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A warm breeze played with the thick strands of his tail, wrapping its length around his substantial hocks. The Elephant stood at the cliffs, his haunches to the sea as he faced the break in trees before him. His face was drawn, sadness etched on the black markings. Though he was not grief-stricken, a dense weight of death still settled in his massive barrel. A low, heavy sigh blew warm breath from his thick nostrils. The changes that the new world, the Rift, had brought to Helovia had been so much more than he had expected when he first lunged at the Bear God.

Cobalt eyes drift down towards the dewy grass beneath his great hooves as weighty thoughts burdened his mind. He was not one to duck responsibilities— it was unjust and wrong to do so. But, still, doubt clouded his mind just as the mist shrouded the cliffs he stood on and forests he faced. Was he fit for this? He had never aspired to power, he had only desired that those in power use it judiciously and righteously.

But did that not make him most fit to govern?

Gently, he shook is head in an futile attempt to quell these mulling thoughts. His gaze shifts skyward, towards the sunlight that is moving into midmorning and beginning to burn the fog from the cliffs. A gust of wind tugged his tail around his haunches and freed his buckskin body from this mist. His upturned eyes began to clear as he settled his confusion. Lucidity coming to the blue depths as he once again shifted his sight— this time probing the haze and shadows of the trees on the opposite edge of the clearing.

Yes. It did.

His mind answered its own question as he lifted his massive front-end to a great height that only he could reach. Then he slammed down, against the earth. “To me!” the loud, trumpeting call echoed across the World’s Edge, calling all who lived there. It was time to assemble.

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The painted pegasus had been patrolling, as per her usual routine.  The route took her over the lands of the Edge up out over the seas, where she could see both the cliff base and the skies.  She found it was nice to have a routine again.  That adjustment hadn’t been difficult.  Iona had grown so tired of her transient life.  She was so tired of moving all over the goddamn world in search of what Alysanne had evidently found here in Helovia.  And it wasn’t the family that her sister had built or anything particularly sentimental that Iona longed for – Iona was already ready to go pluck a certain fallen angel’s feathers – she wanted that sense of being grounded that Aly had found.  Such a thing was a strange thought for the mare who preferred to spend her days riding air currents amongst the clouds than walking the earth, but that was neither here nor there.  She was so tired of the unsettled, transient life.  First she had been an outcast.  Then a wanderer.  Then a freedom fighter for a cause now long dead. 

But the pieces had come together quickly for her here.  Her family was here, and her sense of purpose returned soon after she found them. Being reunited with Aly…meeting Naerys – that had changed everything for the forlorn warrior.  However meeting the others in the edge and reestablishing life in a herd, that was unexpected.  Perhaps the most unexpected part was just how quickly it had all happened – how quickly she had come to feel so protective of the Edge.  It was in her blood, she supposed.
The call was loud enough from the mainland that it carried out over the sea.  Iona shifted course and turned her vivid green gaze back towards the cliffs. Tembovu’s form was unmistakable even from offshore.  The painted pegasus knows that sneaking up on him from behind probably isn’t the best idea, so she makes a note to fly a wide swath within his peripheral vision before touching down on the cliff’s edge before cantering a few steps and slowing to a walk, drawing herself to a halt a comfortable distance from the large stallion.  She dipped her head in greeting before uttering,  ”You rang?” easily as ever, with a small smile upon her dark lips.

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Wandering aimlessly seemed to be a large past time of mine nowadays. I hadn’t quite found my fit yet. I wasn’t really searching hard for one yet either, though. I was still trying to come to terms living in a land full of life and bliss that my battered frame and dreadful appearances didn’t fit into. I didn’t want to frighten anyone. However, seeing the aftermath of the Rift battle at the Flats, I began to wonder if I really would scare anybody here. I was a loner, so it seemed. I rarely spoke, looked like a mess, and just seemed to move like a ghost to and fro without a second thought about it. Perhaps something needed to change. Perhaps my diplomatic history would come in handy in Helovia more than I had imagined it could after my homeland.

Yet as I wandered back through the mists of my home, I heard a calling from a voice that sounded slightly familiar, but I couldn’t put a name to it. My eyesight was getting to be rather poor, but I followed the sound regardless and as I emerged from the mists, I could see a large silhouette in the distance. I felt as though I had met him before, the mammoth beast. I couldn’t remember when that meeting had occurred. I was also wondering what he wanted us all to come to him for. Where was Mauja? Where was Ophelia? I only saw one more blurry creature in the distance that seemed to have wings, so the creature fit none of the other creatures I had felt the closest to.

I approached about as fast as my tired legs could take me, but I was still the third to make it into the circle. I offered a small smile to the winged mare, now that my eyesight had become at least semi normal since I was close to the creatures. Turning my pale face to Tembovu, I dipped my head to him and uttered a quiet hello before my glassy gaze danced around in curiosity of what exactly was going to happen here.

