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[OPEN] Please heal this child
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Ophelia the Forsaken

Ophelia wearily approached Erthe, the challenge she issued on Nymeria wearing her thin. She looked older then, less vengeful spirit and more old mare. A sad, thin smile curved her lips as she looked the girl up and down, noticing her leg. Having been at all the fights, she remembered when she had taken the damage and frowned, feeling her heart go out to this child. Phi was not cruel and not was she mean, but she had a vengeful streak. Those who did not cross her - those who communicated - were good in her eyes, and she was kind and gentle.

She did not want to be this way, but she had to be. Time told her that she would be taken advantage of and she was unwilling to let this happen again. Nothing about Nymeria's story added up from the way she talked back to this faux 'demure girl' act. Ophelia couldn't risk her herd on Nymeria's actions, though it was caring that made her so angry. The girl had potential, but everything Phi had told her she knew was true. Actions had consequences, and only when you were ready to admit fault and repent were you prepared to learn.

"Lets get you healed by the gods, all right?" she said softly, offering her shoulder to lean on.

Memories came flooding back. She was only a child, so small and fragile. Isilme had been over run by monsters, shades so furious and dark that they tore horses apart until only blood and core were left over. Together, she and her twin sister had run, only Ktulu had been born with horribly crooked front legs. Over lands and places she couldn't begin to name, she shouldered her sister's weight, just like this. Emotion clouded her eyes and she blinked roughly, clearing her throat.

"Sorry. I have done this before for my sister. The Earth God healed her. Perhaps the Sun God can do the same for you. What is your name?" she asked gently, beginning the long trek south to the Veins of the Gods.

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The whole matter with the challenge and subsequent revelations from both Volterra and Ophelia was rattling, overwhelming to say the least. Erthë had never lived close to this many people before, had never been witness to challenges or arguments on this scale. Her small, loosely connected family had always gotten along without having to raise their voices, and after getting dragged into the conflict between gods her views on disagreements had become distorted, to say the least. To think, that the matter had been settled without injury! It filled her heart with such sweet relief, an airy floating sensation that almost rivaled the sensation of chewing poppy leaves.

As the matter appeared to have been resolved, the filly had already turned to make her way back home to the Edge when she became aware of someone approaching her. Turning the finely chiseled head, she was startled to find herself the target of the white-and-crimson lady. It was with some apprehension she paused, allowing the mare to catch up. Not a difficult thing to do, as Erthë was slow to say the least; the effects of the self-medicated drugs had begun to wear off, turning her gait from a slow but fairly even walk into a sore and painful limp.

What on earth might this sharp-tongued, stern lady want with her? It was rather ominous to be hailed by someone who had just chewed out another girl in front of plenty of witnesses. Had Erthë done something wrong? Was she not supposed to be there, watching horses much older than herself settle their disputes? Trying her best to keep her head high and the knees from quivering, the filly gazed warily at the unicorn, seeing none of the tiredness or troubles that plagued her wizened mind; only the elegance of her stride, the air of confidence and the shimmering purity of a body wiped clean from crimson rage.

Upon speaking however, the voice was not cutting and sharp like earlier, but warm, soft - almost kind. The swan-winged filly pricked the ears hesitantly, a shy smile touching her lips at the offer. The sense of relief intensified, and yet she couldn't help but feel uncertain, much less confident than she'd ever been on the battlefield.

"R-really? Can I... But.. would they... really do that for me?"

The thought of getting her leg back to normal was dizzying, hope and longing tearing at her along with a strong dose of doubt. She hadn't done anything to earn that, had she? Erthë had seen the gods, had seen their might and power and generosity, but she had also seen them allow good, strong people die (oh mother, how I miss you!). The lady offered her a shoulder and Erthë leaned into her, hesitant at first - her skin was so cold, and she didn't even know this fierce woman, this ascended by the Sun's favor - yet even more reluctant to disobey.

Still. To get the leg back.. and maybe she would even be able to see the Lady Moon again? Her stomach gave an almighty lurch at the thought, hope and fear mingling and raising her spirits for a exalted, heart-stopping second...

Only to be doused by the mention of the Sun Lord.

Oh. Him. The handsome, arrogant lord that had promised peace yet still allowed her mother to die. Another feeling, darker and much less enthusiastic squirmed through her veins now, but Erthë mentioned none of this aloud, just nodded quietly - it would probably be very unwise to decline, and such a generous offer too!

"I'm Erthë, daughter of Vadim... and Shadow" she replied, soft spoken and with the pale eyes lowered towards the ground. "Where do the gods live?"

She began to walk, allowing the mare to lead the way to wherever; regardless of where they were going, Erthë had a feeling it would end up a long and painful journey on her part.

Especially as she hadn't brought her stash of drugs to numb the pain.

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His legs burned from having walked so briskly for such a great distance. He had seen the white filly, his little Erthe, limping off with the Amaranthine. There had been purpose in their strides— well, at least Ophelia’s. Although he did not know the woman well, so perhaps that was how she traversed Helovia. Though it seemed, to him, that a Specter would be more discrete with their travels. Though he, himself, had been friendly and unreserved when he had been deceiving and empire (though it would hard not to notice an elephant). But, still, the two leaving the Edge had caught his attention— because why would a woman bring a filly with broken legs outside the safety of the Edge? There must be a reason, and a good one.

Though he was waylaid in following the two by monarchial duties— though did he even know what those were? It was so new, the blood of his friend’s daughter not yet dry on sands of the Isles… In his brisk walk, the pair of hoof prints he followed blurred, instead seeing the weeping form of Mauja cradling a corpse. There was red on his snowy coat. The giant wasn’t sure which he preferred: red blood or black ash. Both left scars on the soul.

He followed south, south, further south. Further south than he had ever been in Helovia— aside from the Isles. But they were their own entity (an entity of death and pain, as far as he was concerned). Given their slow pace from Erthe’s injured legs, the great man finally caught up with them as the earth beneath his large hooves morphed from grass to barren, black rock. Cream ears, once swiveling, perk forward as his heavy hoof-falls rang like gongs against the rock. What was this place?

Navy gaze swept up, questions in the dark pools as he looked from Ophelia to Erthe— though figured the filly had as many questions as he did. (He was so new to Helovia, how was he to be a King?!) He cast aside the thought, for it had no bearing in a place such as this. This was an ominously lit outcropping, surrounded by crashing waves. Unease settled into his barrel— for the broken shrines were closer to any god than he wished to be, currently. The gods had brought battles and death in their wake, despite saving those of the Rift. Which was justified, in his eyes. But, still, his eyes were wary as he looked back to the red woman.

“Where are we?” His low rumble was simple, for once foregoing the niceties of greetings and pleasant conversation. He was too unsettled.

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