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Jingle, jingle, jingle.

You all know the sound he makes by now; the jingle of the bells across his shell, the silvery sound of laughter, his slow arrival. But he has arrived - fear not Helovia. Even though darkness has draped itself across the lands and battles have been valiantly fought, the Earth Turtle has not forgotten you.

With a warm hum - sounding something like a pleasant hymn - the bells from his shell slowly rise. With magical grace they litter the land. On every tree a small bell twinkles, and from each, snow falls. The snow dusts the ground, but is not cold. The virgin purity of it settles into the lands, promising that no blood shed shall occur while he is here. Now is a time of giving, of restfulness, and mirth. On the main land that he has settled himself on, a large tree suddenly grows. It is dusted in spires of ice and snow, causing it to twinkle beautifully. Points of starlight fall gently on its boughs, and seems to sway with the rhythm of the turtle's humming.

Continuing to hum, the turtle slowly turns to face the lands. He has created a birch-bough lined bridge, so that none will have to swim over to reach him. 

Merry Christmas Helovia :3 
The Giving Tree is a special little holiday cheer. 

Admin roll dice for those who come mingle by the tree to decide on prizes. 

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There's a chill in the autumn air, cold enough to bite at the black monolith's flesh and tingle into his muscles. He grazes idly, alone, his dragons off hunting - not together, of course, as much as he tried to convince them that if they co-operated they could bring down far larger prey to fill their hungry bellies. No, at that suggestion, both red king and golden queen looked at him as though he had suggested they roll in horse shit, and had taken to the wing in seperate directions. Now, Volterra receives flashes of both of their hunts - his red stalks a small den of rabbits, whilst Vadir darts beneath the water of the ocean, snapping up fish between her ravenous jaws. The combined sensations from his companions makes the beast hungry, too, and he rips up grass like his life depends on it.

He's still grazing when noises begin to draw his interest, and he lifts his colossal skulled head to glance around. His flesh tingles, the hairs standing on end like something big is happening, and his upper lip lifts to taste the air. He turns, angling himself towards the thing, breaking into a ground-shaking trot. The feathers of his feet flare behind him with the motion of his movements, and his tail flows like a banner. He is inelegant, he is functional, he has the grace of a bumbling elephant, but it works. His strides are long, devouring the ground beneath him, bringing him quickly towards the source. His hooves suddenly clatter on wood, and he realises he's on a bridge, crossing the water - how generous, to save his pitiful swimming from having to be on display!

A jingling rings in his ears as he moves closer, huffing slightly from his run. The young warmonger glances around, surprised there are not yet more here, slowing his stride to a plodding walk. He looks around, hunting for the sound of jingling bells - without his dragons to give him an aerial view, he feels almost naked, and has to rely on his own eyes to find out what's going on. Closer he roves, a hulking black shadow, and finally his gaze rests on the turtle and the tree. Confusion flashes across his features and his ears flicker backwards, whilst his nose lowers to sniff at the not-cold-snow. He says nothing - he senses that he doesn't have to. The serenity tingles in the depths of his heart, and he feels strangely relaxed, at peace.

