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The GOD of the SUN

Burn the whole world down

The God could hardly retain his anger - his fury. Rarely was he wrong - and never were his transgressions ever so public. Molten fire dripped and bled from the God as he waged a bright and fiery war on the beast below. The beast who had dared hide like such a coward, scouring off of the land until happenstance drew it out. 


The God was unsurprising as Gaucho joined him in the air. Together, their flames burned and bled away the protective shielding that seemed to warp and morph over the crocodile's back. As their heat licked away its defensive armor, an array of pale yet brilliantly shaded scales came into view - a beautiful and shining armor that covered the wide back, legs, and neck of the god below. As it's camouflage flickered away, so did its movements. Archibald's magic stopped the creature in its tracks. Its legs wobbled as it fought against the Dauntless' magic that turned its bones to stone. Bellowing painfully, it finally stuttered forward, intent on somehow bringing down the God from the sky. 

It seemed the God would not be without his faithful on this day, for soon Cera joined the fray. His hooves found the soft spot just behind the Crocodile's neck - and as the beast's spine twitched and gray pinpoints of light reverberated down its muted spine, it stumbled sharply to the left. A wound opened in its armpit thanks to an ice spike, and was furthered widened by a huge mound of earth raised by Volterra. Blueish and frigid blood poured from this wound as the beast again roared, striking out at all it could reach. One such victim, was the petite filly. Her bravery had left her unscathed in battles so far, but today the Crocodile God would have vengeance for its slain brethren. Erthe's sand struck the creature in the eyes, but not before it locked upon her position. Her youthful and pale body was thrown across the sand as the Crocodile God roared defiantly, in the face of its many wounds. 

As Maren stood valiant beneath the Sun God, like some ethereal guardian shrouded in mist, Ophelia raged against the beast. Her horn slid easily through the gaping wound already present, and pierced its lung. With a bone-shattered cry the creature faltered violently, heaving and swaying as it fought for air and sight. 

"I SAID PEACE WOULD REIGN." The God screamed, sending down another shower of fire, directed at the wound opened by Volterra and Ophelia, hoping to singe and burn the creature from the inside out.  "BUT NOW FIRE SHALL AND YOUR WICKEDNESS WILL BE ASH."

The Crocodile tried to roar a hostile response, but air wheezed from its collapsed lung and it said nothing. Even so, it was still on its feet someone. With bloody and now disfigured eyes, it charged towards its nearest target.

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Kinetic energy remained mere potential energy as limbs refused to move. I could feel them, I could sense them. There were people around me. I wasn't sure who. Looked straight at them but I couldn't see. Instead reality began to meld with past traumas. Sunny skies were replaced with bitter, black darkness and the air was tainted with pollution. Breathing became hard. So, so hard. In response my breathing increased in pace yet shallow inhales didn't fill my lungs with the oxygen I needed. My head spun. Everything spun.

Before I knew it I was standing on the lands of Urd. Fire ravished as it hungrily snapped at the lands. There were so many horses: some running, some attacking anything in sight, but all adding to the chaos that had erupted. I struggled to find him. Master, master where are you? Please, I'm afraid. This has gotten out of hand. But I can't find you among the wave of bleeding bodies, their metallic smell making it impossible to pinpoint you.

Master, master please. They're coming me for me. Their eyes are filled with darkness and their grins wicked. Is this the day I die? Is this when this long struggling for.. for nothing ends? Is the god who sent me here laughing because I am receiving the punishment I deserve?

I hear a voice. Deep and raspy. Master, help. I'm surrounded.

Red scales catch my eye. You - You actually came. Yelled at me to run. After all you've done for me, how can I leave your side? I promised I'd serve you faithfully yet instead you're the one risking your life for mine. Why? Please let me stay by your side - your safety. I'll feel much safer there. I promise I won't burden you.

Then you're yelling for me to go, but it's too late. The hoard has seized us. Roughly you push me to the side. I scream - cry out your name. Before I know it bodies are ramming into me. Bruises form but I pay no mind. Instead I try to fight the current back towards you. But I am a weak horse. Like a trout trying to swim up river.. However, unlike their success, I am swept away.

The image of the mighty dragon gets smaller and smaller as I'm flung this way and that. So many horses are swarming him. No, no.. No.

"Thantos!" Reality hit me as a freight train. Quite literally. I thought he was gone but here he was, scales roughly pressed against my skin as he overpowers my form and caused my already weak, fallen frame to suffer bruises. My head hit the ground and, for a moment, I stayed there with it buried in the sand. "This.. This isn't Urd." An obvious statement but one I desperately needed to hear.

My eyes swept the area around me. So many had gathered. And for what.. me? Surely not. But that's when I felt the white tiger pulling at my mane as if to drag me away from the scene. A sea foam mare was by my side and right before my eyes appeared an angel. Had we all already died? No, impossible. There was the Sun God.. fighting one of the Wild Gods.

Here I was laying like a useless log while so many threw themselves into the frays of the fight. "I-I'll leave.. I'll.." My voice was hoarse as I addressed all, head hung low. "Please, Thantos, protect my friend. Protect these innocent lives.. Those who have tried to protect me - please!" Knees threatened to buckle at any given moment as I forced myself to stand. I nodded to the tiger. She could go.. I hope she listened. She had to run - to get out of here like the rest.

The battlefield snatched my attention as I saw the amounts of damage being inflicted onto both parties. It was at that time that I saw the young white filly, the little angel I had met before the battle, fall to the ground. "No!" I barely recognized my screeching voice. Before I even realized I was moving I was by her side. She's such an innocent, pure soul and the same forces that took away my homes threatened to disrupt that. "We need a medic!"

