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[OPEN] Where does the moon go at dawn?

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The little red-cloaked filly carefully picked her way through the trees in the the dim pre-dawn light. She moved with strange sort of grace for one her age, not in the effortless dance like some of her sex but with a practiced efficiency that most foals never took the time to master so young. Each move she made was planned, deliberate, even calculated in a childish sort of way. With a little toss of her scruffy mane she sent a glance behind her to see if her twin followed. "We should be close. C'mon!" it was said with a giggle and a grin that never seemed to go to anyone him.

She had roused her brother before their mother woke so they could see the morning fog roll in off the sea. She'd heard the sometimes the Goddess walked in the mysterious mists and the possibility of meeting her coupled with the excitement of sneaking away from their mother made for a decent adventure in d'Arcy's estimation. The idea that she would try and go alone never occurred to her; where she was her brother should be also. It had been that way since the beginning and it pained her to be separated from her beloved for too long.

"There, look!" The whisper was low and reverent as the filly slowed her march and came to a stop to gaze out towards the wild sea at the edge of the world. They had come to the border of the lush forrest and before them stretched a grassy sward that soon fell away over the high cliffs and into the dark sea. The sky ahead was still dark though the faintest of pinks could be seen in the east and towards them, over the water, moved a great wall of mist.

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He trots along behind his sister. His focus centered in on the red filly. The fae watches her every movement with almost wide eyes. Even his roses are trapped in the shadow of her beauty, and he doesn't resent it. He isn't capable of resenting his sister for she is loved by above all others.. She is his and he is hers. In his young mind it is simply the way of things. For they are twins, born of the same womb.. same seed.. Together they entered this world, so together they shall experience it. He wants it no other way.

The boy hears his sister speak and he perks up in attentivenss, taking great care to listen. He then grins and giggles as well. "D'ya think Moon will be there?" He says with a giddy tone. There has been nothing but whispers of the goddess.. Nothing but the distant white sphere he's seen in the dark sky.

Sneaking away from his mother's side has almost become routine. Libertad admires his own abilities at stealth.. For his mother hasn't caught him yet. His mother musn't worry though.. For the fae is here.. Here to keep d'Arcy safe. Yes, he will keep his sister safe. As they draw away from the grips of the forest, Libertad stops and both ears prick forward. He takes in the details of their surroundings.

Immediately his eyes dart over the horizon, looking for shapes in the fog. "Let's see if we can find Moon!" He says looking over at his sister with a wide grin. Without another word he bounds towards the edge of the cliff and studies the fog. Then his eyes drop down to study the waves. "D'ya see her?" He says looking over at his sister.

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