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The sound of bells echoed along the valleys, intertwining through the tundra, along the plains, through the narrow paths lined with fir; she remembered the jingle, led by a massive turtle (perhaps one more unnamed God immersed in their splendor, in their opulence, never falling into the decadent folds of their empires). She and Imogen, like more and more moths led to a flame, wandered amongst the bulrushes and the Orangemoon flutter, watching as the crisp leaves were eventually woven with white – beautiful, elegant beacons of snow and ice. Eventually, the entire world would be christened and anointed with the sheen, the shear, of the falling powder, but for now, she could marvel at its beauty and wonder all over again. They were breathless and guided by the beacons of bells and harpsichords, Imogen at the helm, the Songbird following, weaving her own carefully laced harmony. She tried to match it melody for melody, aligned with the few remaining twitters of birds and the caroling of the most giving of animals, until her sights set on the giant tree, the maneuvering reptile, and the spiritual essence of kindness and cheer. Though she had little of it as of late, though she was exhausted and tired and simply drained by the passing seasons, the nymph, the sylph, the mystical, weary fey, still smiled, still grinned, towards the celebration of hope. They crossed the bridge, murmuring their thanks, providing their songs, dancing amidst the snow, the glory, the brief, shining hallelujahs always forgotten, cherished in snippets. Both creatures bowed their heads towards the turtle, polishing their gratitude and appreciation for another year seen and blessed in his stead. “Thank you – everyone will be glad to see you,” she whispered into the void, because he meant salvation and hope, and she remained bright and merry, resolute and beatific, waiting for more to arrive, for more to be stirred by the sonnets of laughter and the beauty of benevolence, instead of the sinuous acts of sin. 


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The meadow was chilly, though not abnormally so. With the changing of the seasons, I had grown used to Orangemoon air. My pale coat had grown out a bit, preparing for the next seasonal alteration to come. Unlike my mother, I was in no hurry for snow to grace our lands.

As a matter of fact, in those days I was rarely in a hurry. I had duties to the Edge, of course, but I found myself attending to them loosely. Apparently some sort of coup had happened, leaving the herd in a strange transitioning state. I mostly just watched them, watched my mother, watched the skies. On this day I watched the meadow. And I watched the turtle.

I watched the way his bells jingled and scattered snowflakes, though he added no extra frost to the air. I watched his island, I watched him sit there. I didn't know how he arrived, or when, but I knew he seemed interesting.

I approached the large turtle slowly, meandering hesitantly across his bridge. My smokey exhale was shaky, nervous. The land was different from what I knew it to be, and I wasn't one to accustom well to these sort of changes - changes to the permanent.

"Hello?" I murmured softly to the humming turtle, stopping a few lengths from him. My features were tentative, my wings relaxed at my side. Though if the turtle were to pull anything alarming on me, flight would be easy for me to take to. Already there were others gathering, and I was curious.
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It's there again. The whisper in his veins—the distant tinkling of silver bells riding in on snow-dusted (in Orangemoon?) winds. It was a faint song in his blood, like a half-remembered hymn rising out of the depths of his past, and then .. tree by tree, the Edge came alive, each and every one of them adorned with those jingling bells. And snow fell, so soft, so pure, so white and light and elegant—and Mauja laughed, spinning happily in the small glade he stood in, snow flurrying about his feathered feet. There was snow and light and a melody, a harmony, a rhythm—a sense of peace and kindness, a warmth slipping through icy veins, and in his corner of the world, Mauja danced.

He knew where to go.

He remembered where to go, flowing out of the Edge like a river of moonlight, heading for the Meadow—for the tree—for the gathering—for the turtle. Long, frost-bitten blades of grass and thistle bowed before his pale knees, silken tail streaming behind him like a banner. And there, upon a dark horizon, rising tall above was the turtle's tree. Tall and icy, uncomfortably reminiscent of the thing he had raised above Torasin's body, but beautiful where his own monument had just been sad; this one stood so tall, illuminated in starlight, glowing, shimmering, swaying and simply .. being, without question.

The turtle was there, too, slow and magnificent and adorned in silver and ice and who knew what else—and others, they gathered, and Mauja gathered with them, lingering somewhere in the frosted grass as if not quite sure he was one of them, and not wanting to distance himself either. He was a ghost on the doorstep of mortality and family, pale eyes staring in through ice-rimed windows with longing—because he was outside in the cold. Not one of them.

Bitten by his own insecurity he simply stood still—no longer dancing.

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"Holy Sun God!"

The lightning boy's eyes sparkled merrily, bright and brilliant as a sunlit sky. He'd never seen anything, anything, like this! He remembered snow, of course, the bright and beautiful and kind of sketchy stuff from a year (had it been a whole entire year?) ago, but this was very different. There were trees with bells, for one, and one of them was super duper big. "Wow," Zero exclaimed again, his gaze traveling up the starlit tree, up-up-up to the very tip. He strained to see the summit and nearly fell, twisting his body and laughing as he stumbled.

