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I had grown quite tired of the scenery in the Basin. It wasn’t that I didn’t find it appealing as a home, because I did. I loved it here. I loved every ounce of the chill in the air all year long. I loved the feeling of being safe in our spot of the mountains. However, what I didn’t enjoy was seeing so many faces of people that had turned out to be something else. Although, I suppose I fit in quite well with that crowd. I wasn’t all I had appeared to be either, but it was surely an issue with myself and not with how the Basin was. Or maybe it was? Maybe they really knew how to pick them. But I had helped in the picking lately and perhaps I managed to pick people similar to me.
It was all getting boring and tiring. I was tired of seeing Caleb all over too. I almost missed being a secret with him, hidden away from everything. Nobody knowing who he was or anything really about him. His mysteries and shadow-like aura was so thrilling for the time. However, now I knew where he was at nearly all times. In my home. I wasn’t a fan of it really. I would much rather be on my own than to have to see him and all these others I had met wandering around.
I felt like my personality had started to shift upon reaching Helovia. I wasn’t so much of a stuck up bitch like I had originally thought. Instead I grew more wary of others opinions of me and I knew deep down that in the end that would be the downfall of me. There wasn’t much I could do about it, though. It’s not like I could go and move on to a new life. I literally just did that less than a year ago INTO Helovia; and here I was wishing I could do it all over again.
There was a part of me that kept me here and strong though. My curiosity (however much I hated it) of what exactly Caleb was up to doing. The curiosity as well with what Tembovu was doing. Sighing to myself, I figured I should probably go and chat with Ashamin at some point. But as I reached the even ground beneath where the Sentinels were, I couldn’t help but to stop and gaze up at them. Wondering if these monstrous beasts ever felt similar to how I felt. Watching as the sun peaked overhead to signify it was now in the afternoon with that slight bitter chill in the air of a spring type of feel. The ground was covered slightly with frost from the morning and was solid as a rock. My joints ached slightly with the adventures I had done pretty recently as well as the battle in the Labyrinth. The wind was beginning to pick up slightly, dragging little pieces of dirt and frost into the dance with it.

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