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[OPEN] What a Wonderful Cretin He Is

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The hell boy paced the deserts just waiting for something to happen. He had been here longer than he wished, and even Tallsun was growing old waiting for something. After the crappy meeting he had attempted to gate crash, Abaddon knew that he wished to be in the ranks of the maimers and killers of this herd. That would at least give him a reason to want to cause chaos, and being in this rank gave his sinister mind something to work with. The light was fading in the distance, and even though he was still basking in its warmth, his brawny bodice needed fire. And that was too far away from where he stood. But he continued to pace, with his brawny feathered daggers digging up the warm sand in anger. 

Having been in the same place for a considerable amount of time, Abaddon decided to take his anger out on one of the few sun-dried trees that scoured the Throat's barren sanded terraria. With each bash he could feel the burning inside of him flaming up and engulfing him. The crack of the tree reminded Abaddon of the screams of his past, of the unlucky ones who had been in the same position as that tree. And for this he let out a dark chuckle, the bellowing voice echoing in the empty space. Here he continued to smash the tree, waiting for someone to show up and appoint him purpose... 

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The sound was strange, a thudding, thumping, crashing and scraping. Each time the sound echoed over the land the sandy girl winced, her gut telling her that it was a violent act. Having grown up in The Throat she knew that violence was a way of life, yet these sounds were not the tearing of flesh, the splash of blood and the cries of pain. This was something so much more...wrong. Coming up, over a dune she looked down to see a black stallion, he was the one making the noise. The stallion again attacked the tree, Aelin winced and her duel coloured eyes flew open. Again and agin the brute wounded the tree, until finally she could not take it anymore. 

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" The sounds of her young girlish voice carried over the land and her dun body followed. Not quite a yearling, the girl still had young features and was small in stance. A mane and tail of red flowing locks had finally grown in and her legs where getting longer while her body became sturdier. Yet as time had passed she'd grown quickly, as had her connection to the earth and magic. 

As someone who has had a bond with nature since birth, seeing him assault the trees in such a way caused her pain. The girl came to a sudden stop beside the stag, already the effects of her passive magic wove into the land, nature drawn to her presence, becoming stronger, vibrant and alive in her presence. "You're hurting the earth!" Despite the difference in size and strength her voice did not waver. Nor did she beg. "Stop it." Briskly she inspected the damage from behind, wondering if her passive magic would fix the damage caused by stallion. The girl doubted it, causing fames of anger to curl in the pit of her stomach. 

"You've hurt it," the sandy princess accused him, wanting to touch the tree. "Don't you know anything?!" By hurting this tree he was only hurting them - the herd. Everything was connected and through these actions today he was damaging the connection of these trees to the earth and to them. What an ignorant moron. Sighing at the damage to the tree Aelin angrily turned to face the brute head on. "Do you think that just because it can't cry out, this tree doesn't feel pain?!" It was almost too much to bear, "it feels as much as we do." Looking back at the tree she shook her head. 

"You're a monster."

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She had noticed him and his actions as she flew above, but before she'd gotten close enough to land, another had come. She recognized the stallion as the one interested in her ranks from the meeting, the tall handsome fellow with a smart mouth. She had supposed he was doing some training exercises on the tree, though she couldn't help but wonder why he didn't just spar with one of the many willing warriors among the sands - was he shy? Unlikely she thought with a wry grin as her hooves hit the sand, wings folding loosely on her back.

Shouting carried over the desert and Ampere's ears pricked towards the little filly with a set of pipes. She couldn't say she really knew the foal, but she recognized her enough to know she was of the sands. Ampere drew closer as the girl inspected the tree and continued to berate the stallion. Impressive Ampere thought, holding back a laugh as she watched the equivalent of a Yorkshire terrier telling off a doberman. The Throat was never short on fiery members...

"She's got a point," Ampere interjected, a lopsided grin placed on her lips as she halted lazily near them. She wasn't exactly backing Aelin, because Ampere didn't think it was the end of the world to hurt a tree, but she appreciated the girl's passion and well, trees were alive. Was this what she sounded like to everyone else when she talked about bonds, marginally insane? If so she'd give Aelin the benefit of the doubt - besides she could tell by the child's magic she took it more personally than most.

"If you're itching for a fight, why not hit something that will actually hit back? More fun and more useful," Ampere glanced openly at his body, appreciating the natural curves of war that had been bred into his frame.


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All men have secrets…blockquote>

The hellboy continued his bashing, oblivious that a little creature had steamed up to him:

"What the hell are you doing?!"

Taking one second to steer his attention away from the mutilation of the sun-dried tree, its bark falling away in scars with the shape of his massive dagger marks in its brown flakes, he bent his cranium over to the squealing feminine noise. The voice itself had been enough to make him wince, like a tenor band that had been hit with helium. And his fiery orbs, hot with rage laid upon a little yearling a golden speckled thing with charcoal points and multi-colored orbs. She was certainly a strange little thing, but with a sweet little figure came the voice of an old female nagging him over some tree. He placed the ebony pillars that had been leaning against the tree onto the dry ground sending particles of dust into the air. With a shake of his thick tassles in the same dark hue, he placed himself squarely in front of the little creature as she screamed murder. Listening to her innocence and fury over the tree, he smiled darkly at her. It meant nothing to him whether she was young or old. One day she would learn,
"Little thing it is a tree. It stands here possibly for hundreds of years and you think that I've hurt it? It has had years of this sun, it's tough and hardy." And it's a fucking tree. These words he murmured within his brain, silent in order not to let the little fae hear. Abaddon saw her take one glance back at the tree and shake her little skull, calling him a monster. He was a monster, that she got right. And to this the brute let out a dark rumble of laughter.

The laughter was then cut short by the sudden appearance of another: the dame he had seen back at the meeting. Twisting and turning in order to catch her at the right angle as she swooped in to land on the sand beside the pair already before the tree Abaddon stretched his brawny neck to get a better view of her. That dark winged frame tinted with azurine markings and the same hue of orbs, a strikingly beautiful and powerful looking fae, a true warrior. As his laughter ceased, the warrior leader's voice piped up, backing up the annoying sprog who had caught him out smashing the tree. He had not forgotten the rage within him but he put it to one side in an attempt to set himself in better stead for what he was going to do now.

He dipped his head respectfully, letting his forelock tassles fall over his orbs in a swift flowing motion, "We all play things, madam." He was being exceptionally polite, something which made the stag feel very awkward. And then she produced a vague grin of some sort, to let him know that she was perhaps not quite of the same frame of mind as the little creature.

"If you're itching for a fight, why not hit something that will actually hit back? More fun and more useful."

And Abaddon's pools told the entire story - they lit up with fire and a lust to prove that that was exactly what he wanted. And with a rather excitable tone he replied almost instantly, "I am only waiting to be given that opportunity," and he continued, steadying himself and getting ready to switch on his "deadly" charm, "I am Abaddon, if you remember me from the meeting. I never caught your name?" Abaddon continued, with his pools fixed on her, paying little attention to the whiny filly, "You say that to hit back at something would be more fun and useful and I agree. But let it be for the herd of the Dragon's Throat, let me be one of you." His request was simple, and not one that he asked lightly. If the hellboy was to do this it would give him some position and some power, and the means to practice in his favourite sport - hunting...

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