This was a happy place, and Zero felt nothing but joy.

And at the bottom of the tree there was a- a- well, something. It looked powerfully old, and round, with a big face and kind eyes that peered out into the crowd. Was this another god? Zero struggled forward, hoping for a better look, and decided that if it was, it was a nice one. Growing bolder the boy walked closer, lopsided grin spread across his face. "Hi!" he exclaimed to the creature, "My name's Zero. Did you make all this? It's awesome!"

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When she feels the pull, hears the telltale jangle of bells, she gets a sense of familiarity.

She got it once before, around this time of year, but arrived too late to receive anything - a shame, but she hadn't dwelled. This had been during her first foray to Helovia, before she had magic and Dominus and a position within the Edge. Now, everything has changed, and despite the fact she feels quite satisfied with her life, she can't help but feel the craving for more. Following the pull of her mind and ears has always worked out well for her, like the other day when she received the orb of power (she still hasn't worked out what new asset she has, but she's sure it will become apparent soon). So when she feels it, she turns her horned head and immediately tries to scout out the direction it's coming from.

As he's in her head, Dominus feels it too. Jingle, jingle. He lifts his powerful skull from his paws, where he has been sleeping in his usual catlike manner. He growls, irritated that his nap has been disturbed, but when Nyx begins running he is quickly on her heels. He extends into a lope - slow, due to the heavy mane that encumbers him, but fast enough to keep up with the silver soldier's brisk trot. The ground turns from grass to wood, and the bonded duo glance down at the bridge. Odd...Nyx is fairly sure that wasn't there before.

Together, mare and lion approach the small crowd of horses, slowing down into a plodding walk and immediately scanning around for the source of the commotion. If all these other folks have come here, then there must be something good on offer. She swings her tail at her sweating flanks as she moves forwards, driven by curiosity. Dominus would usually spare a dismissive snarl or two for the surrounding horses, but this place seems to sap away all his anger and replaces it with an eerie sense of calm.

Closer and closer they come to the source of the crowd. Finally they see it - a turtle, adorned with bells, and a tree, dripping snow and merriment. The silver stands still, awestruck, content simply to admire the scene. Dominus sits daintily at her heels, licking a paw whilst never taking his eyes off the turtle.


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Well strap me down and lick me all over. There were jingle bells. Jingling. What a delightful sound! As if I’m going to let the chance pass to go investigate that. And boy! Am I glad that I had left the Basin to go exploring a little bit. Helovians look at me as though I’m a weird little thing but the things that happen in their happy little world just blew me away. There were healers here that could wink at you and heal your ailments, I had managed to get myself the strangest power to weave fabrics from plants and fleece and whatever else would work.

But this. I trot up through the meadow toward the sound of jingling to spot a giant turtle humming happily underneath a dazzling tree. Good gummy bears what will this land come up with next! I’m not complaining about it - not even close. I love it! I don’t stick out so much in a land where things like this happen, you know.

Well, okay, not quite as much.

Now that I had seen it there was no way I was going to avoid going over there to say hello. This creature looks like he could use a little sweetness in his (uh, or her?) life. And I’m just the one to deliver. I’m ready to just drop down on all knees and propose when I notice the snow and I buck a little out of joy of the occasion.

