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The GOD of the EARTH

the earth does not belong to man

Battles, they had said. Gods that had slipped through the veils and portals of his siblings to draw blood upon the earth, soak it with their malevolence. They had all been felled, an important but unsurprising gesture. He had seen the sickness of the Rift god he’d dealt with, strong in a realm that festered and encouraged the power of that sickness, but helpless in the clean-burned realm of Helovia. Especially against the might of his siblings in their element. It is…troubling as much as it is troublesome, and he lingers for many days after the meeting on the summit, aware of those who remain alongside him but not revealing himself. They await a battle, and he knows it, sees it in the shadows of their eyes. Hopes it does not come to that, hopes that he can give them this one gift. Or will they be forced to always look over their shoulders, wondering why this one land had not been cursed? Always waiting, always tense. The God is conflicted, awaiting the change, wondering when it all will come to pass.
As much as he waits for it, there is no time for him to prepare, to field the advance that shifts insidiously in the shadows. The beast lunges for him, forcing him to the material plane, wicked claws scoring his mighty shoulder and striking a bellow from his lungs. Twisting with the momentum, the god was thrown from the Earth’s body, twisting to land on paws too large to belong to any normal predator. Blood drips sluggishly from the wound, shallow but enough to infuriate him. A coward, a fool of a god, breaking the agreement hard-won by the Earth God. He had offered the Rift children peace and new life, had hoped to promise the Helovians that the cycle would not be continued. Yet it seemed that the gods of the Rift were too underhanded to abide by such promises and deals, desiring only destruction and useless material possessions.
A thunderous expression clouds his normally gentle face, like the sea roiling and thrashing against crumbling cliffs. “We had a deal!” he bellows, a useless expression but one that gnaws at his mind that favors equality and balance. The writhing, slinking creature only laughs, a weird echoing thing as the pair circle one another.
“Mine,” it demands in a sick twisting hiss-purr, the shadow of a female lilt. A tiger by any other name, but the black of its stripes sluggishly drip tar that stains this land he has cleansed. A further insult to the Earth God’s efforts as it boils and bubbles, simmering hotly.
“Not anymore,” he snarls, voice dropped low and hateful as his shoulder sears. His hoof slams upon the earth and it reverberates across the entire island, shaking momentarily and unsettling the tiger as massive boulders go flying across the clearing as easily as a kicked pebble. The beast hisses as she tries to weave, clipping the edge of her hip and clawing at the ground below. It gathers itself at the last moment as the boulders collapse and reform back into the earth, tar spilt across the land from the tiger’s fall. The tiger coils its hind legs, and the Earth God hardens himself in preparation. He has failed his flock, the pattern continued, but he will prove it true by defeating the beast as his siblings had. 

You have 96 hours to post. Please include a summary and what side you're on!
Tiger God has tar black stripes, and there is tar on the ground, so beware!


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   the dauntless

The Dauntless and his companion had stayed in the island for a few days, adventuring and patrolling the lands to assure the safety of them. After Vitani had yelled at Abraham, he had seen to it that the foal was out of harm's way. He had not commanded her to go back to the Hidden Falls, but he wanted to make sure that if...or when the altercation with the Rift god came, she would be safe. Now, Archibald waited. Golden eyes searched in the darkness for any sign of disruption, and just as he was going to step toward the shore of the island, the Earth God and a massive tiger materialized before him.

There was no hesitation in Archibald's actions. Metal armor came to life and shielded his scarred black hide, sharp spikes glistening in the summer sunlight. Golden eyes flashed with the most primal form of bloodlust, and the Dauntless moved. The tremors sent out by the god were easy to traverse over--Archibald's body was trained in maneuvering over the same tremors. His own hooves could create them, bend the earth to his will--and so, he did. After the tremors from the god stopped and the boulders shot forward, Archibald stomped a forehoof and his own powerful tremors shook the ground. At his side, Loretta moved quickly. The pair held no fear in their hearts at the sight of the tiger. Mandrake took form of a jaguar--there was nothing a large cat could do to them that the mother had not already attempted in her life. Snarling darkly, Loretta lunged for the tiger's right foreleg. Archibald followed, tucking his chin some to aim the spikes alone the crest of his armor for the tiger's hide. The Dauntless stallion aimed to ram himself into the tiger's right shoulder or side, hoping to thwart the feline's advances.

Power pumped through Archibald's vein, his dominance and vehement fervor apparent in his fearless jump into battle. He had aided in killing other gods, and this tiger would be no different today. The Earth God was the strongest of his siblings, the most ample for battle, Archibald thought. Today, the Dauntless and the God would fight side by side. The deity had gifted the Czar greatly, and it was not time for Archibald to show the bay tribrid the careful consideration he had given each gift--his magic, his weapons, his companion, his title.


