he recalled the gentle girl from when she’d taught him how to weave vines into thick, braided rope. “The more the merrier,” Cera assured, shooting her a smile as he grappled the metal below the earth, dragging it to the surface for them to pull back to the boulders. Each piece lay glinting, raw and ugly, on the sand like a trail of tears where Cera wandered across the sands trying to find more.
And there, another friend! Though Ampere always seemed to be on the rough end of everyone’s tempers, she had kicked Cera’s ass out of the darkness and back to the light, and he envied and admired her passion in equal measures. She would always be family to him, but he believed there to be a friendship there as well, one that sent him kicking off across the sand to meet her with a glowing smile. “Well, it will be,” the Prince laughed, turning to regard the bare skeleton of something his mind helpfully built up into a final product only he could see the details to. “But no, we will likely collaborate with the Falls and the Edge most often for the materials we need. It’s hot enough here without adding roasting alive, don’t you think?” A cheeky grin and a mischievous wink accompanied the words, though he was admittedly far more intent on the fact that apparently, Ampere had a companion.
Instead of rudely asking and interrogating her, Cera lifted his wing in an effort to brush comfortingly against her flank, eyes darting to the parrot before returning briefly to Ampere. “I’m here if you ever need to talk,” the Golden assured softly, not attempting to be presumptuous by offering her aid. It wasn’t as if he knew how she felt about the bonding, nor the circumstances surrounding it. Or the child either, he thought, quite boggled and not sure what to think anymore with all of this going on. The one that called Ampere ‘Ma’ looked so clearly like Gaucho…and it hurt. You were never his child anyways, Cera chided himself harshly, though it stung to see the family in constant growth. Was Gaucho trying to prove a point? His virility perhaps? Was he…was he unsure of his masculinity or simply horny all the time?
Cera blushed just to think such sordid thoughts. He quickly turned his attention to the last newcomer, painted in brilliant shades striped across his bodice. The cheeriness was met in equal measure, smile bright and glowing on Cera’s face. “Greetings! I’m Cera. If you could just help haul the metal over to the boulders with everyone else, that would be a great help!”
Of course Cera actually had to start using that growing pile, and so he smiled at Tae – who was still nameless to him – and with a beat of his wings leapt onto one of the boulders with a soft clatter of his hooves. He began to pull on the pile, shaping and notching the metal as he formed them into beams. The small fire he’d built was mostly coals, but it was helpful where he stood upon the rock – it wouldn’t go out, and the boulder’s crevice kept it sheltered and burning hot, allowing him to mold and fuse the metal into the framework bit by bit. Maren arrived as well, smiling brightly and helping him with the framework before disappearing back into the sands.
But where were the other crafters? 

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