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The God had remained in the Flats for a few days after his arrival back in Helovia. He had watched diseases plague those around him, and was not ignorant of the cause. It had come from the Rift. Through the Rift. The God had previously assumed that the cleansing properties of his flames would keep the new inhabitants - and the Flats - unaffected by any communicable diseases which may have transferred over. Given that no one presented any new symptoms since their arrival, the deity concluded that his magic must have successfully provided a barrier.

But he was wrong. And not just about the diseases. 

As he wandered through the Flats, appearing as no more than a shimmer or halo of fiery light, he began to notice scales on the ground, as well as reptilian sheddings. There were enough new and odd inhabitants from the Rift that he thought little of it at first. But as the sheddings and scales grew to be more numerous and widely spread throughout the Flats, the God began to very much doubt whether or not it could have all come from the Riftians. There weren't that many of them - so how there be so much dead skin littering the pristine expanses of his new land?

Out of the corner of his blazing gaze, the God saw a distorted shimmer in the distance. Now, the Flats were full of such shimmers - mirages were a common sight, and on such a particularly sunny gaze, there were no shortage of odd caronas or halos to be seen.. But this? Narrowing his gaze, the God shot a bolt of pure sunlight towards the shimmer, and what happened next made his hot blood run cold.

The bolt suddenly arced away from his intended target - as if some forcefield had deflected it. As it happened, a massive body appeared briefly behind the apparent forcefield. It was a creature composed of whitish scales, the sparkled and changed as if having temporarily become distorted. Just as quickly, the scaled creature blended back into the background of the Flats.

Whatever had been leaving those scales and shedding was right before him. And it had been camouflaged in the Flats the whole time. The God grit his teeth, and without a moments hesitation fired another, hotter and brighter bolt towards the creature. However it struck nothing - not even the barrier. With a glare, he looked around hotly - in time to see the sand move him move, and feel the thud of a giant scaled tail striking his thigh. With a grunt of pain, the God took to the skies, very much doubting that the prehistoric crocodile-like creature could fly. Molten fire dripped from his flaming wings, raining hellfire down onto the camouflaged creature.

"NO." The Sun God shouted loudly. In his mind, he remembered his promise of peace - his guarantee that all would remain safe. The presence of this creature threatened the very covenant he had created with the Riftians who had followed him through.

"No? That is not for you to decide." Came a snarled reply, followed by a dark squeal of pain. As the fire touched the creatures enormous scaled back, his camo flickered and failed. Part of the creature became visible - namely his back and part of his neck. 

"We'll see." Responded the God hotly, before sending another wave of fire down onto the monstrous beast.


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Gaucho returned to the Flats. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he wanted to be near his fiery deity. He did not need to call upon him, palaver with him, or demonstrate anything - it simply did his flaming soul good to be around the God who had given him so much. Everything. Many relied on Gaucho, but it was only the Sun on which Gaucho relied. He had been gone for far too long for the Wildfire to not appreciate the opportunity to once again bask in his glory. Even if it was from a distance.

And so, as the God rose into the sky, raining fire down on seemingly the land alone, the dun was immediately intrigued. Narrowing his steely gaze, Gaucho moved towards where the God's aerial display was occurring. It was only as the fire struck the crocodile that he became visible at all, and Gaucho immediately understood.

Immediately he lifted into the air. Although Gaucho had never seen the Sun God in battle before, the warrior could sense within him an elegant battle-prowess. His lord was not in the air to avoid his enemy, he was there to gain an advantage. On already burning wings, Gaucho circled a respectful distance from his God - close enough to be a part of the battle, but not so close as to hinder the Gods tactical maneuvers. With a loud battle cry, Gaucho unleashed fire that seemingly bled away from himself. An arc of fire radiated down towards the crocodile's exposed back, while eagles composed of fire raced and bled from his antlers, circling and swerving down to try and distract and burn the beast.

Something like pride, appreciation, and the feeling of being right where should be, blossomed bright and hot in Gaucho's chest. He spoke no words towards the God, even as he hovered somewhat near to him. Words were not needed - Gaucho was here to defend and accompany the deity in whatever manner was needed - and the Wildfire knew that the God of light would know.


Gaucho flies next to Sunny and throw lots of fire at the crocodile - an arc of fire at its back, and two eagles of fire to try and burn and distract it on the ground.

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Archibald stood there, staying a silent vigil, watching as all others--Helovians and Rifters alike--crowded around the Sun God. The deity took particular interest in Ophelia and a grey he did not know (Aithniel), but Archibald brushed it off. Not until she received the egg did Archibald understand that she was the Sun God's daughter. Archibald frowned heavily. This meant Israfel--the child he knew long ago--was dead like Hototo was. Archibald sighed. The Sun seemed to be quite confident, arrogant even, in the land he brought in. Archibald knew well to not trust all the words that fell from the golden's lips. He had seen the immortal burn lands and his subjects before because he was angry. A royal temper tantrum. Archibald had a hard time trusting him, but did not hate him like the Dauntless did the Moon Goddess. The czar thought him foolish and too arrogant, yes, but it did not bring a burning vehemence from his chest. The anger he felt towards the Sun for burning the Foothills all those years ago had dulled to a ripe bitterness on his tongue.

It was then that golden eyes caught the sign of something perculiar. A flashing of scales and Loretta was instantly on her guard, her growl low and warning. So, there was a God--or some evil--that seeped through the portal t the Rift. Archibald snorted, preparing himself for battle. Golden eyes searched momentarily for Ranjiri. Finding her, Archibald noted to keep an eye on her in this fight. She did not need to be hurt any more than she already was. Galloping forward, Archibald watched as the Sun and Gaucho poured fire from the sky. Careful to avoid it, Archibald stopped and reared up, summoning his armor to cover his body. Steel-clad hooves then slammed down towards where he thought the crocodile's upper-neck might be. From the depths of his soul, Archibald unleashed his bones to stone magic, gifted by the Earth God, to attempt to solidify the crocodile and make him a sitting target for those who would also choose to fight him.

Only the dead have seen the end of the war.
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Archi summons his armor on and rears to try and strike down at the croc, trying to avoid Gaucho/Sunny's fire. He uses his BONE magic to try and keep the croc in place. Mentions Sun God and Gaucho, Ophelia, Aithniel, and Ranjiri (but mostly just in passing).