CONTEST WINNER -- TEAM EARTH GOD -- Sends out his tremors after the EGs settled. Runs for the tiger's right side to try and slam into its shoulder/side. Loretta lunges to attack the tigers right foreleg.

@Random Event -- HFH

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A battle was predicted, and a battle they inevitably got.

Nephele had stayed on the island, intending to stake it out until the battle finally came to claim it's quota of bloodshed, anguish and sorrow.

The putrid feline had burst out of hiding with such fervor and vindiction, tar spewing and littering the ground beneath her mossy form, a trap for the unfortunate who could not avoid or get into the air at a moments notice.

It was a cue no one needed to know beforehand, or be shouted to act on, it ran as deep as primal instinct. As the God tussled with the corruption made flesh and sinew, Nephele was quick to get airborne. Her might hindquarters engaged to send her into an immediate gallop as her wings spread like blackened sails to catch the wind, having to jump the final stretch as a stream of sludge scattered in front of her— she didn't pause to think that the rift tigeress did it with purpose or not, an attempt to stem the tide of Pegasai that would no doubt flock to the sea wind. In this moment, all that mattered was to get into the sanctuary of the sky.
It was no doubt an attempt to stem any and all offensive rushes to defend the Helovian god from her razor sharp claws and primal teeth.

The amazonian warrior lets out a shrill cry, swirling the currents to look for an opening. It's instinctive now, pure adrenaline pulsating through her veins. Defend. keep safe. protect. It's a mantra wired deep in her bones. She's not so foolish as to dive head in, she's seen the tar that leaks from her once luxurious pelt, she's lithe and she's deadly. Hissing tar boils and churns once separated from it's mistress, searing hotly with a dangerous intent.

Nostrils flare in agitation, she does not have magic, and therefore she cannot afford the safety of range that others may have had the luxury to wield. The Warrior would have to get close, close to the jaws and paws made to rend flesh from careless bones. She would have to get close to the searing tar that threatened to ground her if they slicked her feathers and burn with searing heat if it caressed her flesh. It was a gamble then, to hit a spot free of black corruption and avoid the consequences.

She would protect her Gods, and protect this new land.

Banking sharply, the war painted Pegasus made her move. Perhaps it's a little ambitious, to strike so close without magic to aid her, perhaps it is not. Putting her back to the sun, her golden feathers shone like a bright halo momentarily, fading as she began her steady descent. Her body angled and feet extended, she would bring iron hard hooves down against the beast's back, in a barrage of vengeful, decisive strikes.

Let the devil deal me pain in recompense, she thinks, as she nears the mossy back riddled with tar, should it be with sharp weaponry or in the searing sludge she oozed.

Notes;; #TeamEarthGod

Nephele manages to get airborne while narrowly missing the tar spread out in front of her. She circles the impromptu battlefield watching the tigeress for an opportunity to strike. She then dives with her back to the sun, hooves extended ready to crush into the rift gods back.


“She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close.” 

― Terry Pratchett
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Ugh. What…what happened? Where, where am I?  Blue eyes opened as I awoke on the sandy shore of some island. How in the world did I even get here? Oh wait, that’s right. Memories of seeing some sort of congregation forming in the distance of the ocean filled my mind as I proceeded to get up. This congregation…I wanted to see what it was about, but I had to figure a way across the water so how did I…

There was a stallion and he…ran across the water? Yes I remember now. After seeing him run across the top of the water I decided to try it myself. Yeah…obviously that was a fail. Now here I was stranded upon some island that


A noise tore through the boisterous silence of the shore. There was yelling and some bestial snarling. It just sounded peculiar and interesting at the same time. So of course I head towards the said sounds.

It didn’t take long for me to stumble upon the sight of another pegasus battling with what looked like some sort of orange and black feline. But what was falling from the beast? My eyes squinted as I tried to figure out what it was. Whatever it was, was black and liquidly. Nothing that I knew of. Curious I watched as the pair seemed to face off to each other. Then the beast manages to scratch the pegasus and a gasp escapes my lips. Then the pegasus seems to retaliate by throwing the beast away.


My yelling echoes across the clearing just as other beings seem to start to come to the pegasus’ aid. But none of them seem to make it there before he does some sort of magic earth move that hurls boulders at the opposing beast. As he does so I take a few steps backwards out of surprise. Who in the world was that powerful? Granted magic was a new introduced aspect to me, but still there had to be limitations right?

With wide eyes I stood just in the distance of the battle that had just begun. No way was I experienced enough to even attempt to dance in there. So I decided I would just watch and cheer on those who I deemed good to cheer on.


notes:: team earth god. Gali awakes finally on the island and stumbles upon the battle. Yells cheers to the earth god and decides it is best to stay on the sidelines.

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When the initial meet and greet had dissipated, Ampere made sure to make routine patrols to the new islands. She didn't trust that no battle would come, not when time and time again there had been one, when ever her god had been proven wrong.