Protectively I stood in front of her fallen frame as Thantos had done for me. I eyed Thantos and all those that had recently stood in front of me like I now did the child. Across the field I yelled, "Forget about me! Protect the natives - kill that.. that damned beast. A warrior is better suited in battle. I will hang back."

A match had finally sparked a fire in my blood. I seethed as I dared to stare at the god who had failed us. And now he was trying to maim those whom had done nothing. Absolutely. Nothing. For the first time I felt defiance rise in my throat. "You will lose 'fore you are not a god but a demon." I don't know if the crocodile could hear me. I didn't care at this point, too heated to make sense of anything. "Leave their innocent lives alone! Turn back now - slither back into hiding. Attack me, if you must, but leave these innocents out of your greedy, corrupted claws."

I felt like I wasn't - well - me. It felt as if I was watching someone else in my body as I floated uselessly by its side. I stood like a statue, rigid and non-moving. No matter what I would not let anymore damage come to this child. I prayed that Thantos didn't interfere. I prayed that - for once in my life - I could do something useful. I hope they saw that no longer I was in a stupor. I wanted - no needed - to be here.

Wet warmth touched my cheeks. "This can't happen again.. Too much bloodshed.. Too much."

mentions Sun God, @Thantos, @Ciceron - Kiara, @Tiamat, @Ultima, @Erthë
ooc eska kinda snaps and breaks away from reality. she doesn't see the horses - or tiger - approach as the battlefield triggers memories from the revolution in urd. eventually reality is forced upon her as thantos is shoved into her. she thanks those that had protected her and come to her aide, feeling utterly embarrassed, and stands up to leave when she sees erthe on the ground. unable to contain the years of anger from abuse, she runs over to the filly's side and stands in front of her in order to protect her. she plans on sticking to her like a shadow. she calls for a medic and bitterly addresses the rift god. she's kinda here (in terms of her mind, etc.) but not really lol.

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Relief was brief. She managed to protect the young filly from the crocodile's large foreleg, stabbing it away with her horn. Before the boiled and sun blistered mare could react her body was losing balance and she was shoved to the ground. Sand poured into open wounds. Though she grit her teeth Nuray was unable to stop the cry of pain. For a moment the maiden simply laid there. The sunburn that stung her hide also drained her of her energy. Bruises from the rough shove were already forming on her side despite the soft padding of the sand.

Still the unicorn forced herself to rise. Blinking about, swaying a bit in disorientated, she waited for the world to stop turning. Nuray had prayed to absorb all the damage to the young foal but to her absolute horror the filly was injured. Her blood ran cold because she had failed, "Darling, are you alright?" Golden eyes narrowed like daggers at the so called god trying to invade the land.

A foolish mare with peculiar wings appeared by her and it appeared the guards were changing. While Nuray did not wish to leave the filly she nodded her head and pivoted towards the crocodile. Though her body complained she grumbled it to shut up. This "god" would pay for his sins. With a rather clumsy stride she charged the crocodile. With her elegant horns lowered she attempted to spear the side of the reptile, staying near the middle where she can hopefully avoid both tail and teeth.


mentions Erthe
ooc protects erthe from the crocodile's foreleg but is roughly shoved to the ground. causes her left side to bruise and her boils/sunburn cause it to hurt even more. she is able to stand up and is enraged when she sees that erthe was still injured. after evaneska comes to watch over the filly, she charges at the crocodile's side/mid section.
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What if this whole crusade's a charade
And behind it all there's a price to be paid

The combination of our figures seems effective; together, Ahvelyn and I make it towards the creature’s hip, now visible from the fire which filters above as a crocodile.

Though I have little use for reptiles or cruel Beast Gods, I cannot help but feel my eyes widen at the glistening beauty of the opalescent scales revealed suddenly before me as the Sun’s flame, and the flame of many others, melt away the cloak of invisibility that had shielded the creature from sight.

The sound of shouting and pain meets me; unlike the blood of the Bear, which crackled and hissed, arcing electricity across flesh, the fluids which pool about us now are cold – I can feel the chill against my ankles I strike along the side of the monster, golden hooves plunging forward with the angled tip of my horn to draw forth a flow of the icy liquid which fills the strange beast’s veins, the beautifully pearlescent scales, refracting the light of the flames above, parting for the tip of my golden rapier.

Suddenly, the crocodile’s behemoth body shifts, its great leg shoving its hip out towards me violently, sending me spinning in a quarter circle away; scrambling, my hooves try to bite into the silt below, finding the purchase is poor. It takes me a lot longer to regain my footing than it should in any reasonable terrain, and even then, I succumb to a violent bout of coughing as soon as I do manage to right myself.

Fuck, I think as I wheeze forward a few shaky steps, feeling the ache of where the beast’s armored skin had slammed against my soft flesh, the voice of the Sun God booming above, a wet gurgle the only answer from the reptile – I look towards it curiously, finding that a gaping wound digs into its side, where lungs go.

Poor beast, I manage to think. I can sympathize with gasping for air – forced, myself, to take a moment to pant, to try and pull air into my lungs that feel full to the brim with snot and fluid.

"Ahvelyn!" I call out to the mare not far from me as soon as I regain my own breath; I surge forward to stand alongside her again, projecting my voice towards her so that she can approximate my location without turning her head, eager to stand mostly between her and the beast (I would be greatly ashamed if the lady was gravely injured while in my company).

Angling my figure to assault the same area I had struck successfully before, I seek to plunge my horn deeper into the already weakened region of the creature’s armor, again feeling the rise in my heart at the prettiness of the thing; across its flesh dances the light of flame and lightning, effervescent and rippling as the waters the Sun God stole away from the Rift.

For the first time, I feel… pity, a reverent awe, a shame for taking the life of a creature of such splendor.

