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a reunion. [open]

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The wolf had not heeded the advice given to him by the lady named Smoke. He had not gone to a healer, defaulting instead to the other instructions the mare had laid down for him. Now, a jagged scar ran down his healing leg. The salt water and poultice had fixed the infection, and that was the problem the wolf really wanted to remedy. His steps were firm now, paws smacking the frost laden ground as he made his way north, toward the Foothills. These lands were still foreign to him, but the lingering scent of wolves in his nostrils made me believe that he was getting close to the land which was a promised haven to his family.

The hybrid was unaware, however, that the leadership had fluctuated, and that the one who had promised him such safety had since relocated. Unaware, so blissfully unaware.

Comadre flew on overhead, violet eyes seeking out the details that Osiris could not see. The glimmer of his obsidian scales was enough to remind the wolf that his bonded was nearby, and that was calming. Even if he had not met Virva at the river, he was certain she would be safe. That small mare had a surprising amount of strength, living through the shadow that was cast on their former home. One unicorn, who did not seem threatening, would surely not be enough to snuff out the light in her eyes. At least this is what the wolf tells himself as worries creep quietly into his heart.

The massive bulk of fur moves at a swift pace, cantering for what seems like the first time in ages. With the pain in his leg forgotten, the wound all but healed, he was free to move as he wished. His movement, of course, was propelled forward to check on the lives he had entrusted to others. His family, the small clan of wolves from the mountains of Isilme, had been a strange sort of comfort for the stallion. They had nursed him after the cataclysm, and he had guarded them from the moving shadows of Isilme. Together, they had lived through much, and he wondered where he would be without them.

Lost to darkness, he is quite certain.

Boundaries of the Foothills mean little to the large wolf, who moves on silent paws forth on the cold grass. He would not be aware of the invisible line even if he would be worried. Still, the croppings of rocks and the mountains in view hint to him that if he is not in the land known as the Windtossed Foothills, he is likely close. He presses on. Mane and tail weave with the air behind him, winter coat ruffling with the catch of wind as it billows onward. The sweat on his frame feels the chill of this winter kiss, but it does not impede upon his movement. Such a difference is seen from one shrill coo from above, though, as Comadre signals that his sharp eyes have caught on a familiar target.

Immediately, steps slow, Osiris breathes ragged, his golden eyes scouring the terrain for the sight that his dragon has. There, the reptile urges, flashing a vision of a wolf peering carefully from behind a shrub. A nicker escapes Osiris’s larynx, filling the air with a warm relief. Little sister, watching carefully to assure her eyes are not fooling her. The reunion is sweet, happy, and gentle. The wolf meets his family again, the trio running from the bushes toward the side of the hybrid, who greets each warmly with a nudge of his face.

Who would have known that such a rejected creature like Osiris could understand and appreciate so much the sense of family.

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Ophelia's crimson and blue eyes were filled with worry and torment, and her cloven hooves carried her with bold swiftness into the snowy foothills. She had to see her father. She needed to apologize for those twins and let him know that those little wraiths were impersonating his own daughter. While the mare was not close to her father, she knew that he had done the best that he could to raise her and her sister. But, he had also been the lead of the Tides, and the mood of the land was dark and brooding. The stallion was ripped into two by trying to care for his family and by trying to care for his herd, and while she resented him for his choices, she was intelligent and selfless enough to realize that he had made the right ones.

Thick clouds of white frost puffed from her nostrils as she moved closer to the mountains, trying to find her darkened father among the trees and snowbanks. She paused, ears quivering to pick up a sound, any sound, but what she herd was not what she expected. A familiar nicker pierces the wavering armor that she had built around her heart, and the mare's tail stilled. Her entire body froze and stilled as she heard the small, scuffling noises of wolves; she visibly winced a little, wondering if she should pretend to have ignored the telltale signs of Osiris. Her memory would never let her forget.

Tinek, who had taken to enjoying flying over the land, felt his bonded's sudden drift in emotions and dove downward, pulling up just before landing on Ophelia's neck, little talons grabbing hold of pale, fibrous mane. Concerned, he trilled and rubbed his spiny head against one of her delicately shaped ears, trying to comfort his unicorn. Ophelia enjoyed his attempts to soothe her mood, and she steeled her emotions. The mare had been a fool, and she clenched her jaws tightly, summoning her bravery. The wolves were in the direction of the more sheltered mountains anyway - avoiding them would be a cowardly waste of effort.