She was glad she did.

She watched below as the Earth appeared suddenly, a tiger mauling his shoulder. Ampere's features fell into a hard line, but she made no move to descend yet, not until he'd thrown the beast. Ampere's heart still warred with her mind on which side she'd stand on today. She had considered it each and every time she'd come and gone from this place, by like the repeating route, so too did the argument spin in circles. She knew, she knew she could not fell him, and she suspected she would be one of the only ones fighting him. Thus far most of the rift horses seemed happy to be here, and the Moon was really the only one that had earned so much of Helovia's wrath (and even then she'd had those praising her). Although she could not say for sure, the Earth seemed to be one of the more beloved of the gods, if all his doting worshipers from before were anything to gauge. Would going against him turn Isopia and others against her? Did it matter?

She grit her teeth, cutting down on her right wing in a rapid descending maneuver.

Her heart hammered in her chest, and her thoughts whirled faster than ever. DECIDE! she screamed at herself, unable to take the indecision any more. Recklessly she forced herself to choose, and as her wings snapped open to carry her just above the earth and towards the fray, she'd made her choice.

With all the vicious energy she'd pent up Ampere threw out her magic towards Loretta, attempting to block the bond between her and Archibald as he used his damn dog in the fight (again). She veered around the fighting gods, and mortals, not selecting any prominent side, just fighting for her heart and the souls of those eternally doomed.

The Earth wanted to deliver more bonds to Helovia? Ampere decided she would rip them away, and that little by little, she would defeat him that way.



Tries to silence @Archibald 's bond with Loretta.
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One moment, things seemed calm. The next, well for what was apperently the fourth time chaos ensued. I had not been there for two of them, but this one was the one that mattered the most. I felt my fire burning through my veins as the Tiger God harmed the God of the Earth. Oh hell no. You don't come from your sick and infested with illness home and harm my God. Not on my watch. It was clear others felt the same as it seemed in unison several of us surged forward. Archibald and Loretta were the first I saw. Being that he was my czar, and of course that I felt like I had something to prove.. We teamed up with them. It wasn't a totally conscious choice, but even now that I was a high ranked warrior, my heart ached to prove that I could be a champion too.

Alanna mentally soothes and refocuses me on the battle at hand. I could feel the magic flowing and ready. Two bright dragons made of fire joined me in attack. As Archibald attacks, so do I. I join him in trying to shove the tiger from his paws. Together we will trample this foe. Alanna copies Loretta and seeks to bite the hind leg of the Tiger God. Today, we would act as true family and protect those we cared about the most. I find my lips parting in a battle cry, hoping it would encourage the others that had not yet jumped into the fray to do so. "For the God of the Earth! For HELOVIA!"


Image- foxyfirewings @ DA

Team Earth God!

Aaron and Alanna run forward and team up with @Archibald and Loretta. Aaron uses his fire magic to call upon two royal sized dragons made out of fire to attack the tiger. The dragons seeks to attack the tiger's back while Aaron tries to shove into it's hips/side and Alanna goes for the right hind leg.

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There had been something off about the initial meeting where the newest riftians had come through the portal but he couldn't quite  figure it out. Perhaps it was the lack of some hideous creature springing forth to try and gut them all like mackerel, ya that would be a reason to be concerned. After the conclusion and the whole presentation of a gift to the favourite in the crowd he had chosen to stay put. There had to be something lurking beneath the shadows just as it had with all the rest of the new lands. The crocodile had been there all along but it wasn't until days later that it decided to rear its ugly head. The wounds upon his shoulder were still healing from the nasty laceration the creature had bestowed upon him when he had gotten in the way of its intended target. If he had to do it over again there would be no changing his decision to protect those that needed it the most, which has just happened to be Evaneska the last two times. He didn't know what to do with that girl other than chain her up somewhere to keep her out of harms way at least for the battle. Another thing that had been on his mind was the proposition from his son wanting to talk after all was said and done. What could he possibly want to talk to him about when he had made it so clear that he had wanted nothing to do with him. Ignoring his attempts to be a part in his life, to show him what he meant to him, moving to the throat without so much as a word. There was definitely much to talk about.

It really didn't take all that long before the inevitable decided to come out to play. The sickening stench of darkness had him on his feet in seconds racing towards the sounds of battle with Kiara hot on his heels. Sliding to a stop in front of one of the tar piles he lifted his lip in disgust, great this should be a fun battle. Watch out for the piles of tar they will glue you to the ground faster than a shooting star. Catching sight of the foul beast as others began their assaults he was shocked to see the tiger at the forefront of the battle. This was not going to be pretty, he knew too well what a few well placed attacks could do to a creature at the paws of a tiger. All he could hope was that everyone try and stay clear of its claws and teeth or it was unlikely that they would be walking out of here alive. Kiara you should stay back. He suggested not wanting to see her hurt. "No! I fight too!" she growled in reply baring her teeth towards the other tiger aggressively. Not knowing what he could do to stop her he could only nod hesitantly praying to the gods to keep her safe. "You must be careful please don't do anything careless."Locking his silver eyes to hers they turned together to face the tiger.