And yet… its own people fight the fight alongside us. How splendorous a God could it truly be, even if it is staggeringly beautiful?

"Let’s end this, fast," I say in a rather soft manner for one in the midst of a battle, truly meaning every word.

[ Summary: Almost morosely continues the fight against the crocodile, as he thinks it is pretty and feels sympathy over having a punctured lung (his own full of GLL goo); is shoved roughly aside and in a semicircle by the hip-check, and takes a small moment to hack and wheeze before returning to the fight. He aims his horn at the region he had wounded in the previous turn, hoping to plunge it into the God's body, while still fighting alongside Ahvelyn. ]
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Soldiers rushing past her have shoved Imonada aside, some accidentally kicking or pushing her; one in particular practically slams heavily into her shoulder and a hot pain instantly blossoms along her side. She stumbles in the sand, dancing awkwardly to catch her footing, a spray of the fine dust from each hoof as it desperately seeks purchase in the yielding turf. That detached, hypnotized state of hers vanishes like smoke in a windstorm; awakened, adrenaline pumps into her veins and burns her blood, sharpening her senses to a vivid acuteness. Bearings returned, she surveys the battle ground once more; at once both overwhelmed and yet all seeing, cataloging, everything for a mind primed for emergency.

But the spirit of a fearless warrior is not yet with this one; her opportunity, however, comes when she spies a delicate, young mare being cast aside violently and without reservation, landing with a sickening lifeless thump. Already two different mares, one wing-crowned and midnight-hued, the other pale and horned, come to her aide; but it spurs Imonada to charge toward the trio, yelling as she finally finds her voice. "There are woonded! Gie them awa'!" Normally soft-spoken, the command rings loud with the clarity and conviction of a church bell summoning believers and nonbelievers alike. Skidding to a halt before the three other mares, she gives them a fast and cursory once-over before scanning the battle again, searching for more fallen or those ready succumb. "I am nae a medic, but I'll help gather others, e'en if it means gonnae in tae th' fray," she says hurriedly, no time for introductions, even as she drops her head down to gently nose the collapsed... filly!? By the gods. "She is but a wee lass! Whit manner ay hell is this?" A surprised, watery gaze attempts to meet Evaneska's own as Nuray turns away toward the fight. "Dae ye see onie others hurt?? We must gie them!"

* Mentions:
* Has not met Rikyn at this point yet
* Trying to gather the wounded to a better area

Woonded = Wounded
Gie = Get
Gonnae = Going
On‌ie = Any
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She missed. And it might have been just as well, because in the tumultuous struggle to take down the beast the air had become a dangerous place. Too many wings beat in too small a space, magic pulsated through the air and it was a wonder she wasn't hit by friendly fire. Cursing wildly as she beat her wings to milden the impact with the ground the black-coated mare looked towards her child, tried to see where she was.

Her heart nearly stopped when she saw the thrashing beast flick its tail and send the girl flying, the tiny, pale figure spinning in a tangle of limbs and wings like a doll cut from its threads. The soft, terrified shriek of her daughter cut through her sensitive ears and made it feel as though it was she who ached, she who smacked into the ground and her tears that began to leak... No, the last bit was indeed her.

The battleground was no place for a child. Shadow knew this, she had tried to tell her daughter, and she had thought the girl knew the importance of her own life. Yet here they were; the child crying in fright on the ground, the mother crying in desperation as she touched down and began to fight her way across the field to where her heart lay, broken. Others got there before her, shielding the child with her bodies. Shadow wept in gratitude for their generosity, their kindness, and as she shoved her way past them her "Thank you!" was whispered, hoarse, barely audible for the mucus that clogged her throat.

The child tried to stand even though it was clear that she could not. Shadow bit back a sharp scolding and wrapped the filly in her wings instead, shielding her from sight, from harm, from any friendly fire - she wanted the pain of accidentally killing a child upon no one, no more than she could stand the thought of losing another child.

"Stay down, my vicious little dove, stay still. Mother's here now, I will protect you!"

Erthë stirred under the raven feathers, said something; but the mare was firm.

"No! Do as I say, for once in your life!"

The battle raged around them. The sound of it drummed in her head, she thought she could hear ever breath and heartbeat of every single horse. Friends, foes, strangers and old acquaintances. She had never felt so near them before; their heat was the heat of fever in her veins, their screams was the scream of her fierce devotion, their thundering hooves was the sound of her heart beating strongly, bravely, passionately.

Brushing her lips over the pale child's fuzzy curls Shadow turned and stepped up beside the dappled mare, so similar to Maren with those funny looking head wings. With wings spread wide she reared in defiance and kicked her front hooves against the rampaging god, prepared to defend her daughter to her dying breath.

Ah. So this was what her own mother had felt, those many years ago.

It wasn't a bad feeling at all.


Summary; Shadow hurries to Erthë's side and thanks Evaneska and Nuray for protecting her. After ordering the child to stay down she turns and rears in defiance against the Crocodile, prepared to defend her child with everything she has.

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She was spared one short moment of fleeting triumph as the scaly beast roars and thrashes with sand in its eyes. Then the spiny tail came flying towards her and like a deer in headlights she simply watched, in her heart and head knowing that there was no blocking that. With almost resigned acceptance she felt the thickly muscled appendage smack into her side and fling her, almost elegantly, into the air. She squealed as earth and sky and fighting bodies revolved around her, and with a small thud the pale child landed on the ground. Air rushed from her lungs in a soft wheeze of breath and black muck, a fragile heart flickered and nearly stopped from the force of the impact...

... and resumed its steadfast beat, just as the ribcage once again expanded to force in another lifesaving breath of salty air.