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Having left the Flats after the little get together the hybrid still could not shake the feeling that something bad was coming. While she carried little to no trust in anyone she had learned to rely on her own gut instinct as many of the times she tended to be right. With that irritating sensation of impending doom the girl had once more taken to the skies to try and convince herself that there had been nothing missed back at the Flats. Riding high on the thermals as she cruised over the dunes and sand a strange flash caught her eye a couple of times but then would vanish. After the third round of finding this she concluded that she must be catching a reflection of the sun upon her scalelike body markings as they shone all varieties of colours in the bright sun. She was really starting to drive herself insane with all these sleepless nights and her aerial patrols. Perhaps tonight she would try and relax instead of taking another trip along the coastline to search for new lands.

Sighing softly in slight boredom the winged girl flew along just minding her own business until another shimmer of light caught her eye. This time she was sure that she had seen it and it sure as hell was not coming from her body. Snorting defiantly as the strange glimmer moved a little too close for her liking she beat her wings down propelling herself up higher into the sky wanting to be sure of what the hell was going on. Floating figures drew her attention as she looked up to see the Sun God and another who she did not know hovering around staring at the ground. Now she knew something was not right for why would a God be here if there was not impending chaos. As their fire reigned down upon whatever target the shimmering appeared again only to reveal what looked to be a huge scaley back of some creature. Fuck, here we go again. She should have known better than to trust the words of the God who apparently could not protect himself anymore than he could protect the rest of Helovia. As she drew closer to the pair she felt a gust of wind streak by her and seem to hit Sunny square on his hip. What the hell were they dealing with? Looking back to where the scales had been only seconds before she found only sand. Well if this thing was going to try and hide from them why not level the playing field and expose it for the beast it truly was?

Banking around the two fire crazed ones she angled herself so she could see her shoulder and the lovely markings displayed there. If this creature was hidden behind some kind of shield she could try and bounce the light off herself and direct it to hopefully catch sight of the force field as the light reflects back. As another took a stand down on the ground she ignored them trying to figure out where the hell this beast was. Another couple feet passed by before light once again bounced up from the ground and into her face. "There!" She hollered up towards the fire bearing duo twisting her body around in an attempt to ram her hooves into the croc's barrier. "Come out and fight fair you bastard!" She growled pinning her ears back as she dove towards the reflected light hooves first. Sunny had hit the barrier before weakening it to show the creature below maybe she could do the same thing. If she could see the thing maybe she could try and use her magic to get underneath it and break a bone or two to slow it down. It was at least worth a shot and the better they could see what exactly they were up against the sooner they could kill the beast.    

•• MENTIONS: Archi, Mesec, Sun God
•• SUMMARY: Once Rhea figures out that there is something down below she tries to reflect the sun's rays using her body like a mirror.  Tries to use it so when the light reflects back into her eyes that is where the barrier should be. Once she locates a possible piece yells at Mesec and Sun God to try and alert them as to the creature's location before diving towards what she hopes is the barrier. Her goal is to try and weaken the barrier to see the creature and then try and use her magic to break a bone or two to slow it down or injure it. ••

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It had been a few days since the Sun God had appeared before them and told them all that he would guarantee that there would be no monsters to follow. While he wished that the bright guy was right he knew better than to believe the creatures of their realm would just sit by and accept it. The demons and monsters from back home were very opportunistic and stealthy making it next to impossible to tell when one was about to attack. They would sneak up on unsuspecting herds and easily decimate them in no time flat without ever leaving a clue as to how they got there in the first place. No it was too dangerous to believe in the word of a God that he did not know considering he had never met one that he could trust. Standing along the borders to the Halcyon Flats he watched and waited for something to rear its ugly head and show these people what they were made of.

The chaos did not take long to strike the sandy lands and it took even less time for the golden stag to jump back into action ready to fight a war. This was his life and all he had ever known why should he just stand back and watch others die all at the hands/claws/hooves/paws or whatever was attacking. Leaping over a sand pile with ease the stallion quickly closed the distance making sure to avoid the fire that seemed to be falling everywhere. Careless fools.. just burn any help why don't ya. Keeping the remark to himself to avoid someone purposefully trying to burn his ass he weaved around the dripping molten blobs trying to get a better look at what they were fighting against. At first he could see nothing but sand and dirt but as he got closer his eyes caught the shimmering orb that seemed to be concealing the beast. The many scales that seemed to be littering the area was not exactly all that comforting for the only thing to be that jumbo sized was never pleasant. Watching as the fire bounced against the barrier seemingly weakening its power he caught the sight of the ugly thing inside. "Krikie that's one huge ass croc!" He commented to no one in particular other than himself. A flash of light passed over top of him drawing his eyes to the sky only to see a showoff black bird brain flying around. Lashing his tail against his side he followed the fading areas of the shield until he found what he thought to be one of the weaker points. Not much they could do from the outside with something like this overgrown lizard, if he wanted to help it would be from the inside.

Reaching down to draw his knife gripping it tightly between his teeth the stallion leapt forward watching for anything that might tell him where the shield may be. Lowering his crown so as not to crash into the wall and injure himself he pushed himself harder to pick up as much speed as possible. This thing was either going to send him flying or it was going to crack wide open and there was no telling what would come next. If he got through he knew that aiming for the creatures soft belly was the only place he had any  hope of piercing it. Those scales would likely be as hard as stone so tearing at them would only cause minor irritation, no he was going where it would hurt. Catching the light as it glimmered ever so faintly he braced himself for impact.

•• MENTIONS: Rhea, Mesec, Sun God
•• SUMMARY Not believing the god could protect them from something crossing over he chose to stay and wait for the inevitable. Dodges around the fire to try and find a weak point. When he thinks he finds one, draws his knife between his teeth, lowers his horns to striking point and barrels towards the force field hoping to break through and head towards the belly of the beast.

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The blood and death marked woman-child hadn't actually made it that far in the few days it had been since the flaming God arrived. She had wandered away - encountered the filly and the head-winged one - and then found Abraham and his dragons. Her spar with him had been thrilling, although exhausting. Afterwards, she had allowed herself to continue to wander the flats, and recover her strength.

Has she known the Sun God would have been so fallible, she might have not attacked Abraham so thoughtlessly. But the girl had believed the God when he said peace would reign, and that there would be no altercation. And so as flames and screams rose into the air, cascading outwards across the flat land, the girl was surprised. Her mind drew the obvious conclusion - that something was amiss, but it took her until she actually saw the God in the air, fighting, to believe that he had been mistaken.

Isopia set her jaw in a hard line, as she too took flight. Not only was it faster, but judging by the amount of pegasi already in the air, she deemed it a reasonable tactic. The effect of the GLL, still present in her body, poured from her eyes and nostrils. Thick, black goo was crusted all over her face. But however contorted (and painful) the goo made her look and feel, what it did for her, was worth it. Even if they couldn't see the creature because of it's camouflage, she could. It still gave off a heat signature which was different from the sands upon which it raced. It was all too easy for Isopia to line up an attack - to try and strike the creature on the vertebrae just behind its skull. Earth rose into the air, then rocketed towards the creature. Even if it didn't wound the creature, if it covered its back or head, it might allow others to more easily see it.