Leaping over the tar chunks littering the ground they closed in angling themselves to the back of the beast where it had the least mobility. Smashing his hooves down with force to use war stomp he hoped to knock the beast off balance as he lunged towards its chest with horn forward and electricity erupting around him. If only he could puncture the lungs it would give them some room to work. Kiara meanwhile aimed herself to bite down and try to rip apart the tiger's right hind achilles tendon, if successful at least it would help to stop the cat's ability to bear weight on that leg.

Ciceron talks
Silent Speech
Kiara speaks

Leaping over the tar piles both Ciceron and Kiara move in to try and attack the tiger. Ciceron uses war stomp to try and knock the cat off balance while lowering his head and charging towards the feline's chest as he calls upon his magic. Aims to puncture the right lung and/or electrocute the beast. Kiara leaps aiming to sink her teeth and claws into the cat's right hind achilles tendon hoping to tear it apart.

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Archibald feels two instances of temporary relief from HFH.

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it's what you feel but can't articulate outloud

Of course it freaking broke out into a fight. Why wouldn't it? Things just weren't fun if there wasn't an idiotic fight! Now, it was the fact that the Earth God was wounded that concerned her the most, though. And tar, tar like the things which had dripped from everyone orifices after the Green Labyrinth.  Her eyes are wide, panicked, as she glances over the multitude of Falls members, of those who had been sisters and brothers in the Edge. She's cringing, body backing up as if she were trying to escape death - and maybe, just maybe, she was.

Archibald! The Demi-Earth God! Miykael! Vitani! Ktulu! Knox! Aaron! Ciceron! Lena! Alysaanne! Dragomir! Oh she knew too many people here! She was breaking, her nightmares floating to the surface as she pleaded that none be injured so severely that they might die. The ground shakes, and it breaks her from her frozen trance. She spins around, trying to hide behind the Earth God - just out the way of the major forces of the battle. Her magic was ready to assist in healing. She couldn't fight, she wasn't good at it. She wasn't strong. But she was smart and her healing powers could greatly help those who were so willing to fly head-first into battle.

"Be safe," she whispers, choking it out as Valiance swoops down to watch the battlefield. After all, she had an obstructed view, and should something come toward her she might not realize it until it was far too late. And, she might not be able to see someone who really needed the medical attention. "I may not be able to fight, my Lord, but I will heal." she adds, her voice still a whisper as she steels her gaze. Be strong. Strong for those who were fighting with their lives.

Team Earth God
Contest Winner
Resplendence moves to position herself out of the fray and behind the Earth God after taking note of his shallow wound. She doesn't attack, and waits until her healing powers are necessary. Valiance flies above the fight to alert her of anything oncoming or anyone who needs the medical attention.

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I cursed under my breath at the black stallion whom had dared turned his back on me. I would get that feather back for the young foal. Sticking close to both him and the island, as they were both threats, I prepared for the tension that had gathered in the air. A few days passed by and I still patrolled. Today, however, I saw a threat to my family. w

Shit. The stories had been told and the circumstances explained but nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to witness. A creature wrapped in taint stepped out of the shadow. Stripes looked to be trying to escape their orange pelt as tar continuously oozed from them. The feminine silhouette leaped towards its prey with the prowess of a natural born hunter. Tricky methods resulted in the Earth God - a true God - being struck by the tigress' attack. Surprise vibrated my bones.

"Ave!" My eyes searched and searched, praying to find him. Once I thought I saw a glimpse of him (to be honest I wasn't quite surely as everything was happening far too quickly) I called out to him in his native tongue, "Gwe niyanqoy!" It translated roughly to "let's go together!" I didn't pose it as a suggestion, instead my words nearly sounding like a command. Perhaps I should have when speaking to the Sultan but I payed no mind to it now. There was a battle brewing beneath me.

Right wing angled downwards, I began my descent from above the creature. I was wary of the tar but the cautionary warning did not hold me back. Swooping in from the right I sought to crush my hooves against the tiger's upper spine and, with the momentum, hopefully propel myself back up towards the sky and out of range from the monster's claws and fangs. That is if the tar didn't stick me to the beat.

For the Dragon's Throat. For my family.

So maybe I just wasn't s t r o n g enough
To tow the line, make true the lies.
The fortune found, now it's all locked away
We've lost the key, hard to believe.