It was only then that the pain really hit her. For such a young foal she was tough and resilient indeed, but this was too much even for her. As shock worked its way throughout her system the gasps for breath turned into sobs, she tried to move and get on her feet but the pain in her entire body, and particularly in the right front leg, was such that she screamed and fell back down to the ground.

She couldn't move. It hurt so bad and all around her were trampling feet, shoving bodies and strangers, strangers, unfamiliar faces. It was a really bad place to have landed, still within reach of the glittering monsters hungry jaws and completely in the way of anyone trying to reach it and fight. Erthë had been scared before but never like this. This terror was pure, blinding, the kind that made her scream and squirm where she lay, desperately attempting to shuffle off, away to a place where no one would step on her wings or trample the tail or puncture the shimmering blue-white coat with horn and tail and gleaming, hungry teeth.

Then, from what seemed as nowhere, a shadow appeared before her. It was tall and loomed over her, between her own fearful self and the rampaging beast. Her bleeding heart skipped a beat as she thought it to be the mother, but after blinking again Erthë found that it was not. It was Evaneska, the head-winged mare she had talked to before, the one from the Rift! And she wasn't alone; another mare, small and slender and frail looking, beautiful but battered and bruised, looked down at her and inquired about her state.

"F-fine" Erthë lied, forcing a smile. "Healer... not necessary..." But it was false bravery, because she probably did need one. Something was definitely off with her leg and her left side was one giant bruise that pounded and ached - if she hadn't fractured something it wasn't for lack of risk, but rather a blessing thanks to her soft bones.

But then, just as she made another attempt to stand, dark wings descended and enveloped her, casing her in warm, fragrant darkness. The safe and comfortable darkness only a mother could provide.

The words that reached her ears were soothing, warming, comforting. They stilled her tears and settled her frantic heart, and Erthë felt so strengthened by the mere presence of the Blackbird that she couldn't help but protest.

"But mom, I can..!"

But the retort was swift, sharp, and left no room for argument. As the black pegasus turned towards the flickering god Erthë slumped back down to the ground, forced to obey. Still another mare came running, her strange words managing to get a suggestion of moving across - but there was no time for that, and Erthë couldn't stand anyway. She was forced to stay still where she was, protected by her mother and by strangers, unable to do anything but watch with unease in her heart as the battle kept raging around them.

Some small voice whispered of approaching change in her heart, but she didn't have time to listen.

e r t h ë
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Erthë is immobilized and cannot stand. She lies where she fell, within reach of the Crocodile's mouth, protected by her mother and the others.

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Like a tide, they all poured in—an army of mortals stretched thin over the shimmering flats, hooves pounding surf and sand into a churned mess as they threw themselves with reckless abandon against this latest threat.

Part of him wanted to be angry—angry, at the Sun, for his false promises of peace. Angry, with the Gods, for seeking to expand at all. Angry, with this river-beast hidden in its cloak of bent light, for daring to exist. And somewhere deep within, there was pain. The pain of loss; the pain of having been robbed of whatever budding faith he may have had in the deities he had forsaken so long ago.

And beneath that, a connection—in the mayhem, he felt for the Sun god, and the promise this other beast had taken from him. The sheer fury of the immortal's voice bounded across the space, reverberated deep within his skull, and Mauja felt his ears fall slick to his neck. He didn't even know why he fought anymore—the first time had been easy; to protect his owls. The second time easier. This time, it was mechanical, duty. To protect. They didn't have the time to solve it peacefully.

(Time had run out for some.)

He saw ice collide with the crocodile's body, slamming into its chest with a fury of its own; an earthen spire followed it, widening the gap, spilling blue blood onto the gilt sands. Ophelia's horn followed, striking deep; Mauja let his magic go. There were too many afoot now, trampling and moving, and much as he wanted to litter the bastard with holes it was just too dangerous.

And the creature wasn't defenseless, either; a pale filly was flung aside much like Elding had been in the first battle. Horses fell, but most seemed to get up. Fire and magic rained down.

How strong wasn't the God, to withstand the force of a Helovia united by fear and rage?

His eyes flew upwards, saw Naerys—fuck—dip in on her young wings, striking the creature. Someone screamed her name, and he felt like echoing it; what was she doing here? She was too young, too—

Who was he, to say who could defend their homes and not? What took the right from her, to fight for what she believed in?

Just don't die on me.

And with everyone in the way, he only had one venue of attack left. Mauja drifted a little closer, seeking the crocodile's shape out with his magic, seeking for its heart—and he did what he did to the first god, trying to load its veins up with ice in an effort to kill it.

[ Mentions: @Ophelia @Naerys || Mauja stops using ice spikes, instead summoning ice within the croc's heart, hoping to freeze/burst it. ]

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There's a crunch, and there's blood as his earth spike pierces the crocodile's throat. His strength wobbles slightly at the toll of his magic, but satisfaction burns far stronger than anything else. To spill the blood of a God! As the combined force of so many attacks hits the beast, it becomes visible, unshrouded by its cowardly cloak of invisibility. It is massive and magnificent - but it is a threat, and it must die.

And the black behemoth is only too happy to swing the executioner's axe.

His dragon circles after razing the creature with frost breath, then flares his wings and rises high above the battle to lend his bonded a sharp aerial view of proceedings. God dammit, there's still not a square inch of crocodile to be seen, and Volterra curses his late arrival. He wants to touch those glimmering scales, to feel the beast's body heaving and screaming as he destroys it. Killing it with his magic just isn't the same as physical contact, as the battle of hoof and muscle. But needs must. Barging his colossal frame into the fray would only endanger those who are on his side.

