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[OPEN] Let's Get Lost Together

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Trying to force herself to get back out into the world of Helovia, away from the self-destructive habits she had been practicing as she hid deep in the forest of the World's Edge, Jahazara had gone exploring. It was refreshing to get out into a change of scenerey, following her butterfly hallucinations and letting them take her wherever they wished. They seemed to be leading her to a new land of Helovia that she had never even known had existed. The vegetation was growing taller and thicker all around her, a world of emeralds hues twisting her around until she was utterly lost. While the child-like mare may not have had a clue as to where her exact location was, Jahzara wasn't particularly worried. The maze of greenery was beautiful and lush, bringing a surprised smile to her lips as she stared up in awe at the bamboo that toward over her.

What was this place? Was it always here? What kind of plants are these? Why is it so tall? Why are there pathways? How come I didn't know about this before? Can I find my way out? Wave after wave of questions roared through the ocean that was her mind, trying to drown the little boat that was her comprehension and curiosity.  "This is so...pretty." The Arabian cross stretched her neck back as far as it could go, her half-blind gaze eagerly trying to soak in more than it was capable. 'You ain't kiddin'!' The imaginary voice of Lily echoed in her mind as the hallucination appeared out of nowhere. It was too bad that no one else could see Lily as she strained herself to take in the sights, nearly falling over after losing her balance. Jahzara only giggled at the mishap of her imaginary friend before grinning widely at her. "C'mon, let's see how far it goes!"

'Lily - Hallucination'

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“Will you come exploring with me, Nae?” Alysanne had started her day off with those seven words and she hoped that it would be the set up to a great day. She didn’t want to keep her daughter locked up in the Edge and (for the most part) she truly was okay with the girl wandering on her own - just not to visit some of her ruder friends. It had taken her a while to not drill Naerys at the end of the day, seeing what she was up to. She didn’t want to be that mother.

Every day, it was getting easier.

And now she looked forward to spending some time with her daughter, the pair leaving the Edge and wandering. Although she had heard of the new lands in Helovia, she hadn’t visited many of them - just the islands to the south where they had fought the tiger god. The feathers on her wings were starting to grow back - the pink flesh on the inside now covered in a layer of fresh down and erasing the physical reminder of that day. Not that her wings were unfolded very often - just for preening, her aversion to flight was still strong.

Stuck to the ground, their progress was slow but Alysanne didn’t mind - encouraging Naerys to tell stories and sharing her own in kind. They travelled east until the landscape changed to plants that she had never seen before. They were tall and had small trunks like saplings but seemed to resemble grass more. “Do you know what these are called, Naerys?” She was stepping up and investigating some of the leaves, nudging them gently with her muzzle, when movement in the corner of her eye alerted her that they weren’t alone.

The palomino mare that they came across seemed familiar but in a vague sense, and there was no name that came to mind. Green eyes looked down to Naerys to see if maybe her daughter recognized the mare before she called out - just in case the winged pair hadn’t been noticed. “Hello there!”

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Naerys had made great strides in trying to please her mother and mend their cracked relationship; at least, she felt she had. It was difficult after that one rather harsh and explosive encounter just outside the boundaries of the Edge but she tried nevertheless. Improvements came slowly at first but as she began to notice the progress her mother was making, the tension between them eased a bit. So when the new day dawns and Alysanne approaches her with the prospect of exploring, the girl is both surprised and overjoyed. For much of Naerys' young life, the black and white mare seemed to resist the very idea of exploration - she had her reasons, of course, but the girl couldn't begin to fathom what they might be (and mother wasn't prone to sharing everything). She gazes wide-eyed at her mother for a few brief moments before a soft smile curls her lips. "Of course, mama." she begins, her voice betraying the excitement bubbling in her chest. "I thought you'd never ask." she adds, gently teasing the black and white mare before the pair set off with their wings tucked carefully at their sides.

It didn't matter to the girl how quickly they went or where they went - so long as everything was all right. For now, at least, they seemed to be able to set their differences and tension aside and it left Naerys feeling particularly light. Keeping pace with Alysanne, the girl found herself falling easily into a rather friendly conversation as they wandered this way and that - though their predominant direction, she notes, is east. Naerys had, in her own exploration, been to two of the 'new' lands brought in by the Gods but her time in each had been relatively short and often distracted by other events. Regardless, the girl was eager to continue her investigations; eager to gain as much knowledge as she can before she's thrust into the world and expected to be useful.

Although their progress was slow, it certainly felt like the time had passed by quickly. The landscape seemed to shift before their eyes, transitioning from plants they knew (well, plants Alysanne knew) to foreign plants that seemed so oddly set up and organized. It felt strange and unnatural to Naerys, so she approached with a mixture of curiosity and caution while sticking fairly close to Alysanne's side. Though the girl's teal orbs focus keenly on the strange plant maze, seemingly absorbed in her own little world, her mother's question does not fall on deaf ears. "No, I haven't seen them before.." she responds softly without tearing her gaze from the leafy bush-like walls.

It was Alysanne that first noticed the pair wasn't alone, catching movement out of the corner of her eye, but it wasn't long before Naerys realized it as well. Only, the brown and white girl heard someone else. When the girl's teal eyes find the golden mare with her pale, pretty locks she didn't hesitate in her approach. Slipping past her mother, the girl moves herself closer to the palomino mare, offering her a gentle yet friendly smile. "Hey there. You're from the Edge, aren't you?" she asks, her voice and demeanor warm and welcoming. "I'm Naerys." her introduction is a simple one and had she not already planned out her potential escape should the encounter turn sour, the girl might have shown more caution. Even still, her entire body is relaxed - almost as though she already knew that they were safe.
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