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Seasons had past since Tilneys last visit to this part of his new home. Wonder and nostalgia were just two of the many feelings echoing in his golden frame as he thread between firs and pines, delicately tossing up the previous Orangemoons leafy skeletons and brown decay. This was where he had met the acquaintance of Rexanna the gold dusted doe. She had helped him search his way out of the black trees before night fell. 
Again, he was left searching for a way out before the moon replaced her brothers control of the sky. While these dark towering trees didn't scare him during the day, it was a place he certainly did not want to find himself stuck blind in at night. 

The only reason he had ventured this far east of his home was to find his cloak; he had left it in the hollow of a tree at one of the northern most points of the forest. He only wanted it back because it did get a little cold at night with the sea spray at the edge; He was getting used to the idea of staying a long time. He loved it at the Edge. 

One of his favorite things to do of a morning was to stand right above the sea, high up on the white tree-spotted cliffs and gaze out at the sunrise. He wondered if The Worlds Edge really was the actual edge of the world they knew. What if you jumped in and swam forever towards the horizon; would you stumble upon any other lands? Or if you were lucky enough to own a pair of wings? could you fly from the edge to a whole new world? It was that mysteriousness yet familiarity that Tilney loved so much about his new home. The sun was so low in the sky he couldnt see it between the trees anymore, and it began to worry him

But finally, he saw fields and light between each fir. He had reached the edge of the forest. Pace quickening, he raced from the trees with a wide grin and high spirits. Tilney was however very very tired and with a sigh picked a tall tree to rest under for the night; He was out of the woods and in the clear, he was happy with that. He had a good clue on where he was and would set off to the edge first thing in the morning. Pulling his green cloak further over his shoulders he nestled into the tree, tucking his nose between his knees and soon he was asleep.

Only hours later though, he was woken in a sweaty mess. Hot embers tickled and burnt his ears and the sweet smell of smoke filled his maw. Opening his emerald eyes, he quickly looked around in what normally would be blackness. The entire landscape before him was aglow in orange and red, flames licking through trees in the forest he had been stumbling through only hours ago. Leaping to his feet, the golden stag strode at a bolt towards the flames. There could be so many animals and helovians trapped in there!

"Is anyone in there!" Tilney screeched from the edge of the blaze; it was most likely the loudest he'd ever yelled in his whole life. Rabbits and mice ran at an eye-sore speed from the inferno while birds took high to the sky. He hoped desperately that everyone could get out alive.

And Oh there is more to this life

welcome to the fire damsels;
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This is what she gets for being nostalgic, she thinks to herself in a daze as she awakens.

The trip from the Basin to the Deep Forest was a long one. A several day trip that she had taken, following the ghosts of family long passed and memories once faded. They had refreshed with the terrain, as she had wished and as they always did when she walked the familiar labyrinth of the fir trees. Alice had trotted peacefully beside her, reveling in memories she had not been alive to witness, finally starting to understand the flawed beginnings Hotaru had risen from. It had been a quiet endeavor, secretive. She had drifted beneath the sunlit boughs, trying to remember what it was to taste and smell and feel everything she once had as a child. Tried not to fool herself with illusions of golden feathers, or a trailing bird overhead, or a mocking tinkling laugh. Her mother was long gone, her body immortalized into a beautiful tree alongside her father. 

Only, the peace of the venture had been cut brutally short. 

The smoke was what awoke her. It was like spice and death in her nose, and something old and instinctive screamed out in response inside her, eyes flying open just as Alice was barking madly and shoving into her forelegs. Hotaru went with it immediately, eyes wide with horror and fear as she whirled round and round in the dirt, heels kicking up deadened leaves and dust. She knew of fire, knew of its power, but she had never seen it so wild. Never even been close enough to know more about it than the color. She was Lady of ice and cold, and she was frozen with terror as she heard the trees screaming against the onslaught, head dizzy with all the sounds and sensations. Alice was biting her now, their bond breaking open like a snapping branch, the hellspawn bitch throwing herself down the line until Hotaru's eyes were rolling white beneath the surge. RUN, RUN, RUN!

It squalled into her head and she whirled, dizzy with her own efforts, the world tilting and sliding in her terror, naught but a child once more as she tried to find the area with the least amount of flames and went streaking off in that direction. Alice was a step ahead of her, a white blur in the smudged landscape of charred black and raging orange. Hotaru wheezed and coughed beneath the smoke, eyes watering and heart beating so fast she was sure she was going to fall to her knees and die right there before the fire ever had a chance to lash her hide. 

