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[OPEN] Fire Fight [Challenge Watching]

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Dreams paint the sky in the brightest colours. They are the dreams of crimson, gold, ivory and violets. Mixing together and creating the most beautiful colour show known to none but the Dreamwalker.

 It had been an uneventful day for the young filly. The morning had been warm, after a restful night's sleep the sands of her homeland clung to her fur, now however they danced away in the cool breeze that swirled around her. She'd remained within The Throat for a change, relaxing by the oasis and watching the movements of her herd. The sun's warmth had turned the sand into a boiling lava pit underneath her hooves, still young and not quite used to the heat of her homeland, Aelin had taken shelter underneath a tree and simply lounged around. The day had passed by in a lazy haze and Aelin was about to head off and find a decent place to watch the stars come out and play when it happened. 

As she turned a sudden brightness in the distance captured her attention. The filly watched as the world and sky burned under the sudden colours of red, gold and orange. 
There was only one person who she knew could burn so brightly, live so large. "Father." 

Her whisper was lost to the night. Frozen to the spot the filly didn't move, scared for the wellbeing of her father. one could actually defeat him, right? He was the Sultan of The Throat. Invincible, indestructible, unbent. The yell of her father spurred her into moving, within moments the filly was soaring over the sands, dual coloured eyes searching for her family. Had someone been hurt? Why was her father furious?  What did he mean by steal? Surely nobody would be attempting to steal the life of a family member? "Father!" Aelin yelled, desperately searching for the dun stallion that (in her mind) was a permanent fixture within their sandy home. There was so much ground to cover, at least the colours of Gaucho's bright flames gave her a direction to fly in. 

Finally she came upon the scene of the crime, an unknown mare was facing against her father. The sandy filly watched nervously as her father pressed his attack, protecting her older sister with his own life. Gracelessly Aelin tumbled back down to earth, landing near the challenge watching with wide eyes. There would be no chance for talking, her father was charging into this fight with the full fury of the sun behind him. It was a truly impressive sight. The girl's eyes turned again towards her sister, only seconds passed as Aelin sped to Zenobia's side. "What happened?" Demanded the filly, searching her sister for wounds. "Are you hurt? Are you okay?" It didn't take a genius to figure out that Zenobia was the one Gaucho was protecting. 

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This time it was me who stepped away, I took the initiative and left mama. But that's only because she seemed rather tired today, laying on her side and refusing to move. I think I heard her crying, and I tried to push my nose to her face but she pushed me away with the force of her wing. It hurt and I don't know why it did, but turning around (sort of, I had to put my foot out to make sure I wasn't about to stumble over mama) really hurt. I felt something in my stomach, little painful stabs making me sick as I dizzily made my way away from mama. I didn't know why she was so sad, but the air around her felt dense and heavy. It was suffocating and dreadful, and my lungs heaved with each breathe I took as I stepped farther and farther away from mama. My knees grew weak and my feet started to drag as I took a few more steps, greeted by the comforting presence of mama's zephyr perched upon my withers. 

My panicked thoughts were ever so abruptly put on hold as screaming erupts into the distance, my undeveloped mind taking it upon itself to kick in the good old instincts. Run it tells me, but I'm too scared to do that. I stand in place with my eyes widening and my heart ready to get up out of my chest and run without me. I fall forward a few more steps, Yseult giving a sharp squeeze to my bruising shoulders as a warning that I was making her unhappy. "I'm sorry birdie." I mumble, taking a few more cautious steps before faint voices rise up, my trembling legs pushing me forward just another step. 

"Hello?" I reach out and swipe at the air with my nose, brows narrowing with frustration as I hesitantly proceed. "I.. I can't see you.." I try to inform whoever was nearby that there was a blind boy trying not to get squashed. "Why is there yelling?" I question the loud bellow I'd heard earlier, the war call making me jump from my skin and leaving my spine tingling. I just wanted someone to explain what was happening, because this overwhelming fear that maybe we're being attacked and that in the next few minutes my short life is going to end is consuming me whole-heartedly. I think I can hear my paranoia and anxieties laughing at me in the back of my head because of how foolishly helpless they render me. 

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Megaera & Asavvi

Mother and daughter moved toward the the base of the bridge that would carry them out of Dragon’s Throat. Meg had tried to keep her twins to the safety of home for the short few weeks since they'd been born--though she had discovered that her elder daughter had figured out a way to smuggle Nizho out for adventures already--and Asavvi at least had yet to venture out of the Throat.  The night had already closed around them but Meg thought the darkness would make the magic of the Sun God's bridge that much more vibrant and exciting for the filly who would see it for the first time."Almost there, my darling girl. Can you hear the waves yet?" Meg spoke gently and in response the girl gave and excited giggle. Through the quiet evening the rhythmic rush or water over sand was carried to them on the air. The girl stopped in her tracks, silent and still, and strained her long ears forward to listen. When the sound came to her she listened for a moment before breaking into a laugh again and scooting forward again to catch her mother. "S'that the zhifven eveth, Mai? It's really salty? For true?" "for true?" seemed to be becoming the little filly's most repeated phrase as her parents taught her about the world and it made Megaera smile. "For true."

They reached the base of the bridge and the mare let her daughter investigate the wonder of the undrinkable water for several long minutes before the girl declared that she much preferred the water in the lake and they could resume their nighttime walk. Meg's great feathered wing reached out to scoot the girl close to her side. "Stay close now, and don't be nervous." The wings of fire blazed into being around them, activated by the key Meg kept tucked in her feathers, and the magic of the Sun lifted the pair and spirited them towards Helovia. Asavvi, her little head poking out from under her mother's wing, made no sound but only gazed about in delighted wonder.