Isopia sees the creature, as her GLL allows her to see in thermal radiation. She takes to the air, and throws earth at its neck.

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No. A fragile mind immediately rejected the scene slowly unraveling. Please no. Let it be a mirage, let it be an optical illusion. Let it be her brain failing her. Anything - please - anything but the truth. Lie and say her imagination is acting up. Hold her close and coo that it is alright and naught but a nightmare. Lock her up even. Call her crazy for seeing such things. Call her insane and lock her in an asylum. Please. Speak of anything except the truth. Don't let this be real. Peace and purity was promised on these sacred lands. Under the Sun's protection they were safe and warm. This wasn't supposed to happen.

Flames raged in the air: fire burned brightly, angrily. Blue eyes wandered to the Sun in all of his glory. Molten fire dripped from mighty wings. His shout echoed in her head, echoing her sentiments. Slowly she was forced to accept this reality. Ignorance was forcibly removed layer by layer. The safeguard around her head was agonizingly sliced away as the truth was exposed - the truth she knew all along.

Light revealed the shadows, the hidden, and she wished it hadn't. White scales were revealed and her world spun. Knees buckled together as her body quaked. The creature's voice added spasms. She had heard that voice before. She knew it. Lurking in camouflage was one of the tainted, mad Gods her land was associated with.

Like a ghost the past came back to haunt her. Scared, so scared. Laying on cold stone. Sacrifice would bring greater good. Had to be strong. Couldn't be. Unworthy. My fault. On that slab of rock cruelly designed to reflect some ritualistic alter was where she met her first God. Foolishly she had been enraptured by his appearance. Locked away. Lonely, so lonely. Such a beautiful land but.. The isolation. Please, may I leave? No, wait, no please I didn't mean - I'm sorry.

Evaneska stood petrified. A lump in her throat made her feel as if she was suffocating. Breathing became hard. So terribly hard. Yet she didn't notice even as her head became light. Instead all she could do was stare in silent horror. Fear gripped at her chest and crushed it under its mighty claws.

For a moment her loyalty was split. If she raised a single hoof against either God it would be heresy. She couldn't show disrespect - she wouldn't. Not to mention how grateful she was to the Sun. She dared to glance at him. "Please.. Purify this taint. All the lives that have suffered.. I do not have much power, but draw upon my very soul if it strengthens yours." she silently prayed. While she doubt her words were worthy enough to reach them, she still hoped they would. Gaze drifted to the one that didn't belong here. Yet, at the same time, she felt the same. As if she didn't belong here, as if she was taint on this land. If she had to be banished too then so be it. Evaneska couldn't watch the earth be swallowed in corrupted magic once again.

Wings dangled as her exhausted body, her exhausted psyche, caused her to crumble to the ground. Thantos. she thought quietly. He had been right. He was always her savior. But this time.. please spare him from any pain. The brave warrior didn't deserve to be injured due to her mistake.

The mare was nothing but a useless decoration on the flats that were turning into a battlefield. She watched as horses swooped in with courage alighting their hearts ablaze. Even if she had the strength to join she would be nothing but an interloper getting in the way. All she could do was pray. Snap me up, eat me, anything. But please spare these courageous, innocent, and pure horses. Don't let them be touched by the taint. Her head drooped towards the ground. Face to face she found herself staring at her worthless form stained with trails of tears.

mentions Sun God & Thantos
ooc she is completely terrified of the gods from her old world. all they have done. evaneska ends up slumping in the middle of the battlefield where she can easily be injured - feel free to hurt her badly because she's just getting in the way. she prays to the sun god, wishing to give him any strength she has to offer.


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Νεχ ποσσυμ τεχυμ ωιωερε, νεχ σινε τε

Hooves beat against the ground and made the shimmering, gleaming water ripple and contort. The filly started and looked up from her game of doodle in the sand when one, two three, even more horses disturbed the tranquil peace and thundered past her. Some took to the sky but all of them appeared to be hurrying towards a particular location, one where a blazing, flaming god had risen on glorious wings that rained fire down upon the earth.

A sinking feeling settled into her stomach as she watched them unleash their hidden powers. No, not again! Not another battle, not more pain, or death, or... Had the Sun Lord not said that there would be no more war? Had he not been assertive and almost condescending when he told them how different he was from his brother and sister before him?

Look at him now, all desperate as he went back on his word and shattered this shimmering illusion of peace with his violence.

"I believed you!"

A mere whisper, yet it was the sound of disappointment as something was lost in the disease-filled eyes of the child. Never before had she experienced the breaking of a promise, this was the first time she experienced the pain of deceit. It didn't matter that it had been an honest mistake - it had been made by a GOD, and for that they would all pay.

There was nothing she could do to stop it.

Out of place flashes of glowing light and color danced around every warrior and each powerful expression of violence, fluttering and dancing and crowding around the God, around a tall warrior she had seen in passing many times before now, around Isopia and Evaneska and... and around something that for a moment appeared in a flash of glittering lights, only to disappear again. The girl stiffened and gasped as her eyes fell upon the place, because even in the brightness of the day her eyes could see something more there, something she immediately wished she hadn't seen. A big, vast lizard with flat nose and spiked tail and short stubby legs and teeth so huge that they didn't fit behind scaly lips. The bear had been awful to see, the wolves terrifying, but this.... this figure dressed in black and fluorescent light was a nightmare embodied.

Yet, for some reason only Isopia had attacked the thing with precision. The girl thought hard about it as she hesitantly hovered on the spot, out of the way of the battle but debating furiously with herself on whether to join the fray or not. She didn't want to fight or even go close to that thing, but of course she had to help, had to do something! Having that thing crawling around the Flats would be much too scary, because she couldn't for a moment believe it didn't eat foals. Erthë watched the others for a while, studied their tactics and attacks and reactions, and when an answer came to her on what to do it was followed by relief. Of course there were ways for her to be helpful without getting directly involved! She wouldn't have to kill or hurt anything after all, just... Well. Help the others do it quickly and more easily?

On light feet the young filly set course for the battle but took the long way around so that she would approach from the opposite side of the hidden monster. Slower than the rest yet resilient and agile she made sure that she wouldn't get in the way of anyone and darted up to where the shimmering lights crowded more densely. Once close enough, the child began to dig up sand with her slim cloves, only to scatter it high into the air. Hopefully it would land on the beast, whatever it was, and make it easier for the others to see. If she was lucky some of the fine grains and sparkling water might get in its eyes, prevent it from seeing and hurting anyone.