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The loud calling song was answered almost immediately by the astral stallion, he wandered close to the sheer edges and the grassy plateau's most of the day when he was not so immersed in his own thoughts. World's Edge was worlds apart, and so was Helovia upon further reflection, than the titan sized philosopher's home isle, so different than Thal'Sharah and it's skyward boughs and the alabaster temples that danced between shimmering pools.

Luminescent pools of liquid starlight broke through the dense and misted canopy first, peering at the one who had summoned them and then to the already gathered. A deep and breathy laugh escaped his pale muzzle as he finally broke free of the mists and out on to the meeting ground, the mirth directed at the Pegasus mare's jesting greeting to the elephantine sized stallion who had summoned them in the first place. He was tall, as tall as most of the stallions who called his homeland their own, and he'd hazard a guess he was only a smidge taller than Alune himself.

"Yes, I believe you called." Leonine tail coiled at his hocks as he stopped next to the Mares, silver strands catching the wind where they danced freely, pale waves upon an unseen ocean. Eyes having settled on the plains marked stallion now, their sharp, probing observation hidden behind the veil of a much gentler, inquisitive gaze. It was his design to be keen, and to look for the signs of a body betraying the heart and mind — but also appear as a serene creature to those who gaze upon him, as when one glanced to the pearl orb in the sky, and to incur his wrath was to bring the very moon's vengeance upon the unworthy. Though the wrath of his white lady was now far from his grasp, the last tendrils of her protection had waned the further he had traveled — he would endure to garner the affection and worthiness of his Dark Lady here.

For he revered and admired the Goddess, whether she was the very essence of the moons tranquil glow, or made of the cloaking shadows she governed over.

Will introductions be apart of this? Ears flicked temporarily with this thought, the gathered faces were just that to him, faces without names — that to would make him a stranger to them also. Whether or not he would, was of little concern to him, they had been called here for far greater things than a new comers warm welcome and introduction, he perceived.

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It had been a long time since he had been beholden to anyone. Mauja had spent most of his Helovian life either a ruler or a vagabond, and before that, well—he had been good enough at obeying.

He had been a cold and distant creature, a detached machine, shining in the light of moon and flames as he stood guard over the scenes of his destruction. He had been death, and he had been flawless. He had been perfect.

He had been nothing. He had been the Frostheart.

The morning sun was rising, bringing with it all the relentless heat of a summer day, tempered only by the nearby ocean; Mauja's eyes closed as the last echo of Tembovu's mighty voice died out between the pines.

And what was he now? Certainly not the Frostheart—the stone cold executioner from the north, the one who had sought to cleanse Helovia. No—the Frostheart did not exist anymore. He had perished in the flames of rationality and grief. What was left was just pieces of a shattered life, a broken, lost creature.

What would the herd make of this—those who had not been there on the Riptide Isles, and seen what had gone down? What would they think of Tembovu calling them together, and Mauja just being a ghost in their crowd?

Should he appear at all?

There would be so many faces there.. so many people.. questions that would, surely, need answers; his eyes cracked open, slid sideways. As long as he was part of a herd, he would never be well and truly free. There would always be duty. He swallowed. There would always be the well-oiled machine needing to run, and they were all just parts of it. If he malfunctioned, the whole shit would, and it would be his fault.

Slowly, painfully, the snow-ghost dragged himself through the summer forest, thinning mist swirling around his legs. He had thrown the cursed crown at Tembovu—the least he could do was be here, and support him. So, neither first nor last, Mauja came upon the others gathered, walking in silence and with his great white head bowed.

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Life in the Edge was slow. Days passed one after the other without much change, sunny days following upon rainy ones, morning replaced night in a never ending cycle. It could have been boring, but somehow the young lass found herself feeling content - aside from the drawbacks of her aching leg and the gnawing, aching, ever present sorrow that remained whatever she did. Though smiling came easier with every day, though her father's presence and care kept her from feeling lonely, something came over the fae in those moments of quiet, when there were no words left to share. A distant, hollow pain ghosting through her eyes, a shadow dimming the brightness of her soul, such that heavy sighs began to heave the chest and lean legs paused in the midst of a stride. On the outside she looked fine, strong and resilient, ever vibrant and energetic; only her Vadim knew of the nightmares that plagued her and kept her from getting enough rest, and only he could notice how heavily she depended on weeping red flowers to keep going at all.

When the voice of her behemoth friend reverberated through the misty forest, Erthë raised herself clumsily from the cool shade beneath the trees and slowly picked her way towards him, dazed and slightly off kilter from the combination of heat and morphine. Though she would much rather have stayed away from the brightness of the glaring sun, to spare her pink, sensitive skin, the force and command in Tembovu's voice so unusual that she had to go see what was up. The Glazier was normally so soft spoken that hearing his raised voice summon what she suspected might be the entire herd made her intensely curious.