So again he reaches down inside his body, clutching at the valuable ore of magic that burns inside him. This time he bids a far thinner piece of earth to rise upwards from its brethren - a thin, needle-sharp pole of stone, thinner than one of his legs, with the tip as pointed as a shark's tooth. He aims to burst the spear out of the ground and up, up, up directly into the crocodile's left lung, to try and kill it stone dead. The monolith's thick neck is arched with concentration, sweat beading on his flanks as he commands the magic that lurks within his soul. ""



Uses his magic again; this time he summons a thin sharpened spear of earth, which tries to ram directly up through the crocodile's left lung.

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Ghost winces as the sudden cluster of bodies in the air knocks her from the sky and down onto the ground. She lands in a heap, lurching violently forwards with a wheeze leaving her lips as the weight of the armour keeps trying to drag her down, a few paces later the mare rights herself and slams to a halt. "What on earth-" she breathes, breathless from the sudden barrage of attacks, her eyes wild and searching for the source of the problem. It was a mess. The battlefield was a melee of bodies and magic, blood and cries; they fought for the Sun and Helovia, trying to tear the crocodile asunder. Ghost grimaced as she quickly tried to piece her next move together, watching the moves of others as some seemed to fall and others looked to find Medics in hope. Her magic appeared to have failed and she hadn’t managed to keep her concentration after being knocked from the skies. Fantôme, however, had disobeyed her order to remain out of the battle and was now proudly dancing by her side, his muzzle stained with the blood of his brief victory.

"Happy? What if you missed?" Ghost despaired.

"I didn’t" the wolf said, his pride clear in his voice.

Ghost gave up and readied herself instead; it was time to go do battle once again.

A spear raises from the ground and the banshee watches as it fires forwards, seemingly aiming for the injured croc. Seeing it as her chance, Ghost bounces into a charge, wincing from the bruise on her right shoulder (from being knocked earlier) as Fantôme shadows her from behind. She follows the route of the spear as close as she could; her aim was for the evil monster and she bared her horn in effort to skewer it in the same vicinity she thought the spear would land. Fantôme remained behind her as plan B should the initial fail as the Sun God raged in the background. 

Summary: Ghost is kicked from the sky by all the bodies, suffers a shoulder injury and is now on the ground. She attempts to follow up Volterra's spear attack with her horn (aimed for the neck area). 

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Embarassingly, she misses. Her horn finds only fresh air, but mercifully the crocodile fails to hit her as well. And it is a crocodile, as its forcefield fades away and allows her to see it fully, instead of relying on Dominus. It is a great, ugly brute with glimmering scales and untold power lurking within its muscles, and the silver runs an appraising eye across it.

She's still going to try and kill it, though, despite how pretty it is. With her ears slicked back against her head, the ironheart summons her magic, encasing her body in a thin shell of ice. An electrical current springs up across it, and with a war-bellow she charges the crocodile's right side, attempting to slam her magic-encased chest into the middle of its right side. She aims to electrocute it with her magic, and cause shards of ice to explode off her and hopefully stab into it. That scaled flesh looks tight and tanklike, but the mare hopes her electricity will sizzle right on through. Perhaps her powerful chest will be able to cave a rib or two into its lungs, as well.

As if that isn't enough, the silver lifts one front hoof and brings it slamming down hard onto the ground. A ripple emits from the place that her hoof touches the dirt beneath, a small shockwave aimed for the underside of the crocodile. She hopes to send it off-balance with her God-granted rank magic, hoping it will topple over and end up vulnerable to all attacks. The brutality of these fights is quite awe-inspiring, but as a warrior it is Nyx's job to steel her heart against any emotion and fight with the strength of her body. ""


TEAM SUN GOD. Uses her magic to electrify herself and tries to chest-slam the crocodile in the right side, also uses War Stomp to try and disrupt the croc's balance. Anybody with BFB is welcome to touch her whilst she's using her magic to get cured!

Other characters have permission to use magic/violence against Nyx at any time.

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The look of approval from his burning deity was all the recognition the primitive stallion would ever need. For all of the tumultuous events in his life, the shining God had forever been a fixed beacon of strength and power. Basking in his flaming glory, everything suddenly seemed much more simple. His complicated feelings with Ampere, Sohalia's third disappearance, the strained relationship with his children, and the political and almost comical events which had occurred within his herd as of late, all bled away in the face of the sun. All Gaucho needed to do was protect his herd. His family. Nothing seemed more important than that.

It was all he really needed to do.

Seeing how his flames had doused the crocodile's armory exterior once, the Wildfire decided to implement the tactic again. However he glided lower, swooping down to try and have his flames actually scald the creature, rather than merely singe its skin. It seemed like the battle was nearly over - many below had done serious damage to the lesser God. Fire billowed from Gaucho's already flaming wings, this time with more accuracy than before. He aimed for the face of the beast, hoping to shoot flamings down its open mouth if possible, to literally burn it from the inside out. 

Even with the presence of the Sun so close, it was impossible to keep his attention focused solely on the battle. It was all too easy to let his steely stare find Ampere, and to linger there. A wave of frigid weight seemed to fill his stomach upon looking at her. So much had much distance had built up between the two, and yet ... yet in many respects it was no more tangible than a sandcastle. He would push it over in an instant, should she give the word. But that word was what had filled his gut with a feeling like white noise, for he knew it would never come.

With a guttural sound, Gaucho threw even more hot flames towards the beast through grit teeth and a pounding heart. 


Throws more fire, albiet way more targeted this time.

Mentions @Ampere

Gaucho the Wildfire
If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together

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Suddenly heat spread across Iso's back. She had been flying slightly lower than the mammoth pegasus and the Sun God. Perhaps naively she had assumed that they would not merely have a whole-sale fire attack strategy, but perhaps something more tempered? However as pain swiftly followed the heat, she knew that she was mistaken.