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Calls to her father and, thinking she sees him (which may not be the case?), says that they should attack together. Swooping in from the right, Zenobia aims her hooves at the tiger's upper spine/neck. She hopes to then use the momentum to push off of the tiger and get back into the air - where she thinks she'll be out of range.
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Dead men tell no tales.

She waited as the crowds gathered to witness the unveiling of the new Isles and watched intently for anything odd or odder than usual, she hated being caught off guard. Last time it wasn’t even the evil God that had taken her by surprise and, instead, it was the sudden surge of magic that wove fire and ice, unearthed the earth and brought forth the lightening. It had been a sudden rush, a mad dash to kill the evil creature before anything could happen, but in the ferocity they (as well as she) had risked harming others. Yet, Ghost turned the situation over in her head and couldn’t see a different way to react. If they had been given a few days of preparation and marched into battle to defeat the evil Gods, then perhaps, but on such short notice it was hard to berate herself and her fellow Helovians for the knee jerk reaction; despite the recurring consequences. Though Ghost often wondered why these Gods came one by one, if they came all at once surely they'd stand a chance, but then she was quite glad they were so solitary. Those who came from the Rift almost always appeared glad to be free of it and again, they gather, like sheep to their Shepard and wait for the ‘what might be’. Ghost could feel the tenseness run up her spine as she suddenly realized she was holding her breath. She puffed the air from her lips, snorting through her nose and allowing herself to drift down closer to the ground, but still she lingered above.

Then it happened.

A God in the form of a tiger pounced from the shadows and grabbed at its desired prey, only for a moment, but enough that Ghost gasps sharply as the Earth bellows. She waits the sudden duel of wills to end and the following words whilst the two begin to circle. Cat vs turtle; Rift vs Helovia. The battle begun.

She couldn’t hesitate, she couldn’t second-guess herself, the spy had to fight and ignore the natural fear that niggled the back of her mind. 

The earth trembles, Ghost knows this magic and she spots Archibald and his mutt charge into battle whilst others follow in a similar manner. Yet, the tiger is no normal tiger and wherever it treads it leaves black tar causing Ghost to wrinkle her nose in disgust. The banshee decides to try remain in the air, the same choice she had made last time before being knocked out of it by the sheer force of the magic being cast, magic that was also being cast now. But, the banshee sticks to her same strategy and decides to shadow a bay mare and a young white dun. As the spy did so, she casts her ice magic and aims for the ground beneath the claws of the tiger, hoping the combination of the shaking ground combined with the sudden ice would at least rob the tiger of its balance and allow her airborne allies a chance of success.

Armoured and calculating, she lingered above the fray, waiting for a moment to swoop in herself.

Team Earth God

Ghost casts her ice magic and aims it at the floor beneath the tiger to try and help Nephele and Zenobia by attempting to sync it with Archibalds magic. Remains (or tries to lmao) in the sky otherwise.

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*Ghost is wearing armour

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He had stayed on the island to explore after everyone had left the Earth God, fully trusting in the promise that there would be no violence here and eager to see what all the Isles had to offer.

They were so much like the mountainous jungle island of his youth that he quickly found himself lost in the familiarity of it all, cheerfully going from one place to another, and finding sorrow only in that this land seemed to be distinctly absent of the thousands of dragons that had lived in the place of his birth. Other than this, the bright flowers and thick emerald foliage, the humid air and the sound of the sea gently lapping against jutting stone and pearly shore, they were all the same.

Each day here eased his sorrow into a smaller and smaller little knot in his heart, the warmth of Ranjiri’s company and the arrival of this wonderful land to Helovia a balm for his often heavy soul.

And so it was with a great measure of horror that he walks in on the battle of the Tiger and the Earth, many figures already numbered among those in the battle. Aaron is there, he recognizes the paint from his days in the Edge and the times they had worked glass together, and so is Resplendence, calling to the God that she will help heal.

Too many figures and magical beasts and maelstroms fly at the striped monstrosity for the modest creator to leap into the fray alongside his former Edge brother. Instead, his large hooves thrum across the ground as he swiftly canters to the one eared herbalist’s side, a nicker of greeting offered to her as he ever so slightly slides to a stop alongside her, his leather bags smacking and flapping erratically in his fervor to protect and assist the mare in her healing (and knowing she’s less brave than most on this field).

"Resplendence," he says, deep voice serious as he looks across the heavens for Valiance (finding him some moments later, moments which feel like eternity among the clamor and noise), "stick close!"

Team Earth God
Runs to @Resplendence to help defend her while she heals - because he's too much of a wussy to run up and fight the tiger. ;D Also mentions Ranjiri and Aaron.
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and if we only die once i wanna die with you

I almost believed that there wasn't going to be another fight. Almost. But, just like with the Sun God, right when we thought everything could possibly be peaceful something sinister came through the portal. My ears were flat against my head as I stared at the tiger and my heart hammered against my ribs as it came forward. For whatever reason this one scared me more than the bear, the wolf, and the crocodile. All around me there were horses throwing themselves into battle, Archibald being the first, then Ampere, and even Dragomir. I watched him as he ran off to the mare that had been in the Threshold when he came back and I swear it wasn't jealousy that made my stomach turn like it did right then.