But in her heart Erthë held little hope that it would do much good. Already the serene stillness of these Halcyon Flats had been shattered, and it made her want to cry that anyone, god or mortal, could be so full of themselves to not expect danger when the same scenarios had been played out many times already.

War was such a heavy price to pay for arrogance.


Summary; Erthë watches for a while, disappointed in the Sun God for being so utterly wrong. She notices the location of the Crocodile as the GLL lets her see ultraviolet light. She doesn't want to fight, but decides to try blind the Crocodile God or make it more visible to the others by scattering sand that might bounce off of or land on it.

Mentions Sun God, Isopia and Evaneska, and Archibald in passing.

edit; changed the bll effect, I misunderstood what it could do.

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He wasn't entirely sure why, but ever since the Flats had been brought into the fold by the Sun God he had begun to take a roundabout way whenever he went to the Threshold, passing along the border of the shimmering expanse. Maybe he simply wanted more time for himself, and his thoughts, or maybe he was wary—the other two lands had come with battle and strife and grief, so why would this be no different? Yet, their God had promised there would be no violence, and Mauja had wanted to believe.

Wanted to wasn't the same as had. He supposed he skirted along the edges of the new land looking for vindictive Gods or a giant carcass that told the tale of another divine battle, never venturing all the way in nor quite looking away either.

He wasn't sure how long he would keep doing it, though. At what point in time would it become unlikely the Sun was wrong? At what point would Mauja have to start accepting, and believing?

(Part of him ached for faith—for something so mindless and reassuring and blind. Part of him ached for the ability to fall blindly into something, to not question, not feel, simply trust.)

But trust isn't for Mauja.

A blast of fire seared the sky, flames falling like golden rain onto the land below; the image seared itself onto his retina, and when he blinked furiously in its aftermath large bright swathes were everywhere in his vision. Someone shouted, in defiance of what was going on. Mauja had stopped moving—ears flickering, sides rising and falling. Heart beating.

It seemed like it was happening here, again, that the force of the Sun hadn't been enough. The defiled gods were here again, to plant their seeds of sin.

I'm sorry, d'Artagnan.

If not for himself, he would fight for the others—for those who still lived. For Naerys and Myrrine, too young to protect themselves. For everyone he had sworn to protect, whether they knew it or not.

It was his duty as Queen.

The owls remained behind as Mauja charged across the sand. He be damned if he let them take more lives today, and with a fury born in the coldest depths of hell he raised the ice against a god once more, spike after spike pummeling up beneath the half-hidden beast.

Die, motherfucker.

[ Team Sunny || Summary: Mauja is coming running from a ways away, raising ice spikes beneath the god, hoping to punch through his scales and do wicked damage || Mentions: None, really. ]
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In this she was not torn. The Sun was attacking the crocodile - he was a threat - and so she was attacking the crocodile.

Flames had drawn her attention as she wandered the flats, lost in thoughts and hoping moving hooves would unwind them. She was still hesitant to return home, still trying to put her anger somewhere where it would be useful. This seemed perfect. This was what she'd been expecting.

She had believed their god when he spoke that first day, and she did not hold it against him now as he rained fire down upon the opposing deity he claimed would not come. If Ampere had learned anything in the last year, it was that the gods were exceptionally flawed beings that were more mortal than anyone seemed to realize, including themselves. Maren might kick her for such a thought, but the truth was plain to the Mother of Companions, and it was both terrifying to realize and satisfying.

As the black and blue mare flew towards the unfolding battle she grappled for electricity, but found none. There was no plant matter here for her to shift, the lands deadened with all the salt. Frowning, the mare instead reached back for her knives. "Feusohm," she murmured, and the bone dagger rattled in her electric hold. "Tuor," she hummed, and the iron glinted with expectancy as it flew alongside her. "Go..." and with a well practiced flick of her ability the blades were sent with their tips screaming down towards the crocodile god. She figured the rough hide leather might resist her blades, though Feusohm did have a rather nasty bite, so she aimed for something she could not see but could sense.

With black tar still against her face Ampere could detect the crocodile's electrical impulses as his body worked. What was not visible was still there, so she aimed closer to the head, where his vital senses might be exposed. She kept flying too, swerving around Gaucho and his swath of flames, sparing him a passing look as she went, but otherwise her focus was on the fight. She grappled for control of those very impulses she could now sense. Like a puppeteer she reached for the strings of electricity that controlled his, and all bodies, hoping to jerk his head back and up into his knives and all the other blows being thrown his way.

Be the lightning in me that strikes r e l e n t l e s s


Ampere sends her 2 daggers towards where she perceives the god's face is due to her ampullae of lorenzi (from GLL) allowing her to see more than his exposed body. At the same time she tries to get some control of his body and lift his head into her attack and possibly others.
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He could smell so many things lately, Which, he thought was rather odd given that his nose was continually plastered with black tar that at times threatened to choke him. His rib-cage had grown weary of hacking up his lungs, the sickness gripping him tightly as his corpse was still trying to recover from well, being a corpse.

It was why he'd stayed south, because the warmth seemed to help his healing process a bit. That and well, the Spark had said to come this way, and even though the Sun had been utterly disappointing in failing to deliver a new god for him to marvel at, he supposed he should linger here because the Time god was surely the smartest of all his heavenly siblings. After all, he could see the future, couldn't he? There had to be more down here than just Öde's failure to his wolf.

Then there was.

Smoke tantalized his enhanced senses and Öde turned suddenly towards it. Unbeknownst to him, behind him a magnificent fight had already broken out. Red eyes rimmed with black widened as he watched flames pour from the sky and ice rocket from the ground (his ribs seemed to ache in response). "Wait!" he cried out, coughing after as his hooves struck out a hasty gallop towards the battlefield of salt.

Thoughtlessly the keyed up fighter threw himself into the fray, horned head lowered and cast towards the exposed side of the crocodile god, hoping to puncture the rough hide with all the momentum he'd gained. If not, at least he'd get to touch the deity, or so he hoped. he'd forgone his torn decision of which god to fight for. Spark had been simple enough, don't shit where you eat, and so had the Moon from the moment he saw the wolf she faced. The rest, he decided, he wanted to kill. Now that they could die, now that they were more, he wanted to conquer them and on their bones climb to his own heavenly seat.