With a cry of pain, the earthen child dropped from the skies. It was all that she could do to keep her wings splayed from her sides, mostly gliding towards the sands. Instinct did not take over here, as it had in her spar with Abraham, and her landing was shaky at best. Blinking her eyes open and closed, trying to rid her vision of the tears which were stinging through, she noticed something.

Everything here was bright, and mostly tan. The infection which had permeated through her system was somehow...relieved? No longer was everything awash in colour. Now she saw things as they had been before, and the disillusion seemed disappointing. She had liked seeing deeper into things, even if it did mean that her orifices oozed black fluid. The pain across her spine and rump snapped her out of her contemplation over her lost sense. Hastily, she summoned a small puddle of water above her back, and let it break across her. Her maroon and tan body immediately darkened as water dripped down her tall and lean frame. Although the water helped, her skin still felt tight and pained. 

The fray of battle was the next intrusion to her thoughts, and the earthen girl forced her body into the air once again. She flew high enough so try and avoid being burned from above once again. Earth formed beneath her hooves, then began to grow hotter and brighter as her magic flooded through it. With a grunt, the demi-god through the stones down onto the beast, hoping to both crush and burn it at the same time.

If nothing else, she wanted to put the creature quickly out of its misery.

No longer has GLL. Throws heated rocks onto the croc.

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Only the dead have seen the end of war.

Miss. He had missed the crocodile’s head. And, in his twisting to avoid being singed by flying fire, he felt a sharp twinge in his right knee as he awkwardly landed his massive weight on it. A brief grimace crosses his broad features, though it is swiftly replaced with anger as his eyes fall on the crumpled, white form of the small foal he had met at the Threshold.

He considers going to protect the little one— but she quickly has an entourage of protectors, including Nuray. He is happy to note that the mare is, at least, protecting the foal instead of charging the god. (Despite the fact that he, himself, had done just that.) Though he does note, with sympathy, the bleeding boils on her hide and bright sunburn on her naked skin.

He does not linger long on thoughts, for he had landed unfortunately close to the crocodile’s snapping jaws. Vaguely he feels a burn on his haunches— burned again by friendly fire?! Indeed, some of the well-aimed fire from the antlered pegasus singed the new skin on his haunches. A hiss escapes his thick lips, ears pinning flush against his neck.

Eyes sweep for Rexanna— where was that blasted woman?! She had been walking away— No, she was directly beside the beast, her prior attack missing but bringing her dangerously near the lizard. It was clear she had contracted the Black Lung, as it poured from her nostrils.

For the first time he feels weary of battle. There is so much to lose, already, in this wondrous land. Was this conquest really worth it? This was a horrendously warped echo of his past.

He sweeps this crisis of his soul aside, for it will only get him and his kin killed in battle. Seeing his lead fighting from afar (again, how he wished for magic!) he launches himself toward the left axilla, lowering his horn to pierce the armored skin that protected the beast’s heart. He angled his body to be between the croc’s jaws and Rexanna. At least he could protect her somehow.


Mentions: Interacts with @Rexanna ; plenty of other mentions XD
Summary: Twists knee, burns haunches from Guacho’s fire. Charges left axilla/armpit of croc, aiming to spear the heart/chest with horn.

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The silver-forked sky lifts you up like a star

A rough, erratic sort of smile spread over Ampere's maw as she felt the satisfaction of successful damage dealt. Darting to her left she landed to the side, narrowly avoiding horns and spikes alike. Crowded she thought, both proud and annoyed. Glancing over her shoulder Ampere surveyed the crowd while she commanded a sharp pull and drug her daggers back to her. They were faintly speckled blue with the beast's blood; she wiped it off on her feathers before sheathing the blades.

Above fire and blood? rained down. The fire made sense as the Sun God continued to rage above like the molten orb his daylight boasted, not to mention the great frame of Gaucho beside him. She would have watched him work, would have easily been drawn into the heat of the Wildfire as he battled, reminding her of all the times she had been closest to him... but she could only afford a glance. She was still puzzling over the blood pouring down, but more than that, it was busy and her attention was easily pulled every which way. She was glad to see so many of the Desert here- including some she'd faced down on the sands with the title Gladiator gripped tightly between her teeth.

She caught sight of Aithniel getting shoved aside and wordlessly cried out for her. With her strength steadily returning from her attacks and her eagerness bolstered by the strength of her herd's presence Ampere launched herself back into the skies, flying towards Aithniel and withdrawing her shield to help protect the girl from any more stray blows. "REMEMBER OUR TRAINING!" she called out, referring to their airborne battle. Aithniel would need those skills now with so many on the ground.

Watching for Aithniel's assault tactics, Ampere hoped to use her magic again and time it so that if she could stop the crocodile's body again, however short, maybe it'd boost the effectiveness of her daughter's strikes.


Be the lightning in me that strikes r e l e n t l e s s

Looks up and sees Ghost's blood rain illusion (confirmed okay with Imi). After taking a quick breather Ampere rushes over to help defend @Aithniel with her shield, then tries to time her electrical impulse controlling attack with whatever strike Aithniel does in the hopes she'll leave the crocodile more defenseless for it.

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Screams of pain, anger and fear fill the air around the dark mare as she plunges from the sky above aiming to do some much needed damage to the bastard god that had dared show itself here. Initially she had thought her timing to be spot on but that quickly changes as the crocodile is beaten, punctured, slammed and maimed by all the attacks of the rather large crowd. Cursing at the croc for moving she knows that her course of action was going to fail as the ground opens up underneath her. Hauling her massive wings from her sides to drastically slow her descent she attempts to redirect her attack to somewhere that will do some damage. Fire continues to rain down around her as the temperature begins in climb the closer she gets to the reptile. Whipping her head back she narrowly avoids taking a direct blast of fire to the face when pain erupts upon her left hip instead. Pinning her ears back she quickly pulls herself out of her descent casting her body back and away from the fire's path. "Damn morons! Pay attention to where you are throwing that shit!" She snapped in anger as venom dripped from each and every syllable. It was doubtful that anyone had heard her over the chaos not that she really cared anyway.