With a snort I looked back at the tiger that stalked forward and I threw myself into the battle like I had the other three. I'd been pretty successful keeping to the ground while others took to the sky. In the last battle I'd gouged out the crocodile god's eye and even though I hated the feeling of stabbing someone (even these gods) I knew what I had to do. I was wary of the teeth and claws that the tiger god had, though. They seemed to be far sharper and more deadly than the wolf, and cats seemed be much more agile than bears and crocodiles.

I wasn't brave enough (or stupid enough) to attack the tiger head on, so I opted to try and take out the tiger's hind right leg. I angled my horn to try to stab through flesh and muscle and I hoped that if I managed to I would hit an artery or a vein. At the same time I tried to slam my hooves down on the tiger's back paw and hoped that I would break something down there because a broken paw would slow it down, right?


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tries to stab the tiger's back right leg and also tries to stomp on its paw

aud pixel!

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E r t h ë
"And now I wish to God that The earth would turn cold
And my heart would forget it's made of glass"

She had been waiting for this. Hoping, wishing that it wouldn't end up being necessary, desperately wanting to believe the words of the god. But once more her faith had ended in shambles, naive dreams of peace and stillness trampled under the paws of a giant, ferocious tiger.

It had been a couple of nice days spent in the company of her father, once the initial surprise over his presence had settled. That he worried enough about her to stalk her across the continent and defy the treacherous currents of the sea had touched the filly more than she wanted to admit. Unlike the close bond she'd had with her mother, papa Vadim was in much an unknown entity, a familiar stranger of whom she - as she had just recently realized - knew very little. Exploring these islands had been an adventure and a nice bonding experience.

Now, however, the treacherous peace had shattered like thin ice. Shouts and feral snarls drew her in like a bee to honey, and as she emerged onto the outskirts of the fighters it was with grim determination in her eyes.

Erthë had finally decided what to do if another fight started. Rather than turn her back on it or remain passive, she would fight - wanted to fight. Not because she had to, or because some god happened to be there; but rather because she loved this world they called Helovia, and she loved the people that lived in it. These foreign gods came here and wrought havoc upon her home, they killed her mother and picked on her friends and gods.

How, after all this, could she possibly be expected to sit idly by and watch them destroy everything she loved?

So she fought. Spreading her wings wide the filly let go of the ivory bow her mother had gifted her and watched it catch itself in mid air, hovering suspended at a perfect altitude. With pale eyes flashing angrily she caught the bow-string between her teeth and pulled, her nose growing colder and colder as a pale, white light blinked into existence in place of an arrow. She aimed carefully for the chest of the Tiger Goddess, sweat breaking out across her pearly neck from the effort of keeping the bow taught, and when she was quite sure that no one was in the way, she let go.

Without a sound the light flashed through the air, swift and straight; wide-eyed and with bated breath the girl reached for the bow, torn between a desire to stay and see where the shot landed and an urge to move.

She chose the latter and began to circle the outer edge of the battle, looking for another chance to shoot. It was better to keep a distance from things; last time she got too close someone died. That would not happen today, if she could prevent it.

"And all the pretty tulips would disappear
And never disturb me again"

Contest winner - Team Earth

Erthë tries to stay out of the immediate fray but wants to fight. She uses her bow and aims for the chest of the Tiger, fires and then picks up the bow, intending to move somewhere else to avoid retaliation.

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sed quis custodiet  ipsos custodes?

Isopia's attention is violently thrust away from her two friends, as the lesser-God that she knew would appear, did. 

The demi-child immediately cursed the egg which was neatly tucked under her wing. It restricted her mobility and hindered what it was she could do. Her wide-eyed gaze rotated towards her Father, and even as his shoulder was torn open by the giant cat, all the girl could think was why would you do this to me?

Why would he give her this life to protect now? Couldn't he have kept it safe during this fight? Was this actually evidence that he hadn't thought there would be a fight - that his deal would be upheld? You are a fool she chided him silently, tucking her wing closer to her flank to hold the softly pulsing orb of responsibility. 

If Kahlua had ever shared her apprehension at having been impregnated by the Earth, doomed to raise his child, Isopia would suddenly have understood. But the Earth rarely asked permission - flowers poked through concrete and avalanches rolled down hills without a forethought for those around. It simply was. Somehow through her bitterness this thought was comforting - although she did not have long to reminisce about this new found logic of understanding. 