A roar and a squealing snap nearly deafened her, and a flaming tree toppled over as if in slow motion, right before her. Hotaru cried out and slammed her hooves to the earth, scarring it with her abrupt stop as she tried to stop and turn simultaneously. A flaming branch on the tree whipped across her right flank and she screamed louder than she could ever remember, throat torn with smoke and terror as tears streamed down her eyes and she flung herself away from it. Alice was barking from the other side, racing up and down the length of it, her fear mounting with Hotaru's and amplifying until the rosen girl could feel nothing but the dark tunnel of agony around her. 

Alice heard and noticed him first, a large stallion pacing the edge of the flames, calling into them. She went flying towards him, barking, smoke rolling off her like some sick parallel of the smoke driving every animal out of the depths of the forest. Raced around and through his legs, meanwhile yanking on her bond with Hotaru, trying to get her to focus, focus on this could-be savior past the flames. 

Hotaru grasped onto his voice like a lifeline, dancing in the shrinking ring of safety, too scared to jump over the flames and the fallen trees, hips and legs stuttering and jolting as she tried to summon the courage to try. "HELP ME!" she screamed back, pride and grace thrown out the window in the face of her terror. She had never even seen fire before. All she wanted was to get out alive, retreat back to her castle of ice and snow, and chase away the tremors that would likely linger in her bones. 

I'm not a girl, I'm storm with skin

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I am barely a few days old, but man am I out for an adventure! I had met Mom and Dad and Alanna all in one day, and of course it made me curious. So soon as Mom's back was turned, I took off to meet more others! After all, it's always just Mom and me now. I know where Dad is, and one day I might go join him there but... For now i'm happy being wild and free with Mom. I can go where ever I want to! Like now!

I had run for a while, then slowed down a bit to catch my breath. Exploring without Mom was fun! The longer I walked the farther I got from Mom. I know this, but at the same time I want to see the world! I walked and walked and walked for what seemed like hours. Okay maybe it really was hours. But finally I reached this really cool place. I do not know what it's called, but it's a HUGE forest. I walk around for a while, until I find myself getting really sleepy. I find a big pond with water that looks red. In fact they are red. I pick up one of the stones, wanting to keep it with me. The red reminded my of the red markings on Alanna. Maybe I would go find the Hidden Falls and give it to Dad and Alanna. That is, after I take a nap next to this pool of water.

By the time I wake up, the skies are dark. While the skies may be dark the land all around me is lit up with... FIRE! "MOTHER!" I scream the loudest I think I ever have in my short life. "FATHER!" I scream for him to, in case he is close enough by that he can come save me. I find myself frozen in fear, backing up into the waters I had just slept beside. "ALANNA!" Yes, I am even screaming for my Dad's bonded. Anyone I knew that could help me. Oh Mom how sorry I am for wandering off so far. "MOTHER! HELP ME!"


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I know the world’s a broken bone —
Adventuring again. It seemed to be a common past time, but as I met that caramel stag, I began to hope that I might have found a partner to adventure with. However, as time passed I could never find my friend. There was a hopeful part of me that began to fade away as time went on. I figured that perhaps he might have just wanted a break, or more of an adventure than a little frail old me could provide. Or maybe he was off with that porcelain princess that met us when we returned to the Edge. Or maybe he was forgetting about me. Everyone always forgot about me in the end. But as I walked into the trees, I began to scent a slight smell of smoke. Worry flew across my brow as I picked up my old bones and adrenaline kicked in. Perhaps something was going on? I ran toward the smell, weaving through the trees only to gain sight of a bright flame ahead of me. The trees were up in flames and I took a deep breath of mixed air to scream into it before I heard that caramel stallion’s voice raging across the top of the crackling and burning of the flames. Glassy eyes shifted to where I thought the sound was coming from. I heard a few more cries from others before I called out into it myself. “TILNEY! oh please be alright! There’s others out here that need help!” I screamed out hoping he could hear. I could feel the fire beginning to burn the air around me as I watched it quickly grasp up the dry leaves of Tallsun. I began to back up as I felt it near me, closer and hot, nearly painful.

My eyes began to water in the smoke that flooded me now. An old white mare stuck in the middle of the fire. I began to shake with fear before I looked for any option to get into the fire. I needed to help these people. I needed to find Tilney first. So I took a shot and hopped over a flaming log, rushing toward the sound. Weaving in and out of fire, feeling the brief pain of the flame as it lapped against my legs and sides fiercely. I began to pant, unable to breathe with the smoke that filled my lungs. I ran like mad toward my friend, hoping that I could possibly save him, or he could possibly save me. But before I could get much further, I heard a large CRACK and felt a large piece of flaming wood hit my front leg as I tried to race through. I wasn’t sure what happened next, but I felt the searing pain of the flame graze my knee as I tumbled down into the crumbling embers of what used to be such a lush green. Lifting my head, I tried to call for Tilney, for anyone really. But I couldn’t utter a sound and instead seemed to crumble myself back into the earth. A lifeless heap of white.