Distracted as I am about the snow I am pulled toward the sparkling tree and the gorgeous turtle sitting nearby. “Aren’t you beautiful!” I exclaim as I trot up, talking all at once about the snow, the trees, the turtle, everything.
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The Reaper was still unused to the notions of charity, of kindness; and even extending it himself, past the bounty of his family or comrades, was nearly unheard of. Benevolence was not a part of his daily life – he was immersed in barbarity, cruelty, sedition and anarchy, and beneficence didn’t hold a place in his plots, schemes, and calculations. Nonetheless, as the bells toiled and snow spiraled, he was one more beast enticed by the glimmer, by the promise, of something (he’d seen it before, on the horizon, in the distance, nestled by the boughs of a tree, giving and granting with nothing expected in return; the sentiments were difficult for him to understand, but he respected its actions, its wishes). His arrival was silent and sure, steady and quiet, a daunting, predatory venture down into the alleyways and shadows of the Thistle Meadow, ferocious and unwinding, belligerent and vicious, a predator on the prowl, a hunter lurking in the midnight veils and oils. But the warring barbs stilled, the vehement fringes ceased, as he gazed upon the tree, the reptile, and the buzzing, blinking bulbs of starlight beckoning them into the fold. The winter Lord stared for a long period of time, studying the sight, the growing throng, always a little shocked, a little surprised, at the gentle nature of the scenery, of the vivid, tranquil, serene surroundings, feeling as though his dark, tense structure simply didn’t belong. He hesitated, building up the momentum to border along the peace, the sanctum, the haven; trying not to destroy the delight pervading and billowing within the setting, for he was just one more nefarious, sinful creature lining the soil, not ever meant for the art of altruism. His history had been one lined with taking and absconding and destroying, and surely one year, this reptile gathered in its great boughs and bulbs and starlight would laugh and send him away. So while crossed the bridge, while he maneuvered, it was only to the fringe of the crowd, so no one could see when he was refused.

[Merry Christmas!]

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The duchess wasn't in low spirits. She wasn't in high ones, either. She found herself in a limbo, not quite content enough with herself to feel satisfied, but she was not unhappy. She enjoyed living in the herd in which she did, but she found little there to do other than her duties. She had not yet found a horse that she liked enough to call a friend, but she didn't need friends. But she missed having someone to harmlessly poke fun of.

So Agnodice continued to pour herself into her job, into gathering herbs and looking for others to heal. She had found little of either in the herd, for it was well guarded. She looked to other avenues to pour herself into, such as venturing outside the herd to find those in need of help. She had managed to find a couple, and found a few herbs she recognized from Resplendence's latest lesson. The mare had made sure to grab those to go over them later.

When she came upon the meadow in search of more herbs, but she found it a bit different from what she remembered. It twinkled and jingled and snowed despite the lack of chill in the air. The doctor was perplexed by the change and trotted deeper into the meadow. She came over the bridge in a sweeping trot, onyx curtain of mane billowing around her curvaceous head. A small crowd mingled around a large turtle, making the mare ever more curious.

Agnodice knew not the names of the others, so she tried to ignore them. She took note of a certain equine with two dragons, she had seen him before, but the others she simply passed by. The mare lingered at the back of the pack, watching the turtle, but not interfering with whatever was happening till she understood it.

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A creature of curiosity, a cretin of inquiry and daring, at times intrepid, at times audacious, the jingling of bells caused an immediate brewing of interest. He raised his skull from the billowing grass he’d been grazing upon, he focused his thoughts away from vengeance and bloodshed, and his ears pricked back and forth, back and forth, attempting to place the clink, pings, and chimes of beautiful, alluring chords. Beguiled and entranced, he wandered through the vast plains, Orsino tucked at his side (and for once not an overwhelming source of devilry; as if he understood the nature of their visit), nearly laughing in outright exuberance, in absolute joviality, as the snow began to fall. He threaded his way through its touch, through its soft, chilling glow, weaving his way amongst its fresh powder, its exciting, beautiful display – but nothing could compare to the starlit art of the tree rising before him, the giant turtle nearby it, and the glorious benediction surrounding the earth. For a few moments he was simply still and silent, marveling at the wondrous display, jaw unhinged, breath lost on a single gasp of awe: “Wow,” kindling on a spirited whisper, eyes widened and watching as more and more came, drawn just as he, spellbound and mystified. Had this happened before? He tried to recall; but the memories were short and brooding, perhaps sketched over the ruffian days of babe-hood and childish antics, maybe he hadn’t given much thought to the instance – but now, older and wiser, he treated it with the reverence it deserved. He recognized a few faces, his father, Mauja, and Johnny amongst them (was that even Auriel - the girl from the woods?) – yearning to join their frames along the fringe and edges of mystery, enigmas, and pure, untouched wonder. So Erebos marched, the boy and his fox continuing along their path, forgoing hell, forgoing mischief, forgoing all the weary strife, all the vengeful, potent hatred, for the opportunity to gaze closer at the twinkling lights and the bewildering, inspiring tree, murmuring his thanks and praise towards the reptile. “It’s amazing,” he spoke and declared, ending his action on a nod, presiding close, near, to watch and bear witness to the actions due to take place. 