With a silver, infant dragon atop of her crown, she moved toward Osiris, a pale, flawless winter creature with hair drenched in blood. The half-wolf's thick coat was letting off steam from sweat, and she furrowed her brows, unable to keep concern from winkling her expression. Had he been running? Was his paw healed then? A spot in her heart warmed when she thought of Comadre, and her own dragon growled jealously. "Is your leg better, Osiris?" she asked awkwardly, trying to phrase her question in a way that did not immediately let him know that she had seen him and the grey pegasus on the beach.


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Hooves barely touch the ground as the dunskin runs.

Black and gold melt together as his hairs whip on either side of his neck and stream behind his haunches. He is a bullet, sleek and deadly, and his eyes are set on the pair of intruders. Both are hideously malformed designs, their bodies unnaturaly composed. He will gladly end the suffering of their existance.

Underfoot the snow detonates with each stride, threatening a slip. The dog at his side, a blur of black and white caught in his shadow, grips easier with his paws. Ricochet snorts, whites rolling in his fervor to slaughter, but he does not decelerate, not when he can nearly taste the grit of their coats between his teeth.
The dog breaks away suddenly, aiming to arch to the right and sweep around behind the group. If they time it perfectly the duo will strike them from front and back simultaneously.
Ricochet grins.

He explodes upon the reunion with his left shoulder aimed to barrel into the unicorn's right side, hoping to strike her in the soft section just behind her foreleg's elbow and shoulder. At his pace his momentum would be certain to toss her off balance if she didn't act quickly. It's unlikely his approach went unknown however, although he was silent and swift, the Foothills offer little by way of shelter and Ricochet is no master of stealth either way. It doesn't matter, his gallop would have him upon them before they could fortify much.

Then of course, there's the dog.

A loud and fearsome bark emanates from behind Osiris as Guns lunges to the strange hybrid's left back leg, teeth snapping at the tender point of the hock and aiming to clamp on. If successful the wolf horse would be terribly crippled, reducing his ability to rear, buck or run, their best option.

"Ricochet and Guns. Leave or die." he hisses just before impact.
It was no longer his duty to defend the borders, not as it had been in Isilme or as it had been when he'd ranked a soldier here. Yet how could he ignore such an invasion when en route to leave the herd and scout for fresh blood? He was after all, protecting the herd from those not belonging to it - and the one that brought wolves, a certain harm to their safety. He was justified, and they were dead.

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"What are you waiting for?"




"Don't ignore me! Go! Get down there! Kill them!."

"Shut up." Histe growled at her mothers incessant voice. She would go down there when she was damned good and ready and she would kill when she was damned good and ready. The striped mare cast a brief glance at her bonded as he came to sit beside her, his pale eyes watching the scene below as Ricochet and his mutt barreled into view.

Histe's skin prickled with excitement as she watched Ricochet angle himself toward the white unicorn mare. She cared not for the dog that was going after the wolf monstrosity. Merikh shifted beside her as he picked up on Histe's excitement. His tail began to twitch wildly and his claws extended and dug into the ground.

The mare tilted her head and Merikh stood. Together they moved toward the gathered misfits, both of their bodies tensed and ready to spring into action. And, of course, Histe could not forget her storms. Very gradually the sky darkened as the storm clouds gathered. "Well, Merikh." She said as she approached, knowing that she would likely get Ricochet's attention. "It seems as if little master thinks he can win a two on one fight. What do you think of those odds?" She grinned and the cougar beside her made a sound akin to a snicker as he watched the buckskin.

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A friendly coo sings in the air as violet eyes fall upon a pale white figure - Ophelia. Comadre instantly takes to the skies, darting forward on leathery wings toward the mare, a toothy grin stretching nearly ear to ear. "Oooooofffeee," the dragon sings, flying toward the familiar unicorn before stopping short as his eyes fall upon the silver figure on her crown. The black, barely stretching the length of a foot at most, is nearly as small as the infant silver, but the dragon knows instantly that this silver is much younger. Still, the hierarchy of dragons is unknown to this outcast bonded with another. The hover is caused mainly by confusion. He could not recall Ophelia having a dragon before.

