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You had been here once before, but the place looked nothing like you remembered. Probably because the world isn’t ending, you figured, peering down at the landscape below. Though the battle that had raged here hadn’t been long ago, the briny plains bore little evidence of its epic proportions. While the earth was scorched here and there, today the autumn tide covered most of the land, providing a near perfect reflection of the sky above—something you had noticed almost immediately as you soared along, admiring your undercarriage. 
Pleased with the view, you doubled back, this time at a more flattering angle for added effect. If only you could be seen from this perspective all of the time, you thought wistfully, though you supposed it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the world. Surprisingly, so many ladies were immune to your boyish charm, but this! This they just wouldn’t be able to resist. Guffawing heartily to yourself, you swooped off again into the sky, ascending until your reflection was only a pale smudge on the water’s surface.
Up here near the clouds, you found that you could think more clearly. Not that there was much to think about per se, but you liked the idea that you could literally look down on your life from above to gain a new perspective. Here, the hustle and bustle of the world faded away, and there was only the sound of the wind and the birds and the beating of your own wings. It was nice, you thought, caught up in the ambiance of it all and feeling rather philosophical. Real nice.

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He could vaguely remember be in the flats once before. His memory was fuzzy, thanks to the sickness he had carried when the Sun God had brought this land to them. He sighed softly as silver eyes gazed around him. It was beautiful , the white sands and shallow water wavered before him. He assumed it was the salt that gave forth the mirages that swam before him. The young stallion stood for a while staring out ahead of him contemplating life and worrying about his child. he needed to go to the Basin, no he HAD to go. It was just so hard to think of giving up the sand and sun for the snow and racist unicorns. he sighed heavily before loping forward a few steps; wings thrown wide. Within a few paces his powerful body had taken flight.

It was marvelous to be in the air, all of his worries were swept away with the rushing wing and steady pumping of wings. Silver eyes closed, it's not like he was likely to hit anything out here anyway. It was great to leave everything behind on the ground and just relax. Taking a deep breath the stud flew straight up counting the wing beats. After a while he opened his gaze and hoovered for a moment, bobbing up and down before looking down. It was crazy how life was so different up here. He could see for miles, mostly water and sand, except the Pegasus he saw flying over the water.

He would investigate in a minute, after he had a little fun. Tilting forwards he aimed for the ground pulling his wings closer to his sides allowing himself to dive for the ground. Adrenaline erupted in his heart as the ground came closer and closer. At the last second eh pulled up; his hooves grazed the salty water as he let out a screech of joy. His heart hammered a smile wider than the flat's its self landed upon his muzzle. Turning towards the figure he had seen he flew closer. "Hello!" He called ahead of himself, still quite a ways away.
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