For that, Öde laughed as he tried to puncture the glorious gator. He might even have cried too, but the tar had clogged his tear ducts.



tries to horn the croc's side.
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trouble, trouble-maker, that's your middle name

Fire. With a pained grunt, the grullo stallion lifted his head. Yes, there, on the horizon…that was the telltale flicker, wasn’t it? A rattling cough shook him from the inside out, but he knew his window of opportunity was limited. He had to get out of here. Wheezing from the effort, he moved towards the red light at as fast a gait as his aching body could sustain.
Most sensible creatures would turn tail and flee at the sight of flames in the distance, but Gull had already found himself in another predicament: he was lost on these flats, and had been for nearly a day. For hours he had wandered across the endless mirror, but everything had looked the same in all directions. The hot sun had beaten down upon his back and the damp ground had sucked at his hooves, only adding to the misery of his pre-existing cough and inability to breathe properly. The surface of the plain was maddeningly dizzying as well, shooting errant beams of light into his sensitive blue eyes and making him feel as if he were about to fall into the sky reflected below him…or was it above him? Either way, it was just another reminder of the fact that he was too weak to fly. He had tried, knowing that if only he could rise high enough, he might be able to spot an escape. But his lungs were too weak to allow him the stamina to get a decent running start, and so he was grounded, a flightless bird. Even in his state of semi-madness, Gull knew enough to realize what this meant: a pegasus who couldn’t fly was as good as dead. Doggedly, he tracked towards the sounds and smells of burning, closing his eyes briefly to block out the bouncing light. Where there was a fire, there was something to burn—even if it was just dry grass, it would be better than this awful flatness.
However, as he drew closer, he realized that this was no errant wildfire: the shouts and screams and singing cries came from behind the smoldering curtain. Glancing up, he saw the flurry of wings swooping across the sky above, and peering forward he saw…
Hazy as the battlefield was with dust and smoke, he recognized it immediately. How could he not, when he had grown up listening to the tales of warriors? How could he not, when he had flown over the burned aftermath, desperately hunting for a patch of grass to bring his starving mother? How could he not, when THEY HAD KILLED HER? The cry that tore from his throat was hoarse with his curse and emotion, but his blood was boiling hotter than the flames that surrounded them. The war was here. The beasts had come for them. Adrenaline lending him a burst of strength, he rocked unevenly into the battle. Eyes streamed and grew red from the smoke, but he refused to close them, not when—there. They locked on their target. With the rage of his ancestors burning behind his skull, Gull charged Öde from the right, teeth bared and hungry for the blood of his age-old enemy.

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OOC: Questing, part III. Gull is suffering from a cough, shortness of breath, and hoarseness, which have left him with the inability to fly or sustain long stretches of activity.
Summary: Does not notice the camouflaged croc, instead thinks that the unicorns are attacking the pegasi. Charges @Öde, the first unicorn he sees. So, uh TEAM DIE UNIS?
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It had been the strong scent of fire that had draw the warrior's interest to the newest stretch of land Helovia decided to reveal. Racing towards the salty sand land both himself and Kiara were wary of what they would find upon arrival. Hooves crashed against the rock and sand sending a spray up around his bulky frame like his own miniature sandstorm, rather neat looking he couldn't say the same about the irritation is caused his breathing and eyes. Raising his eyes to the sky the fiery figure of Sun Lord stood out amongst the rest with his massive molten wings spewing fire at the battlefield below. Coughing harshly as a rather large pile of sand hit him in the face he shook his head to clear his sight once more turning his eyes to see a girl digging in the sand. Frowning he really couldn't see the point of her actions for it was only going to blind those that were already on the ground trying to fight off the ugly crocodile god. He had heard of the other two lands and their subsequent battles but had never imagined it would be like this. Parts of the large beast lay exposed for them all to see while the remainder seemed to be hidden by some kind of barrier. Damn now why couldn't any of them manage to do that? Squaring his shoulders the stag continued deeper into the midst of the battle with his companion following closely behind.

Silver eyes swept the unfamiliar landscape looking for any objects that could either be useful or thrown at the croc to gain its attention. Glancing over what he had thought to be a sandpile his eyes were drawn back when the object moved to reveal it was no other than the shy mare he had met earlier, Evaneska was her name if he remembered correctly. Altering his path he dug in his hooves sliding to a stop in front of the mare scanning over her frame with concern.
"Evaneska? Are you alright?" He asked with worry lowering his cranium to make sure she was alright. "You need to get out of here! It's too dangerous to be anywhere near that beast. Please go." He demanded sternly reaching his muzzle down to prod gently at the side of her neck to get her back on her feet. He wasn't trying to be pushy but he wanted the mare to be safe and out of harm's way so nothing bad would come of this.  "Come on, you need to get up before you get hurt. I'm not going to let anything happen to you, but you must get up."

Turning his body so that he was standing between the grey mare and the giant crocodile he glanced back with concern as to the location of the gator. There was no telling what this thing could do but he knew that he could not just take a back seat and watch anyone get hurt. "Kiara stay with her and get her out of here. I'm going to see what all I can do to help." He stated looking over to his bonded glad that he could give her something to do other than running headlong into this great unknown. If anything happened to her he would be lost and he would never forgive himself, no he had to keep her safe. "Be careful." He said silently over to Kiara giving her a reassuring smile. Growling softly the tiger nodded before turning to the grey mare to do as she was asked. Either she would move willingly or be forced to move, regardless she could not let her bonded down even though she was confused as to why he cared so much of this one's safety. Pinning her icy eyes to the one called Evaneska she was not going to take no for an answer. As soon as he was sure Kiara and Evaneska were semi safe the grey whipped around to charge into the battle.

As his hooves crashed against the dirt sparks of electricity began to sizzle up around him but not actually harming him in any way. Confused the stallion faltered for a moment of uncertainty before shaking it off and ignoring the fact that lightning was seemingly dancing up around him, that would be for another time to figure out. Seeing Archibald up ahead he placed himself off to his right with a good distance between. Maybe he could use this electricity to his advantage and help contain the croc, surely between Archi and himself they would have some success. Determination flared brightly as he lowered his crown hoping to either spear the gator or electrocute him should he come close.

Ciceron talks
Kiara speaks

•• MENTIONS: @Evaneska , Archibald , Sun God, Erthe
•• SUMMARY: Spots Evaneska laying in sand and rushes over to her begging her to get up and out of the way so she does not get hurt. Asks Kiara, his companion, to stay with Evaneska to protect her and try and get her to safety. Runs up to gator god and places himself a number of feet away from Archibald as electricity sizzles through the air around him. He is hoping to help contain the croc by either electrocuting it or spearing it. ••

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Go ahead, you're never going to take me - you can bend but you're never going to break me

He holds his Lord's words in his heart, like a golden tattoo that spans the entirety of his insides, warming his heart and keeping him centered. "I have returned Cera. Absolution shall be yours." He is forgiven, his sins washed away, and after meeting with the Moon Goddess and finding the core of himself still resilient against all he'd faced, he feels...reborn. As if all the darkness has been purged from his soul, and he can breathe for the first time in his life. He has lost almost everything, been ripped apart and carelessly placed back together. But he is there, in his Lord's land and light, saved. Forgiven. He lingers after the God departs, wandering the lands, exploring the nuances of his new self. Ilaria is there beside him at all hours, gleaming with fierce pride all the while. They have come so far, achieved so much, and together they have finally beaten back the pain and darkness. His faith has carried him through, and he feels better than he has in years. 