Curiously, Comadre turns back to the wolf. When did she get a dragon? he asks, as though Osiris would surely know the answer. The hybrid has only just looked up at the sound of the mare's voice, golden eyes falling sharply on the figure of snow amongst the winter landscape. "Yes," he says in response to her question, seeming to ignore his dragon entirely. The question posed by Comadre would not be answered by Osiris, for the wolf had not seen this mare since their meeting in the forest. "It has healed."

The words are followed by a complaintive sounding chirp from the throat of the dragon, and the wolf's eyes roll heavenward for a moment. "Comadre wants to know how long you've had a dragon." It is stated easily, familiarly, as though Osiris had just seen this mare yesterday. Of course, that is not the case.

In the distance, the hoofbeats of another approaching with haste would have been ignored by any other. The wolf, though, boasting his heightened sense of sight and hearing, notices the din almost immediately as it enters his range of hearing. Comadre, noticing the shift in his bonded's attention, also begins to scan. From beyond Ophelia's shoulder, the dragon's sight zooms forward, catching the outline of a dunskin with a look of murder on his face. Confusion bubbles to Osiris's face. Had Smoke not said that he would be welcomed here? The dangerous glint of the stallion who approaches like a speeding bullet would make him suspect otherwise. It is his path, aiming almost directly for the side of the mare, that has Osiris more concerned.

"Move, Ophelia!" the wolf calls even as the gap between this stranger and the group begins to close, muscles tightening even as the breath in his lungs had begun to return to a normal rate. Curse his need for haste - if he had known that an ambush awaited him here in the Foothills he would have better conserved his energy. Still, this stallion is vastly outnumbered - Ophelia, her dragon, Comadre, and the trio of wolves at his flank - they would all push this ratio out of proportion. There is still doubt that bubbles in the chest of the hybrid, but he has no time to question this now. The hackles upon his back begin to rise, stirring from his withers and down his spine, leaving with an annoyed flick of his tail.

Legs begin to bend, the hybrid crouching closer to the ground even as the thudding of hooves gets closer. The sharp bark of a wolf causes the hybrid's head to swing back, even as the growl of an unfamiliar canine rings forth. The herding dog, however, will not catch hold of the hybrid's limbs today, for little sister has already pounced, throwing her body toward the dog, feral face contorting in a violent flash as her teeth reach for the dog's ears. Osiris leaps forward, pushing his limbs out of the way of the strike of teeth from the canine, massive bulk aimed directly at Ricochet even as he spits out his introduction. Front paws aim toward the shoulder that would have been posed at Ophelia. Hopefully the girl had had enough sense to move.

"Try to kill me if you can, pony boy, but leave the lady alone," comes out in a feral sounding growl, ending with a half-bark.

Osiris opens his jaw to reveal rows of serated teeth, like that of his own companions currently crowding the black and white dog who had thought the hybrid an easy target. A bite is aimed for the Ricochet's neck - perhaps a tear of skin or a mouth full of mane. The hybrid's main objective was to keep Ophelia safe. The wolf knew she was still a young mare; when they had met in the caves, she had been so very small.

All the while, Comadre watches as another, more shady looking mare approaches. The wolf and his dragon had the worst luck.

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A smile moves across grey lips as a familiar stumbling of words reaches her ears. The black dragon, Comadre, called out to her, and she whinnied back at him kindly. She had fallen in love with those violet eyes and realized how badly she wanted to bond to her own dragon, and either by fate or by luck, she had. Tinek looked up curiously at the black dragon who had stopped in mid air after greeting her bonded, and a thick, toothy grin stretched his scaly features. "Rraaaaa" he returned in a gleeful roar, crawling down on Ophelia's pale face as the infant watched the elder dragon curiously. She winced as silver talons balanced against the thin skin of her face, and the mare asked about Osiris and his health.

The distance his worlds held... was she imagining things? Heterochromatic eyes scanned down his foreleg and to his clawed paws to judge for herself if the stallion was telling the truth. From what she had noticed, Osiris had a habit of lessening the reality of his own injury, and she would not let him die from infection. However, he was telling the truth, and the concern that had dipped her brows now smoothed. Why was she unable to distance herself from Osiris like an intelligent creature would? Compassion. Even though she had been a fool, she would not save her own heart by forever disregarding a stallion she had once held... well... conflicting feelings for. "Good, I am glad," she said quietly.