— but melt your headaches,
call it home.
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Phantom swore up and down that once she found her kid she was going to strangle him to make sure that he never wandered off without her knowing where he was ever again. This drive to know where he was every second of every day was something she had not expected when she'd discovered that she was pregnant. She'd had every intention of dropping him off with his father and never thinking about him again. It was strange how life had a way of throwing curveballs. The foal she hadn't wanted was one that she now wanted to protect and love in a way that her parents had never loved and protected her.

"Brendan!"  She shouted the boy's name as she moved through the forest. The deeper into the forest she went, though, the more she began to smell the very familiar, very pungent odor of smoke intermingled with the scent of her adventurous child. It made her nervous and scared becuase she didn't like fire. It brought too many bad memories with it and she wanted to turn tail and run, but she couldnt' because she couldn't leave her child behind.


Her heart leapt to her throat when she heard her child's scream. "BRENDAN!"  She shouted back and she barrled through the forest, ignoring the branches that slapped at her face and neck, and the smoke that made her eyes water and sting. "Brendan, where are you?!"  God dammit, she was going to beat his ass if they made it out of this.  If he thought he was ever going to wander off again he had a very harsh reality check coming his way. 

If they made it out of this.



so scatter all my ashes when i'm dead
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From darkness I understand the night;
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Unlike many others in Helovia, the ocean mare is not frightened of the Deep Forest. Even as the day’s light slowly slips away, shadows reaching to darken the forest floor, there is no fear that thrums in her heart. This is not because she is bolder than anyone else (while she can certainly summon the courage she needs, Tiamat knows that there are those who are much more brave than she)—but simply because it is here, where nature is thick and thriving with life, that she feels at peace. Her ignorance of the world’s black secrets shelters her, serenity swelling in her breast where perhaps caution should.

Sighing contentedly with a quiet smile softening her lips, Tiamat ambles through the trees. Cloven hooves pick their way daintily through the underbrush, following the guidance of the ground beneath, no particular destination in mind as she allows nature to direct her where it will. The long hair on her lion tail brushes the cool ground, swaying with her hips before sweeping to the side, her movement halting for a moment. Gently, she presses a satin muzzle against the dark bark of a tree. “Hello, family,” she breathes happily, her spirits buoyed by the fresh, earthy scent that fills her nostrils.

She can almost hear the tree sigh in response. This—this intimate connection with nature and all of its creatures—is a part of her, so ingrained in every fiber of her being, that one could not hope to separate it. Tiamat does not know where, or what, she would be without this bond. After all, can you expect any different from a child of nature? Daughter of the ocean and sky, Tiamat cherishes these connections with every beat of her tender heart.

Trailing her muzzle forward, the ocean mare pulls away from the tree, continuing her stroll through the forest. It isn’t long before her sister stars come out to play, dancing above in the reflection of her eyes, time passing easily beneath their watchful glow. So entranced is she by nature’s wondrous beauty, that Tiamat does not recognize it at first. Something is…off. Something is not right. The wood stirs uneasily around her, creatures of both night and day rustling through the darkness, a heavy anxiousness hanging over their heads.

The blue mare pauses, tail twitching nervously and her head tilting to the side as she peers through the trees. The acrid smell of smoke swirls to congest the air, burning her nostrils and stinging her eyes—suddenly, remembering the winter nights of the Basin, understanding hits her with a chill of horror. She sees the glow as she pivots, cloven hooves stumbling as she surges forward, the flames quickly bursting forth to lick at her heels.

She runs.

How did this happen?! The mare coughs, lowering her head to her shoulders and willing her muscles to move faster, doe-eyes wild with fright. “IS ANYBODY OUT THERE!?” She screams into the hot night, her healer’s heart never forgetting the fate of others, despite her own primal need to survive. Reaching down and slowing her pace, Tiamat ushers the small woodland creature forward, caring for their safety just as much—if not more—than she does her own. With the flames reduced to an ominous glow behind her, the ocean mare dares to stop. Frantically, she glances around, calling out again for anyone who might be near. Tears stream down her cheeks, both from the smoke and from this terrible destruction.

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Every one of Tilneys instincts told him to run as fast as he could away from the blaze, but his heart told him to stay. The adrenaline having kicked in, Tilneys legs begun to tremble and shake. Still he was fearful of the flames, their tongues licking at the sky and scaring the stars.
The most blood curdling of screams rang in his ears; finally, a response to the screech of his own. It was enough to kick-start him right out of his fears and doubts. She needs my help! was all he could think, his powering legs sending him forwards into the inferno.
"I'm on my way!"

