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Nifty Nifty!
I'm going to list here some helpful sites! Many of these are for coding, graphics, and so on.
If you have any that you would like to add please comment below.


All around,
Free Cursors 4U
- Many different cursor options to add to your site or page design.

Web Safe Fonts, Font Stack
- A list full of web safe fonts!

Real-time HTML Editor
- If I was to suggest you use an online editor, I would suggest this one. It is simple, free and works. It is what I use to code everything I make most of the time.

- Pretty cool site if I must say so myself. Put in your CSS, HTML and even Javascript and it will check to make sure things are properly made. You can even click the tidyup button to have your work made clean for you. It will even help you find mistakes because it is color coded.

HTML Table Generator
- A simple table generator for when you feel like being lazy.

CSS Cheatsheet
- PDF of a CSS cheatsheet! LOVE THIS!!

CSS Beautifier
- Cleans up your css nicely, as well as giving you options to choose how you would like your css to look.

CSS Animation Generator
- A simple tool that allows you to create animation through the site and then gives you the code to use it.

CSS3 Generator
- A generator to create effects such as: text shadow, multiple column, transition, rgba, etc.

Hover Effects Tutorial
- A good hover effects tutorial I found a little bit ago.


Get Colors from Image
- A personal favorite of mine, this allows you to grab the hexcode of the color from the image without opening up PS, Gimp, or Paint to do so.

Color Wizard
- For help creating color schemes!

Adobe Color CC
- FREE! And I absolutely love this one. You can pick colors or upload a photo and it will give you 5 different color schemes to work with! This site is amazing.

Color Trends + Palattes
- A site that has lots of color palattes already made and patterns, plus more!


WebTreats ETC
- A site FULL of stuff. I mean FULL!

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