Quickly, Isopia formed a box-like structure out of stones - allowing her magic to knit together the hardened materials until they formed a hardy and hardened case for the egg. Gently she ushered the egg inside, and even plucked a few of her own feathers to try and cushion the encapsulated life. Using her water magic Isopia raised the contraption into a tree with a particularly wide bough for it to rest on. Even so, Isopia stayed beneath the tree ready to catch the rock-cradle should it fall. 

Her golden eyes narrowed as the tiger-god raced about. With her ears flattened against her quad-horned skull, Isopia conjured dragons composed of water - their bodies translucent in the dull light - and threw them at the beast. She hoped that the water would thicken the tar that bled against the tiger's fur, possibly slowing it down. To this, she also showered the beast with small pebbles. If the water had no effect, at least pure force might.


Team Earth God.

Isopia makes a cradel/box for her egg and hides it in a tree. She stands under the tree and throws water and rocks at the tiger.

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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here
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i am the vanguard of your destruction
He hadn't dared to trust. And he had been right to.

But this time, it had come as less of a disappointment, and more like a weight finally lifting from his shoulders. His vigil was over. The foul darkness had come to test itself against Earth, and Mauja would go into battle for the Gods once more—alone in a crowd, one in a swarm of many. It was by sheer number they won; not prowess.

With a mighty bellow the God of the Earth materialized, a giant tigress dripping hot tar rebounding from her attack. Mauja felt something in his heart tighten, go heavy and numb.

She had drawn first blood, mortal red dripping down Earth's shoulder. It was shallow, but a wound nonetheless, and he didn't know whether to be furious, concerned, or .. ashamed? Ashamed, of his Gods' fallibility? Wasn't this what he had always said, always thought—that they were not as mighty, as flawless, as perfect and worthy of worship as many claimed? That they, too, could fall?

And all the same Earth stood his ground, noble in his desire to protect, doing his duty and facing down this menace he had brought into their realm.

If Mauja held back—if they all held back—would he battle the beast alone? Would he give it his everything, risk his life for them? Would he stand by his word and give every ounce of his being into the fight—or would he turn craven, call for the aid of those with so much less power than he?

It was an interesting thought, but as many already charged into the fray he doubted they were interested in standing back to gamble with the life of one of their Gods just to test his mettle.

So Mauja charged, too, wondering what this agile beast would have to offer them—a charge that ended abruptly as pretty much everyone decided it was a good idea to cause earthquakes. The white stallion stumbled, crashed down onto one knee before he caught himself. "Thank you for the warning," he muttered darkly to no one in particular, hoisting himself up again.

In the sunlight, hot tar bubbled where it had fallen from the tiger.


He glanced at those already swarming the god—glanced at the multitude still making their way over, drawn in by the mayhem. He glanced at those who flew, at Erthë by the sidelines, at everyone.

And then, he made his choice.

Yelling "STAND BACK!" he charged straight towards the tigress, and with little care for those stupid enough to remain in his way he called upon the most destructive thing he knew: fire.

And fire answered. Five majestic swans, each and every one of them composed out of living flame, burst into life in front of his chest as he neared the beast; he braked in their wake as they descended upon their prey, ending in bright bursts at the edge of their reach.

Mauja had already turned his back on it, jumping a puddle of blackness as he made for safety, a small, tight smile on his lips.

He had no desire to be caught in his own hellfire. But the damn cat and her tar would burn.

[ TEAM EARTH GOD! Mauja shouts for people to get back and then attempts to set the hot tar, both on the ground and on the tiger itself, on fire! BUUURN! :D ]
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Before Ranjiri could even acknowledge my warning about the skeleton stallion, she was off like a shot into the battle that erupted before us. While my friend kept to the ground, I kicked off the earth and took to the skies with a few other pegasus citizens. Quickly I took in the sight below me, watching as ice formed beneath the beast, the ground trembled with magic, and unicorns and equines charged forth. I watched as the black and gold mare I was beginning to trust and admire in battle aimed her glittering horn towards the tiger's right hind leg, and I flew to the opposite side of the tiger. With a dip of my wings, I swooped down to the battle field as a warm, burning sensation filled my throat and I took a deep breath, my lungs at their maximum capacity.

Just as I was a few feet away from the tiger, I opened my mouth to reveal the fangs hidden by my lips and unleashed the magic that was bestowed upon me from the Helovian Sun God. Dragon's fire was thrown from deep within my throat as I breathed out, aiming the line of flames straight towards the tiger's left side. It was my intention to force the demented tiger straight toward's Ranjiri's horn and anyone else that may be attacking from the right. I made sure to breath in once more as I flicked my wings out to return to the skies to repeat my attack. Several times over, I dove towards the tiger's back and hindquarters to throw my flames and keep it trapped in the midst of battle.


Takes to the skies to study the fight, sees @Ranjiri charging the Tiger God's back right side. He swoops towards the tiger's left side and uses his magic to breath fire at the tiger in hopes it would push the tiger into her horn. The he basically just repeats the process of swooping and breathing fire.