Plunging through the first line of flames, Tilney bounded through the web of flaming firs. His marble stones took him over fallen logs and skidding into dead-ends. His nares took to the air, trying to catch the scent of the damsel he had plunged into these flames to find. All that came to his splashed muzzle was choking smoke and burning embers. Snorting through the pain, he pressed on in the direction he had first heard the cry. 
It was then he saw her, the pale princess. Unbeknownst to him this was the Lady of the Basin, his former home. "M'lady!" Tilney called to the distressed unicorn, announcing his arrival in hope of comforting her. 
A wall of burning branches and blackened tree limbs separated him from the dancing doe, and so he devised a way to clear them. "Stand back!" was the caramel bucks caution, lowering his barky crown and backing up onto his haunches. Aiming his boney antlers at the coal barrier, he pushed his power from the crease in his hooves to the tips of his horns and with an almighty dive plowed through the glowing mess.
"This way m'lady!" 

It was then the next set of cries filled his ears. His cloven stones slid to a stop, his nose turning to find the screams of a child. "Follow this path... There are a few logs to leap but if you run fast enough the flames shouldn't touch you! I must help this child" Tilney spoke to the peach-coloured princess, and with that he was off back into the heart of the furnace.
"I'm coming little one!" The stag called at the top of his lungs with what little oxygen he had left in them. Plunging over another fallen fir, he found himself in another ring of fire. In the centre was a tiny colt; only a few days old. Marching to the youngin, Tilney dipped his lofty crown and tucked the largest prongs under the foals ribs "Hold on!" Tilney chanted to the little man before he lifted his head, taking the infant with him. He was heavy, but it wasn't unbearable. He was a fraction of Tilneys size.
So many more screams and screeches filled the air, each of them pulling at Tilneys soul. Could he save all of them? He was sure one of them even belonged to Glasgow, but they all sounded quite the same among the smog and smoke.

And Oh there is more to this life

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From darkness I understand the night;
dreams flow, a star shines
     I desire Evenstar.
The ocean mare blinks furiously, her vision becoming blurred by the tears that well on her eyelids and spill down her cheeks. Smoke hangs heavily all around her, clogging the air and tightening her throat until she coughs, slender body trembling as it tries to dispel the thick black vapor from her lungs. Anxiously, she casts her eyes about, trying not to give in completely to the terror that scratches at her with cold, tight claws. Tiamat knows that she mustn’t—she can’t—lose herself now, not in the wake of a forest fire.

Lowering her head to where the smoke isn’t so dense, the young unicorn dares to glance behind her, from where she had run. There is not much that she can hear above the wild hammering of her heart in her ears, but through the thick haze of soot, the faint glow of orange is unmistakable. The flames—they will not stop, they will not hesitate, and they will not grant mercy. Within her chest, Tiamat feels her heart twisting painfully. She mourns the loss of the trees and the underbrush, the loss of life, seeing them as she does the woodland animals. Alive.

“Stop!” She whimpers, knowing that her request is futile against the blazing inferno, but still her soul cries with such fervor that she cannot contain it. Please, stop! The mare’s voice is hoarse, and her body shudders in another round of coughing, but still the pleading passion in her eyes does not fade. The plants and the earth—they are her family. Why must they suffer this terrible doom?

Closing her eyes through the tears and curling her head in towards her chest, the ocean mare chokes a sob before she whips herself around to face the steadily approaching fire. Perhaps it is in this way that some might see selflessness as a crutch, when she puts the plant life above herself, and cries for their salvation rather than runs for her own. But not this day—not when a warmth suddenly flowers in her heart, blooming to ignite her entire soul with a glow of rapture and compassion. A vibrant combustion that is enough to rival the tangible flames that lick ever closer.

And from her soul it extends, shooting forth with a brilliancy that manifests in a spray of glittering droplets. “What—?!” Tiamat gasps, taken back by the unexpected burst of water. Had—had she made that happen? For a moment she is distracted, stepping back and glancing around at the smoky trees, her heart racing against her ribcage. A shadow of a smile dares to ghost across her lips before she returns her focus on the flames, her heart crying with every branch, with every leaf that is burned.

This selfless fervor sparks the glow within her again, and she can feel her heartrate elevating as she tries to grasp it, control it. Suddenly a bubble gathers, trembling and floating before bursting forward, sizzling against the hot ground. Despite her distress, Tiamat smiles tenderly, closing her eyes as tears of gratitude mix with those of pain. “Thank you,” she cries, sure that the earth and heavens have blessed her this day, never leaving her without hope. This gift—a piece of her father—is a part of her, always.

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