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Erthë was in luck. She got a first seat aerial view of the glowing lights as they spread from tree to tree. For a moment she was confused, worried that she somehow had been displaced to an elsewhere where the earth and the sky had merged into one. Then, upon noticing a curious creature down below that appeared to be in the center of this peculiar occurrence, the filly allowed curiosity to take over and banked into a wide circle, that tightened as she lowered herself down towards the ground in graceful spirals.

As she landed she realized others had been drawn in by the glittering lights and the tintinnabulation. Volterra's dark and looming frame was unmistakable, and she would be hard pressed to forget Lena's kind face. There was another present as well, a tall hybrid girl teetering on the verge of adulthood - Erthë watched her curiously as she walked closer, starlight glittering in her eyes and a more private kind of winter frost chilling the air around her. Mauja and Nyx were familiar to her and she beamed quietly in their direction, while an exuberant young colt caught her eye as he walked up to... to...

Well. Whatever the roundshelled creature was, he was very skilled with magic.

"Oh, this is beautiful" she breathed to the turtle, exhaling in puffs of cloudy delight while gazing about with the usual exuberance. "I have no idea why you do this but it is marvelous!"

Erthë smiled widely at the bell-adorned magician and the blue-touched boy who very conveniently named himself Zero at that moment. It was a peculiar name, because he certainly didn't look like a nobody to her... Brooding slightly over peculiar naming senses in mothers she turned to greet some more of those who had arrived before her, pain and problems easing away from her mind and body with every moment she spent there in the winter wonderland. Nodding and mumbling greetings to this person and that she picked her way slowly through the gathering crowd, phrases and glittering smiles littering her path like the fake snow littered the ground.

"Hi Volterra. You're really everywhere, aren't you! Where are your dragons? And miss Lena too, long time no see! Have you been well? Hi miss Agnodice!"


But she hesitated, head tilting in gentle query as she gazed at the pale hybrid girl, whose breath too smoked and fumed in the glittering, snow-filled air.

"I'm sorry, I don't think we've met before? I'm Erthë, of the World's Edge."

And she smiled again, because there was nothing to frown at here, now, at this moment. The night was beautiful, winter - even artificial and warm winter - placed her in her element and she would be all in for a snowball fight any time.

Even the tall, darkly handsome Belial received a smile - though whether she would have offered one without the calming effect of this marvelous magic was hard to say. They'd only met once before, after all.

Erebos introduced himself to Erthë as Belial, so she refers to him by that name.
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The maiden had spent her time primarily in the Basin. After having been away from it for so long, to be cradled within it's snowy embrace made her feel at ease. She never felt quite at ease anywhere, even in the Basin, but it was where she was at her best. She spent a few days simply roaming the herdland, making sure nothing had changed too much. She made sure her favored grazing spots were still there, and the water tasted the same.

This continual state of her longing for validity from her land eventually annoyed her bonded, though. Altair was usually a patient beast, but he knew she needed to do more than simply look at her herdland. The scenery got boring to him, after a while. She was more reluctant to leave, lacking the initiative to wander out. But he convinced her, eventually.

