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It is only after she is assured that the filly will be all right that the ocean mare dares to venture from her side. The image of Galiel falling—struck, electrocuted, and injured—still burns viciously in her mind’s eye, the fear still tangible as her heart had leapt into her throat, and she feared the worst. Fortunately, she hadn’t been forced to wait long for the filly to look to her, her eyes pained though still pulsing with life. Tiamat had done all that her simple abilities could muster, and although her muscles still tremor with lingering electricity, it seems as though the filly has escaped with only minor wounds. She will be all right.

Finally able to relax since the battle’s conclusion, the ocean mare had slipped away quietly, her heavy heart and troubled mind calling her into a moment of solitude. She needs some time to herself, time to reflect on recent events and their repercussions. The Gods’ battles have been nothing short of a harrowing experience for the peaceable, innocent unicorn, who would pray for all violence to cease were it possible. With every battle fought, with every wounded body she had tended to, with every dear friend—every precious child—she had seen felled because of the hate, her heart (so trusting, so pure) had trembled and screamed a little more within her.

Slowly, it has worn her down, leaving her frayed and distressed.

Even so, Tiamat would not take back anything that she had done. Although the temptation to run, to flee, to spare herself from witnessing all of the terrible bloodshed and ferocity had clutched so tantalizingly at her mind, her healer’s heart had always managed to summon what threads of courage she had left. She could never abandon them, never leave those who would need her aid. No matter how much it hurt her to watch them—like lambs to the slaughter—they had come—

Exhaling heavily from her nostrils, the blue mare soon finds herself breaking away from the tropical forest, cloven hooves splaying beneath her weight when she finds the shoreline’s soft sands. Closing her eyes blissfully, she delights in the salty breeze as it plays with her dark hair, chiming the shells against one another, and whistling gently as it sings through the carved hollows of her horn. It is quiet now, in this place nestled from the mainland shores of Helovia, with hardly a trace of its violence left to cloud its humid atmosphere. Were she able to forget so quickly, Tiamat would think it beautiful—perhaps one day, when its ominous shadows have risen. She can already see its budding potential.

Glancing down at where her father’s waves lick at her fetlocks, Tiamat tries to not let herself succumb to the anxiety and desperation that the battles have created, their black fingers ebbing at her bright mind. She feels more at ease now, by her father’s side and beneath her mother’s watchful gaze, as though she could feel alive again—like it doesn’t always have to be this way.

It is on this hopeful thought that something calls for her attention—the sun’s brilliant light bouncing off of something at the edge of the ocean’s grasp, lingering in the salty foam and perched on the wet sand. Lowering her head and stepping towards the object in curiosity, Tiamat finds that it is a stone—oval shaped and colored a white opalescence, it is beautiful. “Papa, what have you given me?” She asks with a crooked smile, although her blue brow furrows in question as she presses her silken muzzle against the stone. It is smooth, polished, with some sort of symbol engraved into its surface—something reminiscent of a lightning bolt. Her despair momentarily forgotten, she inspects the stunning object curiously.

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