On occasion, he comes across Gaucho. The pair don't speak, though Cera intends to soon. They both seem to be in need of the connection they have with the Lord of the Light, drawing strength from him after his absence, twining plants that reach for his grace with ceaseless hunger. Cera allows him his time alone, knowing that if he needs solitude, that Gaucho likely does as well. The days slip by, and he never really leaves the mirrored landscape, glad that he can still see it in part even with the black tar that lingers in his eyes and nose and ears. He despairs when it leaks upon the land from his skin, tainting it and destroying the beautiful, endless parallels of earth and sky.

Though, as disruption seems to quake throughout the land, it can be said that the earth would be strewn up in battle early on regardless. 

The Prince wastes no time, turning and racing down the mirrored stretch of land, his vision swimming with auras that pop up and approach swiftly from the distance. His God stands there among them, the only aura that burns away the darkness, fury resonating in his voice and fire blooming like a slice of light through shadow. From there, everything goes to hell. Ilaria is down off his shoulder almost immediately, knowing Cera would never take her into battle with him. Knowing she'd never be able to keep up, so small and defenseless against these beasts that charge onto the forefront as if mystically called forth. 

He doesn't hesitate. If there is any benefit to the sickness in his lungs, it's that he can see the auras of those around him, including the massive reptilian enemy. It almost blends with the darkness, so repugnant is the aura that it holds, but at least it gives Cera something to aim at. He lets his gait open up, legs flying down the mirrored stretch of land, flight a useless and terrifying aspect with his vision so affected and no auras to be his directional guide. "For you, my Lord," he vows, following the flickering light of the flames and Gaucho's peculiar, familiar aura. There were so many bodies, and Ilaria relayed frantic snippets of magical information that Cera could not see from the distance. Ice spikes, fire, physical attacks, blinding, reflections...

But if there's one thing Cera knows about creatures like this, from living near the clay shores of the Throat, it's that they are fast and low to the ground. But they also had tails. Hoping it would be distracted adequately by those attacking head one, he circled round,  wings flaring out and pumping hard to aid in leaping for the sickened black/purple/red of its aura, aiming for the area where tail met lumbar vertebrae and pelvis. Bearing down with all his weight, he grit his teeth and prepared for a battle literally befitting the gods. I will not fail you.


Sees the Crocodile God's aura due to GLL, follows Ilaria's instructions and the flow of the other fighter's auras to make his way there. Circles around hoping the others are distracting the Croc and jumps/flies to try and land with all his weight on the God's pelvis/lower spine area.

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He watched Rexanna walk away, bidding him to follow in order to talk away from others. He glanced apologetically at his Mauja— ‘stallion duty’ called— and started after his slighting infuriating golden princess.

Then pandemonium.
It had been too good to be true.

He lost both Rexanna and Mauja in the chaos that was reigning. Explosions of light befell the crocodile that shouted so vilely over the reflecting earth. An elephant’s trumpet escaped him— to fight the god or find Rexanna? Or find his lead and fight by him?

He had hoped his lover had made it to the edge of the throng, for that was where she was headed. She had fared fine in the last battle. She was a smart woman. And, though his lead had saved his life, he also had melted most of his hide in the process. And attacking the Rift god last time had worked out particularly poorly for the elephant. He wasn’t keen on having a god melt on him again. Ever.

For the first time in his life, Tembovu waffled with indecision on the battlefield. Eyeing the mayhem, the flying magic, the attacking equines, the crocodile. It seemed that the winged ones had the best advantage against those many, snapping teeth.

The multitude of fire caused him to hesitate as well— for his skin was still shiny and new from the last burns he had. If only he had magic of his own… This was another first, wishing for magic.

A resigned sigh escaped him, for he knew he would be sorely disappointed in himself if he did not fight this obviously unjust god. Didn’t he spend his life seeking justice? “Damn, this is gonna hurt,” he grumbled to himself, steeling his resolve with a warrior’s dark humor. He launches, knowing that most places are unsafe to spear a croc. Though tries to come from behind and land on top of the croc’s jaws. It’s easier to keep them closed than to detangle your mangled body from the jaws. Though who knew how mangled he would be from all that magic and attacks flying around. Damn.

One more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.
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- table by Niki -

Team Sun
Summary: Resigned, he launches his massive body from the back/side of the croc and tries to land on top of its jaws in order to keep them closed or crush/break something.
(…Probs a dumb move, BUT HE’S OUTTA IDEAS XD)

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one day we’ll reveal the truth,
that one will die before he gets there.
As I walked away, I had an idea that Tembovu began to follow me. However, whipping my head around instantly at the sound of the Sun God. Panic flashed through me momentarily, feeling the quench in my throat begin to grow thick like phlegm. Sighing to myself, ears flattening to my neck, I knew it was too easy. Fire attacks began to fly out toward the shimmering scales. A god of scales and endless teeth it seemed. And as I watched them for a moment, I didn’t know what to do. I was beginning to get a headache, eyes burning slightly with the blackness that began to run from them.

So I was sick. And I was going to make a stupid mistake in attacking this god and getting hurt. I just knew it. I wasn’t naïve or anything, I wanted to protect my home. Perhaps it was a terrible idea, these rifts. But I wasn’t going to tell a god that I thought it was stupid. I was just going to deal with it and hope that the gods were on my side.

Then I saw him. There he was again, running at the giant lizard. Sighing to myself again, ears focused on the tan and brown striped stag as he rampaged toward those mighty teeth. Worry flickering in my eyes instantly. What the fuck did he think he was doing? Attacking the source, the teeth, that was a great plan. I shook my head, hushing down a cough before passing through where I had just been.

This was a stupid idea.

The black sludge began to run from my nose and eyes as I turned my body and ran toward the god. Perhaps, if the god were to turn its head up to try and catch Temb as his first victim, I could stab his neck, back where the scales parted slightly for movement. God I hoped this worked. I picked up my pace, turning into a full rampaging gallop as I fought the urge to break down and cough. Hoping and aiming to stab the crocodile right behind his head, where his neck met his skull. Also hoping to avoid any other attacks by the creatures that held magic. Fire and chaos ensued and I had a sinking feeling that something was going to hit me today. Something more painful than the goo that found its way into my lungs.

image credits


Rexanna moves away from the crowd in the hopes that Tembovu follows her. When she hears the commotion, she turns and finds the crocodile god and sees all the magic flying at it. Then she sees Tembovu run toward his head and chases after him in the hopes of piercing the hide of the crocodile where the skull/neck meet.