Altair was happy frolicking through the fields, stretching his legs for the first time in days. The maiden followed him slowly, tentatively through the verdant. She paused only when she noticed the jingling. The maiden's ebony lips fell open slightly at the sight of the ornate bridge and twinkling lights, sending the image to her bonded immediately. Upon seeing it, he quickly rushed to her side.

The pair strode toward the turtle, picking up the pace when they spotted Lena. They walked to her side, standing before the turtle hesitantly. But they showed no fear, for if Lena didn't, then they found such an emotion unnecessary. The muddled maiden peered curiously at the turtle, planets and stars shimmering brightly around her crowned brow. A strange, warm sensation grew inside her upon seeing the turtle. She slowly began to interpret it as happiness.


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I don't know what it is that draws me towards the crowd. I'm grazing, filling my stomach with whatever I can get my teeth into, when I feel a pull. I can't describe it - it's like I know I have to be somewhere, like good things will happen if I follow my instinct. I lift my head up from my grazing, blades of grass and leaves poking out the corners of my mouth, and desperately try to scan around for signs of whatever it is that's drawing me. Bells jingle and dance in my ears, and I pivot them in every direction to try and scoop up more of the sound and determine what it is.

My haltered head turns right to left, left to right, hunting. I begin to tentatively move, testing the muscles of my stout limbs as I lean into a canter. I throw my head up, running like a wild stallion (as it were) with my mane flowing behind me and sweat quickly lathering my body. I might be fitter than I was when I entered Helovia, but I'm still no warrior, and certainly no endurance runner. It isn't long before I'm slowing down to a trot, then finally a walk, my lips foaming with green froth from the meal that I was halfway through consuming. I'm suddenly on a bridge, and I slow myself slightly incase my pounding hooves break through the wood and cast me into the ocean.

As I alight from the bridge I see a formidable crowd of people, and immediately feel shy and out of place. But I fight through this feeling and continue to move forwards, hunting for a familiar face and also for the source of what they're looking at. It quickly becomes apparent; a turtle, coated in bells, and a beautiful tree covered in snow and ice. There's a light dusting of snow, too, which I wouldn't have expected on this tropical island. A smile spreads slowly across my face as I beam at the turtle. "Hello there, Mister!" I greet him. Isn't he the cutest thing!

I see Erthë, and offer her a broad smile. It's good to see her here, and looking well, too. My attention largely remains on the turtle, however, eager to see what he has planned.

Happy Heloviamas everyone <3

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The soft jingling of the bells called to Mesec and Lucius as they wandered. After hearing it, they could see other bodies move toward the sound and they did the same. The Thistle Meadow was no longer dressed in the browns and reds of autumn but instead the trees jingled with small bells and a dusting of snow touched upon the ground. It was beautiful, the matching pair of silver eyes of the demigod and his companion warm with smiles at the sight. Well, for Lucius it got just about as warm as he dared - he felt a little suspicious of this strange phenomenon but recognized how calm Mesec was and decided the strange creature they were approaching couldn’t be that much of a threat. This wasn’t likely to be another one of the god fights that had sprung up across Helovia in the last year.

Besides, there were others already gathered. Familiar faces - Mesec smiled at them all, the soft music and beauty of the day lulling him into serenity.

He felt relaxed, enjoying the happiness and thinking it would be a good way to spend his time to stand in reverence of the turtle and the gift of the tree he brought, as temporary as it was likely to be. Lucius flew ahead and swooped near the giant tree, grazing one of his wingtips against the twinkling ice there before looping back to join Mesec who had settled somewhere near Mauja - a soft nicker of greeting given to the spotted stallion with an accompanying smile before he turned in the same direction as the rest - to take it all in and let the peace of the moment wash over him.

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I have loved so hard
that it broke my heart—
Large skull flies up, ears straining forward, towards the noise. Cobalt eyes are wide, never before had her heard such a sound. Metallic, but not in the sense of clashing metal. It was delicate and musical— joyous, even. The ringing tintinnabulates through his soul, sending reverberations of warmth and happiness through him, before settling in a pool of warmth in his barrel.

