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Chernobyl Posts: 134
Outcast atk: 6 | def: 9.5 | dam: 4
Mare :: Unicorn :: 16 hh :: Nine | Tallsun HP: 60 | Buff: NOVICE
Active :: Wind x Dark :: Constructs magical arrows from basalt, gold & glass that she can manipulate (throw).
]Restrictions: 2 per season. Arrows sting (like touching flame) when they hit, but dissolves into granules after 30 seconds and only leave small wounds. Most effective at 20 ft or less, useless after 70ft. Must have all ingredients. Largely illusionary.

Active :: Earth x Fire :: Summons oozing magma when she taps her horn to any piece of earth.
Restrictions: She must be within 5m, can't be used in battle, two threads per month.

Passive Magic :: Earth x Fire :: Sparkling rubies littered all through her mane and tail that never fall out and lick small, heatless flames that crackle as if real.

Active :: Earth x Fire :: Bites and kicks leave globs of burning lava on victim.
Restrictions: Red hot lava disappears after 10 seconds. 2-4" burn maximum. Can only be used once per thread.

Normal Companion | Bornean Bay Cat; catopuma badia
NSS: Cerndyr | Plain | Lamplight
SS: Griffin | Royal | Molten Dagger

Magic Item :: A ruby pendant with a thin silver chain tied into her mane that can start a small fire when placed on the ground. Restrictions: Cannot be used more than twice in a season. Only starts, does not fuel a fire. If it breaks it is no longer magic. Cannot be used in battle.

Magic Item :: Quiver that straps to Chernobyl's side and doesn't spill the magical arrows that go inside & burns those who try to steal. Cannot hold more than 25.

crushed and filled with all I found
underneath and inside, just to come around
more, give me more, give me more

pixel is by RELI<3

  • Feel free to magic on her, but no murder.

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