Several others had already arrived by the time she found them on the cliffs. Many were familiar and her svelte, icy form made detours to nudge affectionately everyone she knew; Iona, dark and unassuming as long as she kept her mouth closed, Mauja who looked so worn down and heartbroken that her own heart threatened to crack upon seeing him. And there were Tembovu - tall, sturdy, reliable like a weatherbeaten rock.

"Hi Tembu! What's going on?"

Others were gazing at him curiously, but though a smile played on cherub lips as she picked her way over to give him a hug and settle in beside him, most of the little hybrid's attention was focused on the strangers that had already arrived.

They weren't hard to spot. The mare, though pale and short and keeping to the outskirts, looked heavily scarred and kept looking around a lot. The other, a tall and dark stallion, made her think of night skies and moonlight on mist so much that she ended up staring at him for much longer than was strictly appropriate.

Erthë gave each a shy smile and murmured a quiet "Hello", before she too turned her attention on Tembovu, keen to hear what the big unicorn had to say.

"And all the pretty tulips would disappear
And never disturb me again"

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The call is easily heard here. It reverberates off the trees and rocks, seeming to amplify Tembovu’s voice tenfold. Wait, why was Tembovu calling everyone together. He was neither a warrior, nor lead that she knew of. Had Torleik or Mauja stepped down? Edgar puffed nervously at the sudden shift in power. She believed in Tembovu but it seemed so sudden to change leaders. The Edge was still in its fledgling stages and it seemed like a poor tactical move to transition another to power.

The duo meandered their way over. Edgar was hesitant, they were not a well-known presence within the herd. Most of those she met were in passing, and she knew nothing more than her name. Upon their approach a small group had gathered. It seems they were a bit late to this party. The two moved quietly into the outskirts, careful not to disturb any pending announcements. A few recognizable faces were here. Erthe and Tembovu of course knew of her situation, as did Mauja who stood at the fringes. Alune made it to, which was nice to see. Elsa felt like she was so consumed with duties that most she recruited ended up falling out. This was a start in the right direction.

Her gaze settled upon Tembovu who suddenly looked more intimidating. The stance, the voice, the height… he seemed like a giant in a land of dwarves. Commanding, enthralling, he would have no problem entertaining a majority of this crowd. Elsa offered a small nod of recognition. In time she would be able to formally thank him, until then, this was the best she could do. All the while Edgar took careful account of all those who were around. The one unfamiliar face he stored away in his memory. It was a little quirk of his, but he was set on learning the names of everyone who lived within the Edge.


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Of course, as soon as she heard the call Alysanne came. Though when she arrived, she was a little surprised to find out who it was that was calling them all together. A familiar, large figure stood around those coming forward out of the forests and the mists but it wasn’t the one she was expecting. It seemed strange that Tembovu would be calling them all together, and as she approached she noticed that Mauja was lingering in the back. Was this a herd meeting, or a crafters meeting? Perhaps he was recruiting the rest of the Edge to help finish the cleanup of the glass wall, they could certainly use all the bodies they could get to take care of it.

Hemlock circled over the group before landing without much ceremony on the head of Iona just as Alysanne came to stand beside her sister. He didn’t show affection to many, though the members of her family seemed to be welcomed into his circle without much fuss. At least, her daughter and her sister had been. She stood close enough to allow her pale feathers to brush up against the darker ones of her sisters - such contrast between them but the green eyes that looked at the faces here were the same.

Just a warmer smile in Alysanne’s - she might have lingered in the back, still uncertain about her place in this herd, if it hadn’t been for Iona’s arrival. She felt stronger in her sister’s presence and would take advantage of it as much as she could.

A nod and a smile served as her greeting to Tembovu and then she fell into silence with the rest - waiting to see what this meeting was about.

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The silver has no idea why the cry for a meeting is coming from Tembovu. She's missed something here, and her stride swiftly adjusts to angle her towards the herd gathering. Dominus is away hunting, but d'Arcy is by her side, her small legs moving in tandem with her dam's longer ones. Nyx restrains her pace to ensure the girl can keep up, her trot long and flowing but not as fast as it could be. No doubt Libertad is nearby, too, as he and his twin are rarely seen apart, but just to make sure he knows of the meeting, the silver mother releases a small whicker for him. It would be improper for a child of the ironheart to be tardy.

In perfect synch, mare and filly slide to an elegant halt. d'Arcy stays close, but her curious eyes take in all her herdmates, pinlike legs taking her a few bold steps away from her mother just because she can. There are several faces Nyx recognises, but more still that she doesn't, and she runs a curious eye over these foreign Edgians. Her gaze roams across Tembovu, noting his station at the head of the meeting, noting that he seems that bit more...regal than usual. He receives a wolfish grin from her, but not too rogueish, not in front of the children.