What was this?

Legs start churning, carrying him towards the sound. Even if he didn’t want to follow the pull, he would not have been able to stop the movements of his legs. Though, as it were, he chased the noise with thrilled curiosity. But he stutters in his walk at the sight of Mauja dancing before him, following the trail of bells and snow dust.

A broad smile crosses his face, for to see his friend so joyously affected by the bell’s hymn was a gift. He picks up a long-strided trot to follow the speckled man, arriving in the Thistle Meadow with surprising promptness. A wary glance was cast around the meadow, for this place had been a place of pain and loneliness for the Elephant.

But, in the face of such a wondrously large tree and festive humming, his sadness could find no purchase in his conscience. Sighing contentedly, he comes to a halt alongside a small, white man with a shockingly bright red mane and tail. Nostrils flare as a scent, foreign and deliciously fitting with the sight of the tree merriness in the air, emanates from the candyman beside him.

Swiveling his attention away from the tree for a moment, he leans toward the red and white stallion, nares flared as he draws in another, sweet breath, ensuring that it was the man that smelled so delectable. “That’s you?” in the face of such comfort and warmth emanating from the tree, he cannot stop the words from rumbling out of his mouth.
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stronger again.
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I amble towards what calls to me, merry bells jingling in the distance. They carry in the wind, giving my body a surge of energy, an eager need to pursue this festive song. It's weird, to be compelled to smile when my mind and body are crumbling around me, when my hope has been lost and my existence seems dim. Even so, I trail after the bells with my ears pricked and Sameira close to my heals, her spirits lifted as well. "What is it?" She inquires as we run, dual-tone eyes settled on me as though I knew what this was. 

My wings rise in a shrug, stride growing slower as I see what was happening in the distance. In the expanse before me, snow dusts the surface yet my breath does not roll from my lips in a visible cloud, I do not feel the prick of Frostfall. It is strange, but welcomed. The crunch of snow beneath my hooves gives me a little spring in my step, Sameira taking a detour and nose diving into the powdery substance with excitement. Her lightened mood brings a subtle smile to my features, amber settling on my companion before combing over the area. I see glimmering bulbs and gathered horses, all seeming to be focused on something. My pace quickens, a swift trot taking me to the newly erected tree. Near it there is a turtle, whose song cries out among the group, soft and joyous. It feels grossly foreign, to be this happy for no reason. My mind reels at the prospect of this feeling being permanent, this elated expression on my face strains it, my wounds throb and my head spins. I do not belong under such festive lights, I do not deserve what has to be offered, what there is here waiting for me at this magnificent tree. 

[[merry christmasss]]

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The world thrums with the soft song of magic, and the girl and her brother follow like children drawn by a treacherous flute. Firechild sees the sprinkling snow, hears the tinkle of silver bells, and wonders if she is dreaming, for this is a memory: a memory of years past, happier years, when her eyes still lit with wonder and her heart still burned with love.

Still she walks on spindly legs, drawn by the path of music and light. Warmth bubbles beguilingly at the bottom of her belly, and for once she allows the happiness to bloom, a tantalizing memory of the life she's left behind. Her brother is draped across her back, content to bask in this temporary reprieve from the usual numbness his sister feels. He watches the world as they pass it by, inquisitive eyes quick to take in changing scenery and magical touches. The light glances off his acorn oak leaf mark; he wears it with pride, especially today, for he knows who they are going to see. They have seen him before.

The Turtle.

Iron hooves leave soft marks as the girl steps hesitantly upon the awaiting bridge. Already there are others, many, mostly unknown, and the smell and sound of them is enough to fill her with hesitation; what if this is more than just an errant dream? Fire Dancer falters, her mind growing cold: if this is more than a memory will she be stripped bare, left with nothing as she deserves, the cast off shadow of a mare who was once strong? The fire in her flutters, stirred by a heavy breeze of doubt. Part of her soul yearns to be close, to belong, but the rest of her remembers it is a futile dream. She has lost the sensation of closeness and love; all she can hope for now is an absence of rejection.

