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After meeting with his father the stallion was in fairly good spirits, now he needed to speak with his leaders. How would they take him needing to leave when they needed him here? he wanted to speak with everyone that held a rank, and if they couldn't afford to lose him for a few months, he knew he would stay. Against everything he wanted to do he would stay with his herd family. Keeping his home safe, for his future child, was the most important thing. He would be able to visit around what the Throat needed from him. He wasn't really sure how long it would be for his foal to greet the world, but he would do what he could here for now.

His wing was still extremely sore and painful, so it had taken him long than normal to find the sands. Now he stood at on the shore looking longingly over the water towards the Throat. How would be get across if he couldn't fly? He was sure there was another way over, but he had no idea how. There were unicorns and normal equines in the herd, so they had to have some kind of way across, but how? Feeling useless he took a deep breath and called out. His sides quivered painfully as the whinny poured from his lunges begging someone to come help him home.

He wasn't sure if he wanted to Gaucho to come greet him or not. He didn't want his proud powerful warrior to Sultan to see him like this or not. It would make things easier if he did come, but still, to look so pitiful because of a damned strained wing tore at his pride. So eh stood waiting for anyone to come and help. Large silver and teal right wing was held out awkwardly away from his body. He kept as much weight off of his right front leg as possible, trying to keep the injured tendons lose and relaxed.

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Tags/OOC;; @Gaucho @Megera, @Ampere, maybe @Maren? He really wants to talk to everyone and see if they coudl spar him for a few months while he goes and lives with Eden in the Basin until his baby can come home <3 You don't have to all come, but he love if you could, no rush since I'll be gone this weekend too. Also, anyone else that wants to come can lol 
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She had just returned from bringing Zero back home and putting him to bed. The war had finished not long before, and already Ampere was thinking of the work to be done. Her child, for one, needed a talking to once they were both ready. Then of course she had to patrol, which she currently set herself to, letting the pattern and the wind sort her worries out. Third, she had something she needed to do beyond these sands, where the blue veins that flowed matched her eyes.

Yes she thought decidedly, cutting through the air with a cold detachment that foretold the deep thoughts she carried, she would go there next.

Before that though, there was the patrol, and on the patrol, there was Ilios. She noticed him on the distant shore as she passed by en route, and there she stopped to circle and watch. From a distance she couldn't identify him, but could see enough of his body to garner some basic information about whether he meant harm or not. When he stood and called out she drew closer, and as she did, she caught sight of that familiar form she helped greet her in what already seemed ages ago.

Perplexed, because his wings were obvious as she flew down to meet him, Ampere greeted him. "Ilios!" as she said his name she was reminded of the comment he made before the fight, about wanting to talk. Was this that chance, and if so, about what? Was he scared and that's why he stood over here?

"What've you done to your wing?" she asked as she settled to the ground, her own wings folding and acute eye noticing the off way he held his. "Need a lift?" she half joked, all too familiar with running the key taxi service here.

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