(all the dumb ideas XD)

Mentions: Sunny, @Tembovu @Random Event - GLL
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stars in your multitudes, scarce to be counted. filling the darkness with order and light.
You are the sentinels. silent and sure. keeping watch in the night.
Whispers traveled amongst the rankings of the herd: there was another new land. While she had not been there for the first addition to Helovia, she had experienced the second land alongside her beloved Goddess. Each new area meant a new corrupt god to fight, but the Sun claimed it would be different this time. Skepticism was rooted in her mind to say the least. If her Goddess had said so she would be inclined to believe but the Sun was often brash. Look at how brightly it would blaze in the sky whilst burning skin with harsh rays. The Moon was much more subtle, something she thought spoke louder than acts of bravado. Of course the pale maiden respected the Sun 'fore the Moon and Sun were always linked. Without the Moon there would be no Sun, with the Sun there would be no Moon. However respect didn't mean her suspicions were quelled.

Nuray had arrived in the Halcyon Flats the other day. The land was truly a marvel, to which she had thanked the Sun for the piece of art bestowed onto them. Unfortunately, the new land did not take a liking to her. With no shelter her naked skin was left exposed to the harsh intensity that was known as the Sun. Along with this her body was covered in horrific boils that bubbled and popped. Her entire being ached with each movement shooting pain along some portion of her body. But she did not leave. If there was any chance taint would try spread to Helovia she had to be there to purify it.

Her diligence had paid off. A likely outcome but one she would have much rather been spared of. With eyes tinged by the dark circles of fatigue, she watched as scales were revealed by the light. She did not move at first. Magic was being flung from every which direction at it: to charge head first would be reckless. Once the brute of the downpour had concluded she immediately acted.

She lacked her usual elegance, her ethereal air. In that moment she looked like any other of the equines that had gathered. Her movements were rugged and sharp as clear evidence of her pain showed. Nuray bitterly fought the cry that wanted to rise from her throat. For the Moon, for the Sun. For this Earth I must protect. Lend me your strength.

Golden eyes caught sight of Tembovu and they immediately narrowed. What on Earth was he doing? Such a foolish, silly move although his intentions were intelligent. His whole being was a contradiction in his actions. Keeping a crocodiles mouth shut was always a necessity but surely there would have been a better way. Seeing the golden mare go to one side of the crocodile, she looped around to the other side with her head low as she hoped to strike the opposite side of the crocodile.

Knowing how dangerous the reptiles could be, she immediately jumped away in hopes of being able to dodge any retaliated. Her body betrayed her, though, with its sluggish and clumsy movements. Whether she had reached safety or not her eyes suddenly zoned in on a little white filly. Nuray had witnessed her fight in the other battle - and she had did a wonderful job - but this was no place for a child to be. The poor darling.. forced to grow up so fast. The maiden moved to rush towards the child's side. She would let her fight, but she swore to be her shield. The next generation was to be protected at all costs.


mentions sun god, tembovu, rexanna, and erthe
ooc nuray waits for the brunt of the friendly fire magic to stop before rushing forward. her movements are sluggish and sloppy due to suffering from sunburn and blood fall boils. she sees tembovu and rexanna. she loops around to the opposite side of the crocodile and, mirroring rexanna, she aims for the crocodile's hide where the skull and neck meet with her horn. afterwards she notices erthe and tries to rush to her side in order to be her shield.


@Random Event due to blood fall boils (feel free to shock her)
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Had simple hallelujahs and reverence been the only sensation winding through the flats, the Reaper would’ve left, gone back into his hollowed catacombs and empty temples, wandered until another folly, another tribulation, tied him to defiance or listlessness. He could have vanished altogether – one more wraith tossed and unfurled into the midst. Yet, the strange, world-tilting echo of Ode’s voice trickled through his ears, tampered with his mind, held him fast and firm to the gilded land: Ready, Uncle?
The Lord wasn’t usually surprised or shocked, and his features became rendered into speechless, befuddled sketches; widened eyes, flared nostrils, an arch to his brow, an overwhelming flow of calculations and contortions bristling amongst his skull. He should’ve known all of his family, all of his kind, all of the strands leading back to Isilme, to Ignatius, to Stone, to crowns and pebbles and the phantom zeal of the sea, the delicate warmth of the sands – but this youth had been wandering the halls of the Basin, completely, utterly foreign to him. His head tilted, stare narrowed, examining, studying, scrutinizing, attempting to trace over definable features, a link to generations, a distinguishing mark of all their livelihoods, their pasts, their present, their future. His chilling, distinguished voice unfurled through the unfamiliar tidings, the Sun God’s promises of peace and salvation, widening the bits, the frail, splintered sentiments, of his compassion towards the soldier. He wanted to know, craved the information, the trail lined with naught but clipped words and phrases. “Who is your-,” only to be cut away by the shattered oaths of a deity.
The chiseled demon’s speech broke apart as he witnessed the destruction of assurance: the rolling glimpse of a reptilian back, a crocodile boa, surrounding the newly discovered kingdom; another monster, another fiend, another devilish opus ringing through his ears. He would’ve smirked and gloried in the manifestation of terror, of devastation, of the unholy, vigilant creep of violence pooling over them, had Ode not rushed off prior, leaving him to watch the chaos unfurl just a little bit longer.
His eyes roamed to see where Erebos had gone. His stare traced over his brethren as they raced forward, onward, into the battle (and he tried to snuff the sense of pride hovering along his ribs), and the foundation of the fray pierced through his soul. He could’ve spent several more moments deciding on his maneuver, when his glare roamed back to his newly discovered nephew, and a clash of motion nearby.
A Pegasus: not advancing towards the massive reptile, but across to Ode, teeth bared, treachery ensnared. Here, the Reaper did give a moment to snicker – for it was all he’d needed to enter the melee.
Varnished and cloaked and tainted with enough hatred, with enough malediction, with enough rancor to sink into oblivion, the Basin sovereign sprinted along the puddles, the marsh, the golden tides with every intention of staining it red. Belligerent and bestial, the raging, contemptuous, pervading entanglement of his invocations blistered and scorched along his throat, driving a maddening pulse amongst his jaw, until he moved in, closer and closer and closer, awakening a crescendo of terror and distortion. No one would be allowed to touch one of his own. He’d maul the opportunity. He’d harpoon the chance. He’d wreck, shatter, and savage. Trying to reach the winged fool’s right, he parted his mouth and released one massive fireball, a draconic display, a molten fervor, intending to destroy, to ravage, and to ruin.
Instigating another charge, he swiftly shifted his weight to the left and promptly drew himself closer to the reptilian god, launching one more fire-laden sphere towards its visible back. 