There's Mauja, head hung, dejected. Throughout his time as co-king with Torleik, Mauja has been by far the better ruler, in the silver's opinion. Black Hottie, whilst a walking wet dream, was rarely around, and what use was that? Seeing the ice king step down, if indeed that's what he has done, is...troubling, to say the least. But if he has handed his crown to Tembovu - and the grey mare resists the teeniest, tiniest pang of why not me? - then at least it is in capable hands. Nyx trusts and respects the elephant, not least because he's fabulous in the sack. The Edge will be safe under his command, and whilst questions bubble in her mind, she restrains them. Now is not the time.

Reaching out her muzzle, she touches it to d'Arcy's side and pulls the filly close. "Watch the herd interactions closely, my dear. Seeing how individual horses react to each other provides valuable information on hierarchy and politics." The words are whispered, for the filly's ears only - and Libertad's, if he happens to have arrived in time.

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Having never been to a meeting of the Edge before (or herd meeting of any kind, really) the Warlander does not at first recognize the shift in authority as some others do. The deep, bellowing call is not familiar when it finally reaches him, and he is unable to distinguish it from the herd’s previous kings’—recognizing it only as a summons, the large stallion slowly lifts his head. Dark-rimmed ears press forward as brown nostrils flare, testing the crisp morning air.

He lingers along the foggy borders of World’s Edge, not far from the ocean’s cliff, but a good distance from where the request seems to have originated. He had started to patrol the land’s borders right before the sun had risen, unable to sleep again after restlessness had wrenched him from his sweet, sweet slumber. He shuffles a pale hoof against the shattered remains of the glass wall, flicking the long length of his tail around his muscled flanks (now just about healed completely from his battle wounds) before picking up a wide, flashy trot in the call’s direction.

By the time Rohan reaches the cliff’s clearing, there is already a small gathering formed, a handful of the faces familiar to him. He comes to an unceremonious halt among them, his head rising to its natural height, his bearing as proud and noble as ever. With a flash of silver, the stallion notices @Nyx —she is not alone, seeming to have given birth since their initial encounter. Letting slip a wry twist of his lips, the Warlander appreciates the athleticism of her supple body (perhaps giving her an approving nod, should she notice his gaze) before he shifts his attention forward.

At their point stands Tembovu. Rohan’s brow knits together in a moment of confusion, knowing the colossal stallion to be the Glazier of the herd, a position (as far as he knows, anyway) that doesn’t hold any significant authority. Glancing around, green eyes settle on Mauja. The spotted stallion seems anything but a King now, standing dejected and forlorn at their flanks, head lowered almost submissively. The Warlander breathes a snort, rimmed ears flicking back before he turns again to Tembovu, eyes narrowing quizzically.

Change is coming, he can feel it.

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The splashed mumbled her way through the Edge's terraria with heavy thoughts, particularly about the heavy thing she was unexpectedly carrying with it. The bulge within her belly was becoming noticeable, and to that the young fae felt uncomfortable with others knowing, particularly in the herd. But she knew that whilst she remained in a high position within the Edge her own mind would be content in knowing that the sprog would be born into a good life. Or she hoped...

But the Glazier's position was tricky in these circumstances, with life ever-changing. And as Anzanie made her way through the sun-dried world of her home, she knew that it could be wisped away in a matter of seconds. Underneath the late Tallsun rays it was clear to see that this was going to be one of those days. Especially when she heard the call of a familiar voice encouraging her to move to the sound: Tembovu. With a loving sigh and a heave from her dainty pillars the exotic princess fell towards the voice with the wind at her heels. She was eager to see her friend once more.

She soon came to the clearing, and her lobes picked out various voices who had ultimately beaten her to it. Was thi her first meeting? Anzanie slowed down, hesitant to find herself within a big crowd, especially when she did not know almost any of the creatures within it. The voices seemed to chatter away and with courage the little creature moved her way into the sea of winged creatures, horned ones and equines that were there.

She spotted Tembovu in his almighty stance, with his towering height casting almost shadows on the rest of them. Her orbs also tracked their way to little Erthë whom she remembered for her resistance in accepting Anzanie. She smiled kindly at her. Elsa, too, the dame who had recruited her into the Edge. She maintained her smile at her, glad to see a familiar face after all this time. Anzanie wondered curiously whether she had been treated well within that time. Two other faes she also recognised: Alysanne and Nyx, and she dipped her head in acknowledgement and tried to get closer to her closest friend in this herd of faces. She spoke to him, trying not to have her orbs caught by the striking good looks ofthe heavy horned brute with an ivory pelt splashed with ebony. He was a handsome creature, and the splashed somehow felt she knew him from somewhere...

Her mind was struck back to the meeting whereby she claimed her attendance to Tembovu with an ultimately squeaky, terrified and loud voice,
"My friend, you called! What is it that's so urgent?"

" . "
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Naerys had been fighting, and failing, to remain still and safely tucked within the Edge's borders when the loud call rippled across the land towards her. She is trying so hard to be good, to remain home so that mother wouldn't worry anymore but it is so hard. The girl immediately lifts her head, raising herself to stand a bit straighter and a bit taller. With her predominantly chocolate hued wings tucked, she slides easily into motion - abandoning the bed of passionflowers that had grown thick beneath her hooves. She has no doubt that they will trail her as she slips through the summer forest, the Edge's trademark mist caressing the blossoms with their pale, ghostly fingers.