Turning her gaze to the sky she eyed the culprits for a moment before focusing back to the crocodile. If looks could kill they would have already been dead but much to her disappointment they still retained their positions meaning she had not miraculously developed such a magical ability overnight. Below her others seemed to be getting thrown around as the gator retaliated snapping at anything it could get near. Maybe it would be her lucky day and a few of the idiots would get eaten in the heat of the battle, she could only wish. Watching as blood poured from the gaping wound on the croc's right side and the others rushing in to try another attack she again pulled herself into a slow descent this time aiming to do some damage that would actually count. Drawing her power from deep inside she pictured the cervical vertebrae rapidly cooling as ice took residence where there had once been a spinal cord. The ice was expanding outwards until the bone could stand no more and shatter into millions of pieces cutting the cord in the process. A malicious smile turned her lips as she rounded the creatures back locking her sights on her target. Hopefully her magic would do the trick but if not there was no reason not to bury her horn deep into its neck to speed up the process. (left side of neck) This so called god was going to pay one way or another and she wanted to take the glory of ripping its skull from its body. Maybe it could serve as a rather interesting piece of memorabilia to hang on her wall, now that would be something worth displaying. "Ready or not, here I come." She murmured to herself drawing way too much pleasure from this battle.    

•• TAGS: Sun God, Mesec
•• SUMMARY: Gets hit by the fire raining down from the sky, burning her left hip. Refocuses on another attack as she dives down once more aiming to shatter the cervical vertebrae and spinal cord with her magic. For good measures also tries to bury her horn deep into the left side of the croc's neck.  ••

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So condescending unnecessarily critical

Well fuck.


Step 2: Don't get burned from hellfire - *warning buzzer sounds*

I can hear Princess whining audibly, but also through our bond. Part of me wants to be pissed (aka, the part of my back that was just on fire), but I mean, who can be mad at a puppy? Even though Princess looks more like a monster that will rip your face off, filet and burn it, then eat it, deep down, I know he's chill. So instead of yelling at him, I just yell in general.

"MOTHERFUCKINGSONOFATIGERDICKWHATINTHEFUCK" I take a breath, ready to scream some more, when I realize that 'ol croc tits isn't dead yet. I glare around, looking to see who hasn't done their part (and let me tell you, there are a whole lotta bitches  just standing around doing dick all. One bitch is even screaming. Like, sweetheart, hustle your ass to the sidelines how about), and so I save my second string of expletives for later.

"Why don't you take a knee-" I mumble to Princess, super casual so that I don't hurt his feelings and draw attention to the fact that the little fucker just set me on fire. I turn my gaze towards the crocodile, currently stumbling around like a drunken sailor. 

Focusing, I once again try to explode the thing - only this time, I ain't really messing around. I aim right for the thing, rather than below the thing. I mean, why fuck around twice? Ain't no one got time for that.

"HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJAH" I scream, as I release another explosion its way. 

More explosions. 

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Mesmerized by the electricity snapping all around him the grey can't help but push his magic to see what all it could do. Whether it was stupid to attempt to fool around with it in the midst of the battle or not he just had to try, besides what good were you if you never pushed yourself to your limits? Rounding his head to check back on the whereabouts of the grey mare and Kiara he nearly forgot to watch out for the crocodile so it didn't get too far. A cold feeling swept over the warrior as a shadow suddenly passed overhead making him whip back around to face the immediate danger only to see the tail heading straight towards him. Dammit, this was going to hurt.. Expecting to feel the full weight of the creature's tail drop down on top of him he tenses only to feel his energy levels waver as a bright flash half blinds him. Something sharp sliced along the right side of his neck but miraculously when the blindness faded away the croc's tail had somehow been deflected away from Evaneska with the help of the electricity. Relieved he again cast a look back to the girl just to make sure only to see her running off in the opposite direction with Kiara hot on her heels. What the hell was she doing!? He had told her to run away but not in the direction of the friggin battle!

Satisfied that the tail was going elsewhere and the beast was otherwise being kept busy with the loss of its leg and all the stallion veers towards where the white filly and Evaneska were to stay between them and the stupid reptile. The pain in his neck is easily pushed aside as his brain chooses to block out the pain and focus on other more important things. Judging by the warmth spilling down from his neck the slice had gone relatively deep into the muscle causing the bleeding but so far he was still standing which meant it likely hadn't severed any arteries or more important structures. His silver orbs shot back to the crocodile once more as soon as he was certain those he was trying to protect were a decent distance from the croc yet still behind him. Planting his hooves with determination he could feel Kiara's eyes on him before her voice called out.
"I leave you alone for second and your hurt!" She commented with a growl starting towards him. "No! Stay with them! I am fine just get them out of here." Whipping his head around he met her eyes pleading for her to stay back. This was too dangerous and he could not let her get hurt out here. He would gladly risk his own life if it meant saving those he cared about, not that Kiara liked it one bit. Pausing for a moment he could feel the uncertainty his bonded grappled with before finally turning back to Evaneska and the white filly. "Fine. I stay here. No more injury though!" Relieved and grateful the grey warrior set his sights on the crocodile pinning his ears back as he tried to figure out what would work the best.

Charging forward once more he weaved through the many bodies and fire balls aiming to hit the croc where it would hurt. Many would try for the open wound so he aimed to try and tear away at the demon's throat. There were vital organs there if he got lucky he just might be able to help end this. Lowering his head as he neared the gator's throat he began to hear the familiar cracks of electricity once again building up around him. Squaring his shoulders and lengthening his stride he dug deep aiming to stab and slash at the croc's throat while the electricity did whatever it could to help.