Sees @Gull trying to attack @Öde and attempts to intervene by unleashing one fireball towards Gull’s right side.
Breaks away by shifting direction to the left to aim another fireball at the crocodile god’s back.]


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Someone reaching for me now
Through the dark, reaching for me now
You need someone to hear you when you sigh...
Someone to love you more than I

For a while all seemed calm. 

Ghost lingered near the edge of proceedings listening to the conversations that drifted through the crowd and all in all there was one conclusion. The Sun God had returned and with him was a new land, without apparently, any new danger. A long relieved sigh had left the maw of Ghost who remembered Ampere telling her of disease and new, hostile Gods. It appeared her new patron lord had all his demons under control and had left them free to roam a new land. One that mirrored the sky and looked a lot like a mirage, so much so that the banshee felt that if she explored for too long around here she may never find her way out again. She shifted from her position near the rear and began to wander around a little, her dark gaze drifting here and there until something unbalanced the feeling of peace. There was a flash of light and Ghost snapped her gaze back to her God, what was this? It deflected away from whatever he was attempting to hit and the sprite urgently took to the skies, hauling her armour-laden body to hover above the carnage below, fearful of both the Sun’s magic and whatever it was he was trying to hit.

As she flew into the skies, so did their God. She hadn't the time to concern herself with the fact the Sun had been wrong in his initial declaration. Instead her gaze became too transfixed on the sudden heat from her side.

He began to fire a rally of shots onto the creature below and Ghost’s mind reeled to catch up. What could she do? Was this thing one of those bad Gods? Others charged into the fray to help the Sun Lord and Ghost steeled herself to join the battle. Magic was already filling the air and the heat from the Sun God and Gaucho was making Ghost wince as she checked one option off her list; her ice was no use in a furnace. Instead she relied on illusion, calling upon the darkness to lend her a bloody storm and, with great concentration, she focussed on the crocodile invader in hopes her red dream would pierce it’s mind.

”Fantöme, try stay out of it for now” she instructed her wolf on the ground, who was attempting to dodge the friendly fire that had suddenly begun. Ghost was unsure if he would manage to keep himself from harm, but it was better than him rushing in, there wasn’t much a wolf could do when so much magic was being cast.

The banshee remained in the sky, however, not wanting to share the earth with such a creature. Nor, however, did she linger in one place as she flew up and down, trying her best to dodge the sudden onslaught and attempting to shadow Ampere who she had spotted in the skies not ten seconds earlier.


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Team Sun God

Ghost, with armour, takes to the sky and tries to garner enough concentration and aims her illusion magic in the vicinity of the crocodile. Fantöme her companion is on the ground below attempting to dodge the friendly fire. Ghost, still in the sky, then shadows Ampere.

Really only mentions Ampere at the end.

:: [ Magic: DarkxLight | Ability to create an illusion of raining blood that has a burning sensation, but causes no physical damage ] 
:: [ Restrictions | Takes immense concentration; lasts 15-30 seconds in battle ]
Let the heat of the sun
Reignite your memory
Because if we just turn and run
Let them fire the gun

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The world was too much. His senses were overwhelmed, his mind was a bitter, forsaken entity, and something tickled, radiated, cloaked through his lungs, petulant and strong. All he could feel was the never-ending reach of disappointment, of worthlessness, of inferiority trickle down his spine and through his ribs; maybe that’s why he burned, maybe that’s why his eyes stung, maybe that’s why all he could see was Aithniel and Rikyn, one a remnant of what used to be and one a portrait of what he’d always yearned for. But like a horrible, noxious flash of the truth, even amidst her silence, even as the Sun God gave her a gift, he knew the answer, the declaration, the blistering swell of the unknown becoming raw, belligerent candor – and just how ridiculously pathetic they were compared to her.
A prince is just a prince, he recalled to himself as he remembered her and others fighting a dragon, as he witnessed her fly with her untarnished wings and watched her stab with her enticing swords: too many things they could never be, a combination, a reminder, of their unbecoming growth, of her overwhelming prowess. For a boy, for a child, for a youth, who’d grown with the thoughts of conquering demons and kingdoms, who’d tried desperately to conjure, to believe, in the power of perseverance, if he tried hard enough, he’d be something someday, to feel the crumble of wishes, of dreams, was enough to send him into a plunge of silence.
He said nothing else to her, nothing at all. Erebos’ eyes lost their mischief, their jubilation, fixating at the gilded spirals of sunlight further into the horizon, where maybe friendships didn’t spiral away into naught, reveal themselves to be made of unbecoming whims, where bonds weren’t severed and dismayed. There was no going back to the times of their wild, wonderful youth: where everything was wonderful, where explorations were humorous, where the future held beautiful pathways - but thats what he craved now, most of all. He followed the traces of the Sun God, and coughed a laugh when the world suddenly became savage, severe, scorched, and calloused all over again. He was drawn to the fray of reptiles and swords, knives and feathers, magic and ferocity, and despite the tangle, the pull, of Orsino’s drumming, piercing agony, No, sick! Sick!, he ran into the forces, the malice, the acrimony, the anarchy, without so much as turning his head towards his companions.
Maybe this was what the scion needed: a touch, a taste, of battle all over again. Perhaps he needed a distraction, a diversion, from the wicked havoc flattening his senses, choking his lungs, collapsing over his wiles until he felt the strange, disgusting urge to cry or cackle, and doing neither.
Erebos’ mind was too rampant, too fervent, too clouded to do anything other than become a restless individual, rampaging across the scene, gesturing towards the reptile, along the growing, bristling crowd, thinking nothing of those he’d thought he’d saved, he’d rescued, so long ago…
Darkness flooded his membrane, and he embraced it fully, felt the rich, ferocious gleam of strife and entropy, of atrocious, vigilant, violent revolution, steal over his breath, and clamber about his insides. The woven arts of nefariousness pulsed wildly, harpooned, laced, lavished towards the crocodile’s back, with whom he shared no hatred, with whom he didn’t yearn to maul, but used the beast, the deity, as an excuse to unravel all of his frustrations upon someone, anyone. His command through the flood of corruption, amidst the terror and wake of manipulation, was a singular, sharp demand: Stop.

Mentions @Aithniel and @Rikyn.
GLL has started spreading through his lungs. Races towards the crocodile – tries to use his dark manipulation magic.]

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Then tricky got me in 
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