Petyr flies ahead, quietly settling himself in the branches of a tree bordering the clearing from which the call had come. The girl follows behind, swift but unhurried and as she arrives near the clearings edge, her teal gaze scans the already gathered crowd. Everyone appeared to be focusing on the behemoth of a stallion she'd seen on the isles not long ago. She'd be more curious if she hadn't been there, if she hadn't witnessed Mauja metaphorically tossing his crown on the blood soaked sands.

She sighs, her warm breath leaving her nostrils in an invisible puff of air. With one last cursory glance, the girl sees him. Of course mother and Iona are there as well - she pinpointed them in the crowd first - but she held back, almost resisted joining them. Not because she didn't want to (they are her family and she still idolizes Iona) but because something pulled her elsewhere. No. Not something, someone but it isn't even his doing and the girl can only linger quietly in indecision - clinging to the mists and the shelter of the trees. After several moments, the girl quietly drifts forward and slides in beside Mauja. There she stands, silent but warm with her teal eyes carefully trained on Tembovu.

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Ever since the fight on the Isles and then the run in with Ciceron, I had stayed in the safety of the Edge. Okay well it hadn't been a run in as it was me falling head over hooves over him and a interesting conversation with him after. Either way, I had stayed home after that. So it really should not of taken me that long to respond to Tembovu's call. Other than the fact I had been highly distracted by the little voice that had started speaking in my head. It had scared me at first, thinking I had gone insane. But the stronger my emotions became, the stronger Daenerys emotions ran too. My antlered head had jerked around as I tried to find a source for the voice, until I finally settled that I was hearing things. Not. It me. My head jerks again. The voice is so soft, I want to trust. Who, who are you? Where are you? I was frantic until Dae gently nudged my leg as the voice said again It me. I stare at her. Dae, is that your voice? She nugdes me again. Yes.

I breathed a sigh of relief. With that finally settled, we had headed off for the meeting. Several others had arrived before us, and I have to admit I stayed to the back of the group. I need to meet my herdmates, but at the same time i'm scared to death that they won't like me. So instead, I stay to the back and remain silent. My entire frame trembles as I find myself very overwhelmed with the amount that had already shown and the possiblities of more coming. I can do this.... Just, don't leave me Dae.

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Mother calls and the boy answers. He toddles along after Nyx and his sister, forgetting his game for the moment. Carefully he nudges his sister with his nose, giving a light teasing tug on her mane. Libertad oblivious follows them to the gathering, oblivious to the summonings. He stares at Tembovu, the stallion familiar but he can't quite place where he knows him from. The fae can make out the figure of Erthe and he nickers over to the other filly. Then he glances back at Nyx as she speaks to them. She mentions hiearchy.. What the hell is that? He trots over to his mother.

"Who is that? Why are we here? Can I go? s'boring.." Libertad mumbles and he flicks his leonine tail back and forth. He shifts back and forth on his hooves, eager to depart from the place and play.. He can show his sister some of the fun places he has seen or.. Maybe he can play with Erthe or.. Or do anything but stand here while the adults chat. The rose bounces from hoof to hoof growing only more and more antsy. He turns to his sister, hoping she is as eager to leave as himself.

He practically paces in circles around his mother and sister, his roses blooming and dying in a trail. There is soon a circle of red and he looks down at him before looking at his siter. "Don't drink that.. N'good," he shakes his head. Then resums pacing about in circles looking at Tembovu every so often. "Wanna go.." He mumbles to himself.

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He stood, limbs anchoring his massive frame to the cliffs against the occasional gust, watching as those he had called materialized from the forests— or from the air, as Iona was quick to draw his attention with sweetly sassy words. Pale ears twitch in amusement, a grin glimmering on his still muzzle as he gives her facetiously chiding look. But there is no substance behind it, as it openly gives way to a small grin as Alune joins and laughs at her words. His eyes watch the lovely Moon Doctor, Alysanne stand beside her sister.

He nods his great heat in simple affirmation, awaiting for others to appear before he speaks. And, truly, for a newly crowned King, it was surreal to see his herd mates (those he now governed ) emerge from the trees. Some hung back, like the quietly scarred Glasgow or worried Calypso. Elsa, the returning General, also stood away from the herd in her newness— though nodded him a grateful greeting.

His grin grows as Erthe shuffles beside him (still sadly limping). He leans gently into her hug, aspirations of regalness slipping away as he bent his head to gently ruffle her thick curls in greeting. There were those who led by distance and intimidation, and then there were those who led by strength and example. The first were feared, the latter loved. It quickly became which variety the Elephant was.