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and it's our time now if you want it to be
maul the world like the carnival bear set free

Is that appreciation he sees? He hopes so, prays to all the Gods in the heavens that it isn't just wishful thinking on his part. She suggests his dragon's help and he grins, whilst the red bugles his agreement. Selfish Vérzés may be, but he knows how much this girl means to his bonded - helping her companion, especially if it is another dragon, is part and parcel of that.

Another boy approaches them, and jealousy flares. It is shortlived, though, as the commotion nearby draws his attention. He turns from Isopia as another creature emerges from the rift; this one a gigantic tiger, stripes made of tar. Immediately excitement floods the black leviathan and he paws one giant hoof excitedly against the ground; time to fight again! Time to blood himself in the primal pleasure that is battle for the fourth, and perhaps final, time! He has had a massive part to play in all the previous Gods' deaths, more than most of the milling crowd - perhaps this time he will be the one to land the killing blow.

The stallion strides forwards, preparing to throw his powerful body towards the tiger, when suddenly the familiar spotted unicorn from Quinn's death suggests they stand back. Usually the black behemoth is not one to obey, but he does not want to get burnt alive by the man's flaming swans - instead the colossus stands sentinel a short distance from the tiger, furrowing his brow as he summons his magic. He bids a spike of earth to blast upwards, directly under the tiger's throat, to try and pierce it and cause horrific blood loss; with sweating flanks and an arched, muscular neck, he drags a patch of earth in front of the tiger up, too. He aims to create a small wall directly in front of the tiger's face, a barricade of sorts to try and stop the beast moving forwards to escape Mauja's flame. The wall isn't particularly high, just tall enough to hopefully stop the tiger stepping forwards. He hopes this will trap the creature, leaving it to burn. ""

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Team Earthy - erupts an earth spike directly under the tiger's throat, also makes a small wall in front of its face to try and stop it fleeing Mauja's flame.

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A tiger leapt from the portal, ferocity and power written on every hair of his hide and in the emerald of his eyes. She watched curiously, not rising so quickly to the Earth God's defense. What deal? Aithniel cocked her head to the side, observing the striped creature, one she admired from first visual, as it stalked, making their Terra bleed. All the other gods had seemed to think that they had escaped those from the Rift, but the Earth God actually made a deal. Did he know then? Did he know the nature of the Rift gods?

Was this how they knew to take over this land? How interested that a single sentence changed one's perceptions. She realized how little she knew about all of this and furrowed her brows, keeping her wings close in this confines of the trees. Aithniel frowned and watched as the black tar material, shiny and smelly, leaked from the stripes, and she smirked. While she may have respected the tiger and was irritated by the lack of information, she would not fight against Helovia. Well... the moon goddess was an exception, but.

Anyway. Aithniel summoned the flames from her hooves and tossed the little match to the black dirt, waiting for it to catch fire and consume. She observed the others but didn't much care for them - in fact she barely noticed their faces as she used her fire to ignite pools of tar. She had already destroyed one god already. Now, she had a chance to take on another. In the distance, she saw Isopia and wondered what she thought of all this - especially since it was her father fighting.

I'll go down burning in your embrace

Tabini with many thanks to the amazing Blu

Team Earth || Sets fire to the tar

But burn down our home
I won't leave alive

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First I have to swim my ass over here, then listen to Earthy tell us how he fucking sorted this shit out for us and how what is currently happening, isn't supposed to happen.

I would face-palm all the way to the Veins if I had the time. But I don't, because there's a huge TIGER just flailing around.

Way to go Earth. You definitely nailed this one.

At my heels, Princess is snarling. Regardless of size, that thing is still a cat, and Princess is still a dog. Sort of.  "You fuckin' know it." I sneer playfully, lunging forward on hindlegs that already feel like giving out. When did I get this out of shape? Common Shida, keep it together I mentally coax myself, biting through the screams of pain from my flabby water-tired muscles.

"Heeeeerreeeee kitty kitty kitty." I whistle to try and get the cat's attention. Everyone else is screaming and flailing at it, so who knows what will even happen. I see the big spotted white one start to light some shit on fire, so I decide to help out. Look at me, being all amicable and shit. 

I focus my explosion beneath a patch of tar that Mauja has lit up. I aim to explode it so that it flies towards the Tiger's face, but demolition expert or not, that shit is hard to do. Besides, he just told everyone to look out, so I figure my bases are covered. Princess rains fire down from the skies, trying to burn the Tiger's tail. I don't know why he's so fixated on its ass - creeper. But I allow it nonetheless. I mean, who cares if we win, right?

Shida tries to explode the tar that Mauja set on fire, so that it would hit the Tiger. Princess rains hellfire onto the Tiger's tail.

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