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World's Edge Ranks
For list of rank magics, visit here.
Tier 1 :: Govern
» King and Queen :: The King and Queen oversee the general well-being of the herd. Maximum of 2 leaders in the Edge. They hold rank magic.

Tier 2 :: The Council
» Emissary :: The emissary is an advisor to and messenger for the King and Queen. S/he may act as regent in their absence. Maximum 1. Holds Fortify rank magic.
» General :: There is one General of the Edge that oversees both land troops and sky squadrons via Captains. Maximum 1. Holds rank magic.
» Seer :: There is one Seer of the Edge, who communes with the Mists to speak with our Lady Moon and relay her wishes to the Edge. Maximum 1. Holds rank magic.
» Specter :: The Specters' watchful vigilance keep the herd safe from thieves. They are night shadows that also take what is rightfully the Edge's. Maximum 2. Hold rank magic.
» Moon Doctor :: Doctors of the night heal by bathing injured herd members' wounds with a torrent of windy darkness.  Maximum 3. Hold rank magic.
» Glazier :: The creators may mold glass from shadows and starlit waters. Transparent and reflective, it can be made to have smooth or sharp edges, to shatter or withstand. Maximum 2. Hold rank magic.

Tier 3 :: The Skilled
» Captain :: One oversees protections of the sky, the other leads ground troops. They lead drills, spars, and patrols. Both report to the General. Maximum 2. Hold rank magic.
» Sage :: Devoted to the Moon, Sages aid the Seer in spreading the Lady's word. They also keep traditional herd lore, traditions, and history. Maximum 2.
» Scout :: Second in line to protect the herd against thieves, Scouts watch for stealths, may block them, and gather information to give Specters. Maximum 1.
» Apothecary :: These members, well schooled in the study of healing, work beneath the Moon Doctors and are charged with gathering herbs and making medicines. Maximum 2.
» Artificer :: Well versed in glass working, the Artificer organizes crafts that the Glazier creates. They oversee Craftsmen gathering supplies. Maximum 1.

Tier 4 :: The Acolytes
» Sergeant :: The most adept of Protectors, charged with watching prisoners. Maximum 1. Holds rank magic.
» Protector :: Defend the herd and ensure safety of borders. There are the sky troops and ground troops. Unlimited.
» Philosopher :: Those inclined toward faith and lore learn the ways of the Moon and study the history of the Edge. They aid in sending messages for Seer and Sages. Unlimited.
» Sleuth :: Watchful wraiths of the Edge gather information and report it to Scouts and Specters. Unlimited.
» Nurse :: Those members bent towards helping and healing, Nurses help in the gathering of herbs and learn to make medicines. Unlimited.
» Craftsman :: Members filled with creativity study beneath the Artificer to learn the strengths, weaknesses, and many possibilities of glass. They also gather materials for the herd. Unlimited.

Unranked :: The Populous
» Stallions || Mares || Colts || Fillies ::   Make up the populous of the Edge. Required to attend Herd Meetings held by Tier 1. May assist in any rank tasks, but not required to do so.

Official Posts: 847
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Rank Tasks
Find below ideas, examples, and suggestions for Rank Tasks; however, you are not limited to just these!

  1. Hold herd meeting, 1 per season.
  2. Greet/approve new herd recruits.
  3. Visit other herds for diplomatic business.
  4. Blocking stealths.
  5. Meet wit with Tier 2 ranks for herd business.
  6. Spar with Fortify ranks (or any herd members).

  1. Patrol herd borders and/or other lands.
  2. Spar within Fortify ranks and/or with other herd members.
  3. Intercept visitors at herd boundaries.
  4. Guard or organize guard of herd prisoners.
  5. Defend herd (in case of invasion).
  6. Work on rank or herd projects.

  1. Tier 1: attempt to commune with mists/Moon Goddess.
  2. Tier 2-3: aid and/or be present when Tier 1 communes.
  3. Inform Tier 1 and herd of Moon Goddess's wishes.
  4. Hold history, legend, or lore lesson.
  5. Attend lesson on history, legend, or lore.
  6. Advise herd members on dreams, conflicts, or wishes.
  7. Listen to history/lore of other herds.
  8. Visit with other herds' Wise ranks to learn/exchange information.
  9. Work on rank or herd projects.

  1. Attempt stealth. (Tier 2; Any other tier may with lead approval.) These may either be for items or herd prisoners.
  2. Block a stealth (Tier 2 only).
  3. Alert Leads/Tier 2 of attempted/successful stealths.
  4. Gather information/spy on other herds and/or outcast bands.
  5. Hold lesson for other herd members.
  6. Attend lesson on stealth.
  7. Work on rank or herd projects.

  1. Heal herd members or allied herd members.
  2. Gather herbs and
  3. Visit other herd's healers (or outcast healers) to gain/share information.
  4. Hold lesson on healing lore.
  5. Attend lesson on healing lore.
  6. Work on rank or herd projects.

  1. Work on seasonal crafting projects- given priority.
  2. Create herd members items.
  3. Clean up broken glass from herd borders.
  4. Create and give allied herds gifts (need approval by Tier 1).
  5. Inventory/clean/fix existing herd items.
  6. Hold lesson on crafting.
  7. Attend lesson on crafting.
  8. Work on rank or herd projects.

Unranked (mares, stallions, & foals)
  1. Tag along with herd border patrols.
  2. Help with herd crafts.
  3. Attend lessons of any ranking (Wise, Craft, Mend, Sneak).
  4. Meet with other mares, stallions and foals of other herds to gain information

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