For a second she considers turning away, leaving this memory and all the happiness it taunts her with, returning to her solitude and the safety of herself; but the mournful cries of her brother stops her, pulls her heartstrings just enough that she hesitates, recants. Natraj now stands astride her, a soft and pleading whine coming from his lips; Please, he begs her through quiet desperation, Please, Tavi, I want this. And perhaps it is the strength of his cry, or the magic of this place - or, perhaps, it is her own unconfessed desire, her own secret yearning to see if she cannot, just maybe, recapture the beauty of her memory here - but the girl sighs, and steps onto the bridge, and the boy releases a breath he did not know he held.

Together they make their way to the crowd, silently scanning for familiar faces, not sure what they'll do should any be found. Natraj wants to greet them; the girl wishes to hide; but both copper child and her ebony kin begin to relax as the dream unfolds, memories blooming into beauty beneath the light of the Christmas tree.

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He hates happiness, he hates watching the pure and the innocent smile and prance about without care. Their smiles are mocking and sick, and they always seem to taunt his furrowed brows and clenched jaw. He bites his tongue, takes in their merriment and lets himself get swept up in the commotion. The fallen snow gives his fur a spectacular sparkle, and the crunch beneath his hooves makes him long for the feeling of breaking bone, to crush and to maim. He wants to bark out mockery, to joke to the elated faces of those around him that he will tear their flesh from their bones, that he will bring ruin upon them to the rhythm of these bells. 

But he does not. 

He stands in wait, behind all that gather, and watches. He will patiently circle, he will tremble with a need that he cannot fulfill, not yet anyway. He needs time, he needs to plan out his precise course of action. But no matter how hard he pushes and pushes his mind refuses to bring images of bloodied bodies and delicately carved flesh, instead he feels warmth. Within the snow, he feels warm and good inside. It takes him back, it brings him into a spiral of self doubt as he remembers who he had been before. Sweet, caring, he had smiled through his suffrage and ran from his problems, he had been weak. Now he was here, a predator among prey, a wolf in sheep's clothing, he is out of place in this crowd. He is tall and callous, they have emotions and expressions and feelings. Morals to uphold, opinions and personalities that extend beyond, "kill all, eat all, rule all." What an odd concept for such a disgusting inhumane beast like him. 
"Talk talk talk"
[[grumpy pants says merry christmas and happy holidays c:]]

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things that don't make sense are always a little deceiving

It is hard to miss the migration of characters to this one central spot.

From her place in the clouds, it almost appeared as though they were like so many ants, marching towards some common objective. Were they moving to carry away some scrap of food? Was there to be another battle? No- her mind supplied. It couldn't be a battle - their pace was far too relaxed. It was simply as though they were being called. Summoned. And although Isopia did not like to be summoned anywhere, she had not felt anything. Had felt no stirring in her bones, no pulling in her limbs or her soul, guiding her towards this place. She felt only the slow regularities of her system - her heart beating, air flowing in and out of her lungs, and her stomach rumbling.

Who was calling, such that she had been excluded?

Gliding lower, the demi-goddess and the bronze dragon flew swiftly over those still journeying forward. From her birds-eye view the location where they were all gathering seemed to be clear - and it appeared to be just a tree. With a narrowed speculative golden gaze, the girl descended. She spied a few that she knew - Volterra among them. Her lips pressed tightly together and her gaze lifted and shifted, and in her mind she pretended that she hadn't seen him at all. That was possible after all - there were so many, and with a turtle with bells to look at, why would she focus on the mammoth stallion?

Well. We all know why. And that's why she was ignoring the sight of him.

But, a turtle with bells was quite the sight to behold.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

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