Ciceron talks
Ciceron Thinks
Kiara speaks

•• TAGS: @Evaneska , @Erthë
•• SUMMARY: Deflects the tail away from Evaneska but gets sliced across the right side of his neck and shoulder by the spikes. Continues to try and protect both Evaneska and Erthe by placing himself in front of them to keep the croc away. Tells his companion (kiara) to stay and protect the mare and filly before charging back into battle hoping to slash the croc's throat with his horn and magic. Kiara returns to Evaneska and Erthe trying to move them away from battle while swiping or lunging at anything that posed danger. ••

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It was such a satisfying feeling when something works out the way it was supposed to well for the most part anyway. As the golden stag bears down on the crocodile trying to do as much damage as possible the first thing that surprised him was the thickness of the God's hide. Feeling his knife sink itself into the flesh he tears his head back gouging anything off that he could. For all the work he had put into trying to make this work his efforts are rewarded by nothing more than a scale, one fucking scale! Beneath it lies the strangest skin he had seen so far from one of these monsters. Instead of bloody and torn like one could expect the layer is smooth and relatively colourless. Confused the stallion doesn't get much time to really look at the skin before the croc's shoulder connects with his own sending him tumbling backwards into the dirt. Stumbling over his own feet thanks to the impact all efforts to regain his balance fail miserably as the first thing to hit the ground is his back. Feeling the air rush from his lungs a groan escapes his throat as the delicate skin upon his neck and back are scraped off. Laying still for a second to regain his sense of where the hell he was and also his breath the golden tries to access his injuries.

The burns that had been relatively healed from the first round with these forsaken monsters had ripped open again igniting the spasming pain associated, otherwise nothing else seemed too broken. Pulling his feet out from underneath him the young warrior heaves himself back to his feet grabbing his knife in the process. Anger thrummed loudly from within as the crocodile tried to strike out at others who had come to fight. They shouldn't be messing with things that they knew nothing about, but in a way he was thankful for their help. Heaven only knows what array of wounds would decorate his pelt if he had been the only one fighting. He was trying to keep his body looking utterly perfect and these damn fuckers (meaning the rift gods) were not helping in the slightest. Snorting the golden stag lunges forward once more barrelling towards the croc wanting him to pay for all that he has ever done. This was where it ended, gods help anyone who dared get in his way. Horns aimed forward and gleaming within the sun's ray the stud races towards the underbelly of the beast once more, if only he can pierce through the same spot that the scale had ripped from. Rapidly scanning the scale pattern as he neared he searched for the weakened patch frantically not wanting to run out of steam before he got to feel the satisfaction of the beast's blood pouring from the wound. At long last the stud lunges forward knife gripped firmly between his teeth and horns raised to battle aiming to dig deep into the belly of the beast. "This is between you and me leave the rest of them out of it!"

•• TAGS: None
•• SUMMARY: Manages to peel back a scale in his initial attack exposing the pale skin below. Gets knocked back by the croc's shoulder reopening the half healed burns from the first fight. Enraged grabs his knife once more and races into battle aiming to bury his horns and/or knife deep into the croc's belly through the exposed skin where the scale had been ripped off. ••

“We who are immortal, we are chained to this life by a chain of gold, and we dare not sever it for fear of what lies beyond the drop.”
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Chaos built, a swirl of color, of fire, of temptation and annihilation, fueled and incensed and belligerent to the touch – he embraced it wholeheartedly, a child of rain, death, and demolition, crowding around the harpooning agony, the wailing, siren songs. Something passes through him, vigilant, violent, erupting and brewing and crashing amongst the wake of the disastrous plunges and the infernal desecration; it was wonderful, it was antagonistic, it was strong and overwhelming – Orsino hissed through the strain, Erebos slithered within a tempest of his own choosing – they were undaunted, fearless, forgoing emotions and ramshackle sentiments for munitions, for exploitation, for piercing and puncturing. Even Aithniel, screaming at him from above, couldn’t deter the sudden, immense satisfaction (bloodshed, war, abominations and monsters coming together to destroy one another – heartless and cruel, indignant and vindictive, a rush, a chase, a dream) spreading over his features. He called out along the screeching decibels, the intoxicating shrouds, “I’m okay!,” even as a ball of fire fell from the heavens and clawed at his shoulder.
Cloaked and besotted in irony, he lost his breath. The embers raked and rasped and scorched his skin – he didn’t know if he roared out in agony, or if he merely suffered in silence. The black kitsune tethered to his hooves sibilated, worried and concerned, but the boy only ceased his movement for mere moments. The lad blinked, watched the world around him, witnessed the layers of bedlam and mayhem, thunderstruck and listless, maneuvered his foreleg once or twice to feel the burn, the sting, the bestial edges of battle conquer his ambitions. Was that all he’d be then? Another casualty? Another victim? Were his dreams, his aspirations, to die and wither right here and now, in the space and breadth of beasts, infidels, and gods? Was he to simply sit back and watch everything unravel without him?
The scion laughed for a second, a great gust of air billowing past his crackling lungs.
Then he surged ahead, bristling and searing, simmering and demonic, giving no care to his follies, to his faults, to the gasps of pain stretching through his membrane and flailing amongst his heart. The little heathen charged with bestial intentions, with seething regard, with frustration and anticipation roaring, howling, demanding, amidst his skull. He lowered his head, racing towards the monster’s left back leg, intending to mark the great, foul crocodile, with a loathing harpoon of his sword. 

[Momentarily stunned at the fire scorching his shoulder. Recently cured of GLL, he finds a second wind and races towards the crocodile's left hind leg, intending to stab it with his horn. Mentions @Aithniel] 

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