He raised his head, grin fleeing as drifting eyes alighted on the bowed head of the broken Mauja and the young Naerys hovering by his side. His gaze lingers on his friend for a few moments, before widening in surprise at Anzanie’s rotundly pregnant appearance. He had not known her to be pregnant. His brows raise in silent question— but that would a private conversation for another day.

He meets Rohan’s quizzical stare evenly— the handsomely antlered stallion would get his answers soon enough. Then follows the stag’s appreciative gaze to Nyx, who is giving the King a roughish grin. A slight smile returns to the edges of his thick lips as he gives a small, amused shake of his head. His gaze falls to the still d’Arcy by her side, and the actively circling Libertad. Interested, he watches the roses bloom and burst, creating a red path of blood? in his wake.

Cobalt eyes raise, scanning the unique gathering of equines, and a small amount of proud satisfaction coupled with discontent stirred within him. Pride at those who had gathered, discontent at those he did not see.

“I call this meeting in the face of both tragedy and change,” his low voice rumbles throughout the mists. “Our herdmate, Sno, has fallen in the Tiger Goddess Battle,” his gaze seeks Mauja’s, hoping that he is right in revealing such intimate loss to the herd, “And, with Mauja’s blessing, I am your new King.” He does not explain nor divulge the heartbreak experienced by the Frozen Light. That was his, and his alone, to share.

He continues to sweep his blue eyes over those gathered, “There are many of you gathered, yet many vacancies in our ranks. Elsa is our General, Nyx our Captain, should any of you wish to join our Protector ranks with Lithium and Rohan. We need both warriors in the sky and on the land.” He glanced at each equine in turn as he spoke their name, before pausing to allow any to step forward.

“Anzanie is now our head Glazier, should any wish to follow in my crafting footsteps,” he smiles as he motions his giant horn towards the pregnant Glazier, once again pausing to allow members to voice interest.

“Ophelia, who is currently protecting us from thieves, and Iona,” he looks to the shapely, piebald pegasus, “are our Spectors. Again, those who wish to follow their stealthy paths, seek them out.” He pauses once again, wondering if any would wish to follow a path that he, himself, could never again travel.

“For those interested in healing and mending, our Moon Doctors are Evangeline, Alysanne, and Calista,” his eyes find only Alysanne, and again he breaks his speech to allow any to speak up or step forward.

“Lastly, our Seeing ranks are occupied only by Alune, who praises our Lady” darkened to navy, his gaze easily finds the large, astral stallion as he recalls their earlier conversation, “He will be our commune with our Moon Goddess. If any wish to join him in following the path of our Lady, make it known.”

Finally, his deep voice rests its commanding tone, gaze now slowly sweeping to find any herd members that wished to join ranks. In the recesses of his mind, he wonders if any will challenge his new crown. He hadn't considered it before now.

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In a way, they were a broken and scattered people—always hiding in their swirling mist, veiled from one another, held together only by the faintest tendrils. They were tentatively anchored in their storm, and, belatedly, Mauja realized that he had not been enough to keep them together. If anything, it had been the land that kept them tethered and from drifting, not he. Slowly, his ears fell back. He hadn't been much of a Queen. He hadn't been much of anything—just a coward running from his demons, and drowning in the sea of duty instead of the one of darkness.

Being a leader had done him nothing—it had been like ice on a wound, creating a comfortable numbness, but not fixing anything. A pain suppressant, coolant on a burn; his eyes drifted along the outskirts of the meeting. Elsa. Glasgow. Nyx, having popped her babies out; the colt was absolutely disgusting, prancing around in a trail of flowers and blood. Mauja's dark muzzle wrinkled in distaste. Unsurprising, but still fucking gross.

But like ripping a band-aid off he had torn himself from the drug that was duty, and here he stood in the midst of a herd no longer his own, victim of a few curious stares. He didn't meet them, just stood there. Now, there was only him, and the weight of grief he bore.

Well—only him and Naerys, soft, cold feathers almost brushing his pale flank. Slowly his blue eyes fell down to her, and he offered her the slightest of smiles. It was all he could give her. It was the only thing he could give her, because the ache in his heart was like melt-water in spring, threatening to spill over in a reckless cascade. She was too beautiful, too precious; would life destroy her? Would darkness send its hounds after her, until the softness of her soul gave way to scabs and gravel and iron? Would he corrupt her with his own sorrow? The thought made him want to walk away, to leave her before it was too late, but instead he shifted closer, bringing his shoulder to touch her wing. He needed it. A tether.

“I call this meeting in the face of both tragedy and change.” Mauja's eyes drifted along those gathered again, noting many who were not there. Was it in defiance of Tembovu? Had Helovia swallowed them, like she did so many others? Or did they simply not care?

Slowly, anger ignited in his belly. Tembovu was the finest fucking King the Edge had seen since Mauja had ruled here six years ago—and how dare they not hearken his call? Black nostrils flared, and ears flattened. Morons.

Tembovu went on, seemingly unfazed by those missing, calling out for warriors, and waiting for someone to step forward. Then, crafting. Thieves and spies. Healing. Faith. The words were a blur around his ears, a whispering, murmuring current, but not a single one of them made sense.

And then, there was silence. Mauja turned his head without thought, nose ruffling Naerys' forelock, lips tugging at a few strands of hairs. He felt like a failure—a coward, standing silent when there had been a call-out for the members to pull their weight, to turn their lives to something useful. And he had said nothing. Had not stepped forward. His bones knew how to fight, but his spirit was broken.
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Waking to the feeling of an empty belly was not a pleasant feeling but she could take care of that. Stretching her lanky limbs out before her she pulled herself up to her feet shaking the dried grass from her painted coat. Automatically she turns to find Mama who was always beside her when she woke only to find herself alone. "Mama?" She calls out in question before panic sparks as the horrible news of yesterday comes flooding back to her, Mama wasn't here. Blinking back the tears she looks around trying to find that white mare who had helped to keep her warm over the course of the night only to see nobody around. Flicking her ears to the side that feeling of loneliness hit her square in the chest making her heart hurt. Where was everyone, had they abandoned her too? What was she going to do? She was so hungry and all alone.. pausing as a loud voice seemed to boom over the tree tops the filly turns in a complete circle trying to figure out where it was coming from.

Pricking her ears and deciding to go investigate to see if maybe it was Mama the young girl walked forward carefully avoiding any holes or tree limbs. Her legs were sore enough from the long walk last night in the thunderstorm and the mud, falling now would only reopen her wounds and make them bleed more. Figure soon became evident from between the trees and the filly cautiously slinks forward until she finds a place to observe from a far. Nervous butterflies skip around alongside her hunger at the sight of so many horses that she did not know. Was Mama here too? Scanning the crowd she finds Elsa and Temby (since she cannot pronounce his actual name) but sadly there is no sight of her mother. Hanging her head in disappointment and tucking her tail she sighs wanting nothing more than to have her mother come back.

Stepping forward nervously the filly quickly makes her way over towards Elsa ducking her head as she gazes out at everyone curiously yet cautiously. There was so many strangers, but where did they come from? Lowering her head after a little bit she sniffs at the stringy stuff at her feet not really thinking that it looks all that appetizing. How did grown ups eat this stuff? Pulling a single strand free with her milk teeth she draws it into her mouth attempting to chew at it for lack of other sustenance. Chewing with exaggerated open mouth bites she can't say that the green stuff is appealing in the slightest with its bitter grossness and her inability to chew it properly. Spitting it back out still mostly intact she curls her lip back before giving up completely as she tries to ignore the hunger pains building in her stomach. Whatever Temby was saying it didn't interest her in the slightest so she took to staring out over the herd again.

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Others began to gather, more than she had anticipated. The Edge began to multiply quicker than she expected. So many new faces, but old ones lingered. Her ears flickered intently though, as a young, familiar body toddled toward her in the back. As Hera approached, Elsa lowered a nose, nudging her mane encouragingly. It hurt Elsa to watch the child reach for grass, and quickly spit it out. Elsa frowned, leaning down to whisper to her. ”I’ll try and find you some fruit later. It’s not as good as milk, but it’s much sweeter and tastier than grass.” She offered a small smile before turning her attention to Tembovu. Even if she wanted to run off with Hera to find her food now, she had to be present. The information here was important.

Apparently Mauja had experienced a loss, and from what she gathered from him, it was not the first. Sorrowful eyes cast a glance toward the spotted unicorn. She frowned, knowing full and well that anything she wanted to say to him would be of no use. Words were just air, fleeting, and gone the moment they were spoken. Elsa wanted to pull Hera tighter then, keeping her… was she her daughter? She still seemed so attached to her mother, and Elsa knew she’d never be a replacement. So she opted to take a protective step closer to the girl, keeping a watchful eye on her as Tembovu continued.

He began talking of ranks, thank goodness. They seemed so barren in this brief period of change. Would any step up, or was everyone content just existing? Sure the general herd did things, but Elsa saw it as a lot less productive than specializing. Her eyes scanned the crowd, taking in the faces of anyone who stepped forward in want of a position in the military. She would have to convene them later to discuss ideas and tactics.

And thus the monotony of ranks began. Each sector getting its moment of advertisement, before all finally calmed. Did anyone have the intent of standing with him? Or was Tembovu planning on leading alone? Either way, she hoped he could stand his ground. The last thing they needed was another shift in power.


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The elephantine stallion returned the hug. It was such a simple gesture, and yet it filled her with a warm glow of happiness that spilled over in a happy giggle. Her heart ached with the sheer amount of affection she felt for him, but also with a certain kind of sadness. Slowly but steadily horses emerged from the forest and joined them in a semi-circle around Tembovu, and though she craned her neck eagerly to spot every one of them, her father's absence was all too apparent. Had he not heard the summons? Had he chosen not to heed the call - or was he truly not there, within the Edge? Erthë didn't want to think that he would leave without even telling her so, but there had to be some reason why he hadn't arrived yet. It had after all been his idea to move here.

Mixed feelings of worry, shame and unease churned like faint nausea in her gut. A soft tremor rippled through her lithe frame every once in a while, and the steadily rising heat caused beads of sweat to trickle down the slender neck. Her leg had begun aching again. A slow, gnawing, ever present pain that grated on her nerves and leeched off of her already small reserves of patience. It would be time to take another dose of pain killers again soon; already she could feel the nervous excitement at the thought, the sickly craving for scarlet red flowers and the sticky, milky liquid that oozed forth from every pungent petal. It grew harder to resist for every flower she ate, and to make matters worse Erthë had noticed that she now required even greater amounts to achieve the numbing, soothing effect that made her able to move about. It was cause for worry, she knew how dangerous it could be to overdo it. If only she could manage the journey south, to visit uncle Badger and talk to him about it.... But it was far to the Throat, much too far with two damaged leg and she couldn't fly yet either.

It gnawed on her, a constant cause of stress and anxiety that wouldn't relent. The filly kept her face free from worry however, and did her best to focus on the present. Pale eyes were keen as they gazed about the crowd, attentively watching and listening as they exchanged greetings with Tembu and one another. She made sure to take note of every name she heard, every face she saw, carefully hoarding them so that she would be able to recall them later. She loved the Edge, loved the land and the Lady that ruled them, and Erthë was determined to get to know every last soul that called the region home.

Her big friend began to speak once the crowd had become big enough, and the frost-white hybrid turned her attention back to him. The news of the dead girl came as no surprise to her as Erthë had been there when it happened, but that Sno had been part of the Edge was new. Throwing a quick glance at Mauja she swallowed thickly, sympathy burning strong and fierce within; she knew what it meant to lose a loved one, knew the weight of grief and loneliness that followed. It made her glad to see someone stand beside him, a pretty brown and white pegasus girl that, Erthë realized with a start, she actually recognized. It was the girl from the caves! What was her name again? Na..Naea.. Naerys, or something, right? She beamed at the girl, suppressing a desire to hop and jump and flap her wings to make the girl recognize her. So they lived in the same place! They had to meet up after this, just had to!

Her thoughts had strayed, but were brought back with a snap as Tembovu continued with an announcement that made her head reel. Wait. Wait just a minute. King? As in, king king? Turning from Tembu to Mauja and back the girl stared, wide eyed, as the realization dawned on her. No, they weren't joking - their faces were serious, determined - it really was true!

With a squeal of delight Erthë charged towards Tembovu and made to wrap her glittering, chilly wings around him in another hug, her voice light with a beady, silvery laughter as she expressed her approval.

"That's great, Tembu! You're the best pick!" She beamed at him, unabashed and utterly unconcerned that she was acting so familiarly with the king. He was still just Tembu, her friend and teacher and protector, after all. It was very sad about Snö, and she did feel bad for Mauja, but none of that would keep her from being happy for her friends - or indeed letting everyone else know that she was happy.

Still giddy with excitement Erthë settled down to listen to the rest of the announcements, smiling at everyone she knew and recognized but otherwise not saying anything. Not, that is, until the Moon Goddess was mentioned. This made her straighten up at once, attentiveness turning to avid interest; she followed the Elephant King's gaze and eyed the big, star-patterned stallion she'd noticed before with even more curiosity. A Seer? Him? Was that like miss Maren, someone who was wise and good with words and understood the world? Oh, it was impressive, even more so than being a glazier or healer - he would be allowed to talk to the Lady!

"I want to" she said softly, longing apparent in her voice as she responded to the offer of assisting the Seer. "I love Lady Moon too, if I can be of help I will do anything!"

Sea green eyes lingered hopefully on the newly appointed Seer, on this Alune, quietly pleading him to accept her request.

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Lithium had been milling around a lot lately. He hadn't met any more of the herd than Iona and Tembovu and he was getting anxious. It was only a few days after his arrival but he had expected to be put to work right away. Clearly that wasn't the case, so he was making his own entertainment. Some days he would go and visit the sea while others he would just wander the grounds looking for any other equines. Normally Lithium wasn't a very social equine but he was getting a little stir crazy and anxious. His skin begged for him to dig deep into it. The only way to burn this nervous energy was to throw himself into something.

He had been hoping to find some sparing grounds today but as it has it, fate was not on his side. A loud trumpeting voice blared across the land and Lithium assumed that was summons by the king. He knew very little about the hierarchy here so he was extremely curious to meet the king.

But when Lithium arrived he was very surprised to see Tembovu standing above everyone. Wasn't he that oddly named position? Glazier or something? Lithium couldn't remember, but apparently he had moved up in the world because he addressed the group as a person of power.

Lithium listened, his eyes darting around the crowd trying to guess names to faces but he was unable.

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