Ophelia's eyes warmed when she looked up at Comadre, hearing Osiris' words. She hoped that one day, she and Tinek would be able to speak to each other so smoothly. When did she bond to Tinek? Oh, some time after nearly being killed by Deimos and Jaydan, but before forming a band of outcasts and stumbling upon Mauja in an icy cave. Much time had past and much had happened since she had disappeared from the beach on that day. "A season ago," she replied honestly. "My sister won the egg and gave Tinek to me." When she spoke, her words were directed at Comadre. "Though I shall never think any differently of you, Comadre," she assured the black dragon with a warm, soft smile. "Perhaps you can teach Tinek some manners. He is rather... uncontrolled."

Tinek huffed a breath of white frost at his bonded's words but leaped from her head, taking to flying closer to the elderly, black dragon. One of Osiris' ears tilt directions then, and she furrows her brows, looking over just as a shorter, thickly built stallion was running right at her shoulder like a boulder from the side of a mountain. Her eyes widen, and she hears Osiris' words as if he were speaking them under water. Ophelia's cloven hooves sink deep into the snow as she tucks her hips under and spins away from his brutish attack. Anger builds into her heart as his larger hip manages to clip her hindquarters after her spin, spending her body sliding forward, toes spreading as she regains her footing.

A dog took to moving toward Osiris, and the red rage that filtered through her mind sent Tinek spiraling downward, joining one of the wolves in her fight with jaws wide open. Rows of fangs and taloned claws opened to snatch the dog from above. Hopefully, if he was not able to tear the dog open from above, one of his bites would land on the thick scruff of long fur. Too young to use his frost magic, the young silver would have to resort to his evolutionary training; open, physical brutality.

Ophelia watched as Osiris opened his jaws to reveal serrated teeth, his bite aimed at the dunskin who had tried to topple her over, but the young mare was not the kind to run, not anymore. Tinek had brought her confidence and her training as a spy and her ability to read minds gave her strength. The white and crimson painted mare dipped her delicate chin to her chest, leveling a pristine horn at the dunskin. Ophelia pushed forward, cloven hooves giving her better purchase on the rocky, snowy ground than would normal, equine appendages. Her tail was lifted to give her balance, and the long tendrils swung behind her as she danced. In her lunge, she aimed to pierce his hip while Osiris served as a dangerous distraction from the front, but Ophelia was light on her feet. The moment her front hooves landed on the ground again, she picked up her knees high, sending the tall mare leaping and twirling out of the way of his hindquarters should he try to lash out with those muscular legs.

Hopefully her horn had done some damage, but a flick of her ears told her that they were not alone. She risked a glance behind her to see a mare and a cougar watching, and she frowned. Would she go and get help? "Where is my father, you foolish creature?" she asked, her hard, cold gaze settling on the boy who had tried to knock her over. "Allow us to leave in peace or settle this imaginary dispute with civility," she said sternly, her hooves keeping her moving as a defense. Why was everyone trying to kill her injure her? What had she done to anger the gods in this way?

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I have no time, am placing Ricochet in absent abyss and playing as if the Gray chased him off. At this time I would rather not continue this thread, I sincierely apologize for just barging in like this =/ I had all intentions of finishing it when I entered, but now I feel completely burnt out, museless, unmotivated and mildly stressed.

We can either assume that The Greay chases Ricochet off from this point, or that the Foothills herd intervenes and rescues Rico, as I don't want him to die xP or that he just ran off from this point and The Grey finds him and ambushes him later one.

Again, I am sorry :[
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[OOC Timeline Ending:

Archibald joins in the fight against Ricochet along with Ophelia and Osiris, and their combined effort with Loretta, Tinek, and Comadre joined with Osiris' wolf family drove Ricochet out from the Foothills. Ophelia, shaken by the sudden attack, introduces herself as Paladin's daughter to Archibald, and she is very concerned about the state of the Foothills.

She suggests that they discuss the matter with the other leads to instate Archibald as equine lead in Ricochet's place ]

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