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[Art] Horse pose tool app 3D

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I stumbled across this last night so I haven't really /used/ it but I did fiddle with it for a bit. On my Android phone it said its $6.99 but I got it free last night on my kindle.

It's a poseable 3D horse that lets you get all different types of perspectives, shading, and you can move nearly every little part of the model to get the exact position you want. There are some aspects where its limited, like I don't really think it can get into well collected dressage postures, and there's no mane or tail, and it takes a while to position the horse the exact way you want - and ther es no wings :P but I definitely suspect I'll be using it!
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This is amazing!

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So cool! Thanks Blu!

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wow, SO cool! thankyou Blue!

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