They had not yet touched down on the other side when the sound of Gaucho's roar had Megaera's head whipping around. The bright flames of the Sultan drew the eye easily on the shore below and illuminated the scene. Gaucho was charging an equine and to the side his two daughters and another colt stood. "Asavvi, stay behind me!" She whispered harshly to her daughter and took stock of the scene. 

Seconds later the bridge let them down on the sand and the Sunspear moved into action. She moved at a canter, the filly scampering close behind and swung wide to corral the smallest of the three. The colt wandered like he didn't see the fight starting in front of him so Megaera reached out to try and drape her right wing protectively across his back and aim him to where Zenobia and Aelin stood. "Come child, don't stray." Like she had been taught, Asavvi also tucked herself under the mare's broad wing as they moved. 

When Meg reached Gaucho's daughters, her eyes moved quickly over each to check for injuries and at least found nothing life-threatening. "Stay put, until I tell you to move." The words were firm and aimed mostly at the three little ones. Zenobia was old enough to help in a situation like this, but it seemed she might have been a little dazed by whatever had happened. The bay mare moved to place herself between the little cluster and the two combatants, broadside to the action so as to be in a position to block any stray blows or bursts of fire and turned her attention to the fight. Behind her mother, Asavvi trembled and gravitated towards the dun filly, unsure of why her wonderful adventure had suddenly turned so tense.

Megaera would stand guard just in case but it simply did not occur to her to interfere. Not once had Gaucho ever given her a reason to doubt his actions and so whatever had sparked this charge of his made no matter. He would handle it and if he needed her assistance or her input, he would say so. From the looks of it, he wouldn't have much trouble subduing this dirty-looking stranger--she was smaller even than Meg--but all the same her body was tense and ready to move as she watched to see what would happen.

zhifven eveth - salty water
mai - mother

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Shit. What in the world was going on? One moment I was taking a walk in the nice, cool night and the next thing I know I was pushed aside by Pa. Confusion contorted my facial features as I watched the Wildfire burn with a fierce intensity. My heart skipped a beat - had I done something wrong? Ever since our spar.. Gods, I had put on such a terrible display. I used sneaky methods unfit for a warrior and my performance had been fairly poor. David didn't even touch Goliath in that scenario. Badly injured, I had managed to avoid him. While we had fought side by side in the battle against the tigress "god", I had - once again - showed a terrible display. I had missed the tiger twice and took more damage than dealt.

When the spine shivering yell came from his mouth I winced. However, its wrath was not directed towards me. Steal..? That's when I noticed the filthy mare.. Fuck. I'm an idiot. I didn't even notice the girl's presence. My father had to protect me like I was a little filly again. The skin beneath my hair burned in embarrassment. How had I been so oblivious? Yet at the same time I felt...


Pa was fighting for me, for his daughter. His seething fury burned the air. This display of power was all to protect me. Even the way he hovered before me. Part of me wanted to protest as getting a piece of the rat that tried to steal from me would be wonderful, but at the same time I was content with watching Pa protect me. I couldn't conceal the silly grin that lightened my heavy heart. "Save some for me, Ave."

A crowd was beginning to gather, drawn to the Sultan's flames like moths. Aelin's young voice immediately grabbed my attention and my guard skyrocketed back up. I couldn't let her get to close. Gaucho shielded us, but I had to make sure no attacks could harm the rest of my family due to my ignorance. "I'm okay, Aelin." I assured her, attempting to nuzzle my youngest sister. "A trespasser was stalking me, it appears." I wasn't worried about the battle between my father and the would-be thief. Pa would stomp her, no doubt. I mean, he was Gaucho the Wildfire. Gaucho the Invincible.

Watching him battle sure was a pleasure that brought back that awe I felt as a child. Even when he was kicking my ass in our spar, watching him was always so incredible: the way he dominated all those who crossed him. However, my attention was drawn to a nervous sounding voice. I turned to see another foal. A blind one. Immediately I stepped forward some, wings spread as a shield in front of both children. When unfurling, I tried to brush my wing gently against the blind colt to assure him he was safe. "Our Sultan is challenging a trespasser. Don't worry, he'll keep us safe." And I'd die before I let any harm come to these precious little souls.

Geez. I never realized how strong my maternal instincts. Or maybe I did. They had always been there, but as I aged they began to grow.

When the Sultana arrived I bowed my head in respect and a silent apology. After all, this battle was happening because I hadn't been aware of my surroundings. "Sultana." I greeted her formally. She took action to protect the young ones, much like I. I nodded to her, signaling I had her back.

While I kept my eyes glued to the battle, I addressed Megaera's young child, "Asavvi, I presume? Already you're growing so well: no doubt you'll be a fierce warrior like your mother and father." Not that she had to be a warrior. Gods. Maybe I said the wrong thing. I didn't want to give off the wrong impression. "Or, well, whichever path you choose to pursue." What a lame way to correct the mistake.

As I mentally cursed myself, I kept my vision trained on the battle. My heart beat as wildly as the flames of my father. I watched closely, eyes attempting to absorb his every movement so that I might incorporate it into my battle tactics. And, of course, I kept an eye out for any